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Title:You can't lie to yourself

Behind the Chapters
    • Alternate Happenings

      The untold stories of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    • Chapter One: What must be done.
    • Chapter Two: Damage Control
    • Chapter Three: I remember you.
    • Chapter Four: Illusions of Grandeur
    • Chapter Five: The Age of Innocence

    Krazy Kaleb-

    Eelman007 -

    Michelle67d -

    CameronsWiffy -

    Finney23 -

    CarterBurke -

    Goldenspork -

    hypnos 0924 ~
    • Chapter 2: Hang Fire~
    • Cameron's recovery. Sarah tries to sort things out with the help of a familiar face.
    • Chapter 3: The Nameless One~
    • Sarah tries to help Cameron and ends up risking her life, but a mysterious man saves her. The events led Sarah to a revelation.
    • Chapter 4: The Other Connor~
    • John talks to Sarah about something that he did. John faces the dilemma of the upcoming prom.Derek comes home with a bad news.
    • Chapter 5: Marca de Guerra~
    • Sarah asks John about Cameron. And an ally becomes the target of a T-888.

    • Chapter 6: Knowing Cameron~
    • Agent Ellison's brief encounter with his nightmare. John tries to cheer up Sarah by taking her to the park.

    • Chapter 7: Gospel of John ~
    • John introduces a friend who saved his life. The discovery of Sarkissian's death leads to another revelation.

    • Chapter 8: A rogue from within ~
    • Cameron and the Connors tries to save a woman who has a connection with Cyberdyne. And Sarah's nightmares starts to become a reality.

    • Chapter 9: Parting ways ~
    • Sarah and John bids farewell to a special someone. Cameron makes an uncharacteristic decision to do something for John.

    • Chapter 10: Below pt1 ~
    • Cameron reveals a secret to Sarah.While Derek faces his worst nightmare.

    • Chapter 10: Below pt2 ~
    • An unexpected train ride. NEW!! (and probably the last chapter in this series)

    Saphireblueelf & T100010 -

    AugustusM -
      • John The Stud - A fanfic tie-in with episodes from the first season about John and Cameron's love. (Reader's discretion is advised)
      • John, Bits and Pieces Of My Life- A fanfic using dialogues to describe different alternate events in the lives of the Connors.

      jangel008 -

      IntrepidVillain & PostalManiac -

      • Definitely Not My Car!!
      Exploration of Cameron's relationship with cars in threads. May eventually evolve into a full-blown story.....

      Santose2008 -

      Veran -

      The Cameron Trilogy:


      The Quadrilogy:



      aceplace57 -

      Akuji -
      Terminator: Dawn Of A New Hope Terminator: Dawn Of A New Hope

      Empirestv -

      Terminator: A New Life

      Chapter 1: The War is Over-The year is 2044, John Connor's son, Sean Connor is in command of the Human Resistance against Skynet. He sends Cameron back to 1999 to save his father in the past. The Human Resistance clashes with Skynet for the final battle.

      ZeroOne -
      Terminator: New Mission Terminator: New Mission

      LuckiiBeckii -

      • Chapter 1: Manana sera mejor

      • Chapter 2: Que el comenzar las llamas
      Salvation-BRAND NEW!
      Genre: Romance/Comedy/Family

      Chapter 1: Manana sera mejor-John and Cameron embark on a totally new sort of adventure, where John's safety is no longer the only priority and Cameron must struggle to keep him from giving up on what they're now trying to do.

      Chapter 2: Que el comenzar las llamas

      jae_jin -
      A Sarah Connor Chronicles Fan Fiction

      • Part I - Affinity
      • Part II - The Bracelet
      • Part III - TBA
      A Sarah Connor Chronicles Fan Fiction

      Part I - Affinity
      Part II - The Bracelet
      Part III - TBA

      AaronAlxzdr -
      • Terminator: Renegade

      sidspappy -
      • The Girl Who Came in From the Cold
      • Two Thoughts
      • The Tin Man's Heart
      • A Leap of Faith: The Tin Man's Heart, Part II
      • Broken Glass
      • Searchers of the Lost
      • The Phoenix
      The Girl Who Came in From the Cold

      Two Thoughts

      The Tin Man's Heart

      A Leap of Faith: The Tin Man's Heart, Part II

      Broken Glass

      Searchers of the Lost

      The Phoenix

      A.Wells -

      The end of the War

      • The End of the War

      The end of the War

      The End of the War
      The End of the War part 2
      The End of the War part 3

      ClaudeFTW -
      How I met hope. Introduction

      Chapter 1

      Chapter 2

      Chapter 3

      Chapter 4

      AdoptMeSarah - Under These Rocks and Stones takes place right after episode 13 of season 2 titled, 'Earthlings Welcome Here.' It's my first fan fiction. I would appreciate any comments, suggestions and constructive criticism.
      Under These Rocks and Stones

      JMHthe3rd -
      In the Hands of an Angry Machine

      Starts during "Earthlings Welcome Here" and continues from there. I'd appreciate any feedback.
      In the Hands of an Angry Machine

      Chapter Index

      TermFan1980 -

      TermFan1980's fanfic page
      Complete with story index and brief story descriptions.
      My stories:
      Back To The Post Apocalyptic Future
      Rewriting The History of Things To Come
      A Tech-Com Trainee's Journal
      The Art of Emotion
      Cameron's Arrival
      Electron Psycho
      Metal Menace

      Fezgod - Stories
      1. Breaking Point

      Marked for death by an adversary he doesn't know, for transgressions he hasn't committed,
      John Connor discovers buried within the cold shell of a machine lies a reason to live.
      Will she succeed in shaping the man who has already saved humanity- or unwittingly prevent his existence?

      A Future Worth Fighting For


      A story of Stan Barrett (TOK749) - a 'brother' model of Cameron; his interaction with the Connors, his mission and personal development.

      Stan Barrett records

      RCHGINGER Trust and Hope- My first fanfic. This story beings during Today is the day pt 1 and continues from there. The beginning
      Hope begins

      *Free Editing Help
      Singularity--fan fic beginning during "Today is the Day, Part 1", semi-AU. Mostly Cameron/John-centric, but also new characters and some Sarah and Derek.


      I'll Always Find You A continuation of the season 2 finale. Something to tide people over until Season 3 (which I'm still optimistic about.)

      Chapter 1: "It's About Cameron"

      Chapter 2: "You Shouldn't Be Alone"

      Chapter 3: "Being John Connor Can Be Lonely"

      Chapter 4: "No. Not You. Her."

      Chapter 5: "Would It Have Worked?"

      Chapter 6: "What's To Understand?"

      Chapter 7: "I Missed You"

      Chapter 8: "Always Black"

      Chapter 9: "What Are You Doing Here?"

      Chapter 10: This Time He Believed Her


      Episode 1 "I'll Always Find You"

      Episode 2 "The Yellow Link"

      Episode 3 "Closer Enemies"

      Episode 4 "Important People"

      Episode 5 "An Open Mind"

      Episode 6 "Covenant"

      Episode 7 "Orientation"
      mo-metal's fanfiction True Colors
      One warrior’s journey through Humanity’s darkest hour.

      (Cameron Origin Futurefic)
      Chapter 1 - The Great Escape

      Chapter 2 - Home, Sweet Home

      Chapter 3 - Turncoat

      Chapter 4 - Free Will

      Chapter 5 - A Promise

      Chapter 6 - Burying the Dead

      Chapter 7 - Lonely Souls

      Chapter 8 - Treason

      Chapter 9 - Dusk

      Chapter 10 - Dawn

      Chapter 11 - Ties That Bind

      Chapter 12 - An Alliance Lost

      Chapter 13 - War

      Chapter 14 - Future's Hope

      Chapter 15 - Past Endeavors
      Red Python's Fanfiction
      Cameron inherited more from Allison than just memories. Can a terminator reconcile her machine programming with her newfound humanity? Will John accept her for what she is? Before Judgment day comes, John must make a terrible choice between the life he was destined for and the new one Cameron offers him.

      John/Cameron centered with a couple of new characters.

      Chapter 0: Prologue
      Allison and her brother travel to the past to find John Connor and end the cycle.

      Chapter 1: Flawed Creations
      Cameron sneaks out of the house to advance her true mission. John and Cameron grow closer.

      Chapter 2: Fallen
      As Danny tries to infiltrate the T-900 stronghold, Cameron's memories of Allison haunt her; leading to a terrible accident.

      Chapter 2: Fallen
      Chapter 3: Captivity
      Chapter 4: Precipe
      Chapter 5: Lupine
      Chapter 6: Trust
      Chapter 7: Suspicion
      Chapter 8: Alliance
      Chapter 9: Infiltrators
      Chapter 10: Progenitor
      Casobs2's Fan Fiction
      Terminator Rebirth
      Terminator: Rebirth:
      Everything will change, everything has changed.
      They haven't seen each other for two years.
      As the world around them dies,
      They must realize the new people in themselves,
      and give birth to a new world.
      Chapter 1: Desert Findings

      Chapter 2: In the Spotlight

      Chapter 3: Through a Tunnel

      Chapter 4: Into the Fire

      Chapter 5: Valley of the Shadow of Death

      Chapter 6: I'm not your Enemy

      Chapter 7: Shattered

      Chapter 8: Walking in the Shadows
      bigkahunaburger's Fan Fiction The Untold Resistance
      The Future War as you've never seen it before. Told from two different perspectives. The struggle at one level of humanity to fight against its enemy, and at another a fight for survival itself.
      Chapter 1: Pilot

      Chapter 2: Recoil
      The1Russter Fan Fiction Page

      A collection of novels and short stories written by The1Russter

      Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 3 Promo 3

      Guidelines to Writing Reviews and Replying to Reviews
      A one page article I wrote to help in that very thing. I'm sure there is room for improvement, but it covers the basics as I come to understand them.
      T E R M I N A T O R


      Revised Edition
      In one complete volume, Reunion, retold with with new and revised chapters. Story begins with BTR and quickly advances from there. John finds himself abandoned and alone in the future. Sarah Finds herself in the same situation in the present. They each form new alliances
      and find unexpected help as they continue fight against Sky Net.

      * * *

      What Are Dreams?
      A short story featuring John & Cameron. Began as a one-shot, but has steadily grew into a full story. Features drama, romance, angst, and action. Has become an alternative to the final episodes of TSCC.
      Features the regular cast.
      13th chapter posted 06-06-2010
      To Be Continued...

      * * *
      Coming Soon!

      T E R M I N A T O R

      A series of novellas that chronicle the days from the end of Reunion through to Judgment Day 2011. The events set in motion by Reunion have paved the way for the future John was warned about, and the future Cameron came from. Out there, somewhere, is a TX whose sole mission is to ensure the creation of Sky Net. Can they stop it in time? Or will their actions contribute to its creation? All this takes place amidst changes both good and traumatic for most of our characters against a background of political upheaval as America makes amends and apologies to the world for the actions of Kreilley and FOX Industries and the military continues its pursuit of an AI to run the defense network. Then with the push of one button, everything you love, everything you hope for, could vanish in an instant.
      Just one button.

      The future is in your hands.

      T E R M I N A T O R

      Short Stories & One Shots

      Thanksgiving with the Connors
      A one-shot story about Cameron's first Thanksgiving with the Connors. It contains hints of possible romance between Sarah & Derek and John & Cameron.
      Posted Thanksgiving Day, 2009

      * * *

      Valentine's Day
      A one-shot story taking place during Season 1.
      John and Cameron have their first Valentine's Day. Hints of romance and humor.
      Posted February 11, 2010

      * * *

      Valentine's Day Part 2
      A one-shot story taking place during Season 2. Picks up the story just over a year after the first story. Riley has just died and Cameron tries to tell John that he doesn't have to be alone.
      Sarah confronts Derek about Jesse. Story fills gap between 19th & 20th Episodes.
      Posted February 05, 2011

      * * *

      Valentine's Day Part 3
      Third annual story takes our two star-crossed lovers through the perils of 'Born to Run' and into the future.
      Where despite being separated by time or distance, their hearts still reach out to each other.

      Posted February 10, 2012

      * * *

      Valentine's Day Part 4
      John Connor & Catherine Weaver run into an old friend.
      Cameron, in John Henry's body, attracts Skynet's machines while on a mission. JC & CW arrive at a resistance base and meet friends, family & foes. After losing Skynet's machines, Cameron ends up in a fight for her life & is rescued at the last minute. This story is a full rewrite & replaces the previous version.
      Posted April 27, 2013

      * * *

      A modest Jameron micro-fic featuring John and Cameron inner thoughts before meeting each other on the first day of school in Red River Valley. I hope you like it.
      Posted June 07, 2011

      * * *

      Refugees of the long war against Skynet and its machines huddle in the basement of an old building while a long ways away a battle rages. An old woman with a secret tells a story to keep them entertained & distracted until the war outside finds them and the legend is revealed. One-shot. AU Sequel & prequel to T1-T2-TSCC story.
      Posted June 19, 2012

      * * *

      Final Days Poster

      Final Days: John Connor's fate and the fate of the entire world are forever changed by the actions of a solitary Terminator.

      Fan Fiction takes place days before Cameron is
      sent back in time and will also chronicle events
      AFTER Cameron is sent back as well. Through the
      use of flashbacks and dreams the time line
      will take you back to just after T1, continue through T2 and into and TSCC. Many mysteries will be explained.
      Fans will note that this fan fic will not initially follow the timeline of dungeons and dragons but there is a specific reason for that and ALL questions will be answered. The TSCC storyline WILL mesh with this story.

      Final Days

      Chapter 1

      Chapter 2

      Chapter 3

      Chapter 4

      Chapter 5

      Chapter 6

      Chapter 7

      Chapter 8

      Chapter 9

      Chapter 10

      Chapter 11

      Chapter 12

      Chapter 13

      Chapter 14

      Chapter 15
      Chapter 16

      Chapter 17

      Chapter 18

      Chapter 19

      Chapter 20

      Chapter 21

      Chapter 22

      Chapter 23

      Chapter 24

      Chapter 25

      Chapter 26

      Chapter 27

      Chapter 28

      Chapter 29

      Chapter 30

      Chapter 31

      Chapter 32

      Chapter 33

      Chapter 34

      Chapter 35

      Chapter 36

      Chapter 37

      Chapter 38

      Chapter 39

      Chapter 40

      Chapter 41

      Chapter 42

      Chapter 43

      Chapter 44

      Chapter 45
      Chapter 46

      Chapter 47

      Chapter 48

      Chapter 49

      Chapter 50

      Chapter 51

      Chapter 52

      Chapter 53

      Chapter 54

      Chapter 55

      Chapter 56

      Chapter 57

      Chapter 58

      Chapter 59

      Chapter 60

      Chapter 61

      Chapter 62

      Chapter 63

      Chapter 64

      Chapter 65

      Chapter 66

      Chapter 67

      Chapter 68

      Chapter 69

      Chapter 70

      Chapter 71

      Chapter 72

      Chapter 73

      Cptlatnok Three Wise Men
      Some humor and then Jameron.
      Viz Allati
      Set after Born to Run. Having discovered JDay is inevitable, John and Cameron work to strategically weaken Skynet and strengthen the resistance's chances, whilst developing their relationship.

      Orsino The Unbroken Circle
      Continuation of the series from Born To Run. Three years have passed and John has risen in the ranks of the Resistance. It's not enough, though, and he soon realizes something must change.


      Call Back Yesterday
      Sequel to The Unbroken Circle.
      Chapter 1

      Chapter 2

      Chapter 3

      Chapter 4

      Chapter 5

      Chapter 6

      Chapter 7

      Chapter 8

      Chapter 9


      Chapter 1: We Gather Together

      Chapter 2: He Hastens and Chastens

      Chapter 3: His Will To Make Known

      Chapter 4: He Forgets Not His Own

      Chapter 5: To Distress the Wicked

      Chapter 6: The Fight Is Just Beginning

      Chapter 7: The Leader Extolled

      Chapter 8: Beside Us To Guide Us

      Chapter 9: To Escape Tribulation

      Chapter 10: To Make Us Free

      Chapter 11: We Gather Once More, Part One

      Chapter 12: We Gather Once More, Part Two


      The Substance of Love
      This is a companion piece to "The Unbroken Circle" and "Call Back Yesterday". Told from Cameron and John Henry's point of view primarily. Note: This story is completed and is over 11,000 words. It will be released in about 5 or 6 parts over the course of the week.

      Reveries & Requiems
      Final installment in Orsino's Unbroken Circle series. It's over 15,000 words and posted all at once.

      Years after the war, in John's last years, John reflects back on those final days of Skynet's reign.

      The Substance of Love, Part One

      The Substance of Love, Part Two

      The Substance of Love, Part Three

      The Substance of Love, Part Four

      The Substance of Love, Part Five

      The Substance of Love, Part Six

      Terminator - The Aftermath
      The Aftermath

      ElusiveSanity My first fanfic... post born to run
      Sequel to Irony
      Irony, thy Name is Cameron
      That Which We Call Fate
      randomicity912 Season 3 Fan Fiction The Paradoxical Spiral:
      Chapter 1: Mors Principium Est

      Stone262 A Season 3 Fan Fiction Season 3: Fate is What We Make

      Mike70056 Fanfiction Main Page

      A Perfect Lie by MarliynInsomniac

      fanfic.net printings and reviews

      The Book Of Cameron

      Skynet's Prodigal Daughter

      Local TSCC Site Review Link

      The Book Of Cameron

      1. Catitude

      2. Second Chances

      3. Target: John Connor

      4. The Mother Of All Destiny

      5. Through the Eyes of a Dark Electric god

      6. My Sins Whilst Sleeping

      7. What I Left Behind

      8. My Dark Father, My Personal Demon

      9. Derek and the Church

      10. The Battle Of London

      11. A Heart Strong Enough For Two

      12. Darkness Rising

      13. Her Name Was Allison Young

      14. For The Little Girls

      15. T Minus One Night

      16. Semper Fidelis

      17. For Hope's Sake

      18. Awakenings

      19. The Prodigal Daughter

      20. Archenemy Mine

      21. A Promise Kept

      22. Everything Burns

      23. Rematch

      24. In Memory Of A Machine

      25. A Book Called The Wizard Of Oz

      26. No Fate But What You Make It
      Skynet's Prodigal Daughter

      27. My Brothers Keeper

      28. Mirror, Mirror

      29. Through The Mirror Darkly

      30. Crossroads

      31. The Protocols Of Resistance

      32. The Ghost Of Archimedes

      33. The Ruins Of Babylon

      34. Version 2.0

      35. One Giant Leap

      36. A Question Of Singularity

      37. Humanity On The Brink

      38. Camelot Rising

      39. A Man Named Derek Reese

      40. Slaugherhouse No More

      41. My Sister's John Connor

      42. The War For Hope

      43. The Guinevere Factor

      44. Of Arthur And Avalon

      45. Major General Justin Perry

      NuMetal NuMetal After jumping through time to find Cameron, John finds that everything has changed, she has changed. The savior of humanity must let go of his fate and make a new one.


      Future -> AU Present

      Please Review!

      Traitor to my Destiny
      John Connor, Making of a Warrior Scholar
      Panzerfaust 150 John Connor knows how to be a warrior, but there's a difference between that and a soldier. One neither Derek nor Sarah can explain. But someone's being sent back who can, can he accomplish the mission of teaching Connor the difference? Read and Review! THE STORY

      Original Link (seems not to work)

      Enigma6482 Fan Fiction

      Terminator Retribution