Take Back The Future: The Fight for more TSCC Continues!

Judgment Day
May 18, 2009, is a date we will long remember. It is the date that FOX Television network pulled the plug on Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The fans were angry. They protested. They signed petitions, sent emails, faxes, letters to both Warner Brothers and FOX Television to save our show. The good people at SaveTheSCC even designed a billboard and sent it around to Warner Brothers studio in 2009.

Sadly, something terrible happened that ended all attempts to relaunch TSCC in 2009, even as a direct-to-DVD movie.

In August 2009, Pacificor, the hedge fund that loaned Halcyon the money to both buy the rights to Terminator and to make Terminator Salvation, sued Halcyon for repayment of the loan. Halcyon was losing money and hadn't been paying back on its loan since before the release of the movie Terminator Salvation. (This fan has come to believe Halcyon's troubles might have been a key factor into why FOX moved the show from Monday to Friday night and decided to cancel TSCC. Lower viewer numbers as the result of the move would make an excellent excuse for canceling without mentioning Halcyon's financial troubles. It's probably why WB didn't try marketing the series to other networks. Especially after James Middleton intimated the Terminator rights were in contention during the final weeks or months of production of TSCC. Why risk making more TSCC at a time when Halcyon might lose control.) Ironically just as Halcyon started to earn money from Terminator Salvation, Pacificor filed a lawsuit against them for repayment of the loan. Halcyon declared bankruptcy to protect its assets until the lawsuit was resolved. Thus ended the future of TSCC and Terminator. By February 2010, Pacificor acquired the rights to Terminator in court, shutting out both Sony and Lionsgate, who had each posted individual bids, and a joint bid to acquire Terminator. Pacificor then spent the next several months trying to find a studio willing to make an offer to make the other two films in the new trilogy begun by McG's Terminator Salvation. Hollywood was quiet for a very long time until Megan Ellison's studio, Annapurna Pictures, made an offer in May 2011. It just remained for the studio and the hedge fund to finalize a deal, but the future still looked quiet for any return of TSCC.


On December 3, 2012, it was announced that Megan Ellison (Annapurna Pictures) had partnered with her brother David Ellison (Skydance Productions), to finalize the deal with Pacificor to acquire the Terminator assets. Their rights include films, merchandise, home entertainment, and television projects!

The following are quotes from the article which appeared on www.thewrap.com.

Megan Ellison and her brother David Ellison will partner on producing future installments of “The Terminator” franchise, having jointly acquired the rights to the iconic brand first brought to the screen in 1984.

The Ellisons, children of billionaire Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, acquired the rights from Pacificor and will co-produce future films. No price was stated, though a spokeswoman for Megan Ellison said it was south of $20 million.

The assets include rights to films, television projects, home entertainment and merchandise.

Megan Ellison first won an auction for the rights in May 2011, but it took another 18 months to hammer out the deal, in particular video game rights.

You can read the full article at the link above or here, but the primary item I want you to notice is in the third sentence, Television Projects.

Finally after four years of limbo, Warner Brothers has a company they can negotiate with to produce more TSCC.

At the time we didn't know if after almost four years Warner Brothers was still interested in continuing TSCC or if Annapurna is interested in pursuing the TV Projects portion of its deal with Pacificor. So we did what any small group of fans could do, get the word out to as many fans of TSCC as possible and inform them of this new development, and also give them a means by which they can contact Warner Brothers and Annapurna and let them know we want more TSCC!

The Resistance Rallied!

The call went out to fans around the world and we organized! We began emailing, and tweeting to people at Annapurna, Warner Brothers, and anyone we thought could help. We created a petition and a video promoting the campaign.

Petition Our good friend Jay created a petition to help raise awareness and of course to eventually send to Warner Brothers and Annapurna when the time was right. Sadly it has expired after a little more than one year of use. But in that year we had 2109 signatures! (See below for other petitions you can sign.)

Promotional Video Our fellow member and wizard of the video editor, Jay, created a video that has really caught on! We are very proud of it and hope you'll help spread the word.

We were planning for our next big push when something miraculous happened.

Did Veronica Mars save TSCC?

On March 13, 2013, it was announced that Veronica Mars would be returning as a two hour movie because of a successful kickstarter campaign. The tweets went out to Josh Friedman, could we do the same for TSCC? He strongly suggested kickstarter would not help, but maybe he didn't want to artificially raise peoples hopes, because something came to light just days later.

A TSCC Movie?!TSCC The Movie
James Middleton, the executive producer for Rise of the Machines and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, had this to say in an interview with www.thearnoldfans.com on March 21, 2013.

James Middleton: "You know, Josh Friedman and I have talked a lot about this (and I mean A LOT) and he recently tweeted about it in the wake of the VM (Veronica Mars) excitement. The issue is that the current owners of the franchise seem to have no interest in reviving TSCC. And if they were interested, they would not need Kickstarter to finance the movie.There are well-funded entities that have previously expressed strong interest in reviving TSCC and the franchise owners (Annapurna Pictures) - through their reps - have passed on the idea. WBTV no longer has the sole right to restart the series or to do a spinoff, so the participation of the current franchise owners is critical. But they seem to be focused on making Terminator movies at the moment which is not shocking or even a surprise. Josh and I would love to do a TSCC movie, if it were possible. A movie would be more feasible to schedule with the cast."

Read the news for yourself at: http://tinyurl.com/bk9osay

Read Where do We Stand for what we can take from the James Middleton quote in the article.

What does this mean for the campaign? It means we're halfway there to having our favorite program returned to us. We only have to do one thing, convince Annapurna/Skydance that making a TSCC movie is a good idea, that it won't detract from the film they want to make, Terminator 5, and if TSCC is given a chance, it could even boost sales for Terminator 5, provided neither project is shortchanged in the scripting, filming, or special effects.

They can pre-sell tickets to T5 by including them in the DVD box of the TSCC movie. They could also sell both films together in a special bundled set. Then no matter whether you are a fan of the films or the TV series, you end up getting both. A great way to market the full product to the entire fan-base!

Now I know for a lot of us, a movie may not be what we hope for, but look at it like this, if we get our movie and it does very well, it could be the catalyst for TSCC returning to our TV screens as a series of movies, or even as a regular series. And the following is how it could happen

A Distributor for the Future of TSCC!
For every TV series that is produced you need a means to deliver that series to the customer. The old method is to go around hocking your pilot episode to one network executive after another hoping one of them will pick up the series for broadcast. The internet has changed all that. Today you can watch as many programs or more than network TV through any number of streaming services. One of them, Lovefilm a subsidiary of Amazon, signed a deal April 12 , 2013, with Warner Bros International Television Distribution, to carry TV programs, which includes both seasons of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/120470-lovefilm-signs-warner-tv-terminator

You know what this means! If the TSCC movie does well enough for WB to consider making more episodes, they don't have to waste time trying to sell the show to a domestic network. Warner Brothers has a domestic distributor already in place for its programming.

Over the course of the summer of 2013, news has been slowly leaking out of Hollywood about the future of Terminator movies from Annapurna Pictures. The first script idea to leak out was placing the Terminator 5 story in the 1940's or 1950's with Arnold playing an older human who defeats a Terminator played by The Rock, who is trying to kill some ancestors of Sarah Connor. Basically a rehash of the first Terminator movie set 30 to 40 years before the first movie. The second idea to leak out was a total reboot of the entire franchise with a brand new trilogy. Neither idea was welcomed warmly by fans, bloggers, or anyone else.

In June 2013, we learned that the new Terminator movie would be the first of a new trilogy, "reseting" the franchise, http://tinyurl.com/lu8hhfw The story begun in Terminator:Salvation to be concluded in a special twelve issue comic book series. http://tinyurl.com/n3pyetd This is how they wrap up one of the most intriguing film stories, by showing us the future war in a comic book? The original movies gets its closure, but doesn't TSCC deserve closure too?

Did James Cameron just endorse TSCC as the valid continuation of his Terminator movies?
We barely begun to settle down from this disturbance in the fandom, when on July 31, 2013, news came out that James Cameron creator of the Terminator franchise, and director of the first two Terminator films, hired Josh Friedman creator and producer of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to work on the screenplay of Avatar2, the sequel to James Cameron's latest successful film franchise. News on MovieWeb

Speaking personally, as a long time fan of the franchise, films, novels, comic books, and TV series, I cannot help but wonder if this is a political move by James Cameron. By hiring Josh Friedman to work on Avatar 2, that gives the strongest impression that James Cameron endorses TSCC as the logical continuation of Terminator 1&2, and not whatever Annapurna Pictures and Skydance Productions have in mind for the film franchise. I know that is a pretty big leap to make, but I'm not the only one drawing the same conclusion. It's easy enough one to make, James Cameron creates Terminator 1 & 2, Josh Friedman creates follow-up TV Series, TSCC. James Cameron needs someone to work on the screenplays of his next huge movie franchise, Avatar, and who does he hire, Josh Friedman. The endorsement couldn't be more plain if it were written in ten foot high letters on every sky-rise in Manhattan, Chicago, and Los Angeles, put together.

A New TV Series!?
On December 6, 2013, there was an uproar of outrage and anger from the TSCC community! Instead of reviving TSCC, even for a DVD movie, Annapurna and Skydance announced plans to create a new TV series instead, http://tinyurl.com/ltctruw tying the first film “The Terminator” to their reboot, “Terminator: Genisys.” We cannot express how disappointed we are over this news. It's like they took every positive argument we expressed on how Terminator 5 could benefit from TSCC, and decided to make a new TV series in its place. The only good news, it was leaked that David Ellison is a fan of TSCC. (There's been no further news of this new TV series since the announcement one year ago.)

Annapurna Pictures quits Terminator on January 23, 2014. Their reason why was that the Terminator films do not fit in with their mandate of supporting small independent films. http://tinyurl.com/osnmd4q Though there is a ring of truth to that reason, it's possible they have also grown tired of all the ire from the fans over both the film "reset" and the new TV series, or it's possible that Annapurna used its reputation of quality film making to acquire the product for Skydance. Depends on who you ask. Now with Annapurna out of the fray we can communicate directly with Skydance who has communicated with us on twitter that they want to know what fans think. Whether they listen, is another matter.

Over the summer of 2014, Skydance communicated with members of the SaveTSCC campaign expressing sympathy for our cause which in no way committed them to doing anything to respond to our campaign request. They first told us
that they can't do anything unless one of the creative members of TSCC wants to do more and comes to them. Well this for one was a lie as being a partner with Annapurna they are well aware that in March 2013 both James Middleton and Josh Friedman came to them with a proposal to make a TSCC movie. Considering the reserved anger of both men following that meeting, I'm guessing they were pretty much told to f--k off. But I'm digressing. One of our members asked if they raised funds from the fans in a kickstarter scheme if that would help. We got another "story" from the company representative, and as we already know from James Middleton, that there are parties out their who want to revive TSCC and are prepared to finance it. Josh Friedman himself said Kickstarter wasn't needed. I can guarantee that if James Middleton or Josh Friedman ever reported they had permission to make more tSCC, but needed us to help raise funds, they'd get all they would need and more. It is pointless to run a kickstarter scheme without their involvement and prior to any permission given by Skydnace allowing more TSCC to be made.

Where do We Stand

The points in our favor for bringing back TSCC.
  1. They want to make a movie! All persons involved in TSCC would like to continue the series. "Josh and I would love to do a TSCC movie, if it were possible. A movie would be more feasible to schedule with the cast." Summer Glau has said many times during Convention interviews the last few years that herself and the rest of the cast would love to come back to TSCC.
  2. They have money and parties interested in bringing back TSCC! "Kickstarter [not needed] to finance movie. There are well-funded entities that have previously expressed strong interest in reviving TSCC..." He does not say who these well funded parties are but probably sponsors and distributors, TV networks, Cable, video-on-demand internet and cable services(Se3 number 3). But that offers some enlightenment to Josh's reactive tweets regarding kickstarter.
  3. They have a distributor already lined up for a new series! Lovefilm has contract with Warner Brothers to stream TV programs they've produced.
  4. James Cameron hiring of Josh Friedman to work on Avatar2, lends itself to fans believing James Cameron endorses TSCC as the valid continuation of the Terminator story.
  5. Annapurna has quit Terminator! All further production of Terminator films, TV shows, and merchandise is now under control of Skydance, which is owned by David Ellison a reported fan of TSCC!
  6. Skydance is sympathetic, but isn't interested. We do know that David Ellison, owner of Skydance, is a fan of TSCC, so perhaps this is where the sympathy originates. Unfortunately business forces them to focus on their Terminator Trilogy for now.
Here are several points not in our favor for bringing back TSCC.
  1. "WBTV no longer has the sole right to restart the series or to do a spinoff, so the participation of the current franchise owners is critical." We've known this right along. WB first was partnered with C2 during the making of Season 1, and then later for Season 2 when Halcyon bought the franchise. WB only owns that which they introduced to the franchise, not that which they had to purchase from the franchise to make the series. So to make any continuation they need to work with Annapurna [Skydance]. Unfortunately...
  2. "Franchise owners (Annapurna Pictures [& Skydance Productions]) - through their reps - have passed on the idea... [of] ...reviving TSCC...." "...they seem to be focused on making Terminator movies at the moment which is not shocking or even a surprise."
  3. According to recent tweet by James MIddleton, "@BringBackTSCC Sorry, but money is not the issue. @skydance has plenty. It's about choices. They chose to reboot and I wish them well." Which can only be interpreted that the organization is wrongfully prejudicial against TSCC. When the Terminator history is rife with multiple story lines published in books and comic books, stemming from each new motion picture, there really is no excuse for not allowing TSCC closure.
  4. Skydance, from a business perspective, is rightfully focused on the films. We know from past experience how Halcyon overextended itself producing both Terminator:Salvation and Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles, so perhaps Skydance doesn't wish to risk doing the same thing. However, with the independent financing that James MIddleton mentioned, perhaps its less of a financial risk during production, but fear of a financial hit afterward with two competing Terminator stories. Skydance may fear that people will satiate their Terminator hunger on a TSCC movie and not see their motion picture, or else fear unfavorable comparison in reviews which could also cause a financial hit. We all know how badly the story of Terminator:Salvation was compared to TSCC.

There is No Fate but What We Make for Ourselves.
The future of TSCC is now in the hands of Skydance. With your help we can convince them that there is a strong fan-base and market for TSCC! We want nothing more than the DVD movie and nothing less than respectful closure to TSCC. Even now, many TV series thought gone forever are being revived! http://tinyurl.com/mqb8suv Don't let TSCC be left behind! Please contact the people below and ask them to continue TSCC! But we cannot forget Warner Brothers who own all things inclusive to TSCC!

Contacting Skydance
Phone: 1-323-956-9900
FAX: 1-323-956-9901

Email: hello@skydance.com

Skydance Productions
5555 Melrose Avenue
Dean Martin Building
Hollywood, CA 90038



Additional Contact Information

See below for additional Contact Information
Contacting Warner Brothers
Phone: 1-818-954-6000
FAX: 1-818-954-7829

Peter Roth
President, Warner Bros. Television Group
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91522



@thewbdotcom (account is open but not being used)

Contacting Annapurna
(Exec. Producer Terminator 5 & possibly new TV series)

Phone: 1-310-385-7701

Annapurna Pictures
9280 Nightingale Dr,
Los Angeles, CA 90069-1118



Facebook: Annapurna

Facebook: Megan Ellison
No Fate

Don't put pressure on just Skydance or Annapurna. Let Warner Brothers know you are excited about the prospects of a TSCC movie. Tell them how much you love the show and want to have it continued and completed. They need to hear from the fans that we are still interested and want more!

Additional Contact Information for Warner Brothers

Peter Roth
President, Warner Bros. Television Group
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91522
Eva Semple Davis
Executive Vice President, Warner Premiere
Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91522
Diane Nelson
President, DC Entertainment
Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg 2, #103
Burbank, CA 91522
Phone: 818.954.6000

FAX: 818-954-7829

We have a list of twitter accounts for Warner Brothers. You want to pay closer attention to the first four.

@thewbdotcom @wb_home_ent @warnerblu @warnerbrosent

@WB_network @WBPicturesCan @wbpictures @WBCareers

@wbseries @wbfilmes @wbvideomx @wbpictures_br

Click on link below for Twitter campaign to find samples of tweets you can make.


Peter.Roth@Warnerbros.com - President, Warner Bros. Television Group

Diane.Nelson@Warnerbros.com - President, DC Entertainment

Those are the primary names we need to contact. They were supplied by SaveTheSCC website. Don't use multiple recipient or carbon copy to reach all with one email. You can use the same message in each email, but send to each person individually.

Thanks to JackL256 for finding two additional email addresses you can try contacting, thanks to a report about Warner Brothers having a new CEO.

kevin.tsujihara@warnerbros.com - President of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group since 2005, will become CEO on March 1, 2013.

barry.meyer@warnerbros.com - CEO until March 1, 2013, will remain as Chairman until end of 2013.

SaveTSCC Billboard 1 PSP Theme

Will you join us?

It's going to take every fan of TSCC clamoring for more if we are to get a continuation.

The Forum

The Chatroom

The following Facebook pages are no longer considered part of the official campaign to bring back TSCC! You may visit them if you wish, but his conclusions based on the contact we had with Skydance are biased against the facts provided to us by James Middleton. -- The1Russter Dec 16, 2014

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The Following Campaigns have been underway since Annapurna acquired the rights to Terminator December 3, 2012.
With Skydance being in full control now of Terminator, the mandate remains the same, Bring Back TSCC!

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Promotional Video!

Petition 1*
Pamphlet Drive

2013: http://tinyurl.com/omez6rd

2014: http://tinyurl.com/m7wrgco

2015: http://tinyurl.com/q3ca5ht

Petition 2**
*Of all the petitions begun after the cancellation of TSCC, this one is still going strong with over 10400 signatures. I welcome all to sign it.
**This is a new petition begun on or about Sunday, December 7, 2014. It has a lofty goal of 50,000 signatures. Make it happen, TSCC Resistance!

The One Day Push http://tinyurl.com/kruz6hm was run on May 18th (19th) 2014, on the 5th Anniversary of TSCC's cancellation as a symbol of solidarity amongst the fans.

Campaign Presently Underway:
Campaigning at
Comic Cons 2015 for the return of Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

This is a volunteer run campaign. Brochures are provided for people to print off and bring with them to conventions to pass around. The pamphlets summarize events of the last four years and of the deal Megan Ellison has closed with Pacificor. It goes on to explain what it is the person reading the pamphlet can do and where to go to join up with the Resistance.

2013 Pamphlet Drive was very successful with almost 38 thousand pamphlets downloaded. It is unknown how many copies were printed for distribution, but with the current ease of sharing files electronically, once a file is downloaded, multiple copies could have been shared.

Despite my not being able to take part like I did in 2013, the Pamphlet Drive did remarkably well with just over 23 thousand pamphlets downloaded for the year.

All new flyers are now available for the 2015 Pamphlet Drive!
http://tinyurl.com/q3ca5ht It took a lot of work on my part to promote the 2013 flyers on my own, and I was too exhausted with too much to do in 2014. We've got two new admn's at the forum, but what we really need is your participation. More than ever we need your help in this campaign. Share the links and content available through the link above on various websites and Facebook pages, MySpace, on Twitter, and any other place you can think of to go to.

In future we wish to do more, but funds are limited. What isn’t limited are the fans and what they can do working together!

There is no fate but what we make for ourselves. If we want more TSCC, then we have to fight for it. You are the Resistance!

Thank you,