The Resistance: Hang in there, baby!

The Resistance is a rebel organization fighting Skynet in a post apocalyptic Earth. The organization is made up of several of the survivors of Judgment Day, and is led initially by General Ashdown and culminates in the leadership of John Connor. Resistance soldiers wear red bands on their arms to symbolize blood. The symbol of the Resistance is a Red Double Helix (the shape of DNA).

With the date of Judgment Day changing, no date can be set to when the Resistance started. Though it can be inferred that it started soon after Judgment Day took place. However it can be said that the Resistance was founded from remnants of world's militaries, who surviving officers lead from a Los Angeles class submarine in the form of a leading council of Generals and Admirals, with General Ashdown leading them. In the alternate timeline, after the events of 2018, it can be assumed that John Connor has taken control of the Resistance. Its main purpose was to fight the Skynet system, and to preserve the human race from ending. The Resistance carried out many missions attacking factories and breaking humans out of Skynet Work Camps. To even the battle, weapons were stolen and terminators were reprogrammed to help the Resistance.

After Judgment Day, when Skynet's robotic forces began to kill off the surviving humans, the former commanding human militaries began to fight back. In the case of the United States, former military weapons, uniforms, body armor, vehicles, and aircraft were used to fight Skynet on the mainland. Some tactics were conventional, like Airborne Helicopter assaults, and others, like 'Hit and Run' attacks were not so conventional.

Humans who did not join the military remnants became known as "Survivalists" who often ran and hid when confronted by Skynet, rather than fight. Others who took up arms often pretended to be in the resistance, but rather, took advantage of other survivors, such as in gangs and thieves. Both of these survivor groups were considered civilians by the resistance.

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