The Light Is Fading

Fan FictionCHAPTER ONE:-

Im awoken by a sharp pain in my kidneys as I roll over squeeling in agony my eyes focus on a metalic figure standing over me.

It points the barrel of its weapon at my chest, I close my eyes and wait for the inevitable outcome but then I hear a voice.

Get up you are coming with me, as I get to my feet and gather my thoughts my mind thinks of one thing 'my family' my wife and two children and then I see a sight that cuts a wound deep within my heart.

Across the dusty darkened room I see my wife and children laying lifeless on the floor, each with a single bullet wound to the head I turn to the metalic monster and say kill me kill me now with tears running down my cheeks.

The replie I recieved was a shove in the back and two words " KEEP MOVING " I was taken up to the surface and when we got out side I was placed with a large group of men, sometime later a large truck arrived and we were loaded into the back like cattle.

I looked out a hole in the side of the truck and off in the distance I could see four HK planes blasting a area the size of a football field, i thought to myself god help who ever is on the recieving end of that, my thoughts were interupted by a voice coming from my left.

Where do you think they are taking us, I turned to answer and found myself eye to eye with a male in his late teens early 20's.
I have no idea but Im guessing when we get there we are all going to be killed, not that it matters my family is dead so I have nothing to live for.

The young male replies - if thats the case why not kill us when they found us, another voice jumped into the conversation - You are being taken to a work camp, everyone turned towards the front of the truck where a male stood alone.

And how do you know that I asked, the replie was simple and stunned us all. This male removed a leather glove from his right hand to reveal his true identity, you will be put to work and when you are finnished you will all die like the rest of your pathetic race.

Just then the truck came to a stop and the doors were opened, as we climed out I looked around to see a compound full of people and it was surrounded on all sides by what looked to be a laser type fence with gaurd towers every 40-50 feet with automated machine guns, well no escaping from here I thought.

One by one we were all given what looked like a tatoo of a barcode it was applied with a laser and burned like hell,for the next three days we loaded bodies of women and children into a massive furnace.

On the fourth day we realized that our time was close as the bodies were almost all gone and the light from the furnace was getting lower by the minute. Just then there was a massive explosion behind us at the main gate and the endo gaurds standing around us quickly moved towards the front gate.

As they did they were meet with a hail of bullets and small explosions, we all dropped to the ground to avoid being hit, as I looked towrds the gate I could see three armoured trucks come to a grinding halt inside the compound a lone figure appeard from the roof of the lead truck and yelled - ON YOUR FEET AND FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE - AND THE LIFE OF THE MAN BESIDE YOU -.

I dont know who this person was but his words made me springto my feet so quick my head spun, I ran towards where a crippled endo lay, grabed its weapon and finnished it off then went looking for more of these metal monsters to kill and each one that I disposed of I repeated the words - THATS FOR MY FAMILY & THE HUMAN RACE.

Within a hour or so we had wiped out 30 endos with the loss of 8 men, the lone figure from the roof of the truck approached me and said you did well all of you did looking over my shoulder at the rest of the men.Now we must get out of here before Skynet sends reinforcements.

We climbed aboard the armoured trucks and headed for a underground base near by, I stared at this saviour for a while and then asked if its ok I would like to know the name of the man that saved me and my friends.

A slight smile came on his face he leaned forward extended his hand and said my name is John, John Connor another male sitting beside him also leaned forward and said thats General Connor to you.

Well General Connor' Sir I thankyou for saving my life and my friends lives, I would like to join you and your men in the fight against skynet.
A stern look appeared on his face and he replied Oh! you already have joined us, the second you picked up that rifle and terminated an endo you were one of us and that goes for all your friends.

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