T100010 and Saphireblueelf fanfic in total (So far)

John is lying in bed working on his homework and watching TV, when someone knocks on his door. He gets up to open the door and there is Cameron Phillips his 'sister'. "What’s up Cameron?" Cameron looks confused "Why cannot I continue to dance? Is it not a human thing to do?" John sighs, "You’re not human Cameron." A sad look crosses her face. "But I like the music." John sits down on the bed and Cameron follows. "We need to keep a low profile so that skynet dose not find us." Just then a scene comes on the TV show of the two lead characters kissing. "What dose a kiss feel like?" Cameron asks. John looks up at the TV. "It's hard to explain." and then looks away. "Can you show me?" Cameron asks. "What!!" John exclaims and jumps off the bed. "It is when humans have feelings for each other." he tries to explain. "You do not have feelings for me John" Cameron asks. John looks over at her "Well yeah but that’s different." "Please show me what a kiss is like" Cameron asks. John looks at her, well they were alone in the house (or so he thought). "Okay stand up here." Cameron comes to John and waits. "This is weird" John says. "Okay" John says "Face me and turn your head like this" he demonstrates turning his head to the side. "That’s good" he states once Cameron has done it. "Okay close your eyes." "Why" Cameron asks. "Just because that’s what humans do." "Okay thank you for explaining." Cameron says then closes her eyes. John starts to lean in for the kiss, closing his eyes. Just then a hand grabs him from behind and spins him around. "What do you think your doing?" Derek shouts in John’s face. Cameron opens her eyes and straightens her head to look at the newcomer. John stammers "She well she saw this kiss on TV...." "She is a machine with no feelings, no emotions she cannot ever be human." Derek yells over top of John. "It wasn't like that!!!!" John yells back. Derek grabs John by the shoulders and pulls him close face to face he glares into his eyes. "Do not get attached they kill us all in the end" Derek states. Then John is pulled away from his uncle and Cameron grabs Derek by the neck and lifts him off of the ground. Derek aims a punch at her head but is stopped by John. "Put him down Cameron." Cameron complies. She releases Derek and he falls onto the bed. Then he jumps up with a gun in his hand pointed in Cameron's face. Cameron grabs his hand behind the gun and starts to squeeze crushing the bones in Derek’s wrist he drops the gun. The gun falls hitting the floor and goes off. Sarah hearing the gunshot runs into the room. Derek is breathing hard and staring at Cameron, John is on the floor holding his stomach there is blood seeping through his fingers. Sarah yells "John" and rushes to her son. Now Derek and Cameron look and see John on the floor near the gun. Cameron says "He needs a doctor" "Go get Charlie" Sarah yells. "John would never make it until he gets here." Cameron then bends down and picks up John and jumps through the open window and starts running down the street. Back in the room Sarah grabs the gun jumping up she aims it into Derek’s face. "You are going to tell me what she did to you in the future, or I will splatter your brains all over the wall." Derek looks down the barrel of the gun into Sarah’s eyes. A deep sadness crosses Derek’s face for a moment and then it is gone. He says "Sorry Sarah but you would never understand." He then lunges forward and grabs the gun with his uninjured hand. Sarah on instinct pulls the trigger. The blast goes off beside Derek's head he feels the rush of the bullet and then blood sliding down his cheek. "Oh my god" Sarah says then sets slowly onto John’s bed. She sees her sons blood on the floor where he had fallen. Sarah jumps up "John!" she exclaims. Turning to look at Derek "We have to get to him come on." Derek looks at her but she rushes from the room pulling the car keys from her pocket. Derek gets up and follows her.
At Charlie's house he's there talking to his wife well at least she's talking to him she says''
Charlie what’s wrong?'' ''you haven't said a word since you responded to that call where you told me about what happen to that swat team would you like to talk about it?''
So Charlie says’ look I’m ok just going to take some time for me. Please give some time''
Then at Charlie's door you here ''BANG''!!!!!!!!!! Charlie and his wife hear the sound run to the living room find that there door is knocked off the hinges on the floor destroyed then see Cameron on the floor in the living room with John bleeding rapidly. Cameron says “he is losing a lot of blood we need your help or he will die'' she says with a sadness on her face and in her voice. Charlie grabs his black medical bag of the counter and rushes into the room. "You are a machine right?" he asks Cameron. "Yes" "Can you monitor his vital signs for me." "Of course" replies Cameron and then starts telling him the numbers that he needs to know to monitor how the unconscious John is doing. Charlie is soon covered in blood as he searches and finds the bullet. He removes it as a commotion is heard at the door. Sarah asks 'How is he?" Cameron states the vitals again. "He will be fine" Charlie says without looking up. He then begins to sew up the wound. Once he has done all that he can he instructs Cameron to take John into the spare bedroom to rest. Charlie's wife follows her to help get John into bed. "He will need more antibiotics. I have a friend who will write up the prescription. What name do you want on it?" He asks Sarah. "John Reese." she states. Then looks over at Charlie. 'Thank you. You have always been there when he needs you." What about what you need Sarah?" asks Charlie. Sarah looks past him but doesn’t say anything. Charlie turns and standing in the door way is his wife with a shocked look on her face.
Charlie's wife says ''what do you mean about what she needs''? Sarah looks at Charlie and his wife and walks away to the spare bedroom to be by John's side. Meanwhile back at the car sits a very, very broken up (crying) Derek feeling remorseful about what happened to John he talks to himself like in a prayer ''I'm sorry Kyle I'm so sorry Kyle please forgive me''! He wants to go in to see how John is doing? But is worried that Charlie or his wife are going to start asking him too many questions about how this happen to John so he remains in the car waiting for Sarah to came for him. While he's in a little pain from
his wrist being crushed he takes some pain killers, that he still has on him from his gunshot wound, then an hour later in the car as the meds knock him out he then starts to dream.
"Derek where are you?" a voice calls through the dark of night. "Kyle is that you!" Derek replies. Just then a blinding white light flashes in front of him and a hand grabs his arm and pulls him down. He is sitting in a room empty accept for the bench he is sitting on, beside him is his brother Kyle. "He's my son I cannot believe that! Kind of messes with your mind right?" Kyle smiles at his brother. "I know I didn't mean for him to get hurt. I'm so sorry Kyle!" Kyle lays his hand on Derek’s shoulder. "I know you did well with raising me and I know that was not easy for you. But now you need to take care of him. He is our past and future, the only way we will survive is if John Connor leads us." "I will do everything I can" Derek states and then adds under his breath "If Sarah will ever let me near him again!" "She will, she's tough but she knows that you can help her. Keep them safe for me." Kyle then leans over to hug his brother, as Derek puts his arm around Kyle's shoulder a sharp pain stabs into his wrist. "Derek wake up." comes a voice that seems to be a mile off. Slowly Derek opens his eyes to see Charlie bending over him the with the car door open. "Sarah told me you were out here and that you were hurt. Come on in and let me see what I can do for you." A little confused and sluggish from both the dream and the pain pills Derek slowly gets out of the car and accepts Charlie's help up into the house. Derek asks Charlie ''how's John is he going to make it?'' Charlie replies ''Yeah the bullet went throw his abdomen and exited out he just lost some blood he needs a transfusion I believe you and him have the same blood type would you be so kind''? Derek says ''hell yeah. Meanwhile at the spare bedroom John laying there with all medicated with his eyes closed near his side is Cameron and Sarah both have a look on their faces. Sarah with the look of tears in her eyes Cameron stays there staring at him touching his hair on his head so gently. Sarah sees and asks her ''what happen why where you and Derek fighting''? Cameron replies ''I ask John to why does a kiss feel like? he tried to explain I still didn't understand so he told me to stand up close to him he got close to my face slowly then Derek grab John'' Sarah then said in a very series tune ''ok I get it there's 2 things I want to know from you answer them truthfully alright no more lies''! Cameron replies with'' alright I will answer truthfully no lies''. Sarah asks the first question ''what was John to you in the future''? Cameron replies ''he's my general''.
Sarah replies with anger in her voice ''NO! that’s not what I meant I mean was there something more between you and my John''? ''I'm not stupid just because I don't have a chip for a brain like you I see the way he looks at you and the way you look at him''. Cameron can't for some reason looks away from Sarah to look at John in the bed moving around in pain with sadness in eyes Sarah then says'' well that answer my first question I guess''?, Sarah then asks her the second question ''what happen in the future between
you and Derek did you do something horrible to him or any of those resistance fighters? and is he a threat to John''? Derek, standing out in the hall out of sight, overheard everything. He turned and walked outside. What would make Sarah stop asking that question why must she know. How can I tell her without turning Cameron back the way she was. Was she playing, or was that the real her? As these thoughts buzzed around in his mind his feet carried him again to the park where he always took Kyle. Without realizing where he was he sat down on the bench by the ball field. That basement came flooding back as always just when he was least expecting it. The music flooded him, the smell of old sweat, and dirt, and blood. The fear was always the worst. Then her standing there.
He jumped off of the bench and started walking again. Why could he not get her out of his mind. She looked so young, she had been at the camp, she had been with John, and she went back there after. Who was the one reprogrammed? Was John Conner still on their side, of had she done something to him. Could he save Kyle and get back to save John as well. Or should he just tell the kid what he suspects? What Cameron really is! Would he even listen?
Derek now stood back in front of Charlie's house. He could see Sarah in the window talking and waving her arms she looked mad. But he could not see who she was talking too. Sara was all upset angrily yells ''Tell me! you metal bitch''!!!!!!!! Cameron replies in a cold tone ''Its not my mission to tell you that I don't know what I did to him my memory was erased''.
So Sarah with anger walks away from her goes to the next room picks up a steel baseball bat goes back to the room where Cameron is in and whacks her right in the back with it but all that happens is that the bat breaks in to a million pieces Cameron focus was on John. It turned out when Sarah did that Cameron was looking at John and didn't really care that Sarah did it but Cameron turned around slowly with that ''Raptor-Stare'' and says' 'Don't do that again'' But Sarah doesn't give up when Cameron turns away from her she jumps on Cameron’s back with nothing but rage but of course throws her down on the floor gets on top of her and says ''Sarah you need to get a hold of yourself if you love John? He wouldn't want you to be hurt or worried about him If I did know what I did to him I would tell you'' Sarah replies'' Come on kill me I ain't sacred of you I smashed one of you metal bastards before you and if you hurt me that means you will fail your mission.” So now Cameron gets off Sarah but with some sadness in her face she leaves the room all together and sees Derek outside of the house they look at each other
Cameron says to him in a terminator cold voice ''I don't remember what I did to you I understand its something that can't be forgiven but there's more going on right now then me and you so I'm saying sorry because John and Sarah needs us we are soldiers and we have orders to follow. Oh Derek the next time you endanger John or Sarah your wrist won't be crushed it will be your skull by my foot you understand''?
"I don't need lessons in loyalty by a lying metal bitch!" Derek replies. "I will protect John as I see fit and from who I see he needs it from, with my life if need be." "It may come to that if you get in my way again Derek" Cameron replies and walks over to Charlie's car opens the door and after a few minutes starts the car and drives away. Derek turns toward the door to see Sarah standing there. "Where is she going?" Sarah asks. "Not the question I thought you were going to ask, but to answer I don't know." Derek replies and then walks past her into the house and back to the bedroom to check on John.
The boy is still asleep, but breathing. With a sigh Derek turns out the lights and sits down in a chair to look out at the full moon and quiet night. He remembers nothing until the blazing morning sun and John's pain filled cry wakes him the next morning.
Derek jumps up and turns to look at John. He is trying to sit up by himself in bed. Derek goes over and helps him up a little. He puts pillows behind him to rest against. "How do you feel?" "Like I got hit by a semi" John replies. "Where are we?" "Charlie's he fixed you up after the accident." Derek looks away a moment, as John looks up into his uncles face "why do you and Cameron always fight?" "She's not what you think she is." Derek replies. "Then tell me about the Cameron you know." Derek walks over to the window with his hand on his head and sighs. Then he pulls the chair up to the side of John's bed. "I hope that this will help you in the future it is the only way I can think of to warn you so listen up, because I do not want to have to tell you twice. I know you have feelings for her ..." John looks a little surprised and amused at this but doesn’t interrupt. "Okay, Kyle and I went out on a security detail. We were just making sure that none of the machines broke any of the defenses we had set up. We were about four miles from camp on one of the old highways. There were cars and junk all around us." He voice takes on that of a storyteller of old, but he sees everything in his mind. He can even smell the dank burnt air of the place. Hear Kyle's laugh as he jokes with him. Feel the stones crunch under his feet. The weight of the rifle in his hand, the med pack , ammo and supplies that he carries on his back. The air is hot, it is July , everything was still. It felt like they were alone in the world, no machines, no more killing, just the two of them. It had been a long time since they were able to be by themselves. Derek was grateful to John for letting him do this alone with Kyle. "Hey did you hear something?" Kyle asks, looking around. "No.." Then they heard a crash. Spinning around they saw a bunch of cars that were pilled up fall over. The screams came soon after. Little voices calling for help, children crying. The brothers run through the junk as fast as they can. Climbing over the pilled up heaps of metal. Then they see them five or six kids trapped beneath a pile of cars. One doesn’t look like she is breathing. Kyle pulls out the radio to tell base what they found as Derek works himself down to where the children are. He grabs the closet one, a boy about five years old and hands him up to Kyle. Then he needs to shift some junk out of the way to get to the others. Next a girl about six, another boy slightly older, then two girls possibly twins, then he is next to the on that is trapped. She is lying on her back, she had not said anything yet, but Derek can tell that she is breathing. "Hang on I will get you out' He then needs to move a car that is balanced on two others, this is pinning the junk on top of the girl. "Hey Kyle can you get over to this car and help me move it. There is a girl trapped down here." Looking down at the girl he sees that she is about 16, pretty under all the dirt and grime. "Where are you from?" He asks, just then Kyle replies. 'I am on my way I will let you know when I get there." "Ok" Derek yells back up. He kneels down next to the girl. She looks up at him. He pushes he hair out of her face and smiles. "It will be alright." He keeps talking saying anything that comes to mind to keep her calm. She has not said anything yet, just looks up at him with those solemn eyes. "Ok the Calvary has arrived!" Kyle jokes as he looks down through the metal at his brother. 'Lets try and move this stuff." Derek states. With a lot of effort the two brothers move the car enough to get the girl out. "Thank you" She says as she pulls her shirt back down and unties a jacket form around he waist and puts it on. The other children are huddled together a few feet away. They are dirty and look tired but otherwise unhurt. "Are you okay?" Derek asks the girl that was trapped. "I'm fine" she replies curtly. "Okay troops lets head out!" Kyle calls over to the other kids. He picks up the smallest one and puts her on his back and heads out. The others follow. Derek stays back talking to the oldest girl as they walk back to camp. He found out that she was not apart of the group of children originally but joined them earlier that day. She had been with her mom and sister, but the machines caught them about two weeks ago. Her name was Cameron. She had been wondering around alone since then. The other children and Kyle were now singing songs a little ahead of them.
The camp lights came into view at the same time the sun started to rise. The children looked tired and had stop talking long before. Once in camp they led the children down to the bunks so they could get some water and sleep. Over the next few days Derek hung out with the young Cameron a lot. She had a nice smile and easy laugh. She talked little of her family and Derek did not want to pressure her into thinking about them. He knew how hard it was to be alone. The two worked on a lot of jobs together, Kyle teasing Derek about the only reason for him to do the laundry was because of Cameron. Derek just laughed and walked away. He finally found a friend who understood him. Cameron's mother had been ill for some time and she had to take care of her younger sister. Derek found this out after telling her about Kyle and himself. For someone who has hardly know peace, this was a peaceful time for Derek. He felt alive again. It wasn't all about the war anymore. But as in the case of war it always comes back to rear its ugly head. One day about a month after Cameron's arrival John Connor calls him into headquarters. "Derek, glad you could make it." John states with a smirk as Derek is the last to arrive. There are about ten others in the room, eight men (one is Kyle) and two women, besides John and Derek. "OK guys, and gals.“ John starts "We think we have found a major strong hold of the machines. We are only sending the twelve of us in. We believe that a small group will be able to sneak in under their radar and blow the place up." He then gives the troop their jobs for the mission and the location of the building. Derek leaves and goes to tell Cameron that he will be gone for a while, so that she won't worry about him. As he is talking to her he places the plans that John gave him into his flak jacket pocket, and tosses the jacket onto his bunk to go wash up. When he returns Cameron is gone. Thinking that she must hate good byes Derek picks up the jacket and goes to meet the rest of his troop.

"It was the machine that sent my dad back, that's what they found right?" For the first time John interrupts Derek's story. Derek blinks and looks at John. He had almost forgotten where he was. He nods "Yeah it was the last time I saw Kyle, but not the last I saw of Cameron." Derek explains about how the mission went down, how Kyle entered the building behind John then the place blow up. How the rest of them had to fight to get out, but only four made it. He told John how him and the others where caught and taken to a shed and chained to the floor. How when the machines took you to the basement you were never the same when you came back. "Then one of them came for me..." again he was back there the music playing sounded like the music from a music box (the kind with the little ballerina dancing in the top). How the wood smelt, the hands dragging him down the stairs, and then he saw her. He has never known fear as he did in that moment. She turned to look at him, she looked the same but what was she doing here. Why wasn't she chained up with the others. The hands strapped him into the chair and then they left. He could not take his eyes off of her. She turned to look at him again, and for the first time he saw what she really was. Her eyes glowed red, for the briefest of moments. "Now Derek, Tell me who was sent back, who dose John trust the most, Who is his father?" She said them in a soft coaxing voice, but something in the chair was steadily sending more and more pain through Derek's body. "I'll never betray John Conner you lying metal bitch!!!" He shouted through the pain into her face. Then she dispensed with being nice at all.
Derek stopped talking and stared into space, she had betrayed him, she had tried to destroy him, all of them. How to get this through to John who sat staring at his uncle, not wanting to stop his story again.
John with his eyes all red from the tears he was shedding as Derek continued the story.
Derek says ''she kept asking me about who was your dad and also who was sent back?''
''I give her nothing then she took a knife cut the straps off the chair and punched me real hard in my face blooded my nose blinded one of my eyes. ''I was on the floor
when I notice that that same chair I was tied to she is cutting out a hole throw the bottom of the chair then I said to her “you lying bitch I saved your life I cared for you and this is what you do to me! I loved you!!!!!!!!!” with tears of anger in his eyes and blood streaming from his nose.

Then after Cameron finished cutting out the hole under the chair she walked over to where Derek was at on the floor she get real close to his face and said with a slight smile on her face'' I fooled you!!!!!! Derek'' Then he spit in her face and she moved away from his face slowly. Then gave him another big smack on the left side of his face while he was trying to recover from that smack he notice that Cameron was pulling his pants off and his underwear too. She then grab him took him back to his chair with hole on the bottom chained him down real hard, enough that it would cut the blood circulation from his hands and feet. She pulled out this large metal anal probe Cameron asked him in a louder voice 'Where's John Connor? Who got sent back? Who does John trust?'' Derek says ''Go to hell you metal bitch go screw yourself''!!!!!!!!” She says ''It's not me that’s going to get screwed'' Derek screams ''NO''!!!!!!!!!!!!!” as she applies the probe from under the chair with the hole and his butt exposed. Then Derek stops talking because he's crying over his words when he's telling John the story what his hatred is towards Cameron John stares at Derek with his eyes full of tears too. He touches Derek’s hand the one that is not crushed pulls him close for a hug they hug each other real tight crying in each other’s arms. Derek telling John' 'I don't have my parents or your dad you're all I got left I love you John'' He replies “Your the only part of my father I got left''. Little to Derek and John surprise Sarah was in the hallway outside the room with tears in her eyes too it turns out she had been listening to Derek's story she comes in puts her arms around both of them. Then Cameron walks in ''John are you ok?'' The three of them look up at her with that same look that Derek has been giving her of hatred. The look on Cameron's face is almost heartbreaking its like what did I did do to them look.
Cameron looks around at them all. Then holds up a small white paper bag in one hand and a large plastic grocery bag in the other. "I got John's medicine." She then tosses the bag onto the bed next to John. "And donuts for your breakfast." They are still starring at her no one has spoken yet. Then Sarah struggling to find her voice says "Where were you all night." Cameron looks at them puzzled. "I was here until Charlie asked me to get the medicine." she replies. "When did he ask you that?" John said. Cameron tilts her head thinking. "At 9:05 p.m. last night." She then looks puzzled again. "What's the matter?" John asks. Cameron looks at them all "What happened between 9:05 last night and 7:30 this morning? I have no memory for that time." John jumps off the bed and gets close to her face. "What do you mean you have no memory?" "I do not have any memory of the hours between those times. Did you shut me down, reprogram me? What did you do John?" Sarah grabs the gun from beside John's bed and points it at Cameron. "Are you lying to us again. How could your memory be erased?" "I am not lying, high energy fields or someone reprogramming me could erase all my memories. But I have them all from the time I met John until now except the hours last night!!" What could be happening to her. John wondered. Then Derek moved across the room faster than anyone could react and hit Cameron with an exposed electrical cord enough to shut her down. "Where did you get that?" John asked. "Never mind we have bigger problems. Someone got a hold of her last night and reprogrammed her. We do not know who, or what she is going to do. But someone else knows that she is not human." They all starred at Derek then John says "well lets find out. I can pull her chip and see where she might have gone."
So still feeling a little weak from the gunshot wound John tries to go to the kitchen to find a small sharp knife meanwhile Derek and Sarah try to left Cameron onto the bed but it is not so easy for both of them as Derek says' 'damn she almost as heavy as moving a truck” Sarah says ''shut the hell up and get her to the bed we don't have time for jokes before she wakes up''. John walks in very fast still a bit weak. They got her on the bed John is about to cut a circle into her skull until her bright blue light shines in her eyes Cameron says in a innocent voice ''what happen to me what are you all doing to me''?
John in a scared voice “look Cameron just take it easy I’m sorry that this happened we just need to take your chip out for a minute to see what happen to your memories'' Cameron replies ''Ok John just don't let him near my chip it will endanger the mission''. Derek gives her a mean look then John pulls it out he says' 'I need my computer so I can read this'' so Sarah and Derek go to there home to get his laptop leaving John alone with Cameron. John looks at her with her eyes frozen open he puts his hand on her face touching it gently and talking to her as if she was awake ''I don't understand what it is with me? it seems like I feel my love is with the machines I mean I remember when I was 13 a terminator was her to protect me too he was tall and strong he asked my question about humans he was like you in a way the more he could the more it would help him understand us''. ''I remember too I got to attached to him in a strange way he was the closest thing to a father to me we blow up cyber dine building we took the cpu and a endo arm that they had in there possession. My mom and I throw it in the hot melted steel then he had to go in there as well'' John eyes begin to start to get watery as he continues telling the story to a deactivated Cameron. John with tears in his eyes once again puts the same hand that’s touching hear face with he puts it over her eyes closing it so it looks more like she was asleep then just being deactivated. He tells her as he starts crying slowly ''I ordered him not to go but he said ''I do now understand why you cry but that’s something that I can never do. So then I try to put my life back together I meet you for the first time there in the school the way you looked at me and talked to me I felt like my life was normal now. But the day that cromaritie shot you the day I found out that you was one of them I was a bit worried because here I go again I know I had to tell myself not to get attached to you because I know I will have to lose you too in order to stop judgment day from happening I just go throw that again. I'm a little scared about what I’m going to find on your chip maybe seeing who you were before you was reprogrammed by me in the future but I have to stay strong a lot of lives are depending on me''. So John moves in real close to her face and kisses her very gently on lips but pulls away quick when he sees through the window his mom and Derek pull in with his laptop. Once Derek and Sarah give him the laptop John gets everything set up. He now knows how to maneuver around inside the chip and looks for the right date and time. They see Cameron at the pharmacy getting the medicine for John. All of a sudden Derek lets out a low moan and sits down on the side of the bed. He is starring at the computer screen like he has seen a ghost. "What's the matter?" Sarah and John say at the same time. Derek points to the screen, it is frozen as Cameron is turning away from the counter and there is another customer behind Cameron. It is a girl with long red hair an army type jacket and jeans. Her head is down and her hair is covering her face. It is this person that Derek is starring at. "Do you know her?" Sarah asks. Derek still unable to speak nods his head yes. He gets up and slowly walks around the room and then comes back to stand in front of Sarah and John. "It's hard seeing her without Kyle. The two of them went everywhere together." Seeing the look on Sarah's face he quickly explains: "They were best friends, they met in a resistance camp after the bombs. Her family was all killed she had no one and Kyle just befriended her. They were together all the time after that." "What's her name?" Johns asks. "Kilee, everyone called them the double K's" Derek explains with a weak smile.
"Well lets see what she is doing here then." Sarah states. John quickly moves to the computer and lets the chip continue to run. There is a brief glimpse of Kilee outside with Cameron and then the chip blanks for a moment. When the picture returns it shows Kilee seated in a chair in a metal room. "Okay John I know that you will eventually see this. I know who your father is, but do not worry you and him saved my life to many times for me to betray either of you. He was a good friend." She smiles a soft said smile. "I know that you trust these machines more than most would, but this one has done some horrible things to your unit. She cannot be completely trusted. I ran her memory through some filters and everything is there. With her model the memories do not get erased they are just buried. She may be able to find ways to access them again. I have tried to bury them deeper and hopefully it will work for know." She looks away to her left a moment. "Derek keep John safe until I can come and help you. I have to complete another mission first. This machine will continue to protect him until I can get there... I hope (she whispers) I will send her back with no memory of this. I can not let her know that I am here yet." Again she glances to her left. "Derek I will be watching you, know that you are safe for now." With that the screen goes blank and then shows Cameron pulling into the driveway and getting out with the bags of medicine and donuts.
"Who is she and why should we trust her?" Sarah states as she jumps up and starts pacing around the room. Derek looks at the angry look on Sarah's face and smirks. "You're jealous." He states. Sarah rushes at him and pins him to the wall. Derek is trying not to laugh as he lets her hold him there. "Who is she?" Sarah states glaring at Derek. She releases him and goes to sit by John. "How would she know who John's father is?" She asks. Derek shrugs "That just Kilee. She's pretty good at figuring things out." He looks at Sarah who is still glaring at him. "Okay" Derek says. "She is a resistance fighter, one if not the best we have. John was stupid to send her back." Seeing John on the bed Derek smile "sorry" and continues "She is trained as a fighter but she also helps John reprogram the machines. She is good at everything she does. And.." he adds looking at Sarah "She is completely loyal to only one person. Care to make a guess."
"KYLE!!" John and Sarah say at the same time. Derek nods. "You sent him back John, you took him away from her. My guess is if you did not send her back then she came back herself to find him. If you did send her back then you are the one who told her what he is to you. She will do anything to protect those she cares about." "Dose she care about you?" John asks looking at Derek. Derek sighs and runs his hand through his hair. "Well not exactly.. she sort of hates me.. calls me a caveman..." Sarah and John try not to laugh. Derek's face turns a little red "It is because I can never talk around her." "You like her!!" John states. Sarah and John laugh and start teasing Derek over the mystery girl. John pulls the chip out placing it back into Cameron. Before they activate her they all agree to keep Kilee a secret for now. So John puts the chip back inside her skull then in a second or 2 after putting it back inside her John tells Derek ''your going to have to forgive her for everything she has done, in the future and remember she was only programmed it wasn't personal I know it unforgivable but you have to try for my sake''. Derek looks at John gives a slight smile puts his hands on his shoulders takes a deep breathe and says ''ok I know its not good for the mission''. Now Cameron’s P.O.V shows status check reading 100% her eyes open up with that blue light shows for a split second Cameron takes a very slow look at John, Sarah and Derek and says ''you all look better at me now did you find anything wrong on my chip''? John answered quick ''no Cameron everything is tight'' he said mucking her a bit. She gives a slight smile got off the bed and said ''John don't forget to take your meds we have school tomorrow remember if you don't go you'll be pick up on the radar'' John smiles but before he can respond Cameron adds "So where was I last night?" They look at each other and Derek answers. "Somehow you switched yourself into a sleep type mode. You went off line came back on this morning and got the donuts and came home. Mystery solved." He then walks past her to the door. Turning he asks "Can we go home now?" Sarah and John smile and Sarah says "Yes I think we imposed enough on Charlie." She adds looking pointedly at John. John shrugged and unplugged his laptop and got all his stuff together. When he was ready to head out the door he noticed Cameron standing in the doorway with a glass of water and a pill for him. Smiling he takes the medicine and they walk into the living room together. "Thanks for everything!" Johns says and gives Charlie a hug. "Any time Kid" Charlie says back. Just then his wife walked into the room and hands an envelope to John. "This was on the back porch it has your name on it." John looks down at the envelope but doesn’t recognize the handwriting. Derek standing behind him sees it. The handwriting he has seen a million times, just the why they used to send messages whenever he tried to ground Kyle, through a third party. He leans forward and whispers in John's ear "It's from her." Cameron turns her head and looks at Derek. 'Who is her?" She inquires. John and Derek look at each other, then John says "Cameron when people are whispering it means that they do not want to be overheard. So try not to listen if it is one of us, but if it is a person we are trying to get information from then you can okay?" She looks at John and then says "Thank you for explaining. Who is her?" With a sigh John looks at Derek and then at Sarah. "A girl I like from school." He lies. Cameron seems to accept this and they walk out to the truck that Charlie got for them. As they are heading down the road with Sarah driving, Derek in the front passenger seat and Cameron and John in back, Cameron looks over at John "Is it the girl who you always try to talk to at lunch? The one that always walks away from you?" John looks at Cameron "How do you know about her?" "It is my mission to protect you, I know everything about you." Cameron states and turns to look out the window. John closes his eyes and then shakes his head. Derek seeing this asks "Are you okay?" John looks up and blinks again. "just really tired, head hurts." He says and starts to close his eyes, but they fall onto the envelope in his hand. He puts it into his laptop, a little nervous about opening it so close to Cameron. This is from his dads best friend. The one person who knew him better than anyone and she was here to protect him. But a part of him thought as he was drifting off to sleep, what if she hates him for sending Kyle back and separating them like Derek said. What if she is the one that can not be trusted. He remembers nothing until his mother is shaking him awake in front of their house. He follows everyone into the house and heads straight to his room to put his stuff away. He sets his laptop down and then turns to shut the door to his room. Cameron is standing at the end of the hall watching him. he smiles and closes the door. He walks over to his desk and opens the letter. Sarah tells Cameron ''look why don't you and Derek go take the car and go to Loews pick up a new door for Charlie after all you smashed his front door to pieces'' Derek says ''But why me? I didn't break the door'' Sara gave him a very serious look he pauses and says ''alright!!!!!!! but I’m driving you ride shotgun'' Cameron replies ''Ok where's the shotgun I need it for the ride'' Sarah smiles at her even Derek cracks a slight smile. So her and Derek get in the car and drive away. They hit a traffic jam Derek seems very uneasy that he'll be stuck with Cameron in the car for a while longer. Cameron asks ''is there anything I can do so we can get there quickly?'' Derek replies in a wise guy way to her ''sure what can you do step out of the car and push all the cars out of the way'' he says laughing at her. So she puts a sad look on face unbuckles her seatbelt and steps out of the car and Derek steps out of the car and yells ''Where are you going to move the cars so we can get there quickly then you don't have to be in my presence any longer''. Back in his room John opens the letter. "I was there when Kyle went back. I saw him disappear into the time machine. I tried to go after him, (jumping the machine could have meant death form him and I since it was only set for him) You stopped me. I tried to kill you just to get away and get to Kyle but you said the only thing that would have stopped me. You screamed into my ear "He's my father, he has to go back so I can be!" We sat on the floor listening to the war rage outside as we both dealt with the war inside us. Kyle was and will be a great man, you are like him in so many ways. You sent me back for another mission, but once I am finished I will met up with you. Believe in yourself and know that you will always be protected. You are our future John Connor without you none of us will survive." John wiped the tears out of his eyes, wondering how he could have doubted her. Yet also thinking that he is starting to trust someone he has never met. What a crazy life he has. He placed the letter back into it's envelope and hid everything under his mattress just as Sarah called everyone to dinner. John walks out to the kitchen and Sarah is setting out only two plates. "Where are Derek and Cameron?" "I sent them to get a door for Charlie since we smashed the other one." With that the two of them sat down and enjoyed a rare mother/son time while waiting for the others to return. Derek jumps out of the car and gets in front of her trying to stop Cameron ''look! I was just kidding if you move these cars off the road somebody going to call the cops that’s going to screw everything up. I was only joking come on get back on the car'' it turns out that Cameron was walking in the direction of some traffic cops that was on the scene of the accident which what was causing the jam up.
The cops see Derek yelling at Cameron and approach them and say ''what seems to be the problem over here''! Derek his a look on his face that says I’m fucked so Cameron replies to the cops ''yeah I’ll tell what the problem is my boyfriend is a real big creep.”
Cameron says in her teenage girl anger voice she looks at Derek and says ''Tommy how could you tell that you want to be with me then have unprotected sex with that Bitch whore Anna then she tells you she gave you harpers'' then she slaps him in the face Derek quickly plays along even though he's shocked it the way Cameron is behaving says in front of the cops ''I'm sorry baby! look why don't you get back in the car
so we can go home and talk about this you shouldn't be talking about this in front of these officers here''. The cop laugh a bit and tell Derek ''look sir why don't you and your girlfriend get back in your car the tow truck is in route we should be clear in a moment'' Derek replies 'no problem officer come on Jenny back in the car please'' So they get back in the car Derek says to Cameron in a shocked voice “HERPERS''? she then replies ''It worked did it not?'' so he cracks a slight smile at her and keeps driving.
Derek cannot believe how human Cameron had acted. How like she was before he found out that she was a machine. The smile slowly slides of his face as he realizes this. She was like this before and he was giving into it again. Damn John for making him lower his guard. He looked angrily out at the passing cars.
Soon they pulled into the parking lot at Lowe's. Cameron steps out of the car with the shut gun in her hand. Derek yells at her 'Put that back in the car. We are buying the damn door not stealing it." Cameron looks a little hurt by her mistake put places the gun under the seat. They walk in together and with the help of a worker they find a door that they agree on and are headed back to Charlie's.
Charlie is surprised to see them, but once Derek explains he helps Derek install the door and Cameron sits on the porch and watches. Derek glares at her when the men are finished and she is heading back to the truck with him. "Why didn't you help? We could have been done sooner." "I thought you were bonding." Cameron states.
Back home Derek walks into the kitchen and sees John and Sarah laughing. He realizes that he has never seen them happy together. Interesting he thinks as Sarah stands up and says 'Have a seat I will get you something to eat." As she places the plate in front of him she asks "How did it go?" Derek looks over at Cameron, she is setting next to John. John looks a little anxious. "Fine" Derek replies "The cops now think that Cameron is my girlfriend and I have Herpes." As he was saying this John had taken a drink. He spits it out and it goes all over the table. "WHAT!!" He splutters at Derek. Derek laughs and explains what happened. He doesn’t let them in on the dark thoughts he had about Cameron. He has decided to watch her and let them think that he has forgiven her. Keep the peace as Kyle always said. For the first time that they could remember the group had a fairly quiet evening. Everyone seemed to get along, they even all agreed on a movie to watch. The next day John and Cameron have a chat while taking a long detour on the way to school John asks Cameron ''so did you enjoy that movie that we all watched yesterday?'' She replies in a curious way ''yes John I did it was called Short Circuit it was a tight movie the machine kept telling the women and the scientists that created him that he was alive I enjoyed it thanks for letting me watch it with you and Sarah also Derek''.
John smiled and said ''I had a good feeling you would enjoy it but through out the whole movie you didn't say a word or smile or even laugh'' She replies in her cyborg tone ''I'm only programmed to smile or laugh if the mission calls for it like when it comes to blending in''. John replies in his depressed voice ''Right I forgot your a machine sorry I won't make that mistake again Cameron'' she sees the look on his face she stops him from walking for a minute and said to him ''John I'm trying to learn a lot about humans but sometimes things don't add up about your feelings but I am trying just have some patience with remember I’m different'' then she gives him a slight smile just like she gave in that gas station in the first episode. So starts walking then John puts his head down gives her a confused look and starts walking with her. Now they arrive at school they go to their first class in the morning which is computer lab they go to there assigned seats John sits next to Cheri, Cameron sits next to Morris. A women walks in to the classroom and says ''good morning Mrs. Heady won't be in this week she's on vacation I'll be your substitute teacher my name is Ms. Biehn'' John starts looking at her like he's seen her before but it can't be it makes sense it is her its Kilee he thinks to himself. So she counties to talk to the classroom ''ok everybody when I say your name let me know Cameron Boam!'' She's giving Kilee that raptor glare of hers since she entered the classroom so she replied in a serious loud tune ''Here''! So a little startled by the tune to Cameron replied She continued ''John Boam!'' he silently rises his hand up Kilee gives a slight smile and says ''thank you''! So she actually taught the class when the bell rang all the other students started leaving Ms.Biehn says ''John and Cameron may I have a word with you both for minute?''
"I am told that you are the best in the class. " Ms. Biehn states as soon as they are alone. "I was wondering if you would like to work in the computer lab as the techs. It would be for extra credit?" John and Cameron look at each other. Cameron seems a little upset. John asks "Can we think about it? Our mother likes us to be home right after school." "Okay think about it and if she has any questions she can call me." She writes a phone number down and hands the paper to John. "Let her know that it doesn’t have to be after school, we could have you work there during your study halls, as long as your grades are okay in all your classes." She smiles and starts to turn her attention to some papers on her desk. John heads out of the room, but soon realizes that Cameron has not followed. Coming back to the room he hears her say ".... before. You look like someone I should know." John stops in the hall out of sight. and listens to Kilee explain "Well I see that you have been to a few other schools that I subed at maybe you saw me there." John moves to get a look at Cameron. Her head is slightly tilted and she is staring at Kilee. He sees that Kilee is staring back with that 'teacher smile'. "Yes that must be.." Cameron trails off sounding a bit confused. She walks out into the hall and sees John. "What's the matter?" He asks. "I do not remember her from another school, but I did not detect that she was lying." She stops and turns to John "Can humans lie without being detected?" John looks at her and shrugs "I guess so your the lie detector." He then walks to his next class. After school he gives Sarah the number and the message before going into his room. Leaving the door slightly open to listen in case Sarah makes the call. After a few minutes Sarah calls down the hall "I need to go to the store." John smiles to himself, he knows that she will call Kilee, and that she is leaving the house so that Cameron doesn’t over hear.
Sarah gets into the car and drives in the direction of the store, but stops beside the park and picks up her cell phone. Holding the number in her hand she sees that it is shaking 'Get a grip Sarah, she was his best friend, not his lover..." She then dials the phone. A cool crisp female voice answers. "Yes?" "This is Sarah Connor.." "Tell Derek to meet me at Kyle's spot tomorrow noon. You can come as well." The phone goes dead. Sarah lowers the phone. She then heads to the store and gets a pizza for super.
After they have eaten and she gets John and Cameron to doing their homework, she follows Derek outside to the swing set. He is sitting there drinking a beer. "Did John tell you about his new teacher?" Derek looks up "Yeah I am not sure what she is playing at?" He stares into space and Sarah continues "I called her, she said for us to met her at Kyle's spot tomorrow at noon." Derek froze with the beer to his lips as he heard his brother's name. Then he smirks "She is making sure it is me, at the same time telling me that she is not a machine. " He laughs and shakes his head , after taking a drink he adds "She is clever!" Sarah sits on the other swing and watches Derek finish his beer before asking 'What is she like?" She feels her face go red and looks away as Derek look knowingly at her. "She was his best friend Sarah, there were times I wondered if he even knew she was a girl!" He smiles. "They slept in the same bed at times, but never had sex. Kilee suffers from nightmares so bad that she almost killed a solider once. Would have if Kyle hadn't stopped her. He would sing this song something Spanish and it calmed her. I have no idea where he learned it." He looked away. Sarah starts singing a Spanish lullaby. Derek looks at her "Yeah that's the one" he says surprised. Sarah smiles "I used to sing it to John when he was a baby and had a bad dream. He must have taught it to Kyle." They sit in silence for a time. John comes out and announces that he is heading to bed. Seeing how late it is Sarah goes to bed also wondering what Kilee would be like. At 11 a.m. Derek knocks on Sarah's bedroom door. "We need to be going if we want to get there first." Sarah finishes loading the pistol in her hand and places it in a shoulder holster that she is wearing. "Okay lets go" They drive to the subway station downtown. Derek gets out and leads Sarah through the station and onto the tracks (Making sure no one saw them of course) He knocks out a lose board that covers a doorway that Sarah never saw. They walk along a hidden tunnel for awhile then Sarah grabs his arm and whispers "can you hear that.... I thought I heard footsteps" "Took you long enough to notice" Derek states. "She's been following us since we came through the door. Keep walking there will be light up ahead." In a few moments they come out into a small cave were there are lamps hanging around the walls. But Sarah cannot see anyone. Out of the dark corner comes a cold voice "Make me believe it's you D man." Sarah turns and sees the woman from Cameron's chip holding a gun inches from Derek's face. He is holding his hands up starring at her. "I um well um...." his voice trails off. The woman lowers the gun "Never could complete a sentence could you?" she laughs and turns to Sarah holding out a hand "You must be the famous Sarah Connor... I've seen your picture." Sarah takes her hand and shakes. "You must be Kilee, Derek told me about you." "Must've been a short story" Kilee says. Sarah asks Kilee ''how did get to be a sub in John's school'' Kilee replies with a slight smile on her face ''well you can thank future John for that one he told me stories how when he was only 12 that he was a good at hacking so he showed how to work with computers everything from mainframes to MB so I was able to fix some papers up to use a name of a women named Michelle Biehn and the rest is history''. So Derek replies in a wiseass way to Kilee ''ok brat I know you didn't come all this way just to teach high school so why are you here''? Kilee first asks Sarah ''what happen to Kyle?'' she looks away in sadness but Sarah replies ''He died like a hero protecting me''. Kilee a little tear in her eyes took a deep breathe and told Derek why she was there. Kilee replies ''well its like John sent me here to warn you that sky net knows about Cameron that she's been targeted for reprogramming or termination'' so both Derek and Sarah look at each other in shock. Sarah says with a confused look on her face ''how can they know about Cameron?'' Kilee replies well my and the others from the base locked on to one of there communications links we discovered a message it turn out that the T-888 that she lock in that bunker had sent playback message to skynet of Cameron when she engaged him in attack also the other T-888 that killed your man in the safe house caveman once he's been sending video playback to skynet about Cameron''. So Derek asks ''ok so what are we to do? they're going to send a terminator to reprogram her good luck to them I don't think she'll let them do that right?''. Kilee says ''no not a terminator something munch worse its a T v2 its a hybrid half machine half human they are human who since birth had there skin removed and had installed special metal surrounded there bones get injected in their brain mind controlling serum it first they would take some of the fighters alive and try to do these process to them it would drive insane and they will kill themselves''. Kilee continued ''so they most likely started taking D.N.A from the man they would keep prisoner began growing them humanoid''. ''They can talk like a one the worst is they have those metal mother fuckers power but none of there weaknesses they did because they weren't happy with what me and John where doing with there machines so it took it personal''. So Sarah replied ''why did you blanked Cameron's memory? why not tell her?'' Kilee says ''because I didn't know if they got to her she wouldn't be able to detect them they not machines remember'' Kilee says ''one more they women'' Derek and Sarah look at each other then Kilee says ''I’ll keep in touch with you both later caveman'' she says at Derek. So now they both start heading back home to John and Cameron. "Hey wait a minute" Kilee calls after Sarah and Derek as they walk away. "Tell John that I need him to do some extra work tomorrow! I'll explain later, when he is alone." She adds "Without Cameron." as of that was necessary. "Great John won't like that" Derek says. Kilee looks at him without saying anything then turns to Sarah. 'When did it happen? Kyle's death I mean." "1984" Sarah says. Kilee sighs "NO!! I mean the exact time and date!!" She says with irritation in her voice. "No!! You can't!" Derek says before Sarah can answer. "There is no way to save him!" He adds. Kilee glares at him with her steel blue eyes. "I will do what I have to." "He was my brother my family all I had left you think it doesn’t kill me to know that I can't save him!!" Derek is yelling now and his voice echo's around the cave. Kilee softens a little "Never forget what I can do D - man." She says softly. "He was everything to me too!" Derek stares at her and says "You saw it, you came through, You can duplicate it!" "What are you talking about?" Sarah asks. Derek looks and Kilee waiting but she only stares back with a soft smile, so Derek explains looking at Kilee "She has a photographic memory. She remembers everything she sees. She saw the time machine, she can rebuild it. The only problem is she cannot draw, therefore cannot show anyone else how it needs to look." Sarah looks at the two of them still starring at each other "But John can draw anything." Kilee turns to look at her and smiles "What would a sixteen year old, who has never met his father want more than ever?" Derek answers "His father!" Kilee reaches into an inside pocket of her jacket and pulls out a piece of paper handing it to Derek she says "I hacked into some old police files and found this thought Johnny boy might like to see what his old man looks like." Derek takes the paper and looks down at his brother's face, he looks just like Derek remembers. "John will love it, I wonder why he never tried to find it." "Who says he didn't" Sarah says with a shrug "It's not like he would tell us." With that they separate from Kilee and head home. As they are driving down their street they see John and Cameron walking. So they stop and pick them up Derek suggest a barbeque for dinner and all agree. He asks John to help him with the grill. When they are a lone Derek pulls the picture of Kyle out and hands it to John without a word. John takes it, he looks at it confused "Yeah what am I to do with this." he was about to throw it into the fire when Derek grabs his hand. "You don't know who that is do you?" "No it looks old. How should I know who it is?" He says confused. Derek takes the picture back and smoothes it out. Then looking at it he says "It's Kyle." John stares at his uncles face, shocked at what he almost did to the picture. "Can I have it back?" he asks a little shyly. Derek looks at him and silently hands it back. With more care and attention John looks into his father's face. "Wow! How did you get this?" Derek lifts his face up into alight breeze that is blowing over them and closes his eyes "Kilee" was all he said. John smiles still looking at the picture. "She's amazing" John says out loud what Derek was thinking. Derek looks at his nephew and smiles.
Meanwhile in some empty basketball court across town at 1 AM the winds began to kick up blowing around all the trash and leafs then some bright blue lighting all over the place a big steel ball appears on the floor then opens up the lights disappears
to reveal a women lying on floor naked short dark hair tan skin maybe Latino or Asian
she could pass either way gets up slowly up from the looks around and says ''this must be the right time and place''? So she walks out of the basketball court down the street
when she crossing the street nude she sees three chola gang members she starts
staring at one of them real hard with a slight smile on her face one them says 'Hey pluta
what the fuck you looking at''? Then the other who is being stared at says ''Look bitch I don't play that gay shit you better keep on walking or else''?
But the dark haired tan woman just smiles more at the threats the chola girls was giving her and replies ''I like your gear why don't you help a sister out and give me your cloths now before I catch a cold out here'' she jokingly says unafraid by the girls so one pulls out
a very large box cutter and the other one pulls some brass knuckles the third breaks
a beer bottle. The woman says ''ok girls is this what you want to do''? the one the large box cutter says ''what did you say? come let me come so I can you crazy bitch I didn't hear what you said l tell you what why don't you say it in my ear?'' she says in wiseass type of way. So in lighting fast speed the dark hair women grabs her ear and rips it off
her head with blood shooting all over the place the girl yells screaming on the floor
''GET HER ,GET HER,''! the girl with the brass knuckles punches her in the face but all that does is breaks the brass knuckles in to pieces not even hurting the dark hair woman all the woman says ''thank you really fixed my tooth ach'' then laughs
and takes the girl by the arm and flips her over her shoulders on to the floor.
Now that girl the one with the broken bottle stabs hear rear hard in the back the women turns around slowly while twisting the girl on the floor arm so hard that she really rips it off now more blood everywhere and says in dark humor way to the now scared chola girl who drops the what’s left of the broken bottle ''So you think you can give me a hand
too''! So the tough girl begins stripping off her cloths in fear saying ''please don't kill
me please don't kill me ok that’s everything ok''! The women says ''alright shizz take it easy girlfriend calm down calm down'' she says then goes to hug the now nude
chola girl with her body shaking in fear with tears in her eyes lets her do it. The dark hair she devil hugs then puts hear hands on her head and quickly snaps her neck.
The first girl with her ear ripped off seen all the bloody violence in front of that this evil
woman his done to her friends dies from a heart attack from the fear she had witnessed.
So the woman is now dressed up walks away and says ''TOK 715 you traitor you will
come back to us or what I did to these human girls won't be nothing compared to what happens to you'' she says to herself as she walks down the street.
The next day at school John leaves Cameron in study hall and takes a pass down to see Ms. Biehn. At first he doesn't see her, but then notices that she is standing near the window looking out, she is as still as a machine when it is shut off. He can hardly tell if she is even breathing. "Glad you could come John" she says without turning. John jumps a little at the sound of her voice, he had been concentrating on weather she was breathing or not. Slowly she turns around. "I first wanted you to come her so that I could tell you about your father.." she trails off as she walks to her desk. John says "Thank you for the picture. I never knew what he looked like." She smiles softly and John could see why his uncle was in love with her. The sunlit lit up he hair and glowed bright on her face. She was very pretty (for a teacher John thought to himself). "Did the caveman tell you about our talk?" She said looking at him. John lowers his backpack beside a desk and sits down. "No" was all he said. "I thought that I might have had a way to bring your dad back here." she sighs as sadness crosses her face. John looked up hopefully "and " he prompted. She looked at the excitement on his face "don't get your hopes up yet. After talking to Derek I got to thinking that I never saw the inside of the machine. You know the workings. " she turned her face to the window again and John saw the pain reflected in her eyes. "I wanted to tell you what I saw so that you could draw it and we could rebuild the time machine, but it is no good, not without knowing what it looks like inside." she continued. "Why do you call Derek a caveman?" John asks trying to hide his disappointment about his father. For the first time since meeting her John saw Kilee really smile. It lit up her entire face and her eyes sparkled with mischief. "It bugs him doesn’t it?" she asks. John nods. Kilee says "Derek used to order Kyle around all the time. It was 'Kyle come' 'Kyle sit' always Kyle and one word commands. It was like he was a caveman, so behind his back Kyle and I started calling him that! Kyle was to chicken to actually say it to his face, but not me!" She smiles almost gleefully. "It was always fun to make Derek mad. It looked like his head was going to explode, yet he would not say much to me. I really think he hates me. I took too much of Kyle's time away from Derek." she sighs and turns away. "It is a surprise that he is even talking to me now, must be that I am just a link to Kyle for him." "Oh I don't think I would say that!" John says a little mysteriously. Kilee looked at him but doesn’t reply. Just then there is a commotion outside in the hall. A door was slammed open there was screaming and people running. Kilee grabs John and shoves him under her desk as she stands to face the tall dark haired woman that entered the classroom. The woman looks at Kilee and says "Where is the TOK 715?" Kilee smiles 'She is protected" "By what" the woman says. Kilee smiles "ME!" She says as she throws a small device that she had in her hand at the woman. The thing hits the stranger in the chest and she stagers back against the wall and just stands there. Kilee reaches under the desk and grabs John's arm "RUN!" she yells as she pulls him with her. A small bag in Kilee's hand bumps against John's arm and she holds a 9mm in the other as they run down the hall. Kilee yells "Cameron come to me if you want to live" John shouts "She cannot hear you she is on the other side of school." "Never forget what she is John Connor, your life will depend on remembering that!" As they round a corner they see Cameron running towards them. Kilee shouts "Override command O81139." Cameron stops dead starring. Kilee continues "main mission protect John Connor against any possible threat, protect Sarah Connor as long as John is safe, protect yourself against any requirement from skynet. Mission statement complete. Function code C133189" She is yelling all this as John and her are running towards Cameron. She finishes just as they reach the motionless girl. Cameron comes to life and states "mission updated." then turns and leads them on a run out the door to a vehicle she quickly hotwires and as they are flying out of the parking lot John looks back he can see into Ms.Biehn classroom the other woman is just starting to move. They soon return home John quickly brings Derek and Sarah up to speed on the events of the afternoon. Sarah states "We leave in 30 minutes, you all know what you need to do." Kilee smiles "Yeah stay put" Sarah glares at her "We have another machine after us, one that Cameron didn't engage. We need to run." "Running always means someone is following" Kilee calmly explains. "Yeah the machine" Sarah almost yells. But now Derek steps up "It won't be following us just yet. Kilee through a disrupter at it. It short circuits their memory of the last 48 to 72 hours. It won't remember why it was here." John and Sarah look at the two of them shocked. "and what did you do to Cameron' John asks Kilee, he left this part out of his original story to Sarah and Derek. "Updated her mission parameters" She says in a very flat voice.
"You can do that?" Derek asks shocked. Kilee looks at him 'Yeah I was her original reprogrammer, under Connor's orders of course.' she adds quickly as everyone turns to look at her. "You reprogrammed her and then sent her back here?" Sarah asks amazed. "Yes" Kilee says. "Why! Why you and not John?" Sarah asks. "John was unable to." They wait but Kilee doesn’t explain more. "Why was he unable to" Sarah yells. Kilee looks at her, if she was a machine John would say it was their 'raptor stare' "He was to badly injured. I took control of the unit and did what was necessary to make sure he survived in this time." Sarah looked at her shocked as the realization sank in from Kilee's words. She whispers "Was he dying?" Kilee looked at Sarah "Yes, but I got him help in time. He was recovering when I came back." Sarah says 'What hurt him?" "Cameron" was all Kilee said. Everyone stared at her and Sarah lunges at Kilee and pins her to the side of the house. "You sent back the machine that almost killed my son to protect him. With her memories still buried in her." Kilee looked into Sarah's wild eyes and with one swift motion flips Sarah onto the ground. Then bends down to Sarah and says quietly 'I did what needed to be done to keep your son alive. If you want to stay alive never touch me again." She then stands up. John is starring at Kilee with his mouth slightly open. He had never seen anyone faster or stronger than his mother. Derek was looking at the ground, he looks up at Kilee and Sarah (Who had got to her feet) "Wow is that the female version of a pissing contest?" He shakes his head and heads inside, Sarah follows a bit subdued. John is still starring at the woman that bested his mother, in amazement. Kilee is staring off into space. John wonders what she sees. Sarah goes to John and says ''pack the guns we going in to mountains I know cabin we can stay out there somewhere where we can see that metal fucker coming''. John and Cameron load up the car with the weapons then they all enter the car and start moving on their way to the mountains. John asks Cameron ''do you remember what happen to me in the future?'' while at a truck stop on the way to the mountains she puts hear head down in kind of a sad way she stops filling up the gas tank in the car and puts the handle back on the pump and sits next too him in the side of the car while Derek, Sarah and Kilee are inside getting some food supplies. Cameron takes a deep breathe and tells John the real story ''it was a dark night in the year 2027 you and your man was at your commend center''. She says ''I was by your side when you where there on a outing with us at it was strange you haven't went out with your men in years but you for some reason didn't want to stay in that night you said that you would be safe because I was there with you we came up on a sector that your man was supposed to be acquiring it was attacked by the machines so you gave us the order to spread out to see if we find anybody alive? ''So I went straight ahead and I found a woman that was in shock or just didn't seem right''! Cameron continued telling John the story'' I approached her to discover that she was on her knees with some war paint on her face and some human bodies surrounding her on the floor I ask her are you alright are you injured? She replies 'they where so easy'' I didn't understand what she meant I ask her ''what happen here? what is your name''? She said ''well if you most know its Linda'' then she smiled and said ''why did you fight for them?'' I replied again this time in a firm tune'' Look solider what happened here? who did this?'' Linda smiles again ''I did it for fun'' then she drop flash grenade at me which blinded me then slap a device on the back of my neck and said'' you bitch you will do what your suppose to do ''then all the soldiers herd the explosion and ran to Cameron along behind them was you John you was yelling my name in a worrying tune then when the smoke cleared they surrounded me and one of them asked ''what happened''? I try to explain but all of sudden I dropped my plasma rifer and pulled out my side arm and started fire on them I couldn't stop myself then I yelled for you to run but you tried to talk me. You said to me ''please try to stop yourself you can do it your not like them you chose to help us remember me and you talk about redemption''? You wouldn't give up you kept trying even though I was trying to stop my finger from pulling the trigger I yelled ''RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' then the trigger slipped and you were shot in the left side of your face. Kilee and Derek along with more resistance fighters arrived quick when they come they e.m.p me to the floor and said why did you do that you metal bitch! I try to explain I couldn't speak and I herd Linda laughing at me from far away I herd hear say' 'I'll see you again TOK715''!!!!!!!!! So John responds in tears '' you weren't reprogrammed?'' Cameron says in a soft voice ''No you humans needed someone to even the battle field there was things I’ve done that disrupts me at times what you humans say haunts'' ''so many things I’ve seen and done that for some reason didn't want to do that anymore you found me one day and helped me understand about redemption'' With a slight tear in her eye she says ''you helped free me'' then everybody returns to the car and heads back on the highway. John was quiet for the rest of the trip to the cabin. Derek, Sarah and Kilee each kept an eye on him. All were wondering what happened when they went in for supplies. Once at the cabin they were all busy unloading the car and getting the cabin set up. It was well after dark when they finished and could rest. Derek and Sarah went out to the front porch with beers, Cameron sat at the table to do her and John's homework. John went out back to look up at the moon and stars. "What did she say to you at the rest stop." Kilee had followed John out. John looked over at her "She told me what happened in the future. How she shot me, that it wasn't her fault. Some Linda put a mind controlling device on her." "In other words she lied." Kilee said. John looked over at her irritated he said "Then why don't you tell me what happened because it is crazy trying to decide who is telling the truth." "Welcome to leadership Johnny boy" Kilee says sarcastically. John glares at her. "Okay it wasn't totally her fault.." Kilee began. "Wait how do you know it was a lie." John asked. "Because I buried those memories deeper than all the others, along with what she did to Derek. If she really remembers then she would have shown signs of remembering other things first." "How could you change her parameters with a voice command" John asked. "I reprogrammed her, she will only respond to my voice and my codes. I also put in some backing protection so that the terminators cannot copy my voice and reprogram her. It can get complicated but I am the only one that can vocally reprogram her. Now do you want to know what happened that night." "Yes" John said. "You went out on patrol that night with your men. You hated to be inside on that day of all days." Seeing the look on Johns face Kilee explained "It was the anniversary of your mom's death." John was shocked and sat down on a near by bench as Kilee continued. "I tried to tell you not to take her she had been acting funny for a few hours and I wanted to look at her, but you insisted on having her with you. I was late getting out there, but I saw her talking to one of the Hybrids.." "Wait what’s a hybrid?" John asks confused. Kilee looks at him "The woman at the school today was the same hybrid, half machine half human." John looks as if he might be sick but doesn't say anything. "Linda, the hybrid, had been a soldier of ours and Cameron was friendly with her. The next thing I saw was you and your men running up to the pair of them. They both turned and start shooting. But Linda leaves in the middle of the fight. You and Cameron are yelling at each other. I was still to far away when I saw her raise the gun she shot you once in the face, once in the arm, and once in the chest. Then she just stood there. I got to you, got you stabilized and back to base before I looked over Cameron. She had no mind control device and her recent memory banks had been affected by your troop shooting back at her, so I really do not know more than that." John looked up at her. "Can I trust Cameron?" Kilee looks into his eyes "Yes she will protect you with whatever passes for life that she has. She is loyal to you, why I don't know." John nods and looks away. After much arguing between Sarah and Kilee It was decided that Cameron and John would return to school. Kilee tried to show how this would lead the hybrid right to them, but Sarah said it would raise more questions if they just disappear. In the end it was Derek who said that they needed information that Kilee agreed.
As Kilee was driving John and Cameron to school the next day she muttered under her breath "Why did we run if we are just doing the same thing we did yesterday." John smirks "Welcome to the wonderful world of Sarah Connor Kilee my dear." He says. Kilee gives him a fake glare and they both laugh. "Your mother is something else." Kilee says. John just nods. They get to school and see all the damage that was done. As they are entering the building the principle comes over to them. "Hello there is a man from the FBI that would like to talk to the three of you. Follow me." They look at each other, Kilee shrugs and says "We need information" and follows, with Cameron and John behind her. They walk into the principle’s office were a tall black man in a gray suit is standing. He says to the principle 'Thank you, you can leave us a lone" Then the principle walks out and closes the door. The man in the suit turns to the trio. "My name is Agent James Ellis." before he could say any more Kilee steps forward "Hello James." She says. He looks confused. Kilee smiles "What do you want." "I want to know what is going on. I want to know about Sarah Connor and the man that killed all those policemen in 1984 then shows up 13 years later looking the same. I want to know what Skynet is. I want to know what the hell is going on and what can I do about it!" His voice rose as he finished his speech. "I want to know who Ky... " "No!!!" Kilee shouts. Everyone looks at her as she glares at Agent Ellis. John knew why, he had been about to reveal Kyle's name in front of Cameron. It wouldn’t take long for her to know who he was to John. Ellis looked at the angry face of Kilee. "I want to know who you really are Ms. Biehn. Since you have no real records except what showed up a few weeks ago on the net."
Cameron and John looked at each other when Agent Ellison tone at Kilee was getting
upset' 'Look Ms. who ever you suppose to be? I understand you not going to tell me anything because you don't want to end up in a rubber room in a metal hospital so I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned''. So Agent Ellis explained the whole story about the murders he followed that creamirty has done and also the hand that he found that belong to Vick (T-888). He even talked about how Dr. Siblermen almost killed him in the burning house that if it wasn't for Sarah he would've been dead Ellis started to take a deep breath when he explained what happened to his swat team at the motel “we had a trace on this man who was impersonating a FBI agent so me and my partner along with a heavily armed swat team went to this motel where we herd where he was staying went to his room above the swimming pool on the first floor I give the go ahead the first agent went in broke down his door and went in the room only to be thrown so hard out of the room over the edge of the boganer in the pool. Tears begun to run down his face as he continued Kilee put her head down in sadness John tries to hold back his tears also Cameron a kind of look of sadness as Agent Ellis describes what happens. Agent Ellis concluded ‘’he came out of the room and started firing on us with no mercy
me and my partner fired at him in the body and the face but he just kept shooting at the team each member ended up floating face down at the pool he emptied his whole clip
in to my partner as she was there bleeding to death I discovered I was out of ammo
he stood there right in front of me pointing his gun at me face it was the second time my life passed before my eyes. Then he put the gun down and just walked away now I was left in shock how to explain to the families of the man and my partner what happen to them''. He wipes the tears from his face and asks Kilee again “who are you? and what is going on? Please I just want to help you please it’s just me and you here I’m not talking as a FBI Agent” he puts down his badge. So Kilee replies “look James I think its better if you don't get involved in this I mean you've been real lucky so far that your not dead or in some rubber room either'' Out of nowhere John speaks up loud ''WAIT! Cameron tell him what happens in 2011 also who I am'' But Kilee says''6612! she still keeps explaining to Ellis the story. Now Kilee says in a angry tune “Cameron I said order 6612!!!!!!!!!!!!'' Cameron stops the story for a moment and said “no you can't stop me from following John's orders I’m programmed to obey and future John's orders’‘. So Kilee replies “but he's not the same John''! Cameron looks at John when she says this “now he is doing something on his own without the advise of Sara Connor or Derek Reese he's making his own choices''. Then throws a slight smile at Kilee when she says ‘’Oh those codes don't work future John disable that feature a long time ago he says him and only him would be able to program me'' she had a real pissed off look on her face as John smiled a bit and says “but what about before when I said those codes to you?'' Cameron just says “I fooled you'' then she continued telling the whole story about skynet, judgment day and the machines.
Meanwhile in a trailer that’s located somewhere in a camping area Creamarty has taken
a trailer/motor home type of vehicle which he's murdered the previous owners is there it a
laptop with internet connection to find John Conner there's a hard knock on the his door
he go's to answer it when he opens the door its Linda(hybrid) she asks him “are you Creamarty model T-888?'' he answers ''yes'' she then punches him real hard in his scared face which was caused by the swat teams bullets pushing him back throw to the wall
she then says to him ‘you are weak a true disgrace to us you can't even kill a boy and his mother let alone a TRADER!!!!'' as she replies with anger in her voice. He then tries to attack her but it backfires he tries to punch her back with his left but she blocks it with her right hand then using her right hand in lighting speed once again rips his Adams apple
out so grabs his throat she comes from behind him stabs her fingers to his lower endo spine on his and pulls it so hard that it paralyses him on the floor he's unable to move his arms and legs all he can move is his head as he lay there helpless she looks at him and says “your weak I’m hear to relieve you of your command ok bucket head''!
As Linda says that she laughs at him and says ''you mind if I use your sink I need to get these your T-888 codes off of me''. She then says as you looks inside the trailer “this is a nice place you got hear I wonder if those dead people you left outside for the worms to fest on did any shopping Creammarty''? she opens and says jokingly ''now, now, now you should be a real shame of yourself you cold beer in the fridge and you haven't took any come on! you don't know what you've been missing''. So she takes a Coruna bottle out of the fridge looks around and says ‘’shit where's that bottle opener?'' Linda in being real cruel to Creamarty puts the bottle to his teeth makes him bite down a slight on the top and pops the cap off the bottle then she says with a smile “you see I guess your useful for something thanks''. She takes a drink a long hard swallow she finishes the whole thing and says ‘’oh that was so good is nothing like a nice cold beer especially after killing an old Timex watch like you'' then she burps in his face Linda then takes a sharp knife that was at the sink gets on her knees on the floor and starts cutting out his human eyeball out from the side of his face that’s been scared. To get to his machine eye she then takes a dish rag to clean some of the blood off the red machine eye she then puts her left open palm a little opening comes out snake like pointer cable go's directly in that eye of creamarty downloading from everything he's leaned his mission, all the people he's come in contact with and killed what he's learned about Agent Ellison, worst of all how Cameron looks like when he's seen her last 1999. So once Linda is done she retracts the snake like cable back in to the palm of her left hand and says ‘’was it good for you as it was for me?'' and laughs then says ‘’well excuse me I have to go and powder my nose the beer is going throw me where's the ladies room in this place?'' she go's in there and pisses in to strange small bottle then she washes her hands and fixes her make up comes out of the restroom and says and shakes the bottle she filled up which starts glowing and says to him ‘’oh shit honey good news I’m going to have baby look its blue'' so she pores it all over him it turns out its liquid thermite it starts burning him alive so she takes his two 9mm pistols with all clips he had on the counter and says to him on the way out of the trailer ‘’you failed mother and farther(skynet) TOK715 will meat the same fate if she fails to come back to are side''. She then walks away from the trailer while Creamarty is burning then the trailer explodes!

Meanwhile back with John, Cameron, Kilee and Agent Ellis Kilee smiles. "It took you long enough!" Everyone turns to look at her she is staring at Cameron with a look of pride on her face. She walks over to where Cameron is standing and places a hand on her shoulder. "Do you remember me yet?" Cameron looks confused the only memories she can access are of her and John and their plans made in the future. She tries but no memory of the woman standing in front of her comes back.. Kilee sees the struggle on Cameron's face. "I guess that is one file not even John found! Override code 12-15-22-5." She waits as Cameron continues to stare at her and then to John’s amazement Cameron lifts her arms up to Kilee and hugs her. John and Ellis look at each other then back at the two women. "You are the one that saved me with LOVE." Cameron says. John looks confused "What is she talking about?" Kilee steps away from Cameron and turns to look at the others. "LOVE in the alphabet L is the 12th letter, O the 15 V the 22 and E the 5th. It is the code that I programmed in to give her back all her memories once she had been able to prove who's side she is really on. The Cameron in the future played both side for quite some time. Yet you John believed in her no matter what. You told me that one day LOVE would set her free. When she shot you she was tiring to defeat Skynets control over her, I saw that in her memory files. "Wait you said that you didn't know all that happened?" John exclaimed. Kilee smiled "I lied all humans do." She looked at Cameron and smiled. "She has always been loyal to you John only you." Kilee asked turning to look at him. "Can you understand what that means?" John looked thoughtful "Cameron said that she came to our side because I needed someone like her to help win the war. She is my ultimate protector." "Right! but there is more and you may hate me for this." Kilee said she walked over to John. "Sarah didn't die when the bombs fell. She was real sick and you and her got separated. You always thought that she died and never asked anything about her." Seeing the anguished look that crossed Johns face Kilee Put her hand on his arm and continued. "She saved my life, I was only 7 years old and an orphan long before the bombs fell. I never knew what a mother was like, your's saved me. She was sick, and I did what I could for her. She talked a lot about you and your father, your life before the bombs. I am not sure if she knew she was talking to me all the time. But I remembered everything she said." Kilee looked up at John. "I used those memories when I built Cameron." John took a moment as these word sunk in. "What!!" He looked into her face. "Okay skynet built her but I had been captured by the machines and forced to work in one of their factories. One day I got my hands on a chip that hadn't been installed or programmed. It took awhile but I got the stuff together to program it and I placed it into Cameron. Of course skynet has a base programmed into all their chips as soon as they are made, but the functioning program..." she trailed off a moment. "I programmed your mother into that chip, all the love, the loyalty and her fierce need to protect you! I gave her everything that I could so that maybe she could get to you and save you, because I never thought that I would get out of that hole." Tears were running down Kilee's face at this. Everyone was staring at her. Then John said "You gave me your last chance at freedom. Why didn't you just use her to get you out." Kilee smiled "Not yet the leader I see." she said looking at John. "A machine could protect you far batter than I could, and you are our only hope." "Why am I the only one that needs to be protected, and how did you get out of that hole?" John asks. Before Kilee can explain Cameron speaks up "You are not the only one that needs to be protected, you are the only one that all humans look to as their savior. Kyle and Derek Reese risked everything to get her out." Kilee looks over at her, "You knew that!" "It was the day I went online. I saw them carrying you out the hole in the fence. I thought that was true love." Kilee laughs "Well something like that!" Cameron says "They both love you." "I doubt that. Besides we are way off the point here." Kilee says. Then turns to Ellis. "Okay James you want to know everything." At his nod she continues. "Then come with us to met the legend. Give me your weapon, handcuffs and tie." They all look a little confused but Ellis complies asking 'Who is the legend?" As Kilee takes the items from him and proceeds to put his own handcuffs on him with his arms behind his back and covers his eyes with the tie, she explains. "Sarah Connor." She then picks up Agent Ellis' badge and puts it in her pocket and picks up the gun. "Lets head out" The group walks out the door. Kilee holds the gun to Agent Ellis' side and no one challenges them as they get into the car and with Cameron driving head back to the cabin. Ellis asks "You never did tell me who you are?" Kilee sighs "Really I am nobody. My name will mean nothing to you but if you really want to know it is Kilee Dixon." John whips around to face her "Not Charlie!" Kilee looks into John's shocked face. "He had a girlfriend between your mom and his current wife, a rebound. He never knew that when he left she was pregnant." John stares at her then slowly turns to look out the front window. They drive the rest of the way in silence.
So they arrive at the cabin the first person who comes out of the cabin is Derek yelling at John and Kilee saying ‘’have your brains taken a walk off the map what you both doing bring a FBI agent here this is real stupid''! .Kilee replies ''look shut up for minute let me explain it wasn't my idea to bring an FBI agent here it was are future savior who told Cameron to spell it about everything’’ Derek looks at John with a look of way are you so stupid look. But John explains to him ‘’Derek we need him he knows about the terminator the one they sent back to kill me in 1999 that same one killed his swat team in front of him look its a horrorible long just step a side please he's hear to help us’’ John says to Derek in pleading tune. Derek takes a deep breath and snaps a salute in wiseass way ‘’I I sir'' while Derek was getting on John and Kilee ass Sarah was witnessing the whole thing as Agent Ellison just stud there still with has handcuffs on and blind fold she was a bit happy that John was to make a his own choice weather or not if it was smart but then again that’s what a leader does.
Now they walk Agent Ellison in to the house John uncuffs him and removes his blind fold and tells him with a slight smile ''this is the legend my mother Sarah Connor'' she looks at John trying to hold in a laugh and replies’’ John you Derek ,Cameron and Kilee leave let me and Agent Ellison talk some me and you will talk later''. The first thing out of Ellison's mouth is ‘’I thought you was dead but I'm happy to see that your not because you saved my life in Dr Silberman's cabin when that madman tried to burn me alive I also owe you a apology for thinking that you was some nut job'' Sarah smiles and says ‘’well your not the first one who thought that about me but I know you are looking for me for what to blame me for what happen to cyberdane and Miles Dyson?'' James takes a deep breath and says ‘’your not a killer Sarah a killer would've left me to die in that burning house so tell me your side of what happened?'' Sarah with a sharp reply says ‘’Are asking as a FBI Agent or as somebody else?'' James says ‘’as somebody else'' So they go talking
about cyberdine what happen that night. Meanwhile in the other room all alone in her room was Cameron as John is walking by her room he hears her crying alone the look on his face is shocking as he witnesses Cameron doing this. He enters her room and asks hear in a caring tune’’ Cameron what’s wrong? I never seen like this before is there something on your mind? oh sorry I mean on your CPU'' that he says trying to cheer her up ''tell me what wrong?'' she says ‘’with a more tears in her face I remember everything I’ve done to the humans of the future its so horrorable the files was buried but one of them opened up for some reason'' John looked at her and said ‘’which memory do you remember that’s making you like this Cameron’‘. She wipes the tears off her face as John touch her hands in afford of purport so she started telling John the whole story'' Cameron says ‘’it was a real rainy night in 2027 this was a bad night for skynet to send out the T-888's because pov would miss up she they sent me out alone my mission was to terminate any resistance fighters who was a threat so I came up on four troops guiding a school teacher of a 8th grade class and it was about 10 teens with them most of them where girls all dirty and in shock of losing there family to judgment day and to terminators too.. ‘’So I engage the soldiers I emptied a mini gun at the four resistance fighters the teacher along with his kids where screaming in fear of me''. Cameron concluded ‘’I was approaching them the first thing that happen was the teacher got in his knees and told to spare the his kids life’s he insisted for my to take his life for me to spare the kids he told me everything about where he was going also where one of the bases was too so i didn't detect him or them as a threat i was about to walk away until skynet tap in to me and was trying to send me to fire on the all of them''. This when she really broke down in to tears saying ‘’I’M A MONSTER! I then walk off replying to skynet and sending them messages they where unarmed they where not resistance fighters how can be a threat? they wouldn't replies they would only repeat over and over ‘’all humans are threats’‘. John then asks her ''how did it stop for you? when did go to my side? Cameron says ‘’that same night i was on my way back to find that base and terminate it the rain began pouring down harder then a lighting bolt stake my down real hard my ammo to explode knocking me back 2,000 feet in to the air my laying there helpless trying to contact skynet but they left me for dead they message me saying that i was unrepeatable or obsolete was the term they used after all the horrorable things I’ve done for them this is how I’m rewarded'' Cameron says in a very sad voice. She says ‘’it took sometime i to you and your troops found me there you went out yourself with them you looked at me the way you look at me now like you know everything i done wasn't my fault you touch my face you ordered them to put me a stretcher and took me back to your base'' Cameron touches John's face and says ‘’you taught me about second chances you fled my from them showed me that i was fighting on the wrong side i would never betray you plus there one secret i want to tell you Cameron puts her face close to John and says ‘’I love you john travel across time for you only you''.
John replies ''but why didn't you tell me before? why told you to lie? Cameron gives a beautiful smile says'' because you ordered me to tell you when it was right'' they look real close in each other eyes he moves in to kiss her she moves also they kiss each other
then you hear the T1 love scene theme as they slowly remove each other’s cloths but little did they know that Derek listening to everything that Cameron was telling John by the door he had tears in his eyes too he just quietly there door to give them privacy and walks away I think he understands he can't get in between john and Cameron that she wasn't really to blame what had happen to him. Derek walks out to the kitchen trying not to think about what Sarah would say. In thinking about her it was like he conjured her up. She was sitting at the table. "The kids all tucked in?" she asks. He goes to the fridge to get a beer also it helps to hide his face as he replies "Something like that." and heads outside.
Kilee walks out of the bathroom and hears a strange noise coming from Cameron's room. She walks over and knocks on the door. When there is no immediate reply she says "Cameron are you okay?" Cameron opens the door a little "I was practicing my ballet I stumbled." Kilee looks at her and says "well fix your hair it is a mess." Just then Sarah calls from the end of the hall "And try sleeping it may help those memories to return." Cameron looks at Sarah and says "You think that it would help?" Sarah shrugs "Can't hurt right?" with that Cameron turns and looks back into her room "John you need to leave I need to try and sleep." John walks out of her room fixing his shirt. his face turns beet red as both Sarah and Kilee look at him. "Nothing happened" he mumbles as he heads into his room as fast as he could. Sarah looks at Kilee "What else can you mess up?" and walks away. Kilee follows. "Me mess up what are you talking about?" "This between John and Cameron wouldn't have happened if you didn't release her memories. Now she knows what they were together in the future." Sarah says very angrily. "For your information they are not together in the future. John is married and Cameron has .. " she pauses a moment Sarah glares at her "Other interests" Kilee finishes a little lamely and walks outside. She sees Derek at one of the porch he is looking the other way so she slips of the porch and into the darkness. Sarah comes out and says to Derek 'Where is Kilee?"
"How should I know I haven't seen her in awhile." Derek replies as Agent Ellis walks out from the kitchen "What are you going to do with me?" Sarah looks at him "Well it can't hurt having a FBI agent helping us. You will stay here tonight and in the morning I will drive you back to your car. You will call whoever you need to, and have them stop looking for you." Sarah continued. "You mean you will just let me go?" Ellis asks. "For now we will see what you do with the information we gave you." Sarah told him. "Will you answer one more question for me?" "That depends ask and I will let you know." Sarah says. Ellis replies "Who was Kyle Reese and why didn't Kilee want me to say the name?" Sarah and Derek exchange glances Derek replies "He was my brother and Kilee's friend, that's all you need to know." "That and never mention his name again!" Sarah says and walks back inside forgetting that Kilee had disappeared. Ellis looks over at Derek but he is starring out at the darkness again. Ellis then pulls out his cell phone and calls his office explaining that he had not been kidnapped but that he was gathering information and the person that could help him didn't want anyone to know where they were located. He said that he would be in the office by noon the next day and hung up. He looked again to the silent figure beside him. "What are you thinking about?" Derek reluctantly pulls his gaze back to Ellis. "About how strange life can be." he replies. Ellis snorts a little laugh and says "Yeah no one needs to tell this bunch about that," Derek smiles and takes a drink. Out in the darkness Kilee watches them. Then quietly pushes the dirt bike that she was uncovering out to the rode. She rides it down the hill kicking it into life at the bottom of the hill about a mile from the camp and rides away.
The next morning Sarah is making breakfast, while John packs his and Cameron's lunches. Ellis walks into the room stretching when the back door opens all three reach for the nearest gun. "Whoa it's just me!" Kilee exclaims as she shuts the door. Just then Sarah remembers her diapering act the night before. "Where have you been all night?" she asks. Kilee looks at her "Out" was all she says as she walks over to get something to eat. "Out where?" Sarah presses as Derek walks into the room. Kilee looks at Sarah "You are not my mother so don't worry about it." She sits down at the table. John says "That's not what you said in the principle's office." Kilee glares at him as she takes a bite of her pancake. Just then a horrible scream comes from the hall, then a loud crash. Everyone runs to the hall. Derek in the lead stops dead and stares down the hall as the others run into him. Standing at the end of the hall is Cameron looking wild and waving her arms around. She screams again, this time they can make out the word over and over again she yells "WHY". Everyone is starring at her. Slowly Sarah raises the gun up to point at her and steps in front of John. Derek does the same.
Ellis had lowered his weapon and just stares at the teenager shocked to see the glowing redness to her eyes. 'She's not human right?" He asks and is answered by silence. Kilee steps to John's side and whispers to him 'Run, run now." John looks at her "Why?" Derek pulls his eyes from Cameron to look at John "Sometimes they go bad" and then looks back to the machine. John looks around him seeing the determination in their faces he realizes that they will kill her rather than help. He runs. Right at Cameron and gets between her and the weapons pointing at her. Derek starts yelling at him as Sarah and Kilee both tried to stop him. Neither worked and now he is within arms reach of Cameron. She looks up and focuses on John. He hears the weapons click as the bullets are slid into firing position. Cameron says "Why John??? Why did they make me do it all? Why can't I be left alone?" Now they all see the tears streaming down her face. Cameron turns he gaze to Derek "I can never ask you to forgive me, please know that it wasn't me, not this me in front of you. It was a different me! I am SORRY!!" She yells the last as she fall to her knees beside John. Derek slowly lowers his weapon and stares at the machine shocked by the humanness of her actions. He sees the genuine emotion that she is showing. He walks forward and hears the order from behind "Cease and desist!" Kilee yells Derek doesn't listen but kneels in front of Cameron. He tosses the weapon at Kilee's feet not wanting to give Cameron a weapon. John looks down at his uncle. Derek reaches out and lifts Cameron’s face forcing her to look at him, she allows this. "I cannot forgive what was done to me." Cameron looks as if she was going to burst into more tears and John gasps. "But I know now that it wasn't you. Protect John that is all I want from you." Cameron looks into Derek's eyes as he drops his hand she then throws her arms around his neck in a crushing hug. "Please Cam I can't breath." He gasps. She releases him and smiles "I guess that I don't know my own strength." Everyone laughs. That kind of relieved tension laugh. After awhile they all head into the kitchen for breakfast and finish their morning routines talking about what they have planned for the day.
So now John and Cameron are getting ready to go in the car and head for school but before that Kilee starts to blind fold Ellis and says to him ‘”I’m sorry to do this to you James but you now understand why'' he replies with a deep breath and slight smile
''yeah of course I understand''. She continued to cuff him Kilee on purpose puts Ellis
in the car on the backseat in between John and Cameron she's says to them ''hey kids you both mind if James sits hear?'' as she smiles at them John gives her a pissed off
look and Cameron just has a worried look on hear face but quickly disappears to that raptor glare look she’s well known for. So Kilee drives as Ellis in between John and Cameron now Kilee is well for enough from the mountains and the cabin she stops the
car and tells Cameron to unblindfold him and gives John the key to the cuffs to uncuff him she says to him “James its been a blast Sarah or I will keep in touch just be careful
who you talk to'' he says “believe me I understand Kilee'' she opens the door he steps out of the car which is at a bus stop and John hands him something and says “I really think your going to need this?'' puts something in his hand and closes it as Kilee drives away. He opens his hand to reveal What he give him it's 2 dollars in quarters in bus fair Ellis smiles and starts laughing.
Kilee drives up about 4 blocks from the school and pulls over to the sidewalk turns around at John and Cameron and says ''this is as for as I can go with you both the week is over so your regular teacher is back from vacation today so I won't be going to school with you''. John says ''I'm going to miss seeing you there but not to worry I’m
well protected'' he says as Cameron gives a slight smile at him they step out of the car
but before Kilee pulls out she tells John in a funny tone ''hey John next you say to me when you came out of Cameron's room and say nothing happen please don't forget
to zip up your fly because your solider was standing at attention''. John put his hands over his eyes and his face got bright red and Cameron was just shocked and confused look on hear face. She says ''look don't worry I understand believe me I do just please be careful about your mom finding out not sure how she’s going to take it'' John asks her “does Derek know'' “Yep I believe he does he terrible at holding things from me
but I wouldn't worry about him he might tell you two the same thing about your mom not knowing about this''. Kilee says one more thing before she drives off to leave them ''remember you both suppose to be brother and sister at school''. Then she drives away now John and her start to walk and hold hands.
John starts to ask Cameron a question as they walking together holding hands ''did you mean all the things that you said to me yesterday at your room?'' Cameron turns to him with that beautiful smile she gave him when she first met in 1999 at the school and answers ''yes I did I wouldn't lie to you about that''. John smiles and says ''you know last night was like a dream to me being with you last night really made me feel like that Cameron''. She gives him a flirted look and says to him ''well if you must know John it was the first time I didn't feel like a machine but like I’m alive you know like the movie with the robot Johnny Five''. John starts laughing then she laughs a bit too
John asks her one more thing ''Cameron can you please do me a favor for next time could please let me be on the top?'' Cameron looks and smiles and says ''Why John did I hurt your solider?' then they both started laughing again its been so long that John has laughed so hard before now they are two blocks away from the school he comes close to Cameron's face and kisses her on the lips she puts her fingers through his hair he's about to try to do the same to her but she blocks his hand and says ''please do me a favor John try not to put you fingers to my hair because it took some time to get it right plus some kids at school will start to think I’m a freak'' John says ''your right I’m sorry about that just the way you make me feel sometimes this is how love is I guess?'' So they get close to the school they stop holding hands and enter the school but little that they know that from way across the street from the school parking lot they where being watched all along from a zoom P.O.V. that belongs to Linda (hybrid) she smiles and says ''well, well, well, I see TOK715 has a boyfriend it makes sense now that’s why you betrayed us trader I'll fix that I’m going to take your new heart away tin miss and at the same time take resistance savior too'' then she starts laughing as she starts up the car and drives away.
As Linda is leaving another car pulls out a few blocks behind. The two cars head in the same direction but Linda hasn't looked back to realize that she is being followed. After a few miles the trail car pulls off as another pulls on. This goes on for about a hundred miles, then Linda pulls into an old run down out of service gas station. The trail cars continues down the road. Once it is out of Linda's hearing range it pulls over. The male driver radio's to his partner "She has stopped at an old gas station about 20 miles from your position. I am in a turn around about 10 miles beyond that." "Okay I will be there soon" comes the cool crisp voice of Kilee.
Meanwhile Linda had entered an underground bomb shelter and is looking at an array of weapons, many that have not even been invented yet. "Which one to choose, so many lives to lose today." She laughs "Our little trader will know what real pain is by the time the sun sets on this day, her last day of freedom!" She dose a little dance turning around she spots something on the weapons rack. Her smile grows bigger "Perfect" she purrs as she pulls down her choice destroyer.
The second car that had been tailing Linda pulls into the turn around beside the first. "Well have we noticed anything yet?" Kilee asks. A tall Caucasian male stands up from his hiding spot among the rocks and looks down at her. 'She is underground" Kilee smiles "Then lets bury her!" "She is a machine she can dig her way out" the man says. Kilee looks up at him, he towers over her even standing on the same level. He stands 6'6" compared to her 5' 10". "She is only half machine, she still needs to breath. We will bury her but leave a space to throw in the gas. Then cover that up and see if she can get out." The man smiles “I see why Connor made you his second in command."
Kilee glares at him "You know he didn't." "Well he should have" the man replies. Kilee looks thoughtful for a minute then says in a far off voice "No he made the right choice." then shakes her head and climbs into the car. "There is construction in a building down the road, due to a strike no one is there, but their equipment is. I'll go borrow what we need. Keep an eye on our little friend." The man looks at her “Yes boss" he says sarcastically. She gives him her version of the raptor stare then drives away.
It doesn’t take long for Kilee to return and find out that Linda is still in her underground shelter. She pulls the machine over to the shelter entrance and starts to dump the cement on top of it. Linda hears the heavy equipment, but at first just thinks that the construction has started again. But soon realizes that the machine is too close for that. She tries to get out through the main entrance and a man is standing outside the small window he smiles. She smashes the window to get to him and he says "Thank you" then shoots her in the hand, she withdraws it. Then he throws in the gas and runs. Linda starts coughing. She struggles through the room to the other side. The gas is working fast she can feel her lungs closing up. The room starts to blur, then she grabs a small box and throws it out of her way. It covered the entrance to a tunnel. She manages to get inside and crawl along the narrow space. The air starts to get better. She pushes a boulder out of her way then crawls out into fresh air again. As she stands up she turns and sees Kilee in the truck and the man standing beside it. Neither is looking her way. "You just put yourself on my list Kilee Dixon. Right under my little trader and her lover!" she glares at them for a moment then heads down the hill on foot, holding her bleeding hand up.
Kilee takes the borrowed truck back and returns with her car. She tosses a small bag at the man. He catches it and says "Do I need to count it?" "Have I ever cheated you Clark?" The man smiles "No, but I was wondering if you had time to give me a little bonus?" He reaches in to touch her face. She looks up at him. Then grabs his hand and pushes it away. “Maybe some other time." He throws his head back and laughs Then grabs her throat and starts pulling her out of the car window. She lets him get her out, she can't do much but hold his hand from completely crushing her throat. Once her body is free of the car she kicks off the car door and flips up and over his head. He is forced to let go and spins around to look at her. She is standing behind him watching and rubbing her throat. She says a little hoarse "Stop pal, I would hate to have to kill you before you were ever born." He laughs low and mean 'You think a little thing like you could hurt me." He lunges at her, she flips backward kicking him in the face. Once on her feet again she spins around and faces him with a 9mm in her hand. He stops. "Not even you are faster than a bullet Clark me boy." she says in a fake Irish accent. He smiles and hold up his hands "Come now Kilee we were just having fun." she says nothing then he adds "You really didn't need Kyle to help you fight, I can't believe it. " Clark shakes his head, picks up the bag of money then gets in the car "Keep in touch" He calls as he drives away. Kilee puts the gun away and leans against the car. Kyle would have stopped him from even touching her. The tears run down her face unnoticed as she thinks about him. After a time she gets back in her car wipes off her face and heads back to school to pick up 'the kids'.
Kilee arrives at the spot she left John and Cameron in the morning where she's suppose to meet them after school she see's them approaching the car both smiling and holding hands so Kilee says ''so how was school?'' John gets in to the car with Cameron and says ''fine no problems a bit boring but then again its school'' he says laughing. So Kilee just looks at them and cracks a smile into the view mirror but starts thinking of herself how she looks at John's laugh's and smile and see's Kyle she's happy that some of that still lives on in John when she see's him smile.
Well in a street at a red light Clark waiting for a train to pass throw the tracks
he checks his nose at his overhead mirror to see how munch damage Kilee did to it when she kick him but out of nowhere the drivers window is broken and he's pulled out
of his car violently and is thrown very hard on the ground with the glass cutting his face
from the window breaking he see's who's done this to him he says ''no it can't be we killed you'' Clark says with anger and pain from the injuries. Yes its Linda standing over him with anger in her voice ''yes its me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' then she steps on his right
kneecap smashing it Clark screams ''ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!. So Linda
in her now sincerer way clicks a smile and says ''I know who you are your resistance fighter Clark Brown former ex-con, wife beater, thief, gang member wow John Conner knows how to pick them'' as she laughs at him mocking him. Clark replies ''go fuck yourself you half breed metal bitch!'' now her smile go's away in anger to that insult
by him she steps on his right kneecap then he gives another scream she replies ''what’s wrong Clark you can't withstand pain? well if you want me to stop you tell
what I want to know right''. Clark replies in a whiner way in pain ''ok I’ll tell anything you want'' She asks ''where's Kilee Dixon?'' he tells her everything what alias she uses where he's meet's her when she needs him he gave her his Nextel phone where she contacts him. Linda says ''wow you give me a lot of info I’m surprised that you didn't tell when you had your last herpes outbreak'' as she smiles ''oh by the way I love your car that’s a 2007 sable mustang whoa now that’s bling, bling''. He replies ''take it and shove it up your ass!!!!!!!!'' he spits her in the face she laughs wipes it off and pulls out the 9mm pistol that she took from Creamarty and empties the whole clip into his Adams apple and leaves him bleeding to death at the ground gets in to her new found mustang and says ''now you understand how I felt almost buried alive trying to gasp for air but now its worse because your bleeding to death in your lungs oh sucks to be you later'' as she drives away with the music blasting the song ''Bitch'' from Merthe Brooks. well she's driving she starts looking at the weapon she manage to take with her before she escaped from her underground bunker its a plasma gun pistol that’s a hand held version of what Cameron used in the future to destroy other Terminators but this one was more powerful it could melt on endoskeleton in seconds then she says ''soon TOK 715 real soon I will use this weapon on you to avenge what you've done to are kind'' then she drives away.
Sarah looked up as they entered the cabin. She had been making some plastic bombs like Kyle taught her. A cold look came into Kilee's face at seeing this, but she did not say anything. "School's almost out, I was wondering where you might want to go for the summer?" Sarah says. Kilee looks at her as she takes a drink of juice out of the carton. "Could you use a glass please?" Sarah says. Kilee smirks "I could, but that would take longer." She puts the cap back on then places the carton back into the fridge. Sarah glares at Kilee then turns back to John "Well!" John shrugs "Can't we stay here?" Before Sarah could answer Kilee says "How about Shangri la?" Derek raises his eyes and looks at her "I wonder what it looks like before the bombs. I bet it would be beautiful in the summer." Kilee smiles 'I know it would, and we could swim there." John lifts his head "Where is it?" Derek looks at him then back to Kilee "Kyle always led the way I'm not sure if I could find it." "You couldn't find your way out of a paper bag." Kilee says with a smirk. Then adds "We found it together while we were on a mission I know where it its. It's not far. Maybe 45 miles south." Sarah looks around at them Cameron is sitting at the table already doing homework, Derek is sitting across from her eating an apple, John is standing behind Cameron's chair with his hands on the back of the chair, and Kilee is still by the refrigerator looking back at Sarah. This was not what Sarah had wanted. She wanted to use the time to get John as far away as possible. Put him in a new school next year, run and hide that's what she was thinking. "Well we could all go look at it and see what we think." she says a little defeated. Kilee nods then turns to Cameron, I need to talk to you alone." John, Sarah and Derek all turn to look at Kilee worried but no one says anything. Cameron stands up and follows Kilee outside. The two women walk a ways into the woods out of sight and hearing from the house. They reach a small clearing on top of a hill where you can see for miles all around. Kilee turns to Cameron and gives her a latitude and longitude. Cameron turns to face the direction "There is a mound of cement, under it is an old bomb shelter. Do you see it?" "Yes" Cameron answers. Kilee sighs "Is there a body in the shelter, a female." Cameron scans the area "No" Kilee swears and turns away. Then Cameron says “There is some police at the railroad tracks down the road from there" Kilee spins around to face her "What's going on?" Cameron stares for a few minutes then says "Clark Brown is dead." Kilee sighs "Great." Then she looks at Cameron this was going to be hard. "Cam there is something I need to tell you." Kilee sighs and walks over to a boulder and sits down. Cameron turns to look at her and waits. Kilee looks up at her "She's back." Cameron slowly sinks to the ground in front of Kilee "Not Linda" she says in a hoarse whisper. Kilee nods. "I'm sorry but I tried to stop her, she got away again. She is after you and possibly John. I'm not sure if she knows that he is THE John Connor yet. When I came back I placed fake John Connor's up on the internet, all over the globe. All the right age, height weight, everything to try and fool the terminator's. I think this one is after you though considering your history with her." Cameron looks at Kilee "She said she was my friend, but she made me do that stuff to Derek and the other's I couldn't stop myself. What can I do now?" She looks like a lost child as she stares at Kilee with fear, real human fear, on her face.
Kilee stands up from the boulder puts hear hands on Cameron's shoulders and says''
look Cameron I know now that you didn't mean to do those horrible things before
future John found you that rainy night but in my opinion you've come a long way I know that you work very hard and smart to win are respect and trust plus I know your real secret''. Cameron has a confused look on her face as she looks at Kilee and says ''my secret?'' Kilee puts a real big smile and her face and answers her ''that your in love with John the future and the present one he feels the same about you too'' Cameron asks ''how do you know that?''. Kilee says with a laugh ''women institution'' Cameron cracks a slight smile Kilee says ''now that all is said and done the reason she's hear is because those T-888'S you've come across has been sending video messages back to skynet that’s why Linda is here her mission is reprogram you or destroy you''. Kilee counties the big sister pep talk as Cameron replies with same anger in her voice as well as on face ''well then she's going to have to destroy me because I would rather be terminated fighting then go back to the horrible monster I was!!!!!!!!''. Kilee says ''ok Cameron calm down I just want to say a little more to you before we go back to the cabin you know Linda is not like a terminator you fought before your going to have to fight like you never fought before your going have to go to hell and back with her but I’ll tell you what I believe when its all over your going to be standing over that half breed metal mother fucker's broken pieces all over the ground because you have a rage in side you that you’ve been holding for a long time when you and her clash you let it go on her everything you got and remember you are not just fighting for John's safety and humanity but you're fighting for your life and freedom''. Cameron has a look on her face of confidence says to Kilee ''thank you for explaining yes indeed Linda comes in the direction of me John Connor, Derek
Reese, Kilee Dixon and Sarah Connor I'm going to make a metal salad out of her''.
So Cameron goes ahead of Kilee back in to the cabin Kilee follows behind her and says in
funny tone ''have no fury like robot women scorned'' as she walks behind her back into the cabin. "What was that all about?" Derek whispers to Kilee as Cameron and John head to their bedrooms to take care of their school stuff. Sarah starts picking up the bombs that she has just finished. Again Kilee glares at them but answers Derek "She needed to know what she will be facing soon." Then Kilee walks out of the room. Derek stares after her for a few minutes then Sarah says "She seems to hate me." Derek turns to look at her. She is holding the bag that she placed the bombs in and looking at the door that Kilee disappeared through. Derek sighed and says "she needs to learn to live without Kyle. For her it was only a few months ago, not 16 years." "How close where they?" Sarah asks. Derek looks at her studying her face before he says "Did you ever have a best friend, one that you did everything with, went every where with, called as soon as you got home from school, or as soon as you got home from leaving them. One that you could never picture your life without?" "Of course I did everyone does." Sarah said with a laugh. "Then we grow up and enter the real world and some metal basturd comes back and kills her!" Derek nods "now think about how close you would have been to her if you didn't have any family, any other friends, no one to turn to. Your very survival depended on that friendship. Then you might start to get the idea of how close they were." Derek finished with a sad look on his face "They were always together. They slept in the same room, as kids they slept in the same bed. It was like that show I saw Cameron watching on cable the other night you know Dawson's Creek. Kyle and Kilee were like them, but closer." Sarah stared at Derek looking for any sign that he might be putting more into it then there was. but he looked perfectly serious. Why didn't Kyle ever tell her about Kilee. She had asked him if he left any women behind.
Derek sees the sad kind of hurt look on Sarah's face and says "He loved you more than anything, and he only had your picture." Sarah turned to Derek and without thinking asks "Did he love me more than her." She nods in the direction Kilee had just gone. Derek looks that way then back to Sarah. "He loved you both the same but different. I told you he never thought of Kilee as female. She was his best friend." "The one person he would die for." Sarah stated. "Yeah but he left her to come through time and save you." Derek said. "He knew that she would survive." Sarah responded. Derek didn't know what to say so just stood there. Then Kilee, Cameron and John re-enter the kitchen. "I was thinking since it is Friday maybe we could head up to Shangri la for the weekend. See how it all is." Kilee says. "Please mom, we could all use a break!" John pleaded with his mother. Sarah looked over them all saw the wounds that were healing on them, saw the tiredness in their face and body, saw the ravages of war and running all the time, and knew that she looked the same. Then she nodded. "get packed we will leave in an hour." She turns and heads out to the shed to put the bombs with the others she had been making. The discussion with Derek still needling her mind. Did Kyle see Kilee as not female, is that way he never said anything. Or was that question about what she meant when she then had to spell it out for him, was that his time to think about her. Think about what he left behind. How could anyone leave everything they know, everyone they loved, to come back in time with no hope of ever seeing them again. The image of Kyle on the police video when they asked him about how he was to return home, how haunted he looked flashed across her mind and she knew that it was Kilee he was thinking about at that moment. And maybe Derek as well. She sighed.
They all piled into the car with Kilee driving and headed out. No one really talked for quite a while. John sat behind his mother, with Cameron in the middle and Derek behind Kilee. John's hand rested on Cameron's knee, no one seemed to notice as they where all lost in their own thoughts.
It seemed no time at all when Kilee pulled off the road and told everyone to wait in the car. She then got out and moved away some brush to reveal a small dirt road. Sarah drove the car through and Kilee recovered the road. Then she got in and drove for a few more mile before pulling off again. This time she made everyone get out then hid the car in a ravine under some brush. They all picked up their back packs and headed up the hill. It took nearly three hours to reach the spot Kilee was looking for. No one saw anything. But Kilee had Cameron move a boulder to show the opening of a tunnel. After they all entered Cameron replaced the boulder Derek pulled out the flash light and passed them around. They walked for another hour. It was strange how no one seemed to complain. But soon the light got brighter, and they could hear water running. Then they came out into a clearing inside the cave. They were looking over a cliff to show a small pool of water and a water fall. There were other tunnels and passages leading out of the cave, but one opened up onto a grassy meadow. It was all surrounded by the mountain. They all stared Kilee smiled "Welcome to Shangri La!" She said. "How did you find this?" Sarah asked. Kilee's smile faltered and she said "In the future the mountain isn't as big and the surrounding tunnels are caved in and the ceiling is opened up." Sarah looked at her. Kilee smiled a little "Kyle fell in, we were connected by a rope due to a storm and I had to pull him back out. We had no other shelter so we decided to see how deep the whole was that he fell through and this is what we found."
"How did you find it today." Sarah asked "It is pretty well hidden, I mean the road covered and the walk." she asked. Kilee looked over at her and said "I study the topical maps on the internet for the entire state and was able to recall them and follow where I knew the cave was." She said this as if anyone should have known, but then Derek explained "Kilee has a photographic memory. Anything she sees or hears, she remembers and can recall in perfect detail. Plus she has a natural sense of direction." Sarah and John looked slightly awed at this. "Lets go down and set up camp. We can explore tomorrow." Kilee said to fill the silence. For the next hour they where all busy getting things set up. By this time it was late and everyone was tired from the hike and getting things set up. They all fell down onto their sleeping bags and soon fell asleep. All but one. Cameron sat alone in the dark. Her eyes watching the humans around her. She knew that she had to protect them, but with Linda following her, her being with them was endangering them all. She searched her data banks for any solution to her dilemma. After hours of searching she came to one conclusion. She would have to leave and find Linda first. Use the surprise attack to finish her. She knew that they were safe here. She would wait until Monday and leave from school and turn from prey to hunter. With the decision made she walked over to were John slept and sat down by his head. She stared out at the stars as she ran her fingers threw John's hair.
John with his eyes still closed says to Cameron in a tired whisper ''be careful my mom is close by she's not going to be happy by this Cameron''. Cameron replies ''sorry I just felt like touching you that’s all its feel relaxing to me'' she says in a sad tune then John slowly opens his eyes and looks at Cameron's face he asks ''is there something wrong? you look like you got something on your mind''. She replies with a slight smile' 'don't you mean my chip?'' he laughs a bit and says ''ok you got me tell me what’s wrong?'' Cameron looks up at the stars and says' 'all this the trees, stars in the night sky is beautiful being here with you Sarah, Kilee and Derek it feels so right''. Some slow tears falls down her face as she says to him ''I never said this word to you for helping me be what I am today the word is thank you, for being my only friend''. John listens with concern as Cameron continues ''you freed me from them you rescued me there's something I have to tell you John''.
Cameron says she wipes the tears off her face ''the first thing is that I wasn't programmed to protect you I volunteered it was the least I can do for what you did for me
also I know that Kyle Reese is your father because I knew that day when Derek needed blood you and have the same blood type plus I remember the story you told about your dad dying on mission I knew his mission was to protect Sarah Connor yes he died doing that remember just because I’m a machine doesn't mean I’m stupid but I understand why you wouldn't want anybody to know''. John had some tears in his eyes when he ask her ''is there anything else you want to tell me?''. Cameron gets real close to his face and says ''John when you pulled out my chip the past 2 times I have a back up chip
on the other side of my skull so I hear and feel everything but I just can't reply I felt the way you touched my face like this ''she shows him by touching his face. Cameron also adds ''the second time you pulled it out I herd everything you said about the T-850 model 101 the first one that was hear protect you the way you got close to him he has a special place in your heart how you were worried about losing me the same way I promise you, you won't never lose me'' he learns in close to her face and they kiss very passionately and they hug each other but John says ''Cameron I love you and ahhh'' Cameron says ''I know I love you too'' John says in pain ''but I want to tell you to please loosen your hug a bit I think your going to snap something please!!!!!!!!!!'' She smiles ''opps sorry I’ll loosen it up is that better?'' John says relived ''YEAH munch better''! .
But little did they know that Sarah heard the whole talk she says to herself ''first thing in the morning Kilee is going to get punched dead in the face but I can't separate Cameron and John there are in love I had my thoughts they where always together in the future as well as now she protects him as he protects her all I can do is give them support and stay out there way after all its his responsibility and trust after all she’s come a long way since I first met her she's kept my John alive and gave me more time to get John ready I’ll never forgot that'' then Sarah closes her eyes and goes to sleep and starts to dream.
The screams filled her mind first. It was so dark, and the screaming was everywhere. She covered her ears and knelt down, trying to make herself as small as possible. Then there was a flash of orange light and a fire erupted to her left. In the glow she saw people running. They were followed by a machine shooting at them. To her right she heard his voice. "Stay down, stay where you are Sarah. I will get us out." Then a cool female voice responded "Kyle we are being surrounded we need to move." Sarah recognized both voices the first was John's father Kyle Reese, the second Kilee Dixon. "Sarah follow me, come on take my hand." She saw the hand in front of her and grabbed it. They started to run and she saw the skulls, some very tiny human skulls, being crushed under machines. The machines were everywhere and shooting at anything that moved. She followed Kyle never letting go of his hand. Then out of nowhere came another blast of fire and when she looked the hand that she was holding was no longer attached to a person and it was on fire. She started screaming. Something hit her face, but she continued to scream. Then she heard someone shouting her name, maybe it was Kyle. She started calling for him. Screaming his name over and over again. Then another blow came to her face and she had to close her eyes for a moment. When she opened them the fires had gone there was no more machines or screaming. Derek was bending over her. She could see Cameron and John behind him. They all looked worried. Someone was holding her head up and she saw the glass hovering near her face. The female voice from her dream said softly into her ear, "Here drink this it helps." Sarah took a swallow the liquid seemed to burn all the way to her stomach. The sensation didn't last long but it shook off the rest of the horrible dream. She sat up Kilee was behind her. Derek looked at her and asked "Feeling better."
"Yes I'm fine." Then she looked at Kilee and held up the glass "What is this stuff." Kilee smiled "Something that Kyle came up with to help chase away nightmares. JD, tomato juice with Tabasco sauce and some vodka." Her smile faded as she said the last and Sarah remembered what Derek said about Kilee's nightmares. "You have them to don't you ?" Sarah asked looking into the other woman’s face. Kilee turned away. Derek watched wondering if she would tell them, and was surprised when she did. "The bombs fell I was four, I watched the adults in my orphanage burn as they tried to save us kids. One of them got me into the vent with an older boy and we managed to get out. He took off once we were outside and I was alone. I wandered around for days before you found me, Sarah, and took me in. You stayed with me for a few months before you died, but you got me to a human camp. It was there, two days after my fifth birthday that I met Kyle and Derek. They changed my life and took care of me from then on." Now her voice faltered and she looked scared. Sarah wanted to reach out and hold the girl in front of her, but she moved away. Huddled against a rock, alone. After a time she continued. "For a dare Kyle and I went out of bounds one night. These older boys teased Kyle and me about being friends and we just wanted to show them we could do what they could. We were 12. We got locked out and I was able to help Kyle get back but the machine caught me. They kept me alive and I worked in the body dumps for awhile. Then one day I made them mad and they dumped me into this hole." her voice was growing more hoarse and Sarah saw the tears shinning in her eyes, but they did not fall down her face. Derek went to her and wrapped his arms around her. He didn't say anything just held her gently rocking her. Kilee continued her story with a look of terror on her face. "It was ten feet deep and six feet wide. The put a grill and cover over it so you couldn't get out. Kyle told me later that I was there with the machines for only six months, before John found me in that hole. He pulled me out and I knew a way out and took John there, but had to let him go alone so that the machines wouldn't chase him. The machines found me and gave me another chance by putting me in the factory where I built Cameron's chip. I was there for about another six months, before Kyle and Derek got me out. The nightmares have never left. Not since I was 4" With the last said she pulled away from Derek and ran out into the meadow. No one followed her. They just starred after her. All but Derek who knew the story all to well. Who had been the one to try and help his brother cope with the loss and guilt of what happened to his friend. But Kyle would never believe that Kilee was dead, and when John came back and told two soldiers about the girl that helped him, they knew who she was and ran to tell Kyle that she was alive. There was no stopping the boy then. He would have gone that night to get her. But they managed to get him settled down and get more information so that when they went for her they would get her out. It was because of Kilee that Derek saw his brother become a solider. "Wow" Sarah said. Derek looked at her and said a little angrily "Yeah we all have our stories right." He stood up and walked to the other side of the pool. Sarah followed. "That's not what I meant." Derek waved his hand and said "I'm sorry but she was just a kid, so was he. I never told you this, but they have the same birthday. It was why Kyle started talking to her that day. He was three years older. The boys that teased them were Kyle's age. Somehow Kilee always forgot about that." He smiled sadly. "Let's all just get some sleep, the morning will be better."
The next morning John awakens to a giant bear sniffing around the camp in a soft voice he hears Cameron saying ''don't move or make a sound I’ll take care of this''. She is also awake and noticed the bear too but she doesn't move Derek seemed to be up also, he had just returned from taking a leak in the woods and stands still in horror as he's about to pull his piece out from the back of his pants to shoot the bear but John whispers to him ''no don't do that because if you shoot it then someone is going to hear the gun shot let Cameron handle this''. So she approaches the bear from behind quietly it turned around and she stopped the bear roared real loud ''ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' with that wind coming out of its mouth blowing Cameron's hair back but she didn't flinch instead she mimicked the roar of the bear but a bit louder ''ROAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' So the bear cowered down in fear and went away as everybody stared at her she said ''I learned about them from the channel Animal Planet''
then everybody laughed even Cameron cracked a smile then John and Sarah said ''where's
They all looked around it was the first time that anyone realized Kilee wasn't there. "Did she come back from the meadow?" John asked. "I just came from there and she is not out there." answered Derek. Cameron stood still for a moment then slowly turned in a circle. "I cannot find her in all this rock." Sarah looked over at Derek "How well do you know these caves?" Derek shrugged "Well enough to get us out, but if Kilee wants to hide I have no hope of finding her." Just then a few loose pebbles fell gently down from one of the other passages. Everyone turned and saw Kilee walking towards them. She had a bag full of something in her hands. "Anyone want breakfast?" she said with a smile. The others hurried over and were soon setting down and eating. Derek was the last to get some of the fruit that Kilee had found. He had been watching her, and was the only one that noticed that she was acting way to cheerful, and that her eyes were still red and puffy. He took the fruit from her then grabbed her hand and walked out into the meadow away from the others. They sat on a rock and watched the birds flying around. Derek didn't say anything, he was happy just to have her there. She was quiet. He knew that after she had nightmares she was like this. Not even Kyle could get her to talk at times. So they finished their breakfast in silence and then the others came out and John said "Are we ready to explore some of these caves?" Kilee smiled "I will take you to Kyle's favorite spot." They picked up the camp so that the bear couldn't get into anything if it came back. The others told Kilee about it while she led them through the caves. By lunch time they where in a cave that had blue glowing rocks all over the walls and a stone that looked liked table and chairs in the center of it. Kilee smiled "This was Kyle's favorite place."
"It reminded him of king Arthur." she said. Sarah had packed some things from the house so they had sandwiches and pop there. They all talked about what they had liked from what they saw so far. Kilee just sat and listened to everyone. Then she took them down to where they could swim. They spent the rest of the day enjoying the water. Just before the sun set they built a campfire in the meadow and had hotdogs, and later smores. It was a far better night then the one before. Kilee was the first to fall asleep, since she had very little last night. She sat between Derek and John leaning against the rocks with the fire warming her. When the others realized that she was asleep John went in and got her bed ready while Derek carried her in and put her to bed. When they went to fill up some drink containers from the stream they saw the bear again. They were up wind from him so he never knew that they were there. They waited for him to leave then got their water and returned to the camp site. The night passed with no more interruptions. In the morning they finished the fruit then packed up their stuff and headed back out. It was around four p.m. when they got back to the cabin. What they found surprised everyone. The front door was torn off it's hinges, many of the windows were broken. Inside things where thrown all around. The weapons where all smashed to pieces on the floor. John's computer was smashed also. They all went to check their rooms. All but Cameron came out within minutes to state that the rooms all suffered the same fate. When Cameron had not rejoined them they went into her room. She stood in the middle of the floor starring at red lettering on the wall. It said "Come to me TOK715, or I will kill you and your boy lover. Little Ms. Dixon will suffer my special form of torture also. "There was a smiley face beside the name Linda. "Why are these messages always written in red?" John tried to joke. After everybody looked at John when he said that Sarah says to Kilee ''who's Ms. Dixon? is she talking about Charlie's wife Kilee?. Kilee looked at her and said ''look Sarah its a long story but I’ll give a quick version Between you leaving him and before he married he was with my mom they hooked up for a short bit then they split he got married she never told him about me he didn't know that’s it case close on that one ok we got bigger things to worry about right now, then this soap opera shit!'' Sarah gave an angry face and responded to that with a punch dead in her face and says to her ''that’s for lying to me about that and about John and Cameron now and in the future'' Kilee stayed on the floor holding her left eye saying ''because it wasn't important to the mission about who my father is as John and Cameron come on a blind women could've seen that there always together she's always with him he's always with her he protects her as well as she protects him you must've known'' While they both kept yelling at each other like that. Meanwhile in John's room Derek, Cameron, and John try to look for clothes they where all over the floor and was picking them up John asked Cameron and Derek ''who's Linda?'' Cameron didn't reply but Derek did ''she’s not just a Terminator she's worse she enjoys her work'' Derek said trying to joke. John said ''why didn't anybody tell me that skynet sent this Linda for me?'' Cameron with her face down still helping him pick up his things from the floor shakes her head in a no ''she's not here for you its for me if she kills you Sarah, Derek and Kilee it would be a slow death just to watch me suffer'' After that was said she walked out of his room John and Derek stared after her so Derek explained to John the whole history about the hybrids and the connection Linda had with Cameron. He was starting to put it together to the story she told about him about shooting him in the future he understands now why she couldn't look him in the face it was bringing back bad memories for her. So everybody spent a quiet time fixing everything up in the cabin.
Dinner time was here Derek went out for Chinese food anyone eat quietly nobody spoke until John broke the silence and said ''ok does anyone want the last of these egg rolls?'' Derek replies “yeah John I’ll take them so does everyone like the meal? I just thought it would be good idea to take a break from Sarah cooking for today I think we've been throw enough today” he says joking on Sarah with a slight smile. Sarah at first gives him a look of anger then starts to smile then Kilee says ''I know caveman thank god
I think I shitted out one her pancakes an hour ago” when she says this anyone including Cameron starts to laugh at the table. Then they start talking a bit then each one takes turns with the shower while Sarah and Cameron are waiting for John to finish in there Cameron says to Sarah ''I’m sorry that I didn't tell you about your son and me it would've been strange to explain'' Sarah says ''strange? that word didn't make sense since I met Kyle Reese and learned about my part in all this with John's destiny what I’m trying to say is you don't owe my a sorry I feel better knowing you'll be there for incase I’m not you've changed a lot Cameron then when you first came into are lives''. Cameron smiled a bit and says ''that means a lot coming from you thank you for understanding and of course explaining'' John then comes out of the shower and says ''ok its all yours'' as he dries
off his hair Sarah says to Cameron ''you go I’m going to take a bubble bath its going to be a while'' Cameron says ''thank you'' and she go's in the bathroom then Sarah's says ''John can I talk to you a minute?'' John takes a deep breath and says ''mom is this about me and Cameron?'' Sarah says ''John all I want to say is that you too make a good couple and Cameron is the right women for her to be by your side I now understand why you sent her back to help me protect you all I'm going to say is be careful that’s all especially with this Linda running around ok''. John gives her a hug and says ''I love you mom don't worry you've trained me well everything from fighting to weapons if she comes for Cameron I’ll do what I’ve got to do and if that fails?'' they answered at the same time ''RUN!!!!!'' then they start smiling and laugh. Cameron finishes up in there and says ''its all yours'' so Sarah is about to go in before she does she asks Cameron something in front of John ''Cameron where your going?'' she replies ''to my room'' Sarah asks ''can you stay in John's room maybe share his bed its cold in there without the windows just for tonight I don't want him to get sick maybe you can keep him warm''. John's face turns beet red
with a slight smile as Cameron answered ''sure not a problem Sarah'' so she went in with a slight smile. The next day they are walking in to school they were about to go to their homeroom together when their teacher tells Cameron ''sorry Cameron due to your good marks in your classes you are being transferred to a more advance classes''. He gives her the list of new classes with a sad strange look on her face she says ''thank you'' after the teacher walks away from her John whispers to her ''don't worry I’ll be fine if anything I’ll find you or most likely you'll find me ok'' he says with a wink Cameron says '' I’ll meet you at lunch'' then she winks back at him as she go's to her new classes. Then hours later its now lunch time Cameron sits in there waiting for John but still no show then her cell phone rings she goes to answer it and sees its John’s number that pops up she says ''John what happen?'' then she hears a haunting voice say ''Trader hi its been a while did you get the message I left in your room?'' Cameron eyes opens up wide and she says ''Linda! where's John?'' Linda replies ''that’s for me to know and you to find out TOK715 you know what they say home is where the heart is you have about 25 minutes to make it before I start for some fun with them''.
Ok now Cameron runs real fast dropping her backpack on the floor, she goes to the school parking lot and sees the driver's window of a green Neon 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse street racer (rice rocket) car is down. She gets in and hot wires it to get it started, backs out of the parking lot and spins out with the wheels burning rubber out of the there. As she drives real fast going throw a red light has a cop car with sirens blazing follows her so instead of Cameron hitting the NOS and leaving them in the dust she pulls over
the officers yell out ''step out of the car miss'' Cameron replies ''ok you sure?'' the cops yell again ''STEP OUT OF THE CAR NOW!''. Cameron steps out with her hands up the cops close in on her with there guns drawn. One cop comes from behind her and tries to put her arms behind her back to cuff her. She turns around punches him in the nose and head butts the other cop leaving them injured but breathing and takes there 9mm guns with the clips. She got on their radio and she impersonated there voice ''sorry false alarm''. She gets back into the car and drives in a short cut to get to the cabin quicker when she was approaching that long road she even hit the NOS and started speeding through the road to the cabin quickly when she feels the force of the NOS doing to the car she says ''wow this is tight''!!!!!
She slows down then stops a block away from the cabin Cameron POV shows
time remaining is 16:25 she was keeping track of time since Linda said what she would do if she's not there in time. Cameron run's like she never ran before up to the cabin and approaches the cabin outside she finds Derek, Sarah, and John with nooses around there necks standing on chairs and Kilee on the floor beaten up real bad with 2 broken legs. Cameron sees this and looks around and says ''Where are you Linda? I'm here!!!!!!!!!''. Linda is on the porch quietly laughing to herself at Cameron is calling her out and says ''hey TOK 715 its been a real long time I missed you ha-ha.'' Cameron says angrily ''let them go this is between me and you they got nothing to do with this'' Linda replies with a loud tone at Cameron ''is that an order you’re not in any place to give me any
orders trader!!!!!!!!''. Linda jumps off the porch and kicks Kilee in to the air up to the porch and says jokingly ''Kilee excuse us we need room I want to play with my runaway sister''. Linda says to Cameron in a menacing tone ''look I’m going to say this once
let me reprogram you or I’m going to smash you in pieces understand TOK?''
Cameron responds ''I'm going to say to you again let them go this between us!!!!!''
Linda smiles and pulls out a 9mm pistol that she took from Creamarty and yells
''DRAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' and fires it at Cameron then Cameron fires the 2 9mm pistols
at her with the bullets not having any effect on them so there guns become empty
they both throw them to the side both ball up their hands in to a fists and start charging each other screaming like rams when Cameron clashes in to her she had gained enough momentum to do a blade flip kick (like what River Tam in the bar fight scene in Serenity) knocks Linda off balance for a split second and she says as she's rubbing under her chin
''shit that tickles''. She grabs Cameron by her neck power slams her on the ground 4 times
Cameron gives hard chop to Linda's Adam’s apple to break free from her grip then Linda's flips her off from her back gets her starts twisting her wrist so hard you hear a loud snap!. Linda is sitting on the ground crying saying ''ahhhhh! look what you've done to my wrist'' Cameron replies ''that’s nothing” she grabs her and pulls it out of her socket. But Linda starts laughing and her arm and wrist untwists itself Cameron looks in shock as Linda says ''my turn to teach you to respect us'' as she throws poor Cameron fastest punches damaging her beautiful face leaving her bleeding and some of her skin tearing off her face then little did Linda know that John loosened his ropes and got free and started to free Derek’s rope he got free and told him ''I’ll get your mom go check
on Kilee don't let Linda see you'' John see's what Linda is doing to Cameron and yells to Derek ''BUT WHAT ABOUT CAMERON?''. Derek says ''look check on Kilee I’m going to get your mom untied we’re going to get Linda’s attention to get her off of Cameron ok.” John runs to Kilee she’s still alive she tells him ''Linda his a weak spot somewhere on her body if you shoot her there the shield that keeps her from damaging her body will crack down it will even the playing field''. So John says ''please tell me where does she have to be shot?'' meanwhile Cameron is on the ground with a smashed endo spine weak and defenseless Linda says ''its time to came home'' she opens that snake live wire come out of her palm of her hand it slowly starts close in to her eyes but out of nowhere Sarah and Derek come shooting steel arrows at Linda's earlobe she quickly gets up runs towards them as they had some backup steel customized crossbows they hid in the back of the cabin. There was only three arrows they got at her to distract her to get her off of Cameron she laid there and couldn't move Linda takes the bows away from Sarah and Derek and kicks him in the stomach smacks Sarah she says ''if you two don't mind I will go back to my party''. As she turned around next to Cameron was John standing there with the reloaded 9mm that he found on the ground that either Cameron or Linda dropped he found the clip from the ground also maybe is what Cameron took from the cops? Linda smiles and says ''yeah like that pea shooter is going to kill me who are you supposed to be Dirty Harry holding that gun at me well go on make my day you robot fucker'' John replies no I’m not Dirty Harry I’m John Connor” and shoots at the spot of her body that will crack that healing shield it was on foot that’s where skynet installed it at. But Linda doesn't know yet that her shield is cracked she replies ''your such a shmuck you the badass John Connor and you shoot me in the foot''. Then a painful scream Kilee yells out to Cameron ''code 0666-6666-6666!!!!!!!!'' its was an upgrade code which give a power to heal her broken endo spine and repairs the missing skin on her face
enhances her strength. Her blue light glows throw her eyeballs she gets back up her POV shows endo at 100% face skin healed100% strength at 150% But Linda see's her getting up with a mean raptor glare in her eyes and says ''you are back for more still haven't learned anything yet ok'', So Linda says ''goodnight bitch whore'' then gives her a hard right hook but doesn't seem to be doing anything to her damaging her at all. Then Cameron blocks her punch by grabbing her hand and twisting it and says to Linda ''goodnight bitch whore'' the BLAM! the handset head butt she can give her into her face breaking her nose now Linda is bleeding and can't stop. The look on Linda's face is fear and shock that she's bleeding and with a broken wrist. Cameron quickly says ''how does it feel now!!!!!!!!!'' with anger in her voice as she gives her a round house kick across
Linda’s face breaking her jaw line. Linda pulls out that plasma pistol only to have it kicked out of her hand by a furious Cameron she takes the hand that was holding that weapon Cameron says ''for all the things that you forced me to do'' she bites off all 4 of Linda's fingers and spits them back at Linda's face with Linda standing there screaming in pain ''AHHHHHHHHHHH''! Linda then says ''you’re dead TOK 715'' Cameron says ''your TOK715 is dead but Cameron LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' as she gives her a hard front kick knocking at all her front teeth out of Linda's mouth then a series of speeding jabs up and down her body then pokes her eyes out leaving her falling to the floor holding her eyes as she lays there bleeding Cameron looks at her and picks up her foot and crushes Linda's head with her foot with human brains and lighting going all over the place. So she walks away John and Sarah see her and ask ''Cameron what’s your mission” “to protect John Connor yetti, yetti'' she says with a slight smile on her face John runs to her to hug her, she says to him as a joke' 'John I can't breath your holding me to tight'' he looks at her and laughs and then kisses her. But while they are doing that little do they know that Linda’s headless body was getting up and a plasma pistol went off firing on Linda melting her into nothing as she screams in pain all the way John ,Cameron and Sarah watched it happen when the smoke cleared we all see who saved Cameron from Linda it was Derek. He tells her ''you got nothing to prove to me your one of us now” and gives her a big hug with tears in her eyes as John and Sarah watched.
Derek smiled at them all then went and picked up Kilee who was unconscious from the pain. Cameron got the truck and they all went to the hospital. John and Cameron left while Kilee was in surgery and went to tell Charlie what had happened. Meanwhile at the hospital one of the guards recognized Derek from his wanted poster and called the number. It didn't take long for FBI agents to swarm in and arrest both of them. They were taken into a small office in the back of the hospital while the agents waited for the man in charge to show up. While they waited a doctor came in to tell them that Kilee suffered from two broken legs, 3 broken ribs and a punctured lung. They were able to repair the damage and she was resting but had not awoke yet. Soon after the doctor left John, Cameron and Charlie arrived followed by agent Ellis. Ellis allowed the three of them to follow him into the office were Derek and Sarah sat hand cuffed.
"Well this is a fine mess that you have gotten yourselves into" Ellis says. Derek glares at him but refuses to comment. Sarah says "Yeah so what are you going to do about it?" Ellis laughs and leans onto the table getting in Sara's face. "That all depends on what you are going to tell me." He looks around the room "I want the complete truth and then I will see what I can do." No one answers him. They all look at each other trying to see if there is away out. Then Derek speaks looking at everyone, but Ellis "We can't leave her. They will pin everything on her." Sarah looks at him "If we are free we could get her out later." John smiles "We don't have to worry about that, lets just get outta here." Derek and Sarah look at him. Then Derek says "Well we can’t have them suspecting Ellis here. Okay Cameron do your stuff." Cameron walks over to Ellis and says “You know most of what happened, all there is left is that the threat has ended for now.“ and hits him on the back of the head knocking him out. Then she pulls the cuffs on Derek and Sarah apart to releases them.
They jump out of the window and find themselves in the loading area of the hospital. The four of them hurry into the parking lot and hotwire a car. As they are driving away Derek looks back and sees an ambulance pulling out of the emergency bay area. He thinks to himself "I will find a way to get you back Kilee. I promise." Cameron drives them to Shangri La. Derek waits until they are in the cave before turning to his nephew. "What is your plan to Kilee out?" John smiles and says "Keep walking" The farther they walk the angrier Derek is getting. He is about to grab the kid and make him explain, when he sees flashing lights on the walls. They exit the tunnel they are in to find themselves in a bigger cave at the bottom of the mountain. Below them sits an ambulance, Charlie Dixon gets out of the driver's seat and waves to them, then walks around and opens the back doors. He disappears into the ambulance. Derek turns to John. John smiles and with a small bow he steps off the path and gestures for Derek to go first. Derek smiles and then runs to the ambulance. He sees Kilee in the back and she is awake. Without stopping, he jumps in the back and kisses her. By this time the others are gathered around the back doors and they start clapping. Derek pulls away from Kilee and says "I have always loved you, but could never get you away from Kyle long enough to tell you." Kilee looks up at him and says "You should have told Kyle he was the only one that knew how I felt about you." Derek raises his eyebrows and looks at her. "And just how do you feel about me." He asks. Kilee smiles and pulls him to her and kisses him again. When she releases him she whispers into his ear "It was you that I wanted to meet. Kyle was just a way to get close to you." Derek looks shocked Kilee adds "Kyle and I became friends because of you. As I grew up I fell more in love with you D-Man"
In the days that followed Kilee slowly healed. Charlie’s wife came to help out, and Derek and Kilee started spending a lot of time together. Derek smiled and laughed more. John and Cameron often spent hours exploring the caves. Well that is what they told the others they were doing. It was several days later before anyone remembered something important to tell Charlie. They where all sitting around the campfire and enjoying a quiet night when John said to Kilee "Hey did you ever tell your dad about you." Kilee's eyes grew huge and everyone looked between her, John, and Charlie. Kilee shook her head then said "No it has been something I have lived with for so long I just forgot." John laughed and said "Let me PLEASE!" Kilee nodded yes. Then John got up and walked over to Charlie and held out his hand. Charlie a little confused an amused took his hand. John started to shake it and said "Congratulations it's a girl!" Everyone laughed and then Kilee told Charlie about her mother whose names was Emma McKenna. Charlie was so surprised that it took several hours of them talking to get him to believe that he had a daughter. He was happy and used the time they had in the cave to get to know her better. For now the war was on hold. They where safe and happy. Kilee was well on her way to recovering and with a dotting father to help take care of all her medical needs she would be fine. They all knew that someday they would have to leave the cave and resume their fight. This was only a lull in the storm. But for now they enjoyed a peace that few of them have ever had in their lives. They were happy. At times they talked about Ellis, or what happened to Linda or where they might go once they left the cave, but they tried to not talk about the future, about John's destiny, about the fate of the world. They knew for now it was safe. That is what mattered. They rested and healed for their next fight.

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