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Thanks for taking a look at my fanfiction page.

A quick note about my stories:
Unless otherwise specified, all stories are independent of one another.

Back To The Post Apocalyptic Future
This is a crossover with "Back To The Future". Much more light-hearted than my other stories, and is intended to be more "fun" than accurate to either TSCC or BTTF canon. Starts off with John, Sarah, and Cameron being sent somewhere unexpected by the TDE in the bank vault in the pilot episode.

Rewriting The History of Things To Come
This is my version of what could happen in a third season. Beings immediately where season 2 leaves off. John copes with losing Cameron, and deals with being in a world where his fate has been rewritten.
John/Allison pairing in this one. Sorry Jameron fans... I hope you'll read it anyway.

Doomed to Repeat It
Sequel to "Rewriting the History of Things to Come." Slight modification to the end of the first story (see author's notes in chapter 1).

A TechCom Trainee's Journal
My first attempt at a romantic story. These are the pages of a Journal written by a TechCom Trainee, chronicling his relationship with a pretty brown eyed girl.

The Art of Emotion
This is a quick, one-shot fanfic that I wrote back during Season 1, after watching Vick's Chip. Cameron asks John what it means to have a soul. It's fluffy, but not mushy... at least I hope it isn't.

Cameron's Arrival
Another one-shot. The scene(s) where Terminators procure their clothes, weapons, and transportation was a staple in the Terminator movies, and I thought that scene was sorely missing from the TV show. This is my version of how Cameron got her start in 1999. My attempt at a little humor.

Electron Psycho
This is an alternate universe story of what might have happened if Cameron had continued to "glitch" after the events of "Allison From Palmdale". It picks up immediately where the episode ends. Slightly "Jameron-ish" but more so implied with subtext than anything obvious.
4 Chapters total.

Metal Menace
Takes place some time during Season 1. A T-850 has the Turk, and John, Sarah, Cameron, and Derek are following it. This was my first ever fanfic so it's not quite as polished as my others, but I hope you'll still enjoy it. It starts with an intro chapter which introduces an original character. The Connor gang's story starts in chapter 2. A fair amount of swearing and graphic violence in this one, so it's in the "M" rated section on fanficton.net.