The Mother of All Destiny


The Mother of All Destiny

Location unknown, California
An abandoned warehouse
Thursday, September 9, 1999

"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't." -Margaret Thatcher

"Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect." -Margaret Mitchell

John had never mentioned Sarah being shot. The time line may have already changed.

Going to the Dyson home had only brought Cromatie, they didn't have any of the answers Sarah had hoped learn about Skynet. It would be the second time the Connors had brought Metal into the lives of the widowed Dysons.

The remote bomb they had set in the truck had slowed the T888. Cromartie had managed to shoot Sarah as the truck had driven off.

Sarah had sent John to get supplies. He was panicking and she didn't want him watching what was needed next.

They had found a nearby warehouse. It wasn't sterile. It wasn't warm, but it could provide cover for a few hours.

Sarah had cleared a workbench used for auto parts to serve as her doctor's table. For the surgery to come, she stretched out on something as cold as a refrigerator and that smelled of old gasoline. This was a fine environment for Cameron to repair herself, but Sarah was risking infection. Then again, Cameron reasoned, Sarah would do anything necessary and take any risk to fulfill her mission of protecting her son.

Cameron studied the wound. Cromartie's bullet had buried itself in Sarah's right shoulder. There was no bone or muscle damage. No artery or vein had been compromised. She would live without any major problems.

Cameron said, "I'll get ice. It'll numb you, slow the blood loss."

Sarah simply said, "Needle and thread slow the blood loss. Do it now."

Whether it was the wound's pain or that her son had been shot at again, Sarah's steely demeanor began to break down for a moment. Sarah was exhausted and tired in her very soul.

The mother of the man who saved mankind, internally sobbed, saying, "We can't keep running. I'll lose my boy. He'll leave me. He'll leave me."

Cameron cared for the wound and watched Sarah Connor. The woman Cameron had only known in stories, memories, and overwhelming feelings felt by an older John.

John's mother might not know she was the only human to ever damage Skynet, prior to Judgement Day. Where John was winning a war with vast resources and a global army, his mother was different.

Armed only with herself, a computer programmer, her young son, and Uncle Bob, she had smashed Skynet's plans so severely that Judgment Day was irrevocably moved forward in time. Even when Cameron left the future in 2027, that was the still the worst defeat Skynet had ever suffered. Further, John's father had said he was from 2029, though John had never gotten around to telling Cameron the name of his dad, he did say that they were so close too victory that he had to send his father back two years earlier. It was something that had sent John into a deep depression for days.

That was a confession that truly wounded John, as if he felt robbed of something. John's father would have gone back before Cameron did. Perhaps that was the last of John's family that he had sent away. She wondered what he had looked like. She wondered what he would have been like to meet. She wondered if she had met him and had never known.

Back to the greater war, in the future, Skynet would blame John Connor for the defeat suffered by Miles Dyson's death and Cyberdyne's destruction on September 15, 1997. John Connor didn't agree with Skynet's assessment of who was responsible.

Sarah didn't know how people would see her in the future, or her place in the destiny of things. She was a legend in her own right. Perhaps, in the grand measuring of things, she was even the greater of the two.

Skynet was playing chess just like John had said. It was at that moment Cameron understood what John had meant.

Sarah wouldn't be there when John would need her most. She would die, struck down by cancer, December 4, 2005.

Skynet would close in on them at this time, when there was nothing vulnerable about it. Sarah's defiance couldn't hurt Skynet in 1999.

John's war was almost a decade in the future. Judgement day was universally known to have gone down April 21, 2011. Resistance intelligence predicted it would have been preventable anytime up to 4 years prior.

John would already be down the greatest fighter he had ever known. That wasn't acceptable.

Cameron made up her mind one stitch at a time. She would play like John wanted. She would cheat.

Skynet wanted to play chess. Let's see how Cameron's dark creator liked playing against John with two Queens guarding him.

There was a time station set up not to far from here in a bank. The entire game could be reset into 2007, a time when Skynet could actually be vulnerable to Sarah once again.

Cameron felt every conflicted emotion Sarah Connor had. Every self doubt and hopeless wave extended into her.

In her mind, she knew that Sarah Connor didn't know her new fate, or who she really was. So silently, without breaking her promises to John, in her chip, Cameron bore witness to what she knew.

Sarah, you are going to save John. You are going to save the world.

You don't even know why. I'll silently tell you the only way I can.

You are Sarah Connor. Mostly alone, you faced off against the greatest evil this world has ever known.

You fought what I could not fight. You did more damage to Skynet than John ever did. In saving the man who saved me, you protected everything I ever cared about, no matter the cost to yourself or your life.

You are Sarah Connor. You are your son's hero. You are my hero...

Cameron Wall paper

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