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TSCC Game Projects - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Wed Feb 25 09 UPDATE: New tagline: Where "What If" becomes "What Is."

Wed Feb 25 09 UPDATE: We registered a website: www.NoFateGame.com and are requesting fans submit when and how they'd like to be in on our first brainstorming session. (No, there's nothing there yet, so don't click on it and complain.)

NOTICE: If you have web development, graphic design, video, photo writing, or Web 2.0 Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, WetPaint) expereince we (I, me, the tall dude) could really use your help. We have a growning number of fans from all around the world...this project should be very exciting and anyone that wants to join in the fun just contact me here or via NoFateGame@yahoo.com email.

Wed Feb 25 09 Update: I wrote a cool, funny TSCC satire,
You can find it here:
And I posted a thread about it where you can leave comments here:

Tues Feb 24 UPDATE: Please visit our Video Game Development page for updates at http://terminatorwiki.fox.com/page/TSCC+Game+Projects

Mon Feb 22 UPDATE: Please reach me via new email for this project at NoFateGame@Yahoo.com

Seems I opened by big fat mouth and a good idea blurted out! So I am heading up a fan based movement to create a fan based TSCC Video Game!

The codename for the project is "Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles - No Fate But What We Make." The objective is to have inteactive play where the fan can set options for what they want to do and how they want characters to function (shippers should LOVE this).

Every fan is welcome to join in: this is a labor of love for the show. The team is codenamed "AVid Rabids" Unit and we have a roll call for you to sign up at the New Video Game Name Thread:


If you have something to contribute we would love to hear from you, as we have a growing number of very talented people all wroking together to complete this mission! Should be fun, and provide plenty of rewards - and "buzz" for our show!

If you want to read details, please check out




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