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This Terminator Model is being Built by Shax30 and Cameron-TOK716, and will be fully programed and ready to Terminate any Terminator that gets in our way.

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Model/series information: Series TOK Model 749 Terminator

AKA(s): Stan Barrett

Created by: SHAX30 & Cameron-TOK716
Key consultant: Veran


This Terminator, like it's predecessor TOK715, can infiltrate the Human Resistance, and also has the human mimic as well which means he can do most if not all the things that Cameron (TOK715) can do. Though what TOK749 lacks in speed, he has 2.2 times as much strength as a T800 Model Terminator.

Design specifications:

Prototypes: created from the blueprints of the original TOK715.

Physical appearance: 17-19 year old caucasian male, slim build, approx. height of 5'6'. Dark blonde hair and green eyes.

Endoskeleton characteristics: standard TOK endoskeletal design (modified Series 888), bearing slight alterations to the structure to better mimic the male & female physiques depending on mission(s).

Aritificial Intelligence factors: sophisticated AI, similar to Cameron's (TOK715); fragmentary emotions as part of core programming, can't be erased, but can be developed through careful nurturing and personal observation.

Design mods from previous models: no notable differences from the sister model, barring a slightly superior strength factor at the minor expense of speed.

Design flaws: like the sister model; significant disruption to the central CPU can result in chip compromise, making the 749 model prone to glitching and possible self-awareness and "outside of the box" thought processes.

Development history: developed by notable Greys under the aliases "Shax30" and "Cameron-TOK716", with consultation by "Veran". Once development was complete, TOK749 was created and manufactured by Skynet and sent into active service circa 2027.

  • Improved targeting system, allowing it to maintain relatively effective fire exchange on middle and large distance, even without long range weaponry (sniper rifles, machine guns, etc).

  • Able to become self-aware over an undetermined period of time and/or given an adequate trigger (CPU damage).
Combat role/modes: specialist infiltrator with detailed files on martial arts and a preference for long-ranged combat (sniper).

How this Terminator infiltrates: by miming human emotions such as crying, being happy or angry which makes it more human and more successful infiltrator against the resistance, or if reprogrammed by the resistance can be sent back though time and infiltrates against human back ground i.e members of the public.

Trademark attack style: Using other terminators' strength against them, usually resulting in excessive damage to the nearby surroundings.

Casualty count: Unknown

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Cameron's face seen through Stan's video overlay (pic by AlanP117)
Terminator Model TOK749 In action in the future

The Terminator TOK749 Model is the upgrade version from parts from the Terminator T-888 (Seen Above)

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