The End of the War part 2

"The attack on the Skynet system core did not work!" screamed John Connor, "we must destroy the Skynet satalite or destroy all of the battlefield units and skynet bases"

All the Resistance fighters cheered in response to that. It was obvious they'd rather fight on land than in space against a target that probally has more defence mechanisms then the origanal complex.

"We have captured and reprogrammed a T-9950 and we will use that in conjuction with our T-1001s on the frontlines", said John "they will be covered by resistance snipers and all other fighters will be fighting on the frontlines with them"

The T-9950 walked in the room just as Connor finished his speach. "I'm ready to go", it said.

The T-1001s and the T-9950 lead the attack. They're target was the Skynet HK factory. If they could take this building they could have HK fliers and tanks to help the offensive. Everyone was armed with Plasma Rifles except the snipers who had .50 caliber machine guns. The resistance had been able to find a few working F-22 raptors and send them for arieal support.

The T-9950 opened fire on the T-900s guarding the perimeter destroying about a 100 before they sounded the alarm. Once the alarm was sounded hundreds of thousands of T-888s and T-900s came rushing to help guard the perimeter.

"Fall back!" screamed one of the resistence fighters.

"No, we have to take this factory", said one of the T-1001s

The T-1001s opened fire on the T-900s destroying half of them. A stray plasma bolt hit the weapon of the T-9950 causing it to rush foward in rage. It ran right up to the enemy's postion and smashed into a T-888. The force of the impact against the wall combined with the T-9950's weight crushed the T-888. The T-9950 grabbed its gun and opened fire

Just then one of the Resistance snipers fired and but a round right through a T-900s head and a T-900s powercells destroying them both. The plasma defence turrents sprang to life after being hit by a stray plasma bolt and started to fire at the frontline troops. It did no damage to the T-1001s but the resistance fighters were killed instantly. The T-9950 jumped up to the top and fired on the turrents destroying them. It then opend fire on the remaining T-900s and T-888s destroying the rest. Then it opened the door and ran into the factory and started to look for the computer terminal. It found it and started to hack it to convert the HKs being made from Skynet alligned to Resistance alligned.

"Mission accomplished", it said into its microphone to Connor

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