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Welcome to the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles the mission is on the wall web page. If you have watched episode 2 Automatic for the people at the end you will see Sarah, John, Cameron and Derek stand in front of a wall as seen above, with the information they have by the mystery man from the future. But the Big question is what does it all mean for the Connors, Derek and the Cameron and most importantly Skynet.

Also open is the new Terminator Hell Hall where you can put in your own words what you would feel like to be in a room with just one human and a room fully of Terminators from the T-800 to the T-1001 to post your opinions click here

The mission wall

Missions/ Places or people?

  • Greenway - Season 2: Episode 2: Automatic for the People: the power plant manager was a Terminator sent through time by Skynet to destroy the power plant, as it was a source of energy for the resistance against the Machines.

  • P. Alto - Season 2: Episode 5: Good-Bye to All That: A T-888 was sent back through time to kill an Army student. Sarah sends John and Derek to protect him from the assassination attempt by Skynet.

  • Dr. B. Sherman - Season 2: Episode 6 and Episode 9: The Tower is Tall but the Fall is Short: Dr. Sherman is a psychologist who helps people with mental problems etc. He helps John try to overcome seeing Sarah kill Sarkissian in Episode 1 : Samson and Delilah. Though he is helping John, Sarah, and Cameron, a female T-888 is sent back though time (some people say to kill other say to protect) Dr. Sherman from helping John Connor though his difficult stages of his role of becoming leader of the human resistance in the future war to come.

  • In Episode 9, Sarah goes back to talk about her and John but realizes she can't tell him about what is happening to her, John, and Cameron; also, she tries to find out what the 3 dots are beside Dr. Sherman's name on the wall (Maybe it involves Sarah, John and Cameron or Sarah, John and Derek) who knows but we know it will be answered?? in Future episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2!!!
  • 3 Dots - Sarah Connor continues having dreams about the 3 dots. In episode 13, she finds a man dressed up as woman helping her find out what the 3 dots mean. At the end of episode 13, she finds out what the 3 dots are as the sight of an HK comes over Sarah's head.

  • Juan Lopez - Episode ? What will Happen??

  • Stark - Season 2, Episode 11. Name of the Terminator who was sent to 1920 accidentally due to a temporal error.

  • Alpine Fields - Name of the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Episode 12. Sarah and Cameron were protecting a family in the Alpine Fields as the wife of the family was pregnant with one of the future resistance fighters that helps John in the future with a disease. The Location Alpine Fields.

  • Kim - Episode ? what will happen??

  • Wallace/Brooks - Episode? what will happen??

  • Deacon Sandhip - Episode ? what will happen??

  • Tb3N@C84 - An unusual type of fullerene molecule. Episode ? What will happen?

  • 0419100644 - Episode 15 Desert Cantos what will happen model number code from the HK Hunter Killer Flyer that came out of the river when one of Cathrine Weavers men died, the man that Cathrine is looking for to get the design from picked up the HK in a truck and went off with it.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Mission on the wall (What do you think it means for them all)
These are most of the missions that are on the wall that the Connors, Derek and Cameron will have to do or go to stop Skynet and to also stop Cathrine Weaver (T-1001) from building the Artificial Intelligence System that will destroy the world.

But the question is: What do you think about these missions that the Connors have to take in the upcoming episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2?

Profile Name Comments on the Connors, Derek and Cameron mission on the wall
Birdman117 I think that the resistance found out about these people and events that Skynet has sent terminators back to change the time line, so now the Connors/Derek/Cameron will have to stop Skynet...again.
Cameron-TOK716 Personally i think that Skynet has more then likely infiltrated John Connors Base in the Future with a Terminator and then sent a few Terminators back through time to kill each one of. Then John finds out then sends a few of his own troops (Jesse) to try and protect them ones that Skynet has targeted.
Desolator12 I would say that all those words were people and places where the terminators succeeded in their
missions. And the sorry bastard that came back from that future was probably the last human on Earth.
Will217 Re: Alpine Fields
Isn't that a fairly new oil drilling site somewhere in Alaska?
Added an improved shot of the wall. Some of the stuff on the left is pretty hard to make out, especially the bottom set of letters.
Cameron-TOK716 pt2 Personally i think that the mission on the wall as you see above you is all Sarah's missions that John from the future as told a resistance fighter Episode 2: Automatic for the people to do and then the rest is up to John to fight the Machines as keep them at bay.
Talon_Svarog Just been thinking about this one: "Tb3N@C84", the one that is listed as an unusual type of Fullerene. The chemical properties of Fullerenes suggest that this might have something to do with the Hyperalloy used in the endoskeleton.
Desolator12 Is Deacon Sandhip a T-2000?

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