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Sound Files from Various Parts of the Terminator Franchise

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Terminator (1984)

Cyberdyne Goes Online


The Terminator asking the three guys for their clothes Clothes

"Nothing clean, right" NothingClean

Kyle telling Sarah "Come with me if you want to live." Come_With_Me

Reese telling Sarah she's been targeted for Termination Targeted

"I'm a friend of Sarah Connor" Friend

Reese delivering John's message to Sarah Message

Terminator at the gun shop GunShop

Terminator's Room (knock on door) DeadCat

Terminator's Response FU A**h*le

Takes the wheel of big rig Get Out

Kyle telling Sarah about the Terminator Will not stop

Kyle in custody at the police station Kyle_In_Custody

Terminator calling the Tiki Motel TikiAddress

Sarah: "You're terminated f*ck*r" Terminated

Terminator Wav Files - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

"I'll be back"


Sarah: opening voice over "War against the machines" War

215 bones Bones

Give me your clothes, boots and motorcycle GiveMe

Sarah discusses improvement with the doctor Improvement

Anatomy Anatomy

Cannot self-terminate SelfTerminate

"Correct" Correct

Sarah talking with the doctor and saying Terminators don't exist DontExist

"I'm a cybernetic organism" Organism

"Holy shit, you're really real?" Real

"How long do you live?" HowLong

"I have detailed files" Details

Terminator explains future to Dyson TheFuture

John educates The Terminator EatMe

Sarah watches John and The Terminator SoClear

"Hasta la vista baby" Hasta

"Goodbye" GoodBye

"I see everything" Everything

"I sense injuries" Injuries

"I swear" Swear

"I'm a Terminator" Imaterminator

"It ends here" EndsHere

Arnold describing the T-1000 to John T1000

Sarah voice over on the way to Cyberdyne MakingUpHistory

"That's one of my mission parameters" Parameters

"Did you call moi, a dip shit" Moi

"...the more I learn" TheMoreILearn

'My mission is to protect you" Mission

"No problemo" NoProblemo

Rescue Sarah from Pescadaro (John and Arnold) Rescue

"...anyone not wearing 2 million sunblock..." (Sarah) Sunblock

"The system goes online on August 4, 1997" (Arnold) Online

"I'll take care of the police" (Arnold to Sarah, John, and Dyson) Police

'This is tactically dangerous" (Arnold to John) Tactically

"Trust me" Trust

"I need a vacation" (Arnold) Vacation

Sarah's Epilogue Epilogue

Terminator Wav Files - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles



Bad Boy (Kate Brewster talking to John) Badboy

"I am unable to comply" (Arnold responding to Kate) Unabletocomply

"I'm not authorized to answer your question" NotAuthorized

"My CPU is intact, but...." CPUintact

"It is your destiny" (Arnold to John) Destiny

"I feel the weight of the future bearing down on me" Weightofthefuture

"I lied" Lied

"I require a cutting tool" Cuttingtool

"Judgment Day is inevitable" Inevitable

"I'm programmed to follow your commands" Programmed

"Anger is more useful than despair" Anger

"I'm wasting my time" Wastingtime

"What the hell is happening. Who's in charge there?" Incharge

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