TSCC: Petiton to move it from Monday to Wednesday


Please give TSCC a chance! It's the best show ever, move it to Wednesday please!


The http://sarahconnorsociety.net is also helping out as well more information can be seen below the petition or on their website


As you all know, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 is doing OK in the ratings, but not enough to please the suits at FOX. Thus, we the fans of TSCC have opened this Petition page to tell FOX that it needs to move the show from its current time slot to a better Wednesday slot, possibly after Bones. It would allow TSCC the chance it deserves, without competing with Monday Night Football, Dancing with the Stars, etc. Please hear our message FOX.

So all we ask the fans to do is to post your profile name or if you want your name and a message to FOX telling them that they need to move the Show from a Monday to a Wednesday.


If you want to email FOX or WB About moving the show from a Monday to a Wednesday slot the email address is below.
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1. Hi I'm from Brazil and I watch by a program in my pc...and in Brazil's Warner please don't Cancell TSCC give a second chance... I love this show and I know lots of persons that loves too!! please forgive my wrong english...but I can not let sarah connor be cancel! here some sites with peoples who believes in that too

  1. I truely enjoy watching TSCC on Mondays.. it is the one thing I look forward to. It is a wonderfully written and exciting show that leaves me on the edge of my seat begging for more, which is rare for a TV show these days. I have heard about the slight dip in ratings and Fox thinking about cancelling the show..If moving the show to Wednesdays would keep the show on the air then I BEG the Fox Execs. to please move the show to Wed. instead of cancellation. This is a great show and I would hate to see it canceled like so many other shows that I loved on Fox. PLEASE SAVE THE SHOW!!!!!!--Drakoth

1. Please Change the TSCC
to WEDNESDAY... Monday Night Footbal and Dancing qith the stars!! PLEASE SAVE SARAH CONNOR! WE LOVEEEE here in Brazil !

  1. We need to move the show to a better time slot FOX like on a Wednesday to help the shows ratings we know that they are OK but they could be a little bit better - Cameron-TOK716

  1. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is the best show out there and it would be a great shame to have it cancelled because it is just simply in an impossible time slot. I love this show and truly believe that Wednesday would be much better rating-wise. If it goes away on Monday to Wed, I would have something to watch on Wed....but then nothing on Monday because this show is MY Monday night. SAVE SARAHHHHH!!!!!-Arlyth

  1. I love watching this show on Mondays. It helps to kick the Monday blues, but Wednesday would be a much better time slot for this show to improve ratings. - Birdman117

  1. I love this show, i am really proud of what they are doing. Mondays are killing the show, move to another better day like Wednesday please, this show needs to stay for long. Wolberine

  1. I look forward to every Monday night for one reason and it is not football. I truly enjoy watching TSCC and it leaves me on the edge of my seat with every episode and makes me beg for more while watching next weeks teaser. If moving the air date makes for better numbers then by all means move the show to a different slot. But please FOX, do not cancel this show. ---Rayartz

  1. Terminator is a fantastic high-octane action show that would garner a lot more viewers if it didn't have to compete with Monday Night Football. Besides, I think Sarah Connor Chronicles would complement Bones better than a sitcom, so putting TSCC after Bones would logically make for more consistent viewership. Arbalest.

  1. Far to often we see reality TV shows, and shows with repetitive stories. But Terminator is exciting and fresh. This show is hands down the best show on Television, and I am honestly stunned it would even be considered for cancellation. I am here to voice my support for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. If keeping it on the air requires moving it to another night of the week, please do so. With respect. -- Coven (Erik)

  1. I don't watch many TV shows becuase they are boring, but every Monday I rush home from work in order to Watch TSCC Its the only show I am excited about and think that is worth watching So please move the show from Monday to Wed as this would improve the rating numbers and Don't cancel the Show Its the only one i Watch and wait for!!! - Magister998

  1. Da, we need to move this to a timeslot which is convienient for the demographic. Alot of people within that time slot especially young people, like myself have a night job after college, and you're seriously making it hard for people like us to enjoy this show. The first movie i can conciously remember watching is Terminator 2: Judgment day, and I cried at the end of it every time when I was a child. TSCC must live on. It's one of the only shows that's fresh andd new in every single episode, something that's very rare these days. C'mon help us out here. Gurevich29

  1. I am here to add my voice in support for Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I love this show and can't wait until Monday Night to watch it. It is way too good to cancel.....Give it a chance! A show which presents the future against the present as TSCC does, requires more time to develop than the few episodes so far. I repeat,

    Give it a chance; by moving it to a better time....... Wm. D. Holland

  1. I absolutely love this show, and if moving the timeslot further in the week is going to help boost ratings then PLEASE do it, and give TSCC the chance it deserves. CSM-101

  1. I love "Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles". I always watch it. This show is the greatest thing that happened to my life. I love TSCC. Do not cancel it. It is vital for us to have this show. I watch only TSCC on Fox. That means I will not watch Fox at all if the show is cancelled. - Irnic

  1. This show must be moved to Wednesday nights at 9 pm. Fans of this great show, are also fans of Monday Night Football. We are being force to choose between them. Please, Fox move The Sarah Connor Chronicles to Wednesday nights, so I can fully support my favorite show and it's advertisers. -TheColours

  1. I rarely even watch any TV shows, but in the case of TSCC, I always eagerly await the next episode which I purchase extra from iTunes. Considering the fact that I am from and living in Germany, this goes on to show that there is a strong fanbase worldwide. Please move the show to a better timeslot. - blstrobl

  1. I would love to see this show moved to Wednesday nights at 9PM, so it no longer has to compete with Monday Night Football and would have Bones as a lead in. It'd be a win-win situation! - ImpendingInsanity

Please move SCC to Wednesday!!! Just like all the others I love it and I know here in America any show has no chance against Monday Night Football and Dance with the Stars or whatever. Please hear our pleads and accept this petition Fox!

  1. By pitting this series against the football and every other Monday night show is unnacceptable. How can you do TSCC justice by placing it in such a suicidal timeslot. Having this show fail simply because of ratings is an insult. We are watching this show, as the DVR results have proven, not to mention the iTunes and Amazon downloads. So please, please, please give TSCC the chance to flourish. Move it to Wednesday where it can sit comfortably beside Bones. Do not let such an engaging and explosive show go to waste, because doing so would be like spitting on the entire franchise. Films may be more memorable in the short term, but it is the TV series that really stay with you. Please do not let TSCC become the next Firefly. - Veran

  1. I am joining in for this petition because TSCC is basically the only show that i am addicted in, a shift of TimeSlot from Monday to Wednesday would help improve the show's ratings and its survival. TSCC is a rare jewel of TV show that deserve its survival. - Chivalrous

  1. i agree with the others,we have enjoy every second of Season two,if its just possible change the day its come
    all the Fans around teh World will be happy with That,and we certainly get more viewers,hope that FOX TV can change that for the good af all,nobody want to loose SCC,all all fans around the World will be very sad.

  1. As a long time genre TV watcher, I think Terminator is a much better show than it's being given credit for. However, I feel that it's current time slot (monday) puts it in a very "low watch" category, especially with things like Monday Night Football. Secondly, the tie-in show Prison Break doesn't really fit the viewing habits of people, like me, who enjoy more of a fantasy/sci-fi bent to their viewing. Please give Terminator a chance to thrive, with a more productive time slot and tie-in that would be a better fit than Prison Break. Thank you.

  1. Please consider moving Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicle to Wednesday night, I believe this will allow more viewers as we the fans love the show and want it to succeed. This show could make FOX the best network on TV with the best shows. commanderchang

  1. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is one of the first television action/dramas to air on Fox that actually made me start watching Fox again. I had given up on Fox a few years back after my favorite programs seemingly all were cancelled. Please don't repeat this with Terminator. TendoMentis

  1. The above fits my request as well: "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is one of the first television action/dramas to air on Fox that actually made me start watching Fox again. I had given up on Fox a few years back after my favorite programs seemingly all were cancelled. Please don't repeat this with Terminator." mcalldp

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with the intent of this motion - this show is fantastic and a better time slot would provide the chance to prove it. noodloid

  1. I agree with all the sentiments listed above. I really love this show, in fact, this show has brought me back to network television. Please give this show a chance by moving it to a better time slot, preferably Wednesdays @ 9 p.m. We all really love this show and although the Neilsens aren't the greatest they have been steady and the alternative ways of viewing the show ie: Fox on demand, Hulu.com, itunes and Amazon Unboxed have been exceptional. Please give Sarah Connor a chance. Sincerly - Gothamite

  1. Do anything in your power to keep this show alive! If shipping it to wednesday helps the ratings I am all for it!! - Scy800

  1. This is the first Fox show I've been excited about following weekly since The X-Files. Move it wherever you have to, but please keep it on the air! We don't need more reality TV drivel...we need well-written shows like T:TSCC. - Schrute1000

  1. A lot of people watch monday night football if you moved TSCC to Wednesday the ratings would be a lot better please help my favorite show on TV -prh817


    Fox don't make a colossal mistake by cancelling this show this show is smart the cast is great storylines as top notch! give it a chance move it to wednesdays at 9pm T-999


  1. Please give this show a chance by giving it a better time slot. Monday against Monday night football and Dancing with the stars is just not right Wednesday after Bones would be great. I think you have diamond here.-merrillspring

  1. It's time to put "Til Death" out of its misery and move TSCC behind Bones. This will give TSCC a fighting chance to find it place with viewers. No TV drama would find success against Monday Night Football and Dancing With The Stars. Don't make the same mistake you did with Firefly. With the new T4 movie on the way, TSCC will be a gold mine for Fox if T4 is a blockbuster. LiquidMetal (Moderator)

  1. I Love this show and I think it would do a lot better in a different time slot. -BrainBoyMKD

  1. If it helps the show certainly. Why not. Try somthing new. But if "24" comes back in January with TSCC showing on mondays at 8pm to 9pm. I think viewer ratings will go up too. - Krazykaleb

  1. I sign this in support of Terminator:The Sara Connor Chronicles. I am a huge fan along side my parents, we look forward to watching this show each week. Please give it a chance, and take DVR/Downloads into rating figures, some of us can't watch it on T.V. -Knight805

34. I don't want to seem like a know it all, but I will say if this show is moved to Wednesday I will be there to watch it as I'm sure a lot of other people will too. At the very least It should do better ratings wise than the two show it would replace. Animatsuri

35. It would be a discredit to the franchise and to all that is good on TV these days. Save the future of TV.
:-) Save this show by moving to a new timeslot, preferably Wed. at 9PM. We don't need any more struggling sitcoms. - Vic_jr.

36. I am a 23 soon to be 24 year old danish male that has been completely hooked on the Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles, i have bought the first season on Amazon and have seen the the first 3 season 2 episodes on various sites like youtube and such, and have enjoyed seeing them very much, and i would be very sa, if you were to stop it, i am not knowlageable about timeslots for the programs at all, but i have read on the TerminatorWiki.Fox.Com that people believe it would do much better in the ratings if it were to be moved to another timeslot, so I hope that you(people on Fox) will try to get it moved, and given it a chance to on the possible new spot(timeslot)then I and a whole lot of other people would be very happy, I too enjoyed Firefly then it came on in Denmark, and have bougth the DVD-boxset not so long ago, and was very much sad to hear that it was stopped too. KrelleK

37. TTSCC deserve a chance, it have a great potential to grow. Leandro M. Braz

38. Great actors, great show. Change the Timeslot and the ratings will rise. This show deserves more than canceled after 2 tiny seasons. MalcolmReynolds

39. Please keep this show one way or another. - Cameronator

40 .I'm with everyone else. This show is TOPS! Best thing on TV. Don't let go of a good thing. Move it to Wednesday! - Fourloonies

41. Please move this show to wensdays after bones. This show deserves a better time slot.-XXthrashtera88XX

42- Please FOX move the show from its current time slot to a better Wednesday slot, possibly after Bones. It would allow TSCC the chance it deserves, without competing with Monday Night Football, Dancing with the Stars, etc. I´m brazilian and I love that show! Paty36 - Paty Costa

43. Nothing can beat Monday Night Football and SWTS. Please, cancel 'Til Death and pair our show with Bones. The ratings should return to last seasons level if we're not against such insane competition.

44. Please FOX! We need this show! Move it from Monday to Wednesday if you want more ratings! - Spiderm4N

Pleaseeeee FOX! Move it from Monday to Wednesday if you want more ratings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TSCC is amazing!!!!!!!!-Xenu

45. Please Fox! Don't cancel T:TSCC! I Love it, all of we love it!!

Please, save this show by moving to Wednesday!!! By -=Thiago

46. Please do not cancel T:TSCC! Its the only show I watch on fox. By eliminating this show you will eliiminate my reason for ever turning to your station. - Susan

47. TSCC is one of the best shows on TV. Please don't cancel it. I'm a mom of 2 young kids. 8:00pm is not a convenient time for me to watch the show. My kids are still up and too young to watch this show with me. 9:00pm would definitely work better for the targeted demographic. ~AdoptMeSarah. P.S. Think of all the money you can make on merchandise.

48. TSCC ROCKS!!! Every episode is like watching a movie. Great acting, great writing, great special effects, great action... A great show like this needs to be appreciated by more people. I know there's always competition, but a smarter time slot would definitely expose more people to the show. Rumor has it that FOX treats their sci-fi shows like crap. You gotta prove people wrong. - KendraShaw

50. This story has stood the test of time, and TSCC is an excellent addition to its legacy. Wednesday is a minimal TV evening, and is longing for a quality sci-fi program. Many of us feel TSCC would be an excellent candidate for this night and would give the show an instant ratings boost. The cast is perfect; Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker are stars in the making. Just as Clooney on ER, your network has rising stars in Mr. Dekker and especially Ms. Glau. If given the proper time slot their success will be your success. Maybe instead of mesddling with the characters and direction of the show, make an intelligent and logical decision and move the show to Wednesday. - OhMixMaster (Wichita, Kansas)

51.Tscc is my favorite show, I wondered early on why prison break wasnt on first as a lead in for Tscc?

that would have made more sense. monday night is not a good night for theis type of show. and it would seem that wed nite after bones is open since the comedys died. with bones as a lead in the show would do better I am sure. I think you should stick with this show and see if it could get better ratings on another nite. john /fort worth, texas

52. T:TSCC is an excellent show, I'm addicted to it. Pls, don't cancel it out. Do whatever it takes to keep it on Fox schedule, change to Wednesday or even change time of exibition, but everyone here agrees that the show can improve ratings soon. At every episode of season 2 it becomes better.Just give it a chance. Leandro ( Houston, Texas )

53. T-TSCC is perfect, must remain on display. The hearing should be a matter of time, not to compete with other series. Please think about us, the fan! Thank you. (T-br55, RJ, Brazil)

54. I may be on the wrong continent to post here, but heck, if Fox cancels the show based on the US alone, they are being extremely shortsighted. TSCC is huge around the world!! Fox got to think about keeping this show going simply because the response from the rest of the world would be huge. The main problem now is that there is no way to measure that as yet. Do whatever it takes to keep TSCC going! If moving it to Wednesdays would help, PLEASE DO SO NOW! This is the most intelligent show to come on TV for a long long time, and it would be a waste to plug its plug based on a consensus on 3.6% of the world population - steif.kopain in South East Asia

55. I know that Im a Huge Fan of this show and please consider moving tscc to wed. nights, im sure the ratings will be amazing. just all i ask of you at fox, Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee do not cancel terminator. I can speak for my self and all terminator fans of this show, we love this show. just move it to wed. nights and do not cancel it please. (nmrx105, AG, New Mexico, USA.)

56. I am big TSCC fan and I would love FOX to move it to a new night! So please do not cancel a great show. The ratings is old and Us viewers are not being counted! Hear our voices please rammy (Dallas, Texas)

57. TSCC is a gem of a show that transcends both physical and cultural borders with its message of hope, courage and loyalty in the face of overwhelming odds. Take back the future, FOX. Move it to Wednesday nights with Bones. - ZuluSeven (Manila, Philippines and Los Angeles, CA)

58. I'm a 22 year old, female, college student. This show is all I think about. LOST and Heroes are deathly boring to me now. Moving it seems like a great idea! - knownbeforetime

59. Please FOX...don´t cancel TSCC...is the best show what i ever seen...TSCC 4EVER !!! Hiro_23 from Czech Republic

60. I say move it to Wednesdays after Bones. TSCC is a great show!

61. FOX, PLEASE!! PLEASE!!! DON'T CANCEL IT!!!! PLEASE!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!! IT'S MY CURRENT FAVOURITE SHOW!!! So much intelligent, so much interesting, so GOOD, one of the BESTS shows EVER!!! PLEASE! Don't take this away from us!! - BRASIL

62. FOX? You cant do this. You dont know what you're about to do. No, FOX! You can't do this. You're not doing the right thing, this is not the right thing, FOX!! - BRASIL

63.Come on FOX!!! this show rules! move it to WEDNESDAY NIGHTS!! so you can see how the ratings will blow THREW THE ROOF!!!-LUIS

63. Hey FOX Reality shows suck I don't want to see this great show finished because of some stupid dancing show. I agree to move it to Wednesdays and you ratings will rise. The ratings might be small but we are all dedicated fan and want to see this show meet up with T4. DON'T CANCEL FOR THE LOVE OF THE WRITERS STAFF AND CAST!!!!!!!!

64. I really hope TSCC does not get cancelled! It's an amazing show with great writing and superb acting! I have gotten friends interested who don't even normally like these types of shows. So please, please, don't cancel it! Try moving it to Wednesday, or another less competitive time slot. Monday Night Football is killing the ratings for this show right now! And remember, other shows have had slumping second seasons as well! I've never been so invested in a show before, so please give it a shot! - Brian

65. Over the course of the past few episodes, since the series' second season premiere, the initial ratings for the show have been lower than expected, and only gained mediocre results, and also may have scored lower than hoped for in the key demographics. This is not however, a result of any failing of the show, it's because of the timeslot. Putting the show up against programs like Dancing With The Stars and Monday Night Football ensures that it will never get the ratings it would get if only it were to be relocated to a different night. I know that all of you are far more knowledgeable about decisions like this than I am, but I would like to make a suggestion. You recently cancelled Do Not Disturb which airs on Wednesday nights. Do Not Disturb was paired up with another program, 'Til Death, on the same night, which has recently gotten disastrous ratings. I don't know if it's your intention of cancelling 'Til Death, but if you do, I would suggest moving Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles into the empty slot that would be left by those two shows. This would pair it up with Bones, which would help the show enormously. Really, though, I'm just writing to let you know that there are a lot of people that really care about this show, and I know that all of us are willing to show as much support as possible and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep the show on the air. Thank you all for your time, and I hope that you'll help us, T:TSCC's many fans, in supporting this wonderfully produced, written, and acted show. - Jedah

66. The second season is doing really, really, really, well. I think its 4th episode has got a lot better then HEROES, a LOT better. I´ve read you, guys, on Fox want TSCC to keep people watching Prision Break. But come on, guys: TSCC is Sci-Fi, and Prision Break is ... bang-bang. People who like the TSCC generaly don´t like bang-bang or drama. I am SURE TSCC will have a ruge ratings if you move it for wednesday, close to Bones. - OzzyDF

67. FOX, Please move TSCC to Wednesdays. It is unreasonable in a Monday Time slot for all the reasons listed above. But here is another one. Your network has a bad (and apparently growing) reputation for cancelling shows without giving them a reasonable opportunity to prove their worth. Scifi viewers in particular are very loyal and have long term memories. Many of us are still very angry about Dark Angel and Firefly. I currently have people urging me to watch Fringe. Why don't I want to watch it: Because I do not trust you people not to cancel it, so why bother getting attached in the first place! If you cancel TSCC I will never watch another FOX Show again. -- Amber in Georgia

68. Please move TSCC to wednesdays and/or do whatever it takes to keep this show on the air. TSCC is such a high quality show and it's not getting the justice it deserves. I was a huge fan of Firefly and was saddened to see it cancelled. Please don't make the same mistake with TSCC, and believe me, cancelling a show this great will be a heinous mistake. How people are watching garbage like Dancing With the Stars over this I don't know. We need a fast paced, thought provoking show - of which TSCC is a PRIME EXAMPLE. There are lots of people who love this great show and cancelling it now will will alienate a lot of TSCC fans, who will likely refuse to watch another FOX show again. Please give this absolute diamond of a show a chance to really shine!

69. I really love watching TSCC, I think it will help improve the ratings by switching to Wednesday night. Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles is one of the best shows on TV! It is the ONLY reason why I watch broadcast programming today. And my only favorite show!----T-1976

70.i love TSCC, i am legion for we are many, so just do it please - Ildavar


72?. So TSCC is the only show i can look forward to watching during the week. We have no cable because we're all poor college students. But yes groups of us watch the show together online. FOX what do you want from us? WE CAN'T HELP YOU IF YOU DON'T HELP US. PUT TSCC ON A DIFFERENT NIGHT. Please I'm pleading with you.. do not let us the fans and everyone involved in the making of TSCC (Actors, writers, directors, and producers) down. When you bring something good to the network you give us faith so please don't take it away. Please move TSCC to wednesdays so it will have less competition. Thank you.

73. Yes, please move the show to Wednesday night, 9 pm or later! -- troubadourww.

74. TSCC is currently the best show on network television. No other show has character development like this, no other show has a story line like this, and no other show has Summer Glau. We the fans petition FOX to not cancel TSCC, but rather move the show from Monday night to Wednesday night. The show is simply up against unbeatable odds at its current time slot of 8 on Mon, competing with Dancing with the Stars and Monday Night Football. We understand that FOX would like the fans to continue watching Prison Break, however, this should not negatively affect TSCC. Moving TSCC to Weds., into the slot recently opened by the cancellation of Do Not Disturb, and possibly 'Till Death, will pair the show with Bones. TSCC and Bones target the same audience, and will greater ensure the 18-49 demographic for Wednesday night. FOX, move TSCC to Weds. night, do not simply cop-out and cancel the show that has the most potential on network television. - BenderJ24

75. I <3 Sarah Conn Chron. I will probably die if this show gets canceled. - TheArchetype

76. I agree, this show is so good. My wife and I love it. I just have no clue why they put it on Monday against shows like Chuck when a show like Til' Death gets a Wednesday slot. Please, please, please help us out here fox. This show has amazing writing, acting, and I can't say enough about it. Hopefully fox does the right thing! Slambamsam

77.Please , the show is great, Change the day....but don1t cancel the show. It's probally the greatest show you guys have now, give another chance to them! THANKS.

78) I love this show. It's one of the only things I can stand to watch on TV anymore. The ratings would skyrocket if you moved it to Wednesdays after Bones. It just needs a chance. The competition is too strict on Mondays, and Prison Break isn't helping. Please, don't cancel this show. - Zack Masters

79) Greetings from Scotland. Here is another viewer who proves that this show has international appeal. I download the eps from iTunes, tune in on SKY and gets the DVD! This show has to saved. I read today that 'Prison Break' wasn't performing well in the ratings so they were going to cancel TSCC because it's the programme leading into 'PB'! How dumb is that!?! I've never watched 'PB' so I can't say whether it's good or not but if it's not working - move it - don't kill it's neighbour! Save Sarah !!!!!!!!!!!!

80) - Move it to wednesdays or any other day of the week but PLEASE, don´t cancel it! It´s one of the best shows in years with fans all over the world. I´m from Spain - Aresia

81) If you cancel this show you'll lose a viewer (I'll kill myself).

82) Hello from Memphis, TN! I was horrified to hear the rumors that this show might be cancelled due to lower than expected ratings. Please consider moving the show away from Monday nights. This show is excellent and deserves every chance to succeede.

83. The best show on T.V. Give the show a chance!! Virginia, USA.

84. My TV just wouldn't be the same without TSCC. Joseph H, CALIF USA.

85. Please move this awesome show to Wednesday - HK-Aircrew.

86. - Fringe followed by Terminator on Tuesday would be excellent, imo! - Will Bueche, Boulder CO

87.- I am very upset FOX would consider canceling TSCC, the cast is good, the story compelling and I watch every Monday. I'd continue to watch if it was moved to Wednesdays. I would be very wary of other FOX sci-fi productions if you did cancel TSCC (Anybody remember Firefly?), and I assure you, you'd lose me as a viewer. Please move the show to Wednesday and give it the room to grow that it deserves.- Jason Weiser, Washington DC

88. The Sarah Conner Chronicles is the only reason why I tune in to FOX in the first place. Why would you consider canceling the show before moving it to a different date. That just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I too agree that Wednesday is a much better than Monday, but if FOX cancels this show, they will also loose me as a viewer. This show has aneclecticaudience and I think that's pretty rare for a Sci-Fi show. I don't have a DVR and most of the time (not all the time) I have to watch the shows I miss on the website. I wouldn't have a problem if it was an Wednesday, but Mondays are a KILLER for me. PLEASE MOVIE IT TO WEDNESDAY AND KEEP THE SHOW ALIVE!!!!!! -RUBEN, FL USA

89. Simply put, this is an excellent show that can be hugely successful if given the right consideration. This is not a "one in a hundred" show that premiers every fall and is gone by the next. It has an iconic foundation, tied into the upcoming film, amazing writing, acting, fan base and production. Properly supported the show can be a huge money maker rather than giving up on it in it's current time slot. When I talk to my buddies, this is one of the few "event shows", shows that we actually plan our week around and make a point of watching and talking about later, and that's a very rare thing. The show has all the makings of a hit, just don't give up on it so easily.

90. Move the TSCC to wednesday.. this show is very awsome and veryappreciated in BRAZIL ...

91. I live for every Monday night just to watch TSCC. If moving the air date makes for better numbers then by all means move the show to a different slot. But please FOX, do not cancel this show. FRANCE888

92. Pleaseeeee FOX! Move it from M95onday to Wednesday if you want more ratings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TSCC is amazing!!!!!!!! BRAZIL!!!

93. PLEASE MOVE THE SHOW TO WEDNESDAY! Just give it a chance! It's too good to just be canceled without a second chance!

94. Please move the show to wednesdays it improves the ratings!!!!!...i'm a very die hard fan from Colombia, and i know that there's no chance that if the ratings there don't improve, i would not get the chance to see more of it here since our ratings don't matter... think of the fans of other countrys people, we are willing to spend time and money on the show if you keep feeding it to us! - Stuff84

95. this show is freaking awesome. i have to agree with the fans here. Fox needs to move the show from Monday Night to Wednesday, so the rating could improve. This is the only show that I watch on Fox and nothing else. Please do not cancel this show. -xlilx-

96. Move it please, this show is my life! -Jack, TX

97. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read our petition. Sarah Connor is a wonderful show watched by lots of people who watch sports! I know several 30 year old men and women who watch the show on DVR (The ratings ugly-step-child) because work conflicts or sports confilct. They watch sports live because their friends will tell them the results and ruin the ending which does not usually happen with a tv show. The show is wonderul and has lots of depth and great characters. Please save this show. Thanks, Carrievana

98. FOX - This show will gather more ratings and more money if it's moved away from Football night and NBC's Chuck/Heroes. You need to stagger SciFi so the viewing audience has a chance to be there for you. Please, give the show a chance and nail this for us, move it to Wednesdays. Thanks -- Chris, VA

99. Greetings, FOX - Like others that have signed this petition, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles is one of the only things I have to look forward to every week. This show is the best! It helps us to better understand what happened to John and his mom between T2 and T3. This show would do better if it didn't have to compete with Monday Night Football and/or any other shows that it's competing with on Monday Nights. Please, move it to Wednesday so it can have it's spotlight back! We are all begging you to do so! Please! Don't kill the show because it has to compete with Monday Night Football. If the show wasn't so awesome then I could see canceling it. But, it IS awesome....and therefore shouldn't be canceled because of something it has no control over (i.e. Monday Night Football). Please, please, PLEASE move the show to Wednesday nights! Thank you! -Rose, VA

100. I am a loyal TSCC fan- even over Monday Night Football. Please move the show to a Wednesday time slot to give it an opportunity to attract the viewers needed to keep it on the air.

101.Love the show but the monday night time slot isnt doing it justice.Please consider moving it to Wednesday before doing anything rash- Thanks SilverScorpion

102. Please move it i cant live without sarah

103. Please keep this show on the air-Wednesdays would be great and I think a time/day change would bring in more viewers-this really is the BEST show that I have seen in a very long time. *socal805

104. Dear Fox, TSCC is a clever, interesting, intelligent, well-acted, and well-thought out show. Unfortunately, it suffers from the competition with Monday Night Football. We ask that you move TSCC to the Wednesday night line-up, which we believe will help TSCC's ratings. Please don't cancel TSCC; it would be a shame for Fox to lose such an amazing show!

105. Great show!! Please renew and change to Wednesday!! Getting better and better every week.

106. I love the show and believe that it is better than most dramas out there making 18million+ viewers per week. However, the slot allocated is a kill zone, it is like asking for the show to fail. Please, please reconsider and give it a go for Wednesdays. There are still 8 episodes to go before making a final decision, so why not see if you can save it.

Thank you.

107: I just want to be able to keep watching this show because it's fun, great characters and it's Terminator. Please consider changing the time slot if it helps to get more viewers! - Em-Ned

108. Please change the time slot. This show is amazing. I love the characters, and it's all just getting started. -tardisxlove

109. I think that by moving it to the Wed. time slot after Bones, TTSCC will do much better then in its current Mon time slot. It is competing with Mon night football, and Dancing with the Stars two highly popular shows. Having it follow Bones, the show has a much better chance at picking up a larger audience and the demographic that I am assuimg you are trying to appeal too. Don't take the easy way out and just cancel the show. Thats just silly, its a well written show, the acting is wonderful, and I throughly enjoy the series. Mrs. Spooky

110. I like the current time slot, though from what I heard Chuck is also going to be on Monday and hence will be competing with Terminator. Terminator has a huge geek (which is a good thing) audience since it is sci-fi, hence you do not want it to compete with any other show that would attract the same audience. All i ask is that before cancelling Terminator, that you at least see how it performs on Wednesday night. I don't think that's being unreasonable (i.e. give the show a chance before canceling it and disappointing tons of fans). I've never been a huge fan of the movies - they were ok, but I can't get enough of the show. It's the one main show I look forward to on tv these days. Plus since I'm studying artificial intelligence in school, and Terminator has elements of aritificial intelligence it helps me learn what's possible when it comes to that field (since sci-fi oftentimes does predict the future of actual science). Hence, please do not cancel this wonderful show.
~David (a.k.a AIDragon) - Orlando, FL, USA

111. I love this show and it would be nicer if it was on Wednesday instead of Monday. I have a hard time rectifying watching my favorite show and the start of the work week. I'll watch it no matter what day it's on but pulling in more people is probably FOX's primary concern. I don't have a Neilson box nor am I in your demographic at 53 years old but I do spend my money related to this show. $300 on a blu-ray player and $35 on season 1 blu-ray set. Also going to be buying Firefly and Serenity now. So how about moving it and keeping the show strong so I can spend more money on the next season set?
Mark (postal999) - Keizer, OR USA

112. TSCC is an amazing show and consistently gets good reviews; It's well written, throughout and engaging. Give this show a chance with a Wednesday slot and see how it performs. The show is far to good to cancel, it's the only TV show I watch at the moment and I can't believe it's come to this. Please change the time slot and watch the ratings climb. X
Michael aka (M][KE) - Warwickshire, United Kingdom

113. FOX, PLEASE don't cancel TSCC! Give it a chance to prove itself as the great show it is by moving it to another night. It's 1 of only 2 shows I make a point of watching no matter what....don't kill it!! Danesrock from WY

114. This is the best show I ever seen... Please FOX, move the series to an appropriate timeslot in order to compete fairly with the other channels... It's impossible to compete against Monday Night Football... Thank you. -Ignacio, a.k.a. nACHI-WAN, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

115. This TV Show is the best so far! i also like House M.D. but cancelling this show is the worst idea ever so please FOX move it to wednesday because the current timeslot is killing the show, is crazy to make it compete with the juggernauts of monday night such as MNF and DWTS still the show is doing amazing for the current timeslot, so please FOX move it and the ratings will raise - anzergosx0

116. I love this show, I really do. At first I heard that they were making a Terminator series, I thought it was going to be silly, but after watching an episode, I was hooked! I went online to watch the episodes, I bought the DVD and blu-ray. Now every Monday night, I set the DVR to record it since i'll be in classes and I come home and say 'screw homework and screw college, it's Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles time'. Its a great show and so give it a chance, it really makes Mondays bearable for me, but I think that given it's competition on Monday, the show won't look successful in your eyes. Please consider the move to Wednesday nights, to give the show a larger grand audience. Having any show against Monday Night Football is just killer. There's also Heroes on at mondays too, so much competition. Even if you put "House" or "Bones" at the current time slot, they would suffer in ratings. Besides, I think the show on Wednesday would be a good way to spice up the mid-week. I enjoy "Bones", it's a great show, so it'd be nice to have two wonderful shows on the same night. Thank you. - Jimmy6, 22y/o male. Houston Texas.

117. Please change the date from Monday to Wednesday. Because in my opinion this TV Show have a lot of creativity, suspense, investigation, and the best is it Sci-Fi style - PowerComp.


119. As I fan of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles I wish to voice my support for this very good(if under-watched) show. I understand that
after a successful season premiere the ratings have been dropping--dropping to a point that begins rumors of cancellation. I can only say that I am
watching T:SCC. My schedule doesn't allow me to watch it live; I record each episode with a DVR to watch later in the week, and indeed have done
so since the pilot.

Visiting various Internet sites, I know there are many viewers like me--viewers who watch the show through such alternative means, be it DVRs,
purchase through Amazon and iTunes, and streaming through sites like Fox's own page or Hulu.com. Sadly, these viewers, as they do not show up
in Nielsen Ratings, seem to go uncounted.

I have read another rumor, namely that T:SCC may be moved to another night. I support this idea. Monday night, with offerings of successful reality
shows and football and baseball is a difficult slot for what is, admittedly, a niche show. Perhaps Wednesday night would be a better slot for a show
that may have a low profile but is also a show built around an intriguing premise, written to reward multiple viewings, and possessed of a cast of
carefully-developed characters.

Whatever the decisions made regarding T:SCC, I wish to thank Fox delivering a thoroughly entertaining show.

Chad M.

120. I beleive the show would do phenomenal on a better night, please consider another timeslot like Wednesday, we all want the show to do well!

121. TSCC is in my opinion the finest Television Show I have ever seen. In a world of so called "reality shows", Ridiculous slapstick comedies and other mindless drivel, I find it to be the most original and refreshing prgram on TV today. The writers are top notch and the acting is wonderful. The stories so far are filled witha depth and complexity that i have never before seen in a television show.Its nice to see that in spite of all the other absurdity on Television, There is still quality out there. I dont think its mentioned enough that you have on your hands a Science Fiction program that has the fans saying "whats going to happen next?" as opposed to "that could never happen in real life". That, in and of itself is amazing. Everything that is done in the show is done in very good taste, making it almost possible to forget your watching a SciFi program as opposed to something playing out in real life. However, the day and time slot you've chosen are Ill advised to say the least. Mondays do not do a show of this caliber justice. I believe if you were to move to another day (say wednesday) It would vastly increase viewership, which would be beneficial to all parties, And it would be a testament not only of your business savy, but also show you care what fans of your programing care about.

In conclusion i wish to say thank you for all you've done so far. TSCC has become something I look forward to.

Tony AKA (daemondark) 27/M

122. I believe this show is one of the few original shows on the networks at this point. Moving it to Wed. would enhance its value for you while keeping the fans happy. A win-win situation! Thanks, BWagner

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