Terminator: Dawn Of A New Hope

Terminator: Dawn Of A New Hope

By Akuji
Terminator: Dawn Of A New Hope

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This story follows John and Cameron's struggle to stop Judgement Day.
Without the aid of his mother can John step up to the challenge?
Can Cameron complete her mission?
Can they truly stop Judgement Day?

The story is set after the events of T2. Although Cameron maybe one of the main characters, this story makes no attempt to link any other plots from the Terminator Franchise beyond the point of T2.
(This story contains scenes of graphic violence, gore and injury as well as sustained threat and language)

Chapter 1: A New Beginning
Chapter 2: Contact
Chapter 3: The City Of Angels
Chapter 4: The Beginning Of The End?
Chapter 5: Realization
Chapter 6: Into The Void
Chapter 7: The Ghost Of The Machine
Chapter 8: The Power Of Friendship
Chapter 9: An Eye For An Eye
Chapter 10: Comfort
Chapter 11: Coming Soon...

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