The End of the War part 3

The F-22 was heading for the maximum altitude it was capable of to launch Austin off of it so it could head for the Skynet satellite. Austin jumped off the F-22 sending it down a couple hundred feet. Once Austin got out of the Atmosphere he could see the satellite. Holes started randomlyappearing and herealized that it must be plasma. He drew his own plasma rifle and fired but nothing came out except one of theturrets had a hole in it and stopped firing. Austin thought that plasma would be visible in space but it wasn't. Connor had told him that itprobablywasn't but he didn't listen or he couldn't hear him over the F-22's engines. Austin glided an impacted with the satellite. He ripped open a door and went inside. Their was air inside so he would be able to see the plasma.
Austin tried to locate the core but it realized that this was just a decoy. He headed for the door he came in and jumped off the side that pointed towards Earth. It only took a couple minutes to enter the atmosphere but once he did he stated to burn up. The T-1000 knew that itprobablywould not survive re-entry. It sent a message to Connor telling him that thesatellite he found was just a decoy. In the few minutes it took to do that the T-1000 had started to morph. He knew from what Connor told him that this meant we was dieing. All that hit the ground was a couple pieces of liquid metal.
About five minutes later Connorreceivedthe news and decided not to tell anyone. He knew that if theResistance was going to win then he needed morale to be high which it wouldn't be since he was sure they would think of that as a loss. Connor deleted the message and the T-9950 came in the doorcarrying a machine. He realized that it was a T-999550 thesuccessorto the T-9950. Connor asked for the chip and he started to reprogram it.

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