Technology in the News

Technology in the News
This page is intended for technology articles that are directly related to the science fiction or other aspect presented in Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. Please include a short descriptive link in the appropriate section. Articles can be discussed in the thread attached to this article.


Technology in the News - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles


The Future of Intelligent Robots
What is a Cyborg?
Ecobot II
The Termin-actor

Technology in the News - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

What is Artificial intelligence
Will computers ever gain consciousness and take over the world?
A 'Frankenrobot' with a biological brain Video
Turing test - Can machines think? Thinking Robots - The Begining
How to be a disagreeable (but likable) robot

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Weapons Research

Cloaking - Invisible Objects 1
Cloaking - Invisible Objects 2
S.B.L. Special Weapons Monitor
Airborne LaserDefenseSystem
The Real 'SKYNET' Defense System
Military Robot Development

DARPA exoskeleton


What are Exoskeletons?
BLEEX (Berkeley Lower Extremity Exoskeleton)
Cyberdyne HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb)
Lopes (Lower Extremity Powered Exoskeleton)


This first Video (part 1 and 2) is brought to you from: Future Weapons, on Discovery Channel. This demostrates EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) Weapons that is able to Destroy Electronics
(maybe a few T-800s too?)

Part 1

Part 2

CSPAN footage discussing the EMP Weapons threat in the United States Congress
The EMP discussion starts 2 min 30 sec into the clip - CHECK IT OUT!


Wiki Discussion on EMP Weapons

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