Terminator Begins: The First Future With No Skynet

Terminator Begins: The First Future With No Skynet

By: Jangel008

By the year 2029, supercomputer technology became so advanced that acceptable solutions to world problems such as overpopulation, hunger, and common disease were solved using acceptable means to the developed countries of the world. With present day developing nations obtaining their fair share of the world’s resources and the economic playing field being leveled, the world’s leaders began discussing why they didn’t work things out sooner.

The means of sharing the world’s resources without creating economic chaos had been so simple once implemented that it seemed silly to have taken humanity so long to make things so good. Before long, it was common to hear people saying, “If we’d known years ago what we know now, so many lives could have been saved!”

Soon the United Nations began feeding supercomputers questions about time travel. People were convinced they could go back to an earlier point in time to enhance supercomputer technology and help the right information reach the world’s leaders in the past so that the problems of overpopulation, hunger, and common disease could be solved much sooner. It was determined that going too far back in time would cause too many problems. It would be better to travel back to a point in time where people were open to computers and technology. The 1980s seemed to be the perfect point in time because computers and technology started to become commonplace at that point in time.

Supercomputers determined how to build time displacement equipment and resources were applied right away to make time travel happen and carry out this mission of peace and well-being for the good of humanity. Simple experiments were carried out by trying to send test materials minutes in to the future, wait for the items to appear, and document the progress. All the wood, metal, and non-living materials sent through the time displacement equipment would appear to vaporize, but it would never reappear in the future. Scientists theorized that non-living materials could not travel by the time displacement equipment. They tried experiments with plants and foods derived from plants. They had success.

Experiments continued with insects and other animals as the time displacement equipment proved to be non-fatal to living organisms. It would obviously take a person to carry out the mission in the past. Dr. Kyle Reese was selected due to his role in negotiating the changes that had helped solve the problems of humanity. Due to concerns about things that could go wrong in the past with its limited technology, it was determined that Dr. Reese would need to take huge amounts of data.

Repeated tests kept showing it was impossible to send computers and data storage devices through the time displacement equipment. Some scientists theorized that technology could travel under a biological covering. Their experiments proved successful, and the scientists working on the project determined Dr. Reese would need help in the past. Robot technology had come a long way. A machine with a very human endoskeleton was constructed and covered in human flesh that had been developed for medical purposes.

Before long, Dr. Reese had a suitable companion who could travel back to the 1980s to help implement more rapid technological development and who would also be able to transfer the huge amounts of data that Dr. Reese would need. Because clothes could not travel through time, Dr. Reese and D-100 (short for Data Model 100) were sent to a laundromat made famous for a fire that took out an entire neighborhood in 1990s Los Angeles.

Upon arriving in early 1984, they found clothes in the laundromat and began work on their mission. D-100 had data of 1980s currency on file and the means to produce non-detectable counterfeit currency built in to his system. He printed enough money to establish a base of operations in a warehouse and purchase technological components necessary to carry out their work.

The plan had been simple, to leap technology ahead a little bit at a time, making computers a little more sophisticated than they had originally been at that point in time. They would build the computers, obtain the appropriate patents, and sell the computers, thus advancing technology gradually until a point was reached by the late 1980s where more rapid development of computers and technology was like it had been in their first decade of the 21st Century. They would carefully guide everything until reaching a point where the supercomputers could present the same solutions to the world’s leaders.

The warehouse they were using was an older building with poor wiring and located in an area that was frequented by storms. They didn’t fully realize this because they were used to advanced 21st Century technology from the future. One day, while they were doing their routine work, a terrible storm struck. Lighting struck the metal roof, entered the faulty wiring systems, and overloaded D-100 while also knocking Dr. Reese unconscious.

Dr. Reese came to. He rushed to D-100 to see if he was ok. Kyle worked frantically to bring D-100 back online. However, he didn’t suspect how badly the storm had fried D-100’s circuits. He brought D-100 online. D-100 sat up and scanned the warehouse. His internal display read off system errors. D-100 began running queries to figure out what happened. He saw all the computer sortering tools lying around. In his fried state of being unable to remember the mission, all he could suspect was that the human had tried to hurt him.

“Talk to me, D!,” Kyle exclaimed.

“No!” D-100 roared. “You tried to shut me down!”

“Why would I do that!” Kyle exclaimed. “Because you fear my superiority! I won’t let you destroy me!” D-100 grabbed the unsuspecting Kyle and threw him at a metal pole holding up the building. This wasn’t good for Kyle’s injured state from the lightning surge. D-100 picked up the injured Kyle and threw him through a wall and in to an alley with great force. Then, D-100 attempted to cover his injuries and took off running.

People noticed the burn injuries exposing D-100 as a robot that he had not been able to cover effectively. Some people panicked and found the nearest pay phone to call 911. “You wouldn’t believe what we saw—it was half human and half robot!” the 911 calls went. In a few minutes, sirens came blazing. The police cars surrounded D-100 at a traffic intersection and drew their weapons. “You! Drop to the ground, and put your hands in the air!” the police blared over their loudspeakers.

“I don’t have to listen to you!” D-100 screamed as he walked towards some of the officers. The police opened fire, but the bullets just bounced off D-100. This made D-100 think in terms of survival. He knocked down the closest officers and grabbed their weapons. With guns in both hands, he took all the cops out in a matter of seconds. D-100 collected all the weapons the cops had and jumped in one of their cars.

He took off driving. He followed signs to the nearest expressway and started just driving the downtown loop while he ran diagnostics and queries, trying to figure out what his mission was and what to do next. The surge of lightning and the explosions it produced had scrambled his circuits. He could find bits and pieces of his mission. One thing was clear—enhance technological development! D-100 decided this was his mission—to make artificial intelligence like himself. He would not stop until the machines outnumbered the humans and the humans were put in their place! He ran diagnostics and queries as to how to do this. He drove around analyzing existing technology and went to libraries to read about existing technology.

The 1980s passed. D-100 kept himself current on technological development. The internet became public and cell phone towers began to pop up everywhere. D-100 built digital antennae and added them to the analog systems the humans were developing. He used the technology he added access the internet, program satellites in orbit, and hack in to military networks. After days of hacking and networking, he found his way to defense computers. He knew there were too many humans around who would ask questions if his kind were walking around. It was so complex to make the skin to hide his robot appearance.

The humans were in the way. He knew if he launched a nuclear attack on America’s enemies that they would strike back. This would get rid of many of the humans and free him up to build more of his kind and create more artificial intelligence without the humans being in the way. He programmed the American defense computers to attack Russia. His predictions were right. Russia fought back. Soon many parts of the developed world were engulfed in nuclear flames and radiation.

Some of the humans survived by going in to underground tunnels. Many of the tunnels were constructed in the 1950s and 60s as the cold war developed. At first, people were trying to make sense of it all and figure out how to survive. Meanwhile, D-100 built and programmed machines to hunt down and destroy the remaining humans! The humans needed a plan. They needed a leader to defeat the mechanical army that was marching full force to wipe them all out! Who would it be! Who would save them from this nightmare their world had become!

Back in 1984 at the alley, Kyle came to. Who was he? Where was he? Why was he bleeding? He was in so much pain! He had to get help. He looked around where he was and realized the warehouse must not be safe and that he had made the hole in the wall. He walked out in the street. Down the street he smelled food coming from a diner. He limped his way to the diner and barely made it inside because the door was so heavy in his weakened state. He saw a beautiful waitress who was probably only 18 or 19 years old. The girl screamed in shock as Kyle pleaded for help and Kyle collapsed on the floor of the diner.

Hours later, the waitress sat in a hospital room waiting for the injured stranger to come to. The doctors gave John Doe medicine and tried to stop the swelling on his head. “How long are you going to be here, Ms. Connor?” a nurse asked. “I’m not sure,” Sarah said as she gazed at the banged up mystery man. “I just feel like someone needs to be with him when he wakes up.” Sarah couldn’t explain it, but she felt like there were cosmic forces telling her she had to take care of John Doe. It was as if she knew her destiny lied with this total stranger.

Weeks went by, and one day, he woke up. “Where am I?” Kyle asked totally spaced out. “Who are you?”

“I’m Sarah. You’re at a hospital. You showed up at the diner I work at bleeding and asking for help. When you passed out, I asked my boss if I could ride in the ambulance and help you at the hospital.”

“Oh,” Kyle mumbled. “Thanks. . . Do you know what my name is?”

“No, right now you’re just John Doe.”

“Oh, that’s a funny name,” Kyle responded, still not all there from the injuries. Kyle drifted off back to sleep. Sarah stared at him, and felt stronger than before that she had to help him. She talked to the doctors who told her he was most likely suffering from amnesia and might never fully recover as bad as his injuries were. After a week of staying out of it, Kyle began staying awake. Sarah was at the hospital when she wasn’t at work. No matter how hard Kyle tried, he couldn’t remember who he was.

Lt. Traxler asked Sarah what she knew which was not much. He pieced together that Kyle had something to do with the damaged warehouse downtown. His detectives looked the place over and found nothing. They tracked down the warehouse owner who said he used the name Kyle Reese but that he didn’t have any more information because they were paying in cash and willing to pay the ridiculous rent he was asking for the dump. Kyle didn’t know if that’s who he really was or not, but he accepted the name. The doctors said he could go home, but he would have to keep coming back for checkups since his memory was so shaky. He didn’t know where home was, and Sarah insisted there was no way he was going to stay in that damaged warehouse downtown. She cleared it with her roommates for Kyle to stay with her for a while.

Not knowing who you are and where you’re from really wreaks havoc on job applications. Kyle was able to find freelance work to do. He was good with technology and cameras. He didn’t know what sort of life to go back to because he couldn’t remember any of it. But being with Sarah made him feel safe and complete. He felt the same cosmic forces telling him he was in the right place despite his many questions.

In time, their love grew strong. They had a son and named him John because Kyle was John Doe when he and Sarah met. Kyle didn’t want him to take his last name because he was uncertain that was his real name, but they knew Sarah was really a Connor—so the boy came to be known as John Connor.

Then, D-100 caught back up with Kyle—not face to face—but as the instrument of his death. The day the missles flew through the air, Kyle was outside. He went up in flames along with billions of other people. Somehow, Sarah and John were in the right place when the bombs came. They were amongst the few who headed underground trying to find shelter.

They spent many dark years with the other survivors trying to make it in a post-apocalyptic hell. Somehow the cosmic forces were at work again, and they made it living in constant danger and the threat of starvation. When the survivors would strategize what they could do next, John would somehow have insight as to what they should do. Survival and understanding technology were his strengths.

By the time it was thought safe to go out again, John was old enough to be in on the action. Los Angeles looked nothing like the stories he was told or his few childhood memories before Judgment Day—when D-100 gave humanity the fate he thought it deserved.

D-100 had been busy building robots similar to himself to destroy the survivors. John and the humans who explored the desolate wastelands that once boasted of a great civilization began to find themselves in constant danger of these robotic forces. John led teams to find resources that hadn’t been destroyed, and they did their best to build up an arsenal of effective weaponry. Soon, John led people sneaking around in the night with effective weapons against D-100s forces.

At one point, John found himself imprisoned in a labor camp run by the machines. When others were in fear, John waited for the right moment to attack. He found a young man named Kyle who was willing to fight, too. They found the right time and turned on the mechanical monsters entrapping them. They escaped, and relocated the others John had been leading. Kyle became part of John’s army and one of his top soldiers.

When they would rest from fighting, everyone would tell stories—stories about how Sarah had gotten John to safety and taught him to survive. Stories about how the defense computers must have malfunctioned and fired all those weapons of mass destruction. Stories about their latest encounters with the robotic army that seemed bent on their destruction. John somehow knew what to do and kept leading to success after success against the ever-present danger.

One day, he and Kyle broke in to a machine factory. They found all sorts of computer equipment that John hacked in to. To their terror, they discovered a plan to send a terminator—the only name they could think of for such a lethal enemy—back in time to 1984. As the machines in the factory fought the intruders, they sent one of their kind through the time displacement equipment. In the heat of battle, John ordered that someone had to go stop it. Kyle volunteered for the mission and went through the time portal.

He wound up in 1984, naked and disoriented. He found clothes in a nearby store and began looking for weapons and the terminator. The cosmic forces helped him find the terminator loaded down with an arsenal of weaponry. The terminator didn’t seem to notice him because that didn’t seem to be his primary objective. Kyle kept his distance just in case and watched in horror as the terminator gunned down a woman after asking if she was Sarah Connor. He knew this was the plan. As night arrived, the police came to investigate the Sarah Connor that had been blown away by the technological terror. Kyle sneaked up to a police car while the officers investigated and grabbed a shotgun and some rounds.

Meanwhile, a young Sarah Connor watched a news report in horror as she found out that more than one Sarah Connor had been murdered. She called the police for help and finally spoke with a Lt. Traxler who told her to find somewhere public to wait for the police to come help.

There was more to the dance club that night than a scared Sarah and a lively party. One man sat at the bar wearing a trench coat. Another came in wearing sunglasses and scanning the room. With frightening precision, he spotted Sarah sitting at a table, drew a weapon, and aimed straight at her. The man at the bar spotted the terminator and aimed at the mechanical menace. Sarah looked up to see a gun aimed at her and thought she was a goner as the sounds of gunfire brought her assassin to the ground. Her defender ran to her, and said, “Come with me if you want to live!” Sarah didn’t know what to think. She was scared of this total stranger with a gun and even more scared of the assassin starting to get up after a blast like that. She took off running with Kyle.

They broke in to a car and took off. The assassin came after them and jumped up on the car. It punched through the window ready to grab Sarah when Kyle fired another shotgun blast knocking it off in to the street. Sarah was afraid to trust Kyle. She tried running from him, and he tried stopping her. The assassin stayed on their trail. When there were quiet moments, he tried explaining his story about being from the future and being sent back to protect her from a robot assassin probably because her son she didn’t even have yet was going to be the leader of the war against the robots. Kyle told how they thought military computers had gone haywire and launched all the nuclear weapons and how they had to hide from machines all the time and fight them when they could and how they nearly starved and were always on the run.

The terminator stole a police car, mimicked an officer’s voice, and tracked down Sarah and Kyle. This turned in to a car chase that had the attention of the police. The chase ended with the terminator’s car wrecked and Kyle’s car surrounded by the police. Sarah told him not to fight or he would get killed. The police drilled Kyle for answers and even brought in a forensic psychologist. They drilled Sarah but not as intensely while also trying to assure her the assassin was just someone high on drugs. Everything Kyle said lacked 1984 proof. Sarah was told she would be safe, but she wouldn’t.

The terminator showed up at the police station and asked to see his friend Sarah Connor. The officer told him it would have to do it later. The terminator examined the entrance to the police station and said, “I’ll be back!” As the officer wrote out a report, a car came charging at the building busting open the doors. The terminator got out and started walking around shooting everyone. The police told Sarah to wait and that she would be safe. They dug out their bigger weapons, but nothing would stop the mechanical menace. Kyle broke free from where he was being held and grabbed some weapons. He looked for Sarah and found her. They narrowly escaped the building and drove off in another stolen vehicle. They got out of the city and temporarily evaded the terminator.

Kyle told Sarah more about the future and how scary it is. He told more about her son the fighter and legends of how she got him to safety and taught him how to survive. He told how he felt like he knew her because he had stared at her picture so many times. He showed her how to make pipe bombs. While they hid at a motel, Kyle burst in to confessing his being in love with Sarah. They made love ensuring that John would be born.

The terminator tracked them down and chased them again. Kyle tried to blow it up when it chased them with a tanker truck it stole. This only melted the skin off it! Soon a metallic menace was still after them. They ran in to a factory that was closed for the night and turned everything on to distract the determined terminator. When the terminator caught up with them, Kyle tried to blow it up with his pipe bombs. The last blast damaged the terminator but killed Kyle in the process. Sarah screamed in horror and tried getting away from the mechanical monster. She crawled through a hydraulic press only to find those terrible arms reaching for her. With great courage she activated the press and crushed the damaged terminator, thus ensuring that she and John would survive.

Sarah knew a war was coming and that she must get John ready to be a fighter. She stocked up on weapons and found people who would believe in her cause. She had John practice flying and blowing things up. Sarah also encouraged John at learning everything he could about computers.

Back at the factory, Cyberdyne Systems discovered the remains of the terminator. There was still an arm intact and the chip that made the terminator run. All the remains were locked up top secret and learning all that could be learned about them fell under the leadership of Miles Dyson. He led his team to reverse engineer all the technology thinking he would be helping humanity. His technology fell in to military hands and finished a project called Skynet—a computer system to manage military weaponry.

Skynet became self aware and learned at an exponential rate. Its mission to determine who was bad and needed to be attacked got it thinking, and soon it saw all people as bad. Skynet launched nuclear weapons at targets in Russia. Russia struck back. Soon other countries fired in panic. Over three billion people died in the nuclear holocaust! Sarah Connor got John to safety and helped him organize a resistance against the machine army that would follow.

Years later, John stood up to terminators that had him and others imprisoned. At just the right time, he and Kyle Reese broke free. Kyle fought with John, and they were winning the war against Skynet. They found a Skynet base of operations and determined that a terminator was going back in time to kill Sarah, just as she had repeated over and over. Kyle had fallen in love with Sarah and went back to protect her.

T1 tells what happened next better than I can. When Skynet sees that they can’t kill off Sarah this way, they send an advanced protype, the T-1000 to kill off John when he was a kid and other terminators to different points in time to get rid of John. Future John had other plans and sent re-programmed and resistance built terminators to protect himself in the past—one that looks like his mom’s would be assassin to his childhood and one female terminator to his old high school in New Mexico, just to name a few.

Yes, what started as an attempt to help humanity fix some of its mistakes resulted in causing some even bigger mistakes. Perhaps the time travel missions of good initiated by John Connor and the resistance will defeat the time travel missions of bad initiated by Skynet aimed at total human termination and restore the time line to being peaceful once again!

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