The Official Untaint Script for GreaseMonkey

Attention! This news comes straight from SurfingEagle!

1a) The website that has hosted the scripts these last few years is no more. gives all appearances of having been taken down for good. The new home for user scripts is Greasy Fork,

1b) A static mirror site for is operational at: Being a static mirror site, the scripts can't be updated and you can't log in. Not all scripts referred to on this page have found a new home at Greasyfork. Links to those other scripts have been revised to point to the mirror site, until the authors of those other scripts post updates at Greasyfork.

2) Firefox Users: It's necessary to update Untaint to revision 5 for continued use with Greasemonkey 2.0+ in Firefox. If revision 4 or earlier is reinstalled or edited, a certain bug will trigger, and the script will not load. The latest version of Untaint fixes this issue.

For more information, see this item in the release notes for Greasemonkey 2.0:
Greasemonkey will only use explicit @grant metadata, it will no longer sniff for implicitly used APIs. (This change takes effect at install time. Currently installed scripts will continue to function as normal until they are updated/edited/reinstalled.)

3) Chrome Users: Due to recent security changes in the latest version of Chrome, scripts that are not directly approved by Chrome will no longer run natively and that includes the Untaint script. The script may run for about 5 minutes or so until Chrome automatically disables it without warning, and the user can't re-enable the script.

Therefore, it's now required to install and use Tampermonkey in order to use Untaint in Chrome. Untaint has to run in a secure container. Tampermonkey is the Greasemonkey equivalent for Chrome. Tampermonkey actually has some advantages. It has a decent script manager, and you can install scripts seamlessly and directly from Greasy Fork just like with GM. Plus, it has an update monitor.

In addition, the "bottom" link for Chrome has been fixed. It actually goes to the bottom of the page now and not just hops down a little. The *Settings* dialog now appears top-center when loaded rather than at the bottom of the page, and a cancel button was added.

Note: Links below that can be updated to take you to the scripts on Greasy Fork have been made, but not all scripts have found their way to the new site. Update what links you can and please be patient for the rest. Thank you, The1Russter

Creating or editing a new entry on a thread has always been a bit of a disappointment with the wiki's. The built-in editor has no provision for posting images or video, or adjusting the appearance of your text like on other similar sites. Toasty2 and SurfingEagle have contributed in putting together a script which gives you an excellent editor when posting something to a thread on one of the wiki's. Not only can you create some fancy text, like below, but insert images and videos into your posts.

The following is based on information from a thread on the TSCC wiki. I have no idea how widely spread the use of this script is, but I wouldn't use a Wikifoundry wiki (formerly
wetpaint )without it. It's that good!

I claim no ownership or rights or knowledge of how the script works.
I only know how to use the features it provides us.


Greasemonkey script that improves the Wikifoundry (formally Wetpaint) wiki interface and integrates TinyEditor. The script allows for RTF tags, images, links and Youtube videos to be embedded in posts. In addition, it alters some styling to make navigation easier for higher activity members. This version is adapted to work with GreaseMonkey 0.9+, Firefox 4-19+, and Chrome 10-25+. Also, runs in Scriptish. Not currently tested in IE.

How to Install
If you are currently using Untaint Script 1.5.ffc, you need to disable and then remove it before installing the latest version.

Untaint requires the GreaseMonkey add-on for Firefox. You'll need the following if you don't have it already:
- Firefox
- GreaseMonkey add-on (restart Firefox after installing)*
- Scriptish

- Regular script

- G-rated script - This version is identical to the standard script except the profanity obfuscation has been removed.

I recommend you get the Adblock+ add-on as well.


Untaint only affects the discussions/threads section of the wiki. Here's a nearly-comprehensive feature list:
-- Various wiki visual tweaks to make ideal use of screen space (compacting and left navigation removed)
-- Editable persistent settings
-- Optional visual tweaks (modify avatar sizes, remove 'do you find this valuable?')
-- User post filter for the user(s) of your choosing
-- Enhanced posting (html code generation for links, images, youtube videos, basic formatted text; disabled profanity filtering, disabled html filtering)
-- Rudimentary ad removal (Adblock+ will serve you much better though)
-- Optional feature to refresh the All Threads list page periodically

How do I post images/links/whatever?
When you're posting these options will appear in the floating panel. Click on what you want and fill out the values. Copy the text from the box (make sure you select all) to the post box. I would have made this more automatic if I knew how, but the wiki's pages are a mess when it comes to messing with that.

How can I use this on other wikifoundry sites?
Go to Tools > Greasemonkey > Manage User Scripts
Make sure Untaint is selected on the left. Select each list item in the "Included Pages" box and edit it, replacing "tsccwiki" in each with an asterisk (*). Now the script will run on any site.

How do I install the Untaint Script?
Installation Firefox:
1. Install the latest version of Greasemonkey or Scriptish if not already installed.
2. Disable and remove version or older versions if installed.
3. Install the latest version of Untaint by clicking the Install this script button.
4. Verify the installation. Then, go to your site. That's all.
5. The Untaint panel should appear in the top right corner of the page when you go to a discussion thread.
6. The editor will load when making a post.
Installation Chrome:
1. Install the latest version of Tampermonkey from the Chrome web store if not already installed.
2. Install the latest version of Untaint by clicking the Install this script button.
3. Verify the installation. Then, go to your site. That's all.
4. The Untaint panel should appear in the top right corner of the page when you go to a discussion thread.
5. The editor will load when making a post.

Any future updates will detail changes that were made here.

Rev 1.6.ffc:
005: Included @grant GM_addStyle now required by Greasemonkey 2.0+, fixed navigation panel's jump to "bottom" for Chrome, Settings panel now appears top-center and cancel button added.
004: Updated Youtube video object
003: Updated links to button images so they're visible again
002: Added ZPW to default includes. No new functionality
001: Key references associated with Wetpaint changed to Wikifoundry
Rev 1.5.ffc:
009: Updated video object
008: New Youtube object, updated Youtube URL parsing, fixed scroll to bottom on new post for FF
007: Updated some default include paths. No new functionality
006: Improved HTML conversions and filters. Added Headers 2-4, Ordered and Unordered lists. Added additional shades of red for text color.
005: Added some efficiency enhancements
004: Settings storage migrated to localStorage
001-003: Beta release
Original authors: toasty2 and Gu1.
TinyEditor integration and script adaptation to FF 4+ and Chrome 10+ by SurfingEagle


For first time users of the Untaint script, and especially if you are new to using the wikis, I'd recommend the following changes to your settings, Select Show left-hand Navigation and Unselect Auto uncheck 'watch this thread' until you become familiar with navigating the wikis. Once you become more familiar with the site, then you can alter the settings again.
This may also interest some of you. Toasty2 created a script for improving the appearance of I'll let him describe it.

After a minor complaint from M1919, I ended up cooking this solution up for If you're like me and prefer white text on a black background (and find's Dark feature inadequate), this GreaseMonkey script is for you: changes by toasty2 *

Screenshot, screenshot

Toasty2 designed it for the story pages. It may run on others with or without issues. It uses TSCC wiki colors mostly. It works in Chrome, but he has not tested it on other pages of fanfiction. Previous versions only effected the public pages that everyone sees. Recent updates also changes the pages you see when you log into your account. In my opinion, this can make using some of FFN's features difficult due to some colors blocking out content unintentionally. It is a good idea to turn off the script when entering private pages, but you can't beat the better contrast when visiting the public pages.


Additional scripts you can use for are Fanfiction widescreen and Rating & Language Autoselect * The first improves the appearance by widening fanfiction out to fullscreen and the second changes the rating selection to all and the language to English. Eliminates need to always change the setting when looking up a story.

Another script I like to use is story export script. * It allows you to see all chapters at once, create an index of chapters, and to view only the text of the story and not all of the extraneous website. Its great for exporting as you can copy and paste the entire story into your word processor or even export the story as a pdf with a print-to-pdf printer driver. I use it for every story I wish to save. My favorite feature is creating an 'index of chapters.'

* These scripts are on the userscripts mirror site


Use these scripts at your own risk. I can only claim that I've had no problem using any version of its release.

You can find these scripts and others at Greasy Fork. It only requires the add-on of Greasemonkey or Scriptish to your Firefox browser. I understand that Chrome can run scripts without the add-ons.

Use of the Untaint script to post copyrighted material is a violation of the Terms of Service agreement. I strongly recommend to all users of the Untaint script to mention the source of any pictures, videos, or web content you share in your posts on threads whether or not you know if it is copyrighted. There is little we can do regarding old postings on this wiki short of deleting or editing hundreds of individual postings or entire threads to protect this wiki from ToS violations, but from this time on we need to be diligent. We can't always know if something we find on the net and share in one of our posts is copyrighted, but by mentioning the source URL we can add some level of protection. However, if something is discovered to be copyrighted, the administrator or the moderator who learns of this first may have to delete your post on a thread without warning to protect this site from being taken down. The ToS not only affects members, but the entire wiki. Even the use of the Untaint script can be seen as a violation of the ToS, but since its creation and use, the people at Wetpaint have ignored its use, and so far the people at Wikifoundry have as well. As I see it, and have seen it since its creation, the Untaint script adds features to the threads on these wikis that are present and standard on other similar web services. It would be nice if the new owners would update the wikis accordingly, but until that time, we have to use Untaint. So I am asking that you use the Untaint Script responsibly.

EDIT 1: I wrote the Disclaimer/Warning during the time when Wetpaint was doing high maintenance in taking down sites that were in violation of its ToS in early 2013. Now most of those sties were those used for porn, but some weren't, they just contained material that was copyrighted or violated the ToS in some other way. Now as I said previously, there is little we can do for the unknown number of posting that may be in violation, however we can be vigilant in what we do post on the wiki's from this time onwards. At this time, we don't know how strictly the ToS will be enforced by the new owners, or whether they will make changes to the ToS. Time will tell. As for now, the new owners are busy making changes to the wetpaint code so its works with wikifoundry instead.

EDIT 2: This page was revised in the following manner. All links to were changed adding ":8080" to the URL address between the ".org" and the "/scripts/*" based on SurfingEagles recent posts with updated link to the untaint script.

EDIT 3: The Attention notice added to top of page. AS many links that could be updated have been updated to point to new hosting site for scripts. Any links not updated have a red asterisk. FAQ regarding script for Chrome has been replaced with installation instructions for both Firefox and Chrome. Changelog data also has been updated. All new material courtesy of SurfingEagle who has been courteous to keep us and the scripts updated regarding the changes taking place with userscripts.

EDIT 4: All scripts that had links to the old userscripts website were updated to point to the static mirror site. Being a static mirror site, the scripts can't be updated and you can't log in. Not all scripts referred to on this page have found a new home at Greasyfork. Links to those other scripts have been revised to point to the mirror site, until the authors of those other scripts post updates at Greasyfork.

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