Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Recaps Season 1




Charlie reports Sarah gone at a local police station. Charlie meets Agent James Ellison, who reveals Sarah's true identity and her past. As Sarah and John flee, Ellison updates a database. At an abandoned warehouse, Sarah's profile appears. A man in the back stands and reads the screen. John starts his first day at a new school. Cameron, a pretty girl, introduces herself to John. A substitute teacher takes roll. The teacher, Cromartie, is a Terminator. John answers. Cromartie pulls a gun from his leg. He fires, and Cameron takes the bullets in the chest. John escapes out the window. Cromarite chases John into the parking lot. Cromartie tracks John, and is about to make his kill. A pick-up truck plows him down. Cameron, behind the wheel, kicks open the door. John jumps in. John realizes Cameron is a Terminator also. Sarah hears the news and races to the school. Sarah watches the school from a distance. Cromartie grabs her and calls John, mimicking Sarah's voice. John says head returning to the house. At the house, John walks in. Cromartie fires his gun. When he goes to see the body, it's Cameron. She springs up and battles Cromartie. The two demolish the house. Cameron uses an electrical line to short circuit Cromarite and the three escape. While John sleeps, Sarah asks Cameron about the future.
At the house, John walks in. Cromartie fires his gun. When he goes to see the body, it's Cameron. She springs up and battles Cromartie. The two demolish the house. Cameron uses an electrical line to short circuit Cromarite and the three escape. While John sleeps, Sarah asks Cameron about the future. Someone else builds Skynet. Cameron is there to protect John. Sarah, John and Cameron start with the widow of Miles Dyson, Theresa. Outside, Cromartie closes in. Sarah races out of the garage, backing over Cromartie. Cromartie returns machine gun fire. They escape, but Sarah was hit by gunfire. The next morning Cameron leads them into a bank. Cameron draws a gun, a teller sounds the alarm. Another teller takes them to the safety deposit vault, and locks them in. Cameron has John and Sarah open several boxes, all with odd pieces in them. Cameron assembles the pieces into a large gun. Cromartie arrives and begins to tear the vault door down. Cameron scrambles and reveals a secret time machine. Cameron activates the machine, Sarah holds the gun towards the door. Cameron activates the time machine, and Sarah fires as Cromarite enters. The three arrive naked on a busy freeway 8 years in the future. After retrieving some clothes, the three set out to stop Skynet.


A man cleans the side of a road. He finds the head of a Terminator lying amongst the garbage. He slips it into a bag. Sarah hopes to track down Enrique, who ten years ago, was a master of fake identification. Cameron tells Sarah that there are Resistance fighters from the future in the area. Sarah tells John to stay inside for another day. Sarah and Cameron enter a rundown apartment. Several men are dead on the floor. They're the Resistance fighters. Cameron checks the pulse of one man; the man springs to life and throws her across the room. He's a Terminator. The two battle and fall into the alley below. The enemy robot flees and Cameron chases. Cameron is struck by a car and the Terminator escapes. Back at home, Sarah is angry that Cameron brought them to the future, thinking it was taking away time from her to prepare her son. But Cameron reveals that Sarah would have died two years ago anyway. Cameron tells John and Sarah that Skynet doesn't know where they are. The Terminator they battled wasn't programmed to kill John. But Cameron warns that if they find out who he is, they'll kill him. Sarah begs John to be patient. Sarah and Cameron leave to find Enrique. In the car, Cameron reveals that Sarah would have died from cancer. Enrique is happy to see Sarah. Sarah asks for papers, but Enrique says he has retired. He refers them to his nephew, Carlos, who continues the business. John goes out against Sarah's wishes, and to a computer store. John searches the internet for himself and finds out about Agent Ellison. He also reads about Charlie.
The eyes of the found Terminator skull flash to life. Somewhere else in Los Angeles, a robotic fist punches through a pile of scrap metal. It's Cromartie. Sarah and Cameron visit Carlos. When Carlos' dogs go crazy, Sarah sends Cameron outside. Carlos will do the work for twenty-thousand dollars. A cop harasses Cameron outside. The cop goes to check the license plates of the car that Sarah drove, and Cameron begins to follow the cop with the intention of killing him. Sarah shouts to distract her. Sarah acts like she's Cameron's step mother and pulls Cameron away. John into a house. It's Charlie's house. Charlie catches John in the kitchen, he's stunned to see John alive. Charlie wants to know what happened, but John reacts violently, and runs home. Later, Sarah, Cameron and John sneak back into the apartment of the dead Resistance fighters. John tears down a poster to reveal a safe. Cameron touches the keypad and it electrocutes her. The Terminator from before returns and makes his way upstairs. John enters the date for Judgment Day on the keypad and opens the safe. They grab a bag inside, and then shove the Cameron out the window. Her body smashes a car. Cameron reboots, and the three run off. From behind a dark fence, an unseen man with the Resistance tattoo watches them leave. Cromartie's body tracks down its head. Carlos delivers Sarah's new papers. On the way out, Sarah overhears Carlos calling Enrique a "rat." Charlie lies to his current wife about everything being okay. The knowledge of John being alive is weighing heavy on him. Sarah wants the truth from Enrique and holds him at gunpoint. She gives him another chance to come clean and wants to know if Enrique is selling her out. He tells her about turning evidence against his cellmate. Suddenly, Cameron shoots him and says she did it because Sarah wouldn't. Sarah is furious, and begins to break down. Cameron quizzes John on his new identity. Sarah tells John he's going to school so she'll always know where he is and who he's with. Agent Ellison listens to a voicemail message from Enrique. It hints that he had information for Ellison. Ellison stands over Enrique's body. John and Cameron sign up for school. Cromarite marches through a homeless camp. Sarah goes to the doctor for a physical, hoping to avoid cancer when it comes.


Sarah sits over news clippings and photos from the Resistance's apartment hideout. Sarah believes the Resistance was sent back to eliminate all Skynet loose ends. John and Cameron start their first day of school. They notice some strange graffiti on a wall. A blonde girl nearby seems upset by it. Sarah meets Theresa Dyson at Miles grave. Theresa hasn't seen her since 1999. Sarah gives Theresa an envelope of photos and asks Theres a if she recognizes anyone. She recognizes and intern named Andy Goode.
Agent Ellison investigates the Resistance's apartment with Agent Greta Simpson. Simpson thinks the dead guys are small time. Ellison thinks something larger is going on. Cromartie, buried under a mess of clothes, breaks into a hospital and steals a large amount of blood. Sarah meets Andy where he works, a cell phone store. Andy asks Sarah on a date, and after giving him a hard time, she accepts. John's new lab partner is a pretty girl, Cheri. Cameron transfers into the class. Ellison goes to Carlos home, the man who made the new identity papers for Sarah. He wants to know why Carlos uncle, Enrique, called Carlos three times the day he died. Carlos plays dumb as to who killed his uncle. Dr. Fleming comes home to find Cromartie waiting. Cromartie grabs Fleming's neck and lifts him off the ground. Sarah tells John about Andy and that she's having dinner with him. Cromartie orders Fleming to create something based on
Cromartie, buried under a mess of clothes, breaks into a hospital and steals a large amount of blood. Sarah meets Andy where he works, a cell phone store. Andy asks Sarah on a date, and after giving him a hard time, she accepts. John's new lab partner is a pretty girl, Cheri. Cameron transfers into the class. Ellison goes to Carlos home, the man who made the new identity papers for Sarah. He wants to know why Carlos uncle, Enrique, called Carlos three times the day he died. Carlos plays dumb as to who killed his uncle. Dr. Fleming comes home to find Cromartie waiting. Cromartie grabs Fleming's neck and lifts him off the ground. Sarah tells John about Andy and that she's having dinner with him. Cromartie orders Fleming to create something based on a formula that Cromartie has written on the wall. Fleming says he can, but he needs to go to his lab. Andy tells Sarah that he's building a computer named The Turk, that has the ability to play chess. And his version of the Turk has the ability to outsmart all human chess players. Sarah sees someone in the window and gives chase only to find no one. Later that night, Sarah tries to describe The Turk to John, but she doesn't know the details he wants and he can't tell her if it might be the machine that brings down humanity. Agent Simpson tells Ellison that a finger print from one of the dead men in the apartment matched that of a 4 year-old boy. Ellison doesn't understand how. Ellison asks Simpson for blood evidence from the scene to compare with his crime scene. The blood he found has no red blood cells. Fleming works in his lab, working on Cromartie's formula. He pours a vat of what appears to be blood into his bathroom tub. Cromartie pushes passed Fleming and removes his coat, revealing the full T-888 endoskeleton. Fleming can't believe what he's seeing. Sarah visits the doctor, wondering if there's anything she can do to prevent cancer. The doctor says she's healthy and shouldn't worry. John talks to Cheri in the hall and they pass another large piece of graffiti, which hints that a student may be sleeping with a teacher. The blonde girl from before walks by upset. Cameron tries to blend with the girls in the bathroom, but not succeeding. She hears the blonde girl, Jordan, crying about the graffiti. Cameron does what she thinks is right to console her, but Jordan storms off. Sarah and Andy walk through the park. Andy explains he's put eight years of his life into The Turk and has installed a security system to protect it. Andy continues to say The Turk has moods. The final piece of graffiti is being painted over at the high school. A student announces that there's a girl on the roof who might jump. John makes a move to save Jordan, but Cameron stops him. John has to blend in. Jordan falls forward and crashes to the pavement. Cameron pulls John away. At home, Sarah defends what Cameron told John. John is furious that he couldn't save Jordan. Cameron says Andy must be killed. Ellison walks into Fleming's home, a crime scene squad is already there. Fleming is in the bathroom, dead. Cromartie also took his eyes. Andy returns home from work to see his house on fire. Sarah watches from down the street. Before Cromartie killed Fleming, Cromartie emerges from the bathtub, skin creating a misshaped face. Fleming cuts two slits on the face, and Cromartie's red eyes flick open.


Dr. Lyman, a plastic surgeon, hears a noise from his office. He finds Cromartie at a computer looking for the image of a man. Cromartie demands surgery. Sarah tries to get John to talk about Jordan's death, but John stays closed. Cameron interrupts them and tells them Cromartie followed them. Cameron shows news video of when they arrived in Los Angeles, in the background is Cromartie's head. Cameron believes he has something to do with a shipment of Coltan metal, a key metal in Terminator endoskeletons, being rerouted. Sarah tells John to arm up. They're going to fight Cromartie. John, Sarah and Cameron sneak watch workers load Coltan into a truck. Cameron verifies the crew is human, John and Sarah continue to plant C4 charges. John and Sarah see a guard walk into the warehouse. Cameron grabs him from behind and knocks him out. The truck with the Coltan drives off. They follow the truck and watch the workers. A fourth man enters and tells the three other men to leave. When the three leave, the fourth man grabs a shipment of the super-heavy Coltan and moves it like it's nothing. Cameron scans the man. He's a Terminator, but not Cromartie. Agent Ellison arrives at Dr. Lyman's office. Lyman was murdered and blood at the scene matches Ellison's strange blood samples. Ellison and the detective watch video footage of Cromartie entering the office Friday night, and leaving Sunday morning, but he has a new face. An office manager brings a file containing images of patient George Laszlo. The images match Cromartie's new face. John wants to destroy this new Terminator. Sarah wants to back off because they're out numbered and don't have a plan. Cameron agrees with Sarah. Sarah and Cameron get in the Jeep, then turn to see John climbing in the window. John sneaks into the truck carrying the Coltan. He hides his cell phone in one of the crates. Before he can get out of the truck, the men return and John gets locked inside, along with one of the men. Another worker holds Cameron and Sarah at gun point. Sarah knocks the man out. Before Sarah and Cameron can get through the warehouse, the truck with John is gone. Sarah and Cameron track John's phone online. In then the truck, John watches his phone shake loose, and smashes on the truck bed. Sarah and Cameron lose the signal. The man in the truck sees the phone. When he bends to grab it, John knocks him out with a piece of Coltan. Sarah panics. John tries to pick the lock on the truck but fails. Ellison tells Agent Simpson that Laszlo's record is clean. A younger agent, Agent Stewart, stands in the doorway. Ellison walks with Stewart to a holding room where Laszlo is awaiting interrogation. In the room, Ellison sits across from Laszlo. Laszlo stays quiet. A nurse arrives and Ellison asks Laszlo to donate some blood. Laszlo agrees. Sarah roughs up the man she knocked out earlier, asking him where the truck went. She cuts him loose, and tells the man he can go, if he can get passed Cameron. Minutes later, the man drives an Army vehicle. They're heading to a gunnery range. The man doesn't know what the Terminator is doing there; he was just hired to clean up the warehouse. Laszlo pulls off the bandage from the blood sample. There's a knock at his door. Cromartie is there and grabs Laszlo by the neck. He drags Laszlo to a mirror and compares his face. They're identical. The two other men open the truck inside the warehouse. They think the third man has left and go to make a call. John looks around and sneaks out of the truck. Ellison talks to a group of other agents about his case. Stewart notes that Laszlo's blood didn't match the blood sample in the lab. Ellison tells them he believes the person in the plastic surgery office may have been someone else trying to look like Laszlo. Stewart says that it's improbable because there was no change in the anesthesia levels. And the time needed to do the surgery would have killed any human without anesthesia. John tries to make a break for it, but the two men and the Terminator return. The Terminator kills the two men, and then closes a massive blast door. The Terminator stands at the door and appears to power down. Sarah and Cameron arrive at the depot where John is. Cameron notes that this is the location where she will be made in the future. They approach the blast door. The third crew man comes too and finds John. He holds him at gun point. John tries to tell the man that his boss, the Terminator, killed the other two. The man runs out and pushes the Terminator to the ground. The Terminator stands, grabs the man by the neck and kills him. The Terminator faces forward and powers down again. John carefully moves around the back of the warehouse to use a phone on the wall, he does it quietly, trying not to wake the machine. Sarah's cell phone rings and tells her what is going on inside. Sarah tells John that once the door opens, he must run. Cameron will handle the Terminator. The door is locked, and John has to get the key from around the sleeping Terminator's neck. John succeeds and opens the doors. Cameron rushes in and knocks the Terminator to the ground. John tries to start the truck and drive it out. The Terminator pushes the truck from the front, holding them back. Sarah blasts him with a shotgun, freeing them and drives over his body. Cameron locks the door behind them and they drive off. Ellison visits Laszlo's apartment to deliver a warning that someone might be trying to steal Laszlo's identity. Ellison, not knowing Cromartie is now Laszlo, gives Cromartie his card, and leaves. Cameron races the truck off a bluff, destroying the evidence and hiding the shipment of Colton. Back home, John goes to finish his homework. Cameron looks over a piece of Colton she took, curious about her creation. John's hand shakes as he realizes how close he came.


Sarah trudges through the South American jungle. When she returns to camp, a very young John is playing chess with an older soldier. Present day, Sarah does pull-ups on a swing set and takes a handful of vitamins. Andy, the creator of The Turk, calls and wants to meet in Pasadena. He’s at a chess tournament, The Turk is entered. Cromartie, disguised as an FBI agent, goes to Charlie Dixon’s home. Cromartie is looking for new info on Sarah. Sarah tells John that Andy rebuilt The Turk. Cameron reminds Sarah that she should have killed Andy. Sarah sends John and Cameron to school, and they’re to meet her at the tournament later. Sarah arrives to a convention hall full of robots. Andy meets her and takes her to see the new Turk. He says the new one is more adaptable, but less predictable. Andy tells Sarah the winner of the tournament gets a cash prize and a military contract. Cromartie isn’t getting answers from Charlie, and Charlie’s new wife walks in. Charlie swears he isn’t harboring Sarah. As far as he knows, the woman he knew blew herself up in a bank eight years ago. Students place objects and notes around a memorial for Jordan. John explains to Cameron why people write notes to the dead, to deal with the sadness. John talks to Cheri, but she doesn’t stay long. John works on a car in an auto class. A couple students give another student a hassle about some equipment and John steps in to help. The boy’s name is Morris. He tells John to stay away from Cheri, her father has her on lock down. Sarah watches The Turk compete against a rival machine. Sarah notices a man in the back of the auditorium, he doesn’t fit in. Cameron arrives and looks over the other robots, she looks on with curiosity. John finds Sarah in the auditorium and fills him in on the military contract. She tells John to cheer for the rival, or Cameron will kill Andy. The rival team loses their queen and it looks like Andy will win. Charlie’s wife knows that he was lying to Cromartie. She only asks that Charlie tell the truth. Charlie tells her that he saw John and that he had broken into the house. Charlie doesn’t have a plan to handle Sarah yet. It appears as though Andy is going to win. But their rival makes a sudden move and Andy is forced to surrender in checkmate. Sarah heads back to meet Andy and bumps into the man who was lurking in the auditorium. Sarah opens the door to Andy’s room to find Andy dead. Sarah chases after the man and tackles him. The man breaks free and runs down the alley. Police cars race in surround the man before he can get away. Sarah ducks behind a wall, sad that another innocent life was taken. John hacks the police database and pulls up images of the man. The man has a barcode tattoo on his arm, he’s a Resistance fighter. Cameron tells John that the man is one of John’s best soldiers in the future. Another Terminator sees the man’s updated police file on a computer. Moments later, the Terminator walks up to a pair of talking police officers and assaults one. The other officer arrests him immediately. At school, one of the counselors asks to see Cameron. The counselor asks Cameron what Jordan told her before she died. She repeats the conversation and the counselor knows Jordan was talking about the graffiti. The counselor looks concerned, and lets Cameron go. Agent Ellison sits across from the mystery man, and shows him photos from the Resistance apartment. Ellison tells the man that a synthetic blood links all the crime scenes and asks the man for new info. As Ellison leaves, he calls for the man to be taken out of local custody. The Terminator, in shackles, walks right by Ellison. Sarah, in a business suit, walks by Ellison at the prison. She’s talking on the phone with the counselor about Cameron’s behavior. Sarah nabs a badge from another person and hangs up on the counselor. She walks into the interrogation room. The man admits he knows who she is. He tells Sarah he didn’t kill Andy, he only wanted The Turk but when he got to Andy’s room, Andy was dead and The Turk was gone. He begs her to leave before a T-888 finds him. He tells her to find Andy’s partner from the tournament. The man tells Sarah that his brother, Kyle Reese, carried a photo of her for luck. The man is Derek Reese, Kyle’s brother and John’s uncle.The Terminator breaks open his cell door, then smashes open Derek’s cell. But it’s empty. Derek is chained inside a transport truck. John tries to talk to Cheri outside school. She begs him to walk away. He watches her quickly walk to a car, and get in. Morris follows John and notes that he was right about Cheri. Morris takes a liking to Cameron. Sarah picks them up. They have a mission. In the transport van, Derek pinches one end of his barcode tattoo, forcing a tiny piece of metal from under his skin. He uses it to free himself from the shackles. Sarah’s car races up behind the transport. Cameron jumps on the transport and pulls the guards out of the cab. When the transport stops, Cameron and Sarah climb in the cab. Sarah sees the Terminator running to the transport in the rear view mirror and tells Cameron to take care of him. The Terminator jumps on the back of the truck, and tears the door open. Cameron pushes the man through the side, and holds him down as Sarah edges the transport near a flatbed truck. The Termintor’s hand is cut off by a piece of the flatbed. John, Derek and Sarah race back to Sarah’s truck. The Terminator forces Cameron out the back and is dominating the fight. Sarah fires a pistol to distract the Terminator. The Terminator turns and fires, the bullet strikes Derek as Cameron strikes the Terminator with a metal pipe. Cameron quickly takes the Terminator down and calls for the tool box. She grabs several tools and quickly removes the Terminator’s memory chip from its head.Sarah and John carry Derek into the house, he’s bleeding badly. They place him on a table, but Derek doesn’t want Cameron to touch him. Cameron analyzes Derek and tells Sarah she can’t fix it. Sarah plans to kidnap a doctor and they have to save him. John tries to talk her out of it and Sarah reveals to John that Derek is his uncle. John runs out the front door. Ellison goes over the events of the transport with one of the guards. Ellison can’t believe his luck. He walks back to his car and notices a hand in a pile of rubble. Sarah keeps pressure on Derek’s wound, while Cameron writes a grieving letter at the table. Derek stops breathing as John walks in the door, Charlie behind him. Charlie pauses, then quickly moves to the table and begins CPR on Derek.


Derek shakes on the kitchen table, the Terminator’s bullet hit his lung and the bullet is still in him. Charlie does his best to save him and demands answers. Derek screams and wants Cameron out of the room, Sarah orders her out. As Derek beings to pass out, he remembers the future. Derek sits next to his brother, Kyle Reese and share war stories about John Connor. Above them, Terminator battle machines roar by. The men head to street level to track the machines. The men run through the streets hiding from flying Hunter Killers. The men see several Terminators dragging the engine from a 747. Kyle runs out for a closer look, but the men are spotted by a Hunter Killer. Derek turns to run and a Terminator grabs him. Charlie pulls the bullet out of Derek’s body and patches the wound. Cameron stands with John. John asks Cameron if she knows who Derek is, he’s searching for the answer he already knows. Cameron only recites tactical facts from Derek’s military life. Charlie tells Sarah that when he saw them on the news, he raced to Los Angeles to see if it was true. Sarah is hesitant to tell Charlie why she left eight years ago. Derek wakes up in the back of a transport truck. A Terminator on board grabs Derek and knocks him out. Charlie stands over the powered down Terminator from the jail, repeating what Sarah has told him. He tries to wrap his head around robots from the future and that Cameron is a machine. Cameron has prepared to destroy the Terminator using thermite. He watches Cameron sling the other Terminator over her shoulder and walk out back. Charlie tells John they could have trusted him years ago.A Terminator throws water on Derek’s face, grabs his arm, and brands him with the barcode tattoo. He calls for Kyle before he passes out. Later, Derek talks with another prisoner; they hear the sound of a piano. The man says there is a room in the basement, but they don’t know what goes on there. Cameron stands over Derek and Sarah walks in. Derek begins to cough up blood, Sarah screams for Charlie. Charlie stops the bleeding, but Derek needs blood. Charlie says Derek is AB-negative. John offers his blood, Charlie seems skeptical. Derek tries to carve away the floor to free himself from the shackles. A Terminator drags Billy Wisher, one of Derek’s team, back into the room but he appears comatose. Outside, Derek sees a Hunter Killer carrying away the 747 jet engine. Sarah takes John aside and tells him it was a good idea bringing Charlie. John asks if Derek looks like his father. Sarah says everything except the eyes. John wants to tell Derek that he’s family, but Sarah won’t let him. Billy wakes up and whispers to Derek. He tells Derek he’s a liar, his real name is Andy Goode and he created Skynet. Andy tells Derek he was part of a team, a team of fifteen people. He built a computer that became angry, and he begs forgiveness. A Terminator pulls Derek away. A Terminator leads Derek into the basement, closer to the sounds of the piano. A door opens in the basement, Derek walks in and the door closes behind him. In the garage, Cameron dissects the other Terminator, cutting away pieces of the fake-flesh. John sits over Derek, putting his blood into his uncle. Charlie knows John is somehow related to Derek. Derek screams on the kitchen table, looking for Kyle.In the future, Derek can barely stand as the machine locks him in shackles again. Derek lays on the floor, something horrible has happened to him. The light from another Hunter Killer shines down on them. When the men wake up, the machines are gone, the mansion is silent. On the floor between them, is a hatchet. Derek grabs it and cuts himself free. The men hurry in the daylight along the rubble back to their underground camp. When they arrive, smoke and fire billows out. The Terminators have attacked the camp. Charlie asks about Kyle, and realizes he is John’s father. Derek walks in the tunnels underground, looking at the destruction. They hear people enter behind them and duck for cover. It’s another Resistance group. The leader tells them that Kyle and John found a Skynet complex and tried to destroy it. John and Kyle went into the complex, but only John came out and ordered the complex destroyed. Derek demands to see John. Charlie goes to the garage and sees Cameron dumping thermite on the endoskeleton. Charlie tells Cameron her behavior scares him. Cameron appears to take offense to Charlie’s words and tells him to leave. She drops a torch into the thermite. Derek storms through a new camp with another Resistance fighter, trying to find John. Derek turns the corner and sees a Terminator, possibly Cameron, walking towards him. He grabs his pistol and tries to fire at her, but he’s blocked by the Resistance fighter. The man tells Derek she has been reprogrammed. Derek is furious that Terminators are walking freely in the base, and wants to know what happened to his brother. Later that night, screams ring out in the base. One of the reprogrammed Terminators has gone bad and is killing people. Derek fires his weapon, but it does little good. The Terminator tracks him down and as before he can kill him, the Cameron robot knocks it through a wall and destroys is with an explosive round. Sarah confronts Cameron in the garage about what she said to Charlie. Sarah tells Cameron she cannot kill Charlie. Cameron tells Sarah the Terminator’s left had is missing, and Cameron swears to find it. Sarah leaves, and Cameron reveals the Terminator’s memory chip in her hand.Charlie tells Sarah that Derek needs to take it easy, and offers his help in the future. She’s not trying to change her fate, she’s trying to change John’s. Charlie tells Sarah that an Agent Kester contact him and is looking for her. She needs to be careful. Sarah looks over and cleans assault rifles on the dining room table. John stands nearby, but says nothing. Sarah jumps up and embraces him. Derek sits in a bunk in the shelter. The Cameron model machine tells him John wants to see him, and takes him to a secure section of the bunker. The door opens and Derek stands, amazed. A giant machine pulsates, using several 747 jet engines. It’s the time machine. In the present, John sits over Derek and tells him to rest easy. In the future, Derek goes over the plan. Go to the past, set up a safe house. Derek knows this is their chance to save the future. He looks over to Andy. They must go back, and kill Andy. John tells Derek about Kyle’s story. Kyle died fighting the machines to save John, and that Kyle was a hero. A flashback to the chess tournament shows Derek opening the door to Andy’s room, firing two bullets, and then leaving.


Cameron steps off a motorcycle disguised as a police officer. She breaks into a power plan, finds a primary turbine, and then shoves her fist into it. This destroys the turbine and Los Angeles loses power. She rides the motorcycle to the Central Los Angeles Police Department and walks through undetected. She punches open the door to evidence storage. Sarah walks through a crypt. Cameron finds an evidence box, Agent Ellison’s is the last name on the list. She looks through box and finds nothing. Sarah’s flashlight illuminates the headstone of Andy Goode. Derek now lies in bed, still recovering from his battle with the T-888 at the jail. Sarah tells him the T-888 is destroyed and she hasn’t located Dmitri Shipkov, Andy’s chess partner. Derek tells her to assign Cameron to it. Cameron comes home and tells Sarah the FBI has the missing T-888 hand. Sarah tells Cameron to find Dmitri. Sarah calls FBI, disguising herself as an evidence clerk. Sarah hears the man ask Ellison where the hand is, and he claims to not have it. At home, Ellison watches footage of Sarah during her stay at Pescadero. Sarah’s words on the tape click in Ellison’s head. Ellison opens his freezer; the T-888’s hand is in a bag. Ellison stands in Sarah’s cell at Pescadero with a doctor. The doctor tells Ellison that Silberman is living in the mountains. Sarah breaks into Ellison’s house, looking for the hand. She sees that Ellison has been looking at her Pescadero videos. Sarah grabs one and leaves.
Cameron does ballet in a class, taught by Dmitri’s sister, Maria. Another Russian man shows up and Cameron listens in. John finds Derek cleaning their arsenal of weapons on the floor of Sarah’s room. Derek asks about Charlie, and John says he can be trusted. Derek is angry that John trusts Cameron. Sarah comes home and wants John to find an address. Derek tell Sarah that Cameron needs to leave for John’s safety. In the other room, John finds Sarah’s tape from Pescadero. John puts headphones on and plays the tape. Tears well in his eyes. Cameron tells Sarah she’s following up on Dmitri and The Turk and Sarah tells Derek that Ellison has the hand. She thinks Ellison might know what’s going on. John hands Sarah Silberman’s address and hurries out the door. She then notices the tape in her bag is missing. She finds it John’s VCR. She pushes it in and watches. Inside Pescadero, a DCFS agent puts a document before Sarah. The papers waive all parental rights to John. Sarah signs. Cameron and Derek stare at each other. Cameron eats a piece of pancake, then pushes the plate away. Derek says she might have fooled the Connors, but she isn’t fooling him.

Ellison finds Dr. Silberman working in his yard. Silberman invites Ellison in for tea. The two sit and talk about Sarah and what she said inside Pescadero. Suddenly, Ellison gets dizzy, Silberman put something in the tea. Cameron watches Maria Shipkov dance from the doorway. Cameron asks Maria about her brother. The man from before walks in, Cameron steps in, and kicks the man to the ground. Cameron tells Maria that she’s looking for Dmitri, and that she can help him. Silberman has tied Ellison to a chair. Silberman believes Ellison is from the future. Silberman finds a small knife and forces it deep into Ellison’s leg. Ellison screams. Derek stands in the yard, barefoot. Sarah tells Derek she’s headed out to find Ellison. Derek asks her about Kyle and asks where his body is. Sarah says she’ll take him one day. Silberman crudely tourniquets Ellison’s wound. Silberman speaks like a mad man about the apocalypse, and remembers when the T-800 came to Pescadero to save Sarah. Ellison listens closely and asks him more questions about the day Sarah escaped. Ellison tells Silberman that he came for his help, and he could prove that Sarah wasn’t crazy. Silberman opens the trunk of Ellison’s car and finds the T-888’s hand inside a cooler. Silberman knows the hand must be destroyed, and then he drugs Ellison. John hands Derek some clean shirts and tells Derek that he bounced from home to home while Sarah was in Pescadero. Derek tells John that being locked behind four walls and that can change how a person thinks.

Maria runs upstairs to Dmitri’s hotel room with Cameron. Cameron asks Dmitri what happened to The Turk. He says a man came and offered him cash for The Turk. Dmitri threw the match so the man could take the machine. Cameron takes a piece of paper from Dmitri, then leaves. She passes two armed men on the way out. They kick open the door and Cameron exits with the sound of gunfire and screams. Silberman douses his home with gasoline, Ellison is trapped in the middle. Silberman leaves the house, T-888 hand with him. Sarah intercepts Silberman, punches him in the face and takes the hand. The house begins to explode and Sarah hears a scream inside the house. Rain pours on Silberman. Ellison, now freed, kicks him away and demands the hand. Silberman says Sarah took it. Sarah asks Cameron about The Turk, she gives Sarah the paper. Sarah continues into John’s room and tells him she didn’t want him to see the tape. She asks if he noticed the date on the tape. John says it was the date Sarah gave up being his mother. Sarah replies that it was the date she broke out of Pescadero. Sarah places the hand in thermite, and destroys it. Ellison watches as guards lock Silberman into a room at Pescadero. Silberman screams about machines from the future. Ellison sits in on a Bible reading group. Derek watches Cameron practicing ballet before a mirror. Cameron moves with the grace that a machine should not.


Cromartie, disguised as Agent Kester, stands in the principal's office of John's school and demands a list of new students. The principal refuses and Kester snaps his neck. Kester sits at the computer and does the search himself. Sarah leaves a message for a man named Sarkissian, asking about The Turk. In the kitchen, Derek places the T-888 memory chip on the table. Cameron lied about destroying it. Derek argues that Cameron can't be trusted. John asks if the chip can be hacked. Cameron admits to John that she lies to him when the mission requires it. They pick up a top of the line computer from a warehouse. John sets up the computers and activates the chip. The monitor displays video of a woman in the video calls the T-888 “Vick” and he appears to have been married to her. John continues to watch the video. One moment takes place at the woman's office, and then jumps to Vick reading their mail. John has an address. Sarah and Derek break into the woman's house. She hasn't been there in some time. They find the computer missing and discover the woman is Barbara Chamberlain, City Manager of Los Angeles. She was in charge of the city's infrastructure. Kester flashes his badge to the gym coach and goes looking for one of the new students on the list. The student doesn't match John Connor. Sarah has been reading Barbara's files, but doesn't understand much. John finds a video where Vick is killing someone who appears to be Barbara in the woods. They head out to find her. John and Derek find her body. When they roll the body over, it's not Barbara. Derek reads her driver's license, she's Jessica.

John watches video of Barbara stating that Jessica was trying to stop Barbara's work. Jessica was a lobbyist trying to stop a program called ARTIE, or Automated Realtime Traffic Information Exchange. It would create a fiber optic network that would see and hear everything. The Turk might be the brain. Derek wants to destroy city hall. John says the best way is to create a virus so people think the program is bust. Derek and John plan how to break into city hall. Derek tells her they're not going in the front door. They'll be going underground to a series of tunnels. At school, a student tells Cameron a cop is looking for John. Cameron stands outside the principal's and scans Kester, he's a positive match for Cromartie. Cameron grabs Morris and sends him in to see Kester. Kester scans Morris, and leaves when it's not a match to John. She follows after Kester, and then John appears. She pulls him aside and leaves. Morris tells John everything that happened, and then John chases after her.Barbara says she's almost finished her project and Vick encourages her. Cameron watches from the bed, and tries making conversation with John. John scolds her for putting Morris and danger and Cameron warns that it was Cromartie. Cameron tells him that he won't be back, and that she cannot tell Sarah. John watches more video from Vick's chip. Vick was able to track down the Resistance fighters because they were following Barbara. Derek watches and realizes him men were sloppy. Sarah storms out, she's upset that they always find out about people too late. She doesn't want more people to die. John says the virus is ready. Sarah and Derek walk through the tunnels below city hall. They blow a hole into the elevator bay using explosives and move to basement level 4 where the data center is. Sarah uploads John's virus to ARTIE, but suddenly it stops and alarms sound. The virus didn't complete. Guards chase after Derek and Sarah. When they corner Derek, Sarah jumps them from behind and they subdue the guards. John continues looking over the video. Suddenly, John's cell phone begins looking for an internet connection. Cameron warns that Vick is trying to reactivate. John scrambles to shut everything down. Cameron says Vick was unable to do anything, and they need to be careful. Sarah and Derek return and tell John it failed. John realizes that there's another option. Cameron lies on the bed. John takes a box cutter and cuts into her scalp to access her memory chip. John wants to use Cameron's chip to give her access to the ARTIE system, and she can stop it. John peels back her scalp and removes the chip. Derek and John sit near a traffic light control box, John hacks away and helps Cameron's chip do what she needs to do. Cameron successfully shuts down the network. Derek grabs Cameron's chip and warns John that one day one of these machines will kill him. Back home, John slides Cameron's chip back in. She reactivates. Sarah tells Derek that Sarkissin returned his call about selling The Turk. Sarah knows Derek killed Andy and she threatens that if he ever lies to her again, she will kill him. Sarah watches a final video from Vick's chip. He reaches into the shower, and kills Barbara.


A pair of brothers play baseball in their yard. Suddenly, explosions fill the sky and missiles race overhead. Sarah and Cameron go to an internet cafe looking for Sarkissian. He told them to meet him at table nineteen. John and Derek wait outside in the car. Derek tells John about playing baseball in the yard with his brother and the arrival of Judgment Day. Sarah receives and instant message asking about buying The Turk. Sarkissian tells her bring $500,000 to a local mall food court. Sarkissian logs off. Cameron notes they don't have that money. Sarah says they will soon. Ellison comes to talk to Charlie. Ellison thinks Charlie knows where Sarah is. Ellison is starting to believe Sarah's story. Charlie says he'll tell Ellison what he told Kester, he doesn't know anything. Ellison keeps cool, but knows something is wrong. There is no other agent on this case. Sarkissian and a thug enter Carlos house, the man who helped Sarah with new identification papers. He shows Carlos a photo of Sarah and asks if he has seen her. Sarkissian eludes to the fact that maybe Sarah killed Enrique. When he doesn't get an answer, Sarkissian removes the sword from the wall and stabs one of Carlos men, his partner shoots and kills the others. Carlos has no choice but to help the man. Charlie goes to Sarah's home. He tells Sarah that Ellison visited him and he might be ready to believe Sarah. Sarah says Charlie can't risk seeing her because he could lead a Terminator to them. Cameron analyzes diamonds from Derek's safe house. They have half the cash they need. Derek and Sarah go to the meeting point. Sarkissian doesn't show, and when police arrive, Derek and Sarah quickly leave. When they get back to the house, Sarkissian is sitting on the couch. Sarah asks him to leave The Turk. Sarkissian says because of Sarah's status, his price is now two-million dollars. Derek threatens to kill Sarkissian, and Sarkissian says he has people watching John while he's on a field trip. The man gives them 24 hours and she tells Derek to follow the man. At a museum, John is depressed because he thinks Sarah is going to forget his birthday. John explains birthdays are a big deal to humans. Cameron notices the man from Carlos's house watching the group. Cameron closes the trunk of a luxury car at school. Morris thinks she's joking when she says she killed the owner and put him in the trunk. John says they need to get home immediately. Morris asks Cameron to the prom and she says yes. Ellison asks a clerk to look up Agent Kester's info. Ellison recognizes the man's photo; it's who he believes to be George Laszlo.Kester asks for files on Sarah Connor in an evidence locker. The clerk tells Kester that Ellison has checked out the box. Cameron and John hide the car in the garage. Someone is watching. Sarah closes the trunk and Cameron says the man didn't have any information. Derek walks in and says he lost Sarkissian. The dead man's cell phone rings, Cameron answers with his voice. A voice on the other end expects the man to meet somewhere. Sarah says they can't stay in the house. The girl from Carlos knocks on the door. She's covered in blood. The girl drives them to the internet cafe. Derek, Sarah, Cameron and John muscle their way inside. The man at the front desk alerts Sarkissian. Sarkissian locks himself in a room. Cameron destroys the wall to get at him. John checks the office to see if The Turk is hidden there. Instead, he finds a little girl doing her homework. When Cameron breaks through, Sarkissian has slipped through another door. Sarah looks at security feeds on a monitor and sees Sarkissian take John. She chases them into the street and Sarkissian presses a gun into John's neck. Derek walks out with the little girl at gun point. Sarkissian says that isn't his daughter. Derek whispers to the girl, then springs up and shoots Sarkissian in the head, killing him. Sarah comforts the little girl. She says Sarkissian wasn't her father. John strips Sarkissian's hard drive out of his computer. The girl drops them back off at their house. Cameron waits behind and asks if she needs to kill her because of what she's seen. The girl doesn't answer. Cameron loads a gun, and hands it to the girl. Agent Simpson looks over Kester's file. She tells Ellison that Kester is Laszlo, and Ellison notes that the blood doesn't match. Ellison reinforces that Kester might not be human because of how cold he was when they brought him in for questioning. Agent Simpson says they need to go get him. John works through Sarkissian's hard drive. Sarah leaves and Derek enters. Derek knows it's John's birthday and offers to celebrate. Derek and John walk through a park and sit watching a couple kids play baseball. The ball rolls over to John; he picks it up and hands it to the younger boy. The older boy turns around; the back of his shirt says REESE. He is Derek, and the younger boy is John's father, Kyle. Derek knows Kyle is John's father. Ellison and a SWAT team arrive at Laszlo's apartment. Kester hears footsteps. Charlie, in an ambulance, hears the call go out over his CB radio. Charlie races to the scene. The SWAT team kicks open the door. Kester begins his assault. The SWAT team is no match for the Terminator. In the end, Kester's battle damaged body stands face to face with Ellison. Ellison closes his eyes and prepares to die. Kester lowers his weapon and walks away. Ellison looks over his fallen team; Agent Simpson is one of them. Charlie runs in, stunned by the carnage. John returns to work on the computer. He gives Sarah photos he found of other people looking to buy The Turk. Sarah tells John to take a break so they can go celebrate his birthday. She sent Cameron to get the cake. John goes to shut the machine down and finds one more photo. It's a photo of the internet cafe cashier's passport. Sarkissian's name is on the paperwork. The man Derek killed in the alley was not Sarkissian. Cameron climbs in the car. She notices Sarkissian walking away. She starts the engine and the car explodes.

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