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We've all seen these lists before, regardless of what fans they're intended for. Now we have the list for The Sarah Connor Chronicles fans, who are known to be quite obsessive!
Check out these signs of obsession, or add your own!

  1. You’ve visited this website more than twice a day.
  2. You’ve analyzed the biographies of the cast.
  3. You’ve seen all of the episodes.
  4. You’ve seen at least two episodes multiple times.
  5. The background on your computer is from TSCC.
  6. You’ve written TSCC fan fiction.
  7. You’ve acted as a beta for TSCC fan fiction.
  8. You’ve fantasized about joining the fight against the Terminators...
  9. You try to get people to buy a USB stick in the shape of Cameron's chip, and can't believe how few fans want them.
  10. You actually think a USB stick in the shape of Cameron's chip is a good idea.
  11. You are using some TSCC themed avatar/icon on this and at least one another forum.
  12. You just love the show because of what it is--a great show.
  13. You are trying to build PSP themes to help with the show.
  14. You are on the wiki all the time :)
  15. When every Monday and Friday comes and the Show is not ON
  16. When I get many emails of Fans or Wiki members for Comments and help
  17. You dress like your favorite character, and it's not even Halloween.
  18. You integrate quotes from the series in everyday conversations.
  19. In a difficult situation, you ask yourself, "What would (insert character name) do right now?"
  20. Twenty.
  21. Your life isn't complete without a purple leather jacket...
  22. You wish you could make your eyes flash blue like Cameron's.
  23. You find yourself debating the theory of time travel with your friends.
  24. You know the different models of Terminators and can name what their differences are.
  25. You find yourself walking like a dressage horse.
  26. You have dreams that you are part of the Resistance...And Cameron is there...
  27. You have a countdown clock to Judgment Day on your personal web page.
  28. You wonder if that big guy in line behind you is a Terminator.
  29. You wish that guy behind you was a Terminator because the cashier is pissing you off!
  30. You see people who remind you of the characters everywhere you go.
  31. When you refuse to watch tv bcuz TSCC isn't on
  32. When you always say "thank you for explaining"
  33. When you always say "thank you for your time"
  34. When you always say "hasta la vista bay-bay"
  35. When you always say "i'll be baaaack"
  36. When you say "thats tight" instead of "thats cool"
  37. When you walk around telling everybody that ur a ***** *****
  38. When you get pissed at a friend and say "u lying metal *****"
  39. Whenever you see someone staring at you, you reach for your gun (that rlly isnt there)
  40. You want to become friends with anyone named sarah, derek, cameron, alison, john, claire, james, john henry, savannah....
  41. All you do is talk about TSCC
  42. You just randomly start quoting TSCC in a very important conversation
  43. You walk up behind people and shout "you saw it! you saw it right?! its so FREAKING big and right out there"
  44. You always tell people that "no one is ever safe"
  45. You have terminator ringtones and wallpapers on ur fone
  46. Your computer is completely terminatorish
  47. You have a million countdown clocks to when skynet becomes self aware and J-day
  48. All of ur passwords have something to do with tscc
  49. You are in love with a character from the show [O:-)]
  50. Whenever a substitute teacher says "(teachers name) is ill today" or "well lets take attendence then" you reach for ur gun
  51. You play halo 3 listening to TSCC music
  52. You play halo 3 like you are a terminator
  53. You say "thats a tight present"
  54. You always say "hyperalloy combat chassis"
  55. Whenever you picture who you have a crush on, their face automatically turns to john connors
  56. You can't live without tscc
  57. You plan to wear black if the show is cancelled 5/18/0928. you spend every waking moment on this wiki site
  58. You have tricked out ur bebo profile with terminator stuff
  59. You walk like cameron
  60. You talk like cameron
  61. Your dreams are always about TSCC
  62. You always eat pancakes
  63. You have at least 200 emails every morning just from the Terminator WIKI site
  64. You use the F5 button so much, its a habit now, even if you dont want to use it
  65. You flip out on anyone that resembles a terminator
  66. You are always talking about skynet
  67. You are always talking about the resistance
  68. You spend hours googling tscc vids
  69. You use up all of ur computer space with bookmarked wiki pages and tscc posters
  70. You will never watch anything on FOX again if this show gets canceled
  71. You have started a TSCC wall in ur bedroom
  72. You are always seeing three dots
  73. You almost died in s2 and s1 when john and derek get shot
  74. You want to name your kids and pets sarah, derek, cameron, alison, john, claire, james, john henry, savannah....
  75. You go into a cell fone store and get someone to come help you, you pick up a random fone and say "so if i press the number 7 someone will talk to me through the ear part?"
  76. You spend every waking moment thinking about TSCC
  77. You are always humming the TSCC theme song
  78. You actually cry in sad parts of the episodes
  79. After you watch an episode of TSCC you go on www.fox.com/terminator and read the episode synopsis
  80. Your grades have dropped ever since TSCC came on, because homework doesnt matter anymore
  81. You always compare people to the cast of terminator
  82. You scream "SAVE TSCC" when the whole room gets quiet
  83. You always say "that was effective"
  84. You always say "i ran a test, everything is good now."
  85. You just randomly scream the cameron rant whenever you feel like it
  86. You get all excited when you find out the new kids name is John
  87. You always say "it belongs to the guy i killed and stuffed in the trunk"
  88. You have a total spaz attack when your brother deletes TSCC from ur DVR to record "Malcom In the Middle" grrrrrrr
  89. You watch TSCC whenever possible
  90. You always say all the quotes i have in my profile "yes crank up the juice" "please remain calm" "everybody on the floor. please" "twenty"
  91. Whenever you see someone that resembles metal, you hear Derek scream "METAL!" in your head, therefore you scream "METAL!" and reach for ur gun <<thats dedication there :)
  92. When ppl say "robot" you correct them: "cyborg."
  93. You always say "We're back" in the Cameron tone
  94. You always say "We have to go. Now." in the Cameron tone
  95. When you get in the back of the car you shout "I call 9mm"
  96. Whenever you see a cop you think "and somewhere in the city, a naked cop bleeds in an alley"
  97. Whenever you see a helicopter you scream "H/K!!!!!!!!!!" and dive for the ground (i've gotten a few odd looks for that one)
  98. When people as you who/what you are you say "hyperalloy combat chassis"
  99. When you want to scare someone you do the cameron head tilt and start walking towared them slowly staring them straight in the eye (trust me, you can scare people off really easily)
  100. When you're in a public place you always scan the room and note your exits.
  101. You actually believe that the world will end on 4/21/11
  102. When you see a computer that looks like the turk you scream "ITS THE TURK! I'M GONNA HAVE DEREK REESE COME AND BLOW THIS PLACE TO THE GROUND"
  103. Everything you hear, see or do, you relate to tscc.
  104. All your projects in school that you can chose what you want to do, you involve terminator in some way :)
  105. You visit SummerGlau.Net more than once a day and then revisit in the hope of a new posting by Cristelle even when you know there wont be.
  106. You write a fan fic, then you go out and buy a movie editing program so you can make a movie trailer for your fan fic. Then you spend hours of your life on both.
  107. Whenever you see the word Systems in a company name you have this obsession to find out if it is military or not.
  108. Your favourite metal is Coltan
  109. Whenever you are giving name to some network, you always call it "SkyNet"
  110. Whenever you are leaving a shop, you always say "I'll be back"
  111. Whenever you see some news about robots and cybernetics in a media, it always reminds you a Terminators and SkyNet
  112. You buy the same underwear as Summer Glau has worn in "Born To Run" and "Some Must Watch, Whilst Some Must Sleep"
  113. You replicate the Jameron scene from Born To Run with your girlfriend
  114. When boss in your job ask you for doing him a favor, you refuses it with words "It is not part of my mission"
  115. You laugh when you realize you do a lot of the things on this list.
  116. You stop laughing when you realize, you do all of the things on this list.
  117. When you spend your entire history class drawing detailed sketches of Terminator Endoskeletons.
  118. When you wonder what a 105mm artillery shell would do to a T-800 or T-888.
  119. When you join your school robotics team just to see if you can build a terminator.
  120. When someone asks you why you have a certain object you say "Incase I need it" like what Cameron said to Eric
  121. Whenever someone is getting harrassed you always save them and say "Sometimes they go bad no one knows why" afterwards
  122. If you are a driving instructor you always say to your pupils "If you're going to be a hero, ya gotta learn how to drive a stick".
  123. When you visit an old friend you have a conversation about old times and then say "I need 3 sets of papers".
  124. When in church you always mention "The Hand Of God"
  125. You have used a staple gun to repair skin on your body.
  126. Whenever you perform something cool you always say "Neat Trick! you like?"
  127. You find good news about TSCC, but by the time you share it, everyone else already knows!
  128. You walk into the grocery store, buying pancakes, even though you might not eat them
  129. You speak to your food before you eat it, you say "you are terminated"
  130. You constantly play terminator games
  131. You listen to the TSCC soundtrack while watching Terminator Salvation
  132. When you have registered and become an active member of 7 different TSCC forums and try to create the Global Resistance Network.
  133. You ask the person on the other end of the phone the date of Judgement day if they give you the wrong answer you hang up
  134. When you tell your friends: "I think I have a good idea for my thesis" and one of them says: "Oh no, please, don't tell me it's going to be about TSCC!" - LOL (True story)
  135. When you are are looking for a dead body on your neighbor's yard with a rod and he see you there, you will say "Go back to bed!" to him.
  136. You regret, that you didn't go to study Cybernetics at the university, to get knowledge how to create AI able to destroy whole world.
  137. When late at night you expect a Terminator to arrive at your front door, and Sarah Connor to appear out of nowhere to save you.
  138. You are using Judgement day date as a password/PIN whereever it is possible.
  139. You are following Josh Friedman and other crew/cast members of TSCC on Twitter.
  140. You've ordered at least one Cameron USB T-chip at savethescc.com.
  141. You are celebrating Sarah's Pancakes Thursday (=every thursday) as a holiday ^^.
  142. Whenever you see a dead cow you always think that it didnt die naturally and that an HK was responsible
  143. When you have beaten up a cop and left him in the alleyway and infiltrated a local police station
  144. Whenever you see a bird fly away you always say "Goodbye bird there's a 51% chance that I wouldnt have killed you"
  145. You don't like FOX and Kevin Reilly
  146. You are depressed that TSCC is cancelled
  147. Every your your tweet on Twitter ends with "#TSCC"
  148. Whenever you hear a plane, you immediately start screaming "HK!" and begin to wildly firing into the air.
  149. You randomly go up to people and say, "Will you join us?"
  150. When you look at a smug on your wall and say "Is that three dots?"
  151. Your computer harddrive is filled with pictures of TSCC and Summer Glau
  152. You have a friend who looks 99.5% like Summer Glau and unfortunatley is also in a Relationship like Summer is :( Bad times
  153. You have the TTSCC cell phone Theme on your phone ----> Click Me
  154. You try to order Pancakes at Burger King (happend to me Fox012 )
  155. You teach your pet parrot lines from the show. Like shouting "METAL!" whenever someone knocks at the door
  156. You added a teaspoon of vanilla to your pancake recipe.
  157. You know what the Tank Top Brigade is.
  158. When you own both seasons of TSCC on DVD and on digital copy through iTunes.
  159. When you have a bad day and you put in TSCC to calm yourself down.
  160. When you shun the company of real girls because they aren't like Cameron...
  161. When you notice people on the street that look exactly like the minor characters of the show, specifically, Michelle Dixon and Justin Tuck (the guy that Weaver kills at the end of "Samson and Delilah"). (Just happened to me)
  162. The only costume you considered wearing for Halloween is of your favorite character from TSCC.
  163. Or, Nobody is surprised when you arrive at the Halloween party dressed as your favorite character from TSCC.
  164. Or, you go Trick-or-Treating dressed as a Terminator and you say, "I'll be back." before leaving each house.
  165. You watched the episodes so many times you can say their lines before they do.
  166. You grow out your hair for the first time in your life so you can dress up as a young John Connor.
  167. You still see the three dots everywhere.
  168. You start cutting your leg open under a desk whilst reading
  169. You have seen the Dollhouse episodes "The Public Eye" and "The Left Hand" over and over and remember Cameron all the time
  170. You listen to the songs "When the man comes around" by Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen's songs "Born To Run" and "Adam Raised A Cain" constantly
  171. The only thing you want for Christmas is Season Three of Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
  172. The only gifts you are giving this Christmas are DVD's of Season 1 & 2 of Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
  173. You got so drunk on New Year's Eve, that hot girl you thought looked like Cameron, turned out to look more like Derek Reese when you sobered up the next morning.
  174. The Valentine's Day Card you gave to your sweetheart has a Terminator theme.
  175. You wished you had your own Terminator to shovel the snow this winter.
  176. I am infuriated because I try to translate the spanish words they sometimes speak but can't in many cases. In Mexico, the waiter says "Si zacamente" or something like that. I want to know every single word they speak.
  177. You went to your local gun shop to ask to speak to Manny.
  178. After discovering the show, you watched all the episodes three times in two months and every time, at the end of BTR, you felt like him.
  179. Your english sucks but you despite decided to watch the show in english to be sure to know exactly what they are saying, and not a wrong translation.

    TSCC FINALE TV PARTY - denkiva jyunbi
    TSCC FINALE TV PARTY - denkiva jyunbi
    TSCC FINALE TV PARTY - denkiva jyunbi
    TSCC FINALE TV PARTY - denkiva jyunbi
    TSCC FINALE TV PARTY - denkiva jyunbi



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