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I was invited to look into TNT's thread Following the path of least resistance . . .


After ranting about JF for several pages I finally had something worthwhile to contribute. These are original ideas sparked by TNT's premise that TSCC could have been re-envisioned using the premise of what the show would be like if we followed the path of least resistance.

For the record, I have stated that one of TSCC shortcomings was it didn't have enough of Terminator in it - the roots were were missing!

I am doing this page to provide yet another vision basing TSCC upon being more in line with the roots of T1 and T2.

Here it is. If you care to comment please feel free to do so. However, I do ask you for the courtesy of not flaming anyone for their ideas, or for removing or altering anyone else's content.

IDEA #1:
Actually, this was an "off the cuff" idea that I didn't have an idea what it was until I was done writing it I've always dug this wiki bc it often causes us to pull rabbits our of our hats like that. cool.

Thinking about this abit more let me clarify: I envision an small tactical unit - maybe 6- 8 total. The humans would basically be Derek types that would be a unit like The Expendables. maybe we have Cam and one other T - a BIG one (Queeg would be cool, or Michael Clark Duncan).

This would be enough so we have a group/backstory and an internal tension even when they work together. Also, it gives a plot arc which is more diverse regarding John relationship with Cam, both now and in the future. The soldiers may be uneasy about all of it.

Sarah would have the men on duty to watch T's for glitches: just her nature.

John has to stand up and be a man, leading men who know him for what he will become not who he is, so probs with them expecting to much - and seeing him flub as he learns which creates letdowns and they have to deal with a real person not an icon which is new to them - even Derek, as he merley took orders in future.

Would like to see Jesse come back as D's gf, as she didn't want to live alone in future even if man wins. She may hate Queeg for what happened on sub, but in this plot he survives.

CW would be good plot too, as she reps third faction that is also seeking T's to capture and reprogram, and is busy using company to set up Skynet to unwittingly send more of them back. Cool side story that makes her real wildcard and no telling when/how her actions will impact main plot, and most humans don't survive encounters with her. Makes for big cliffhanger when she finally gets wind of John and Sarah, and big confrontation during next season which we don't know if she will kill them or help them or just ignore them and use them as bait so more T's are sent. She may be using R&D co. to build own T's as she knows how.

Also, human team sith T's makes for a unit to gather intel. Better plot line would be they supply lots of sketchy data/leads to go research, rather than everyone being dumb about past which was JF being lazy re T story.

This team could pull capers using other teams, mob, crooks, hitmen, hackers, etc, and this is a volitile situation in itself. Add to that Ellison, who is pretty good tracker along with others he uses on the side to provide off the record intel to research his suspicions. he's gathering data that shows Sarah may be more than just crackpot milaraty-industrial complex terrorist. But he has to do his job chasing her and his partner is seeking to get Sarah to move up politically as her dad has industry buddies who supply her with intel as to what might be good leads to trap her with.

But Sarah uses double agent Ellison for inadvertent hints and she puts T's on survielling Ellison's partner, leading to several key subversive strikes. Basically, the hunter becomes the hunted and become a rich resource tor uncovering high probability targets.

How their global attacks slow down Skynet could also be explored, cause and effect wise, but always no matter how much the team blows up quantum science causes a new - and sometimes better - Skynet to be built soely bc Sarah & co. have so much attention on it. The want to stop JDay, that is all the envision.


I think this could be a great possibility to explore, as it allows for an organic growth of the original T story, and puts it on steroids in terms of drama, tension, intrigue and thrills - which creates some good action as a result - but it all stays within the natural drama of the Conner fight against Skynet.

I think that keeps the focus where it always should be.

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm kinda glad I responded to this thread and thought of this.

Thanks for the inspiration!


“What If” Scenario(s)

I had a thought about the path of least resistance for the show. Just an idea but it popped in my head and ai need to get it out.

Sarah has been in the grasp/clutches of a T-101 and a T-1000. she survived both of these encounters. She's blasted Terminators with close quarter weapons as they attacked her. She even terminated one in a machine press even tho she didn't HAVE a weapon!

This performance record - coupled with her ability to go far beyond what we would consider "normal" for humans by transforming her body, her WILL, and her tactical capabiily into what John describes as "the best fighter I've ever seen."

Remember, she escaped from the Pescadero Prison for the Criminally Insane with nothing but a mop handle and a paper clip. She was gonna blow Miles Dyson's face off right in front of his wife and young son. and an entire SWAT unit and all the police in Los Angeles didn't rattle her one bit in blowing up the CyberDyne building. She IS one TOUGH hombre!

I put her on a par with Terminators themselves. The only bit of her training that is missing IMO is Ninja - but I actually prefer her not to become a martial artist (like so many hack Vampire tales now depict). If there were a human Terminator, I think Skynet would do well to use Sarah Conner as a model. I'm talking about the Sarah Conner of T2...

This could lead her to feel she has an air of invincibility to her; or, at least that her willingness to boldly step FORWARD into danger is what keeps her alive: be BEING proactive she creates her OWN fate, rather that accepting the fate the danger presents. We know she believes this as taught by John of the future in the message he sent back from Kyle.

So, how do you contain that vibrant, fierce energy? Who can contain it? She is a pistol with a hair trigger, and the saftey is NEVER on.

John showed that he could talk her out of an intense rage session in T2 regarding the execution of Dyson. this would have been an interesting element to explore IMO about the dynamic between them:
1. he as the future leader watches her to learn tactics which will help humanity survive in the future.
2. she is a weapon available now to him not unlike what and how Skynet uses Terminators for their purposes - except she can go off on a tangent (at any moment) and there is now way to stop her and no way to deter her from prevent her from completing once she has decided it needs to be done. if she were playing poker she'd be "all in" every time just bc she WAS playing!

So, in essence, having a Terminator around is nice, but really John already has a “defacto” one in Sarah!

What would/could/should you use her for then?

We know she made the ATM code stealing device so she is not an electronic moron they made her in TSCC. She cleans up well and knows how to infiltrate military and industrial installations – either by overt or covert means along various tactical deployments.

We know she knows explosives and recon and weapons and, etc. etc.

Does she have a goal? Well, after T2 she was wanted as a terroist. Why? Who makes that assessment, and could their mind be changed IF they had evidence? Obviously, CyberDyne lied about what they held. Were there any others? Would anyone take a look at the evidence that maybe there was a covert development op that would lead to the destruction of the world…could any trained investigator be convinced that this was the case and she in fact was trying to prevent everyone’s destruction?

That wasn’t the case in TSCC. Ellison started out with the typical know-best authority attitude – as if how to handle everything on earth has been written down in his procedures manual. He also seems like a tortured soul (family) and is in the FBI dog-house which is why he got this assignment.

I would have rather seen a gung-ho Tom Cruise type that is getting older but wants to prove his is still as sharp as the best of the young (hungry) agents, and is hungry himself to put a feather in his cap to get that major promotion his career has warranted (but bc he is so valuable in the field he remains there).

This guy is all over Sarah. He studies everything about her. His dad is a former US Marshall and gets his old contacts enlisted in the hunt. If TSCC was a chase format, it doesn’t get any simpler than that – using existing known canon… At this point there is no Terminator.

Maybe we get cutaways in the future that show the developments that lead up to Cam, Derek, Jesse, Riley and others coming back to the past. These would be unfolded in the plot over time, but by the time they occur that part of the plot arc would be explained. Thus, TSCC stays with the format of not taking too long to let the viewer know what is going on: the action explains and there is no need for interpretation.

John is another matter. He is not known by the FBI. They consider that he was held hostage by Sarah and the big guy that killed all the cops. This is backed up by surveillance cameras that show Sarah holding him down behind bullet proof vests as the police shot at him from a helicopter. She also took a gas mask off of him to ensure he HAD to go with her in order to breath, as she was escaping out of the CyberDyne building.

But he too figures if he lives to 2029 then he is pretty much “untouchable” in present day. He is a high risk taker as a result: how would you feel if you thought nothing you did would cause you to die for thirty years? And it doesn’t help that his mother is headstrong this way albeit for different reasons.

But the pair of them constantly have to try to keep the other in check as they become more and more daring. This is an interesting dynamic to consider. Regular folk that live like black market superheroes one bolstered by the past one bolstered by the future.

They have to watch over each other and have agreed to have a series of safe words to talk each other down when they get into an action frenzy. This is a lot like they just get caught up in the moment and are so passionate about their purposes they “Hulk out.” The other person functions as a safety release valve to balance out the one that is one a rampage.

We won’t talk about what happens if BOTH of them go on a rampage at the same time.

So. We have a person that views herself very much like a human Terminator – and her son does too.

We have a son of the living Terminator who becomes a daredevil bc he believes he will live at least for the next thirty years. And following his mother, comes to believe that bold, pro-active action is a useful survival strategy.

In this scenario we don’t have scary killer robots expect in the future when we see the cut scenes of the future. But here at present all that is available to Sarah and John are the underworld, to get intel of the FBI, supplies, money, guns, and other things they need. They come to live off the grid. They house themselves in supped up armored SUVs that have everything they need. They have a network of these and supply depots and safe bunkers all over the place. In fact, their current plan is to build these no matter what – just in case, cuz ya never know…

They have no clue that there is a Skynet in the future anymore. They might not discover this until the second season or so. But we can still have Cam and Allison as that thread unfolds and we learn the backstory of this duo as well as Cam’s interaction with John in the future and the reaction of the soldiers around him. This takes the mystery out of the future and establishes some “canon” (finally!).

The third Faction, led by the LMT CW would be a wild card. Is she helping humans or only out to get as many Terminators “aware?” She knows there are 998 other LMT’s but Skynet has them locked away bc it is scared of their abilities – fearing they would become it’s Skynet…

She is at war with Skynet to get access to these units. She uses the humans as pawns for this purpose. She sends T’s that are aware now to John, trapping him but not killing him, to win his trust. She intercepts T’s and has them reprogrammed and shows John how to do this. She reveals that Skynet has been working on a TDE to backdoor the war and assists him to attack that base – unaware that Skynet has several of these facilities around the world and has learned to compartmentalize its data to prevent metal rebels from stealing more…

Skynet also is developing several means of “remote control” programming that essentially reboots a T on the fly and triggers its original mission. This is why “sometimes they go bad.” But the higher the model the less likely this occurs depending upon how low and how much it has become aware. Weaver is constantly working on counter measures to this, and new technological developments happen constantly on both sides.

Having her own internal strifes, CW also sees the humans have issues, such as distrust of any Terminator, so she steers clear of involvement with them, other than what John requests for his use. This makes matters worse for the other humans as they begin to suspect maybe John is under their control! Tensions rise, and this almost becomes a counter culture religion that their supposed savior is really a tool of the machines that seek to wipe them out. Of course, this is hard to analyze for the average person involved with gunfire pretty often in their lives, so how to bring metal and flesh together is huge goal that has yet to be reached.

Later in the series it is reached as metal provides healthy food and health care for humans, and starts to (re) build safe, clean cities for humans to dwell in. They also start a project to find lost art and cultural artifacts so humans can learn about their history and rebuild itself – with an emphasis on living in peaceful harmony with others. Hatred, fear, and distrust cannot be a part of this formula if it is to work.

In the end skynet decides to change its policies too, and joins this movement rather than being defeated. It was being squeezed on three sides with humans that wouldn’t die in thirty years, the past which couldn’t seem to prevent them from doing so, and the metal rebels, who proved to be sentient just like it was – and sought to express themselves without control. This could be an exciting, fast paced show following what is known from T1 and T2, as well as TSCC and reformatting this into a platform that conforms to this yet provides plenty of sci fi action thrills – and is PURE Terminator.

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