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Hello Everyone. This page, despite its title, is not replacing the original page, Fanfics, by which we've accessed fanfictions in the past.
A couple of years ago, Talli made great efforts to organize the fanfics on this site by creating the section Fan Fiction Categories, which allows the reader to look up stories according to category.
Intrepidvillain took steps to begin organizing fanfictions by sorting them according to Author, but there was no menu,other than the left-side menu bar, by which to look up an author and navigate to his page.
This page is an alternative to the original, utilizing the previous means of organization. The page will allow you to find a story based on the Author, the Titles, or its category.

It's early stages yet, and my primary job will be doing maintenance on the fanfictions on this site first. I've already made some progress along those lines but I'm certain I'll find more as i work on this project.
My name is The1Russter and I am a moderator on this site, since November 4, 2012. I've been a member of this site since May 2009.

Author Name



The table below is an example of what I wish to create. The Author Names and the Titles are fake. The links are real.

Author NameStory TitleCategory
Author 0-9

1AdamsWayCameron Builds a FriendWithin Season / Crossover
The Enemy Within
Alternate Universe
Within Season

Author A-C

AnotherTSCC-FanDerek's Choice
Morning After
One Shot
Within Season

Author D-F

Don'BotherMeWhen Sarah Met CharliePre-Season 1 / Romance

The Making of a Legend!Future Fic / Terminator Universe
Enough-is-EnoughThe Hunt for John Henry Season 3

Author G-I

GoingMyWayThe High School CounselorAlternate Universe / Within Season

Author J-L

JackBeanstalkThe Unbeliever and the TerminatorsSpin-Off
KissingCousinsThe Seduction of John ConnorAlternate Universe / Romance

Author M-O

Magellan'sTrumpetWhere's My Truck?Short Fiction

Author P-R

Author S-U

Author V-Z

Author Unknown

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