The End of the War

John Connor looked up and saw only a desolate wasteland. Even though he saw it everyday today was different. He had a plan to end the War Against the Machines. After Connor had captured a key skynet location he discovered where they made T-1000s and T-1001s and made them serve the resistance.

Since the T-1000s and T-1001s where not reprogrammed they could not attack the Resistance. Connor had built up and army of T-1001s for frontline combat and T-1000s for sabotage. One T-1000 looked very farmillar to John. It looked like the T-1000 that was sent to kill him in 1997.

He sent out that T-1000 first hoping it would be destroyed. He named it Austin after the cop the one sent back to kill Connor killed. On Austin's first mission he walked into the main Skynet complex dispite being shot by hundreds of thousands of plasma blasts at once. Austin pried open the blast doors and stepped inside. Once he was inside he encountered even more Resistence but they were all outdated T-600s and were dispatched easily.
As he moved closer to the system core T-Xs started to attack Austin and that slowed him down but he was able to destroy them. Once he got to the Skynet system core he was attacked by a T-1000000. Austin knew its one weakness. Unlike all the other machines made out of mimetic pollyalloy the T-1000000 was able to be destroyed by plasma blasts. Austin pulled his plasma rifle out of his body and opened fire on the T-1000000. The T-1000000 fell on the floor, terminated. Austin then opened fire on the system core, sending plasma from the core flying everywhere. The core collapsed and Austin ran out of the skynet complex. As soon as he left the complex he encountered a T-9950. Austin fired plasma at the machine but it was no use. The other machines armor was atleast 1 meter thick and hardened to resist plasma weapons fire.

Austin Dropped the plasma rifle and engaged the T-9950 at hand to hand combat but the T-9950 was too heavy for Austin to pick up so he knocked it on the ground and removed the chip, Surprisingly the chip didn't self destruct, and dragged the cyborg back to the resistence HQ to report that he had finished his mission and he had captured an intact T-9950.

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