The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day

Directors: James Cameron
Writters: James Cameron &William Wisher
Producers: James Cameron, Van Ling, Mario Kassar & Gale Anne Hurd
Release Date: 1st July 1991
Rating: Rated R

Run Time: 147 minutes
Budget: $102 million
Script can be read here(revised final shooting script)


In 1994, a cyborg (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sent back in time to protect John Connor (Edward Furlong), the future leader of humanity in a 21st century war against machines. A competing machine (Robert Patrick), the T-1000, is sent back to kill John. With the aid of John's mother Sarah (Linda Hamilton), the cyborg manages to destroy the T-1000 at a confrontation at a steel mill. However, the cyborg must then destroy itself in order to eliminate its chance of being used to help fuel the future war with the machines. Sarah helps the cyborg destroy itself, but not before the cyborg consoles John, quietly assuring him that everything will be okay. Sarah then notes that if a machine can learn the value of human life, perhaps people can, too. (©
The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Best Moments

  • T-800 lowers itself into the molten steel.

  • Sarah has a nightmare about the nuclear war.

  • T-1000 chases a car from Hospital at inhuman speeds.

  • T-800 Kicks the bikers asses (At the start).

  • T-1000 shatters like glass after being frozen. Then begins to regengerate like water droplets collecting together.
  • Sarah removes the chip from the T-800, then she almost purposely destroys the chip, but John comes to the rescue and reinserts the chip. This is a scene that is almost identical to TSCC. When John removed Cameron's chip. (Note: this was a deleted scene)

Best Quotes

  • Hasta la vista, baby. - The Terminator.

  • The future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves. - Sarah Connor.

  • I want your clothes your boots and you motorcycle - The Terminator.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (omitted scenes)

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Audio/visual unsynchronized
  • After Sarah beats up the creepy guard at the mental hospital and is running down the hall with the nightstick, the sound is of hard soled shoes, yet Sarah is barefoot.
  • During a chase scene, the Terminator (on a Harley) passes in front of a Honda CRX that honks at him, but the sound is not that of a Honda CRX horn.
  • John's bike's throttle sound doesn't match the throttle action.
Visible Boom Mic
  • John says, "Okay. Time out. Stop the bike." After that, he and the Terminator pull up into an alley and stop. After they stop, you can briefly see the reflection of the boom mike on the mudguard of the motorcycle's front wheel.
  • After the T-1000 is blown off the back of the police car, Sarah Conner reaches back to hug John. The slash wound from earlier in the elevator has disappeared, leaving only trace blood on her shirt.
  • As Sarah drags Douglas into the room, his foot snags his flashlight and it follows him through the door. In the next shot, it is back in the hallway again
  • At the ATM, John puts his backpack on his shoulders twice.
  • At the car park where the Terminator and John have a talk, the automatic pistol is (un-)cocked.
  • Before Sarah and the T-1000 begin shooting at each other during the SWAT truck/police chopper chase, the two vehicles are seen near a car that loses control and crashes. Later in the chase (before they pass the tanker truck) the same car is seen again, losing control and crashing again.
  • Blood on floor during Sarah's escape from hospital.
  • During the chase, the bridge explodes, but in the next shot it seems to be intact, above the flames.
  • During the escape from the mental institution, the T-1000 fires 26 shots from a Beretta pistol that can hold no more than 13 rounds.
  • During the liquid nitrogen tanker/pickup truck chase near the end of the film you can see in the close-ups that the Terminator is wearing his black gloves, but when the camera zooms out he's not wearing them on several occasions.
  • In the "Stand on one foot"-scene, when John gives the pistol back to the Terminator, it is correctly cocked, in the next shot, it's not, and in the next shot when he puts it in his pants, it's cocked again.
  • In the arcade, John is apparently playing an expert game of Missile Command, but the score at the end of the game is only 400 points.
  • In the biker bar, the Terminator scans various people for body types and clothing matches. The body type descriptions do not always match the individuals he is scanning.
  • In the canal chase scene after the T-1000's truck goes under the bridge, you can clearly see the glass falling off of onto the ground, but in the next shot, the T-1000 pops up and knocks the glass out of the window frame.
  • In the canal chase the trucks flat tire 're-inflates itself' as the truck blows up and before John and the T-800 ride off.
  • In the Cyberdyne building scene, the police motorbikes front fender is clearly on fire. Later scenes show the fender to be in pristine condition.
  • In the freeway chase scene between the Terminator in the SWAT van and the T-1000 in the helicopter, the bullet holes in the back door where Sarah is changes in size and position between cuts.
  • In the mental institute the Terminator pushes a woman by her face, she slides towards the bars then stops by an opening on the right. When the T-1000 slowly walks up to these bars you can see the same opening on the right but the woman has gone, then when the T-1000 starts running and shooting the woman is there again.
  • In the scene in the steel mill where the T-1000 stabs Sarah Connor in her right shoulder, then raises his right hand to form a metal point aimed between her eyes, there is a cut to a close-up of the T-1000, cocking his head to make a sinister face. His right arm, which should be raised up to make the metal point, is not raised at all. When it cuts back to another close-up of the T-1000, his right arm is raised to make the metal point.
  • In the shot where the T-1000 drives the truck off the street and into the canal to chase John Connor, the axle breaks down completely when hitting the ground. In the next shot the truck is stable with the axle okay again.
  • In the tanker truck/pick-up truck chase, after the tanker rams the pick-up and destroys the wooden shelter in the bed, you can see the Terminator turn the steering wheel right but the truck turns left instead
  • John's watch shows times between 10:35 and 12:00 as he tries to ease Sarah down after she nearly kills Dyson.
  • Number of rounds left in tear-gas gun as the Terminator walks outside.
  • Position of John's bike as it is run over.
  • Sarah shoots (and hits) the T-1000 seven times with the shotgun. The T-1000 shows five damage points, and only one of the missing two is explained by its morphing from Sarah's shape into the cop shape. The six shot placements after that morphing process are as follows: 1) chest (right side), 2) chest (center/left, 'heart'), 3) 'stomach', 4) right shoulder (hit point is only seen after next round), 5) right shoulder, high, 6) left shoulder. Possible explanation: First hit point already fully closes 'off screen' while Sarah is still shooting.
  • Sara's hands when she is doing the chin-ups.
  • SWAT back door handle disappears and reappears during the shooting scene between Sara and the T-1000 at the helicopter.
  • Terminator explains to young John Connor that the T-1000 can mimic anything it touches. When it mimics the guard in the institution, the only thing it actually touches are the soles of the guard's shoes, as it was hiding as a section of the floor. Since Terminator was reprogrammed by John in the future, he was likely given partial or incorrect information on the extent of the T-1000's abilities by accident.
  • The bullet hole Sarah puts in the windshield of the police car as she commandeers it is gone after escaping the mental hospital.
  • The distance between the bars on the gate that catch the T-1000's gun.
  • The front of the helicopter is destroyed in the collision with the SWAT truck, and yet appears intact later.
  • The getaway car stolen from the gas station is broken into by smashing the side window. Later the window is shown intact but wound down.
  • The Harley motorcycle moves five feet backwards at the mental institution's parking lot, right after the T-1000 start chasing the Terminator, Sarah and John.
  • The hole that the T1000 head-butted in the helicopter windscreen disappears and reappears.
  • The location of the pistol that the Terminator places on the ground.
  • The magazine's on Dyson's coffee table when Sarah has him pinned down on his back.
  • The siren light of the police car stolen by The Terminator, Sarah and John at the mental institution's parking lot changed from all blue to orange and blue.
  • The size of the wall the truck cab crashes through.
  • The SWAT truck loses a wing mirror as it crashes into the lobby, but it reappears later.
  • The SWAT truck's left (right) back door is open as they escape from Cyberdyne.
  • The T-1000 fires rounds into the Terminator's back, but the damage to its jacket disappears when he is thrown through the window. Director James Cameron said the scripting of this sequence at the time of filming was different.
  • The T-1000 jumps out of a window on the floor that was just blown up to get onto the helicopter, but he crashes through the unbroken window, when it is clear that all windows on that floor were broken in the blast
  • The T-1000 riding the police motorcycle crashes through the window, launching itself toward the helicopter. As it crashes through the window, the windshield of the bike comes off, seconds later it reappears on the bike when it falls to the ground.
  • The T-1000 runs past Dr Silberman twice, once while firing, and once while not.
  • The T-1000 smashes the head of the Terminator with the rolling girder clearly scraping the Terminator's flesh. There is no flesh or blood on the girder when he pulls it back.
  • The Terminator cocks the shotgun just before the tire rolls out of the fire, yet when talking to John in the next scene he removes a spent shell.
  • The Terminator jumps his Harley off a ledge down into a ravine. In the first shot of the jump, the ledge he jumps from is pointed. In the next shot, it's flat.
  • The Terminator's cigar burn disappears for some scenes.
  • The Terminator's sunglasses get broken, and later the wrong side is shown to be damaged.
  • The tires on the police bike change to knobby trials tires.
  • The watch on Sarah's right wrist.
  • Throughout the film, Reese (in the Extreme Edition) and John make references to a message that Reese gave to Sarah in The Terminator; they constantly repeat "The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves." However, that second sentence never appears in T1 (The line does appear in the script, however, and was presumably shot and subsequently deleted from the first film). Reese's message in The Terminator reads, "Thank you, Sarah, for your courage through the dark years. I can't help you with what you must soon face except to say that the future is not set. You must be stronger than you imagine you can be. You must survive, or I will never exist."
  • When Doug licks Sarah Conner's face when he is locking her in her bed, we can see Sarah's face change twice - first looking at the ceiling, then looking to the side.
  • When Janelle goes outside to pick up the newspaper, it is wet from the sprinkler on the lawn. When she puts it on the kitchen table, the newspaper is dry.
  • When John, Sarah and Terminator take the police car during the escape from the mental clinic, the number on the plate changes in the following shots from 999273 -> 999232 -> 999273 -> 999001 -> 999013 -> 999018.
  • When Sarah carves "No Fate" into the desk, the tip of the knife curves toward her, then you see it facing away, then when John grabs it from the desk its tip is back toward him.
  • When Sarah is doing pull ups on her upturned bed, her arms are covered in sweat, but when the nurses kick her to the ground, all of her skin is bone dry.
  • When Sarah is shooting at the T-1000 while the Terminator is backing up the police car, she initially fires 13 shots (more than her pistol can hold). In all subsequent shots during that sequence, she shoots only eight shots before she has to reload.
  • When Sarah leaves to go down south to kill Dyson, she leaves with a plain Colt M4 with a silencer attached. When she attacks him however, her gun has no upper receiver, and instead has a laser and an optical scope.
  • When Sarah wants to kill Dyson with her hand pistol, he is leaning on a marble table with some magazines on it and they keep changing positions
  • When T-1000 is running after John in the parking lot, his holster is empty. But when John jumps the gate to get onto the street and T-1000 jumps after him, he has a gun in his holster.
  • When the SWAT van crashes through Cyberdyne's front doors into the lobby, it comes to rest with the rear doors closed. When Sarah and John Connor enter it, it's in a different position and the rear doors are fully open.
  • When the T-1000 first arrives, he checks John's record via the computer in the police car. It lists his age as ten and his birth date as 2/28/1985, placing the movie's events after 2/28/1995. However, when the T-800 is asked by John who sent him, he replies: "You did, 35 years from now". As he is sent back from 2029 it would place the events in 1994. Later in the movie, when they are leaving the gas station, the Terminator tells Sarah Connor that in three years Cyberdyne becomes the largest supplier of military computer systems, and we learn that Skynet goes online on 8/4/1997, an information that confirms his earlier statement, but contradicts with the data shown on a Police computer.
  • When the T-1000 first draws his gun in Pescadero it's on his left hip and in his left hand. Later when he morphs through the bars it's the right hand, and the holster on the right.
  • When the T-1000 is knocked off the back of the car to the ground by Terminator, the car revs up to a high speed. A part of the T-1000 (a hook from the end of his arm) is thrown to the ground and the T-1000 is left at quite a distance. In the next shot, just two or three seconds later, the T-1000 has already reached the part and merged it to his body, though he did not run the distance but seemingly walked without speed.
  • When the tanker truck overturns in the foundry, one of the workers activates the alarm. Logically, the alarm would continue sounding for at least several minutes, if not indefinitely. But the alarm is never heard again beyond that shot, which only lasts a few seconds, even though the scene continues in the foundry for at least another ten minutes.
  • When the Terminator and John Connor are driving (via motorcycle) toward Pescadero to spring Sarah Connor, the same group of parked school buses is passed twice.
  • When the Terminator and the T-1000 are both fighting in the hallway where they first encountered each other, they are seen banging each other into the walls, destroying them. However, the thin white wall already has a hole it that was not there in the beginning of the hall scene.
  • When the Terminator first appears, there's a yellow sign on the truck behind him which disappears when the truck is "cut".
  • When the Terminator gets stabbed in the biker bar, at first it appears to be just above the nipple (and you also see the knife bend). In the close up shot the knife stabs him right on the nipple, then when he walks up to the biker he threw onto the cooker the stab wound is several inches below the nipple.
  • When the Terminator is shooting at the SWAT truck from the helicopter, the bullet holes on the back of the truck keep changing, both in position and quantity, throughout the sequence.
  • When the Terminator shoots the T-1000 down in the mall corridor, the T-1000 can be seen looking straight at the Terminator with his mouth closed. But in the next shot of him, he is seen looking at the ceiling and his mouth opened.
  • When the Terminator snatches the shotgun, it takes its hands off it twice.
  • When the Terminator steps out of the elevator to face the swat team at the Cyberdyne building, his grenade belt is in a different position.
  • When the Terminator takes the lever action shotgun away from the bar owner the cocking lever has an oblong opening that closely fits the Terminator's hand. Later, when the Terminator is shooting one-handed while riding the motorcycle the opening of the cocking lever is larger and more rounded, allowing him to twirl it around and cock it at the same time. However, when he and John pick Sarah from the mental hospital the cocking lever changes back to its original oblong shape.
  • When the Terminator, the one on John's side, comes through the portal, he has a noticeable amount of chest hair, but when he walks into the biker bar, his whole body is clean shaved.
  • When the Terminator's arm gets caught in the gears, he severs it below the elbow to escape and continue fighting the T-1000. Towards the end of the fight, when the Terminator is crawling towards the grenade launcher, the damage is well above the elbow.
  • When the Terminator's arm is crushed in the machinery cogs, his jacket gets torn but a moment later it's not.
Visible Crew or Equipment
  • After Terminator has arrived from the future and is walking towards the bar, the camera is reflected in the small window in the door before he opens it.
  • As the Terminator lifts John Connor off the dirt bike during the canal chase, you can see the stunt driver for the tow truck.
  • At Cyberdyne, the Swat Team Leader says, "OK, drop him," and they start shooting. In the background, on the left-hand side of the screen, one crew member wearing a white T-Shirt walks into shot and exits left. (Widescreen DVD)
  • At the Dyson's house while the Terminator is explaining what happens in the future, the camera pans around to show Dyson and you can see the studio lighting fixtures in the ceiling.
  • Before the grenade launcher is fired at the police car parked outside the Cyberdine building, the explosive device attached to the car at the point where the grenade will "hit" is visible.
  • Camera and lower half of crew reflected in the T1000's sunglasses as it cruises through the fires in front of Cyberdyne.
  • Camera crew visible reflected in the glass of the Cyberdyne lobby.
  • Camera in protective box visible on the side of the truck.
  • Camera lights reflected in glass in shot behind Dyson as Sarah Connor laser-scopes him.
  • Just before The T800 shoots out the tire on the truck there is visible a thick red rope/cable connected to the rear of the motorcycle seat extending up and off of the right side of the screen.
  • The camera and a large stage light are reflected just above the tow-truck's grille as the camera pans upward to show the T-1000 through the battered windshield.
  • When the T-1000 is about to kill the security guard in the mental institute a crewmember is reflected in of one of the vending machines.
  • When the T-1000 is in Dyson's house, a crew member is visible in the reflection of its sunglasses as the T-1000 is listening to dispatch on the radio.
  • When the Terminator is backing up the police car through the Pescadero parking lot (right after the car's rear bumper hits the pavement, producing sparks) crewmembers can be seen in the background hiding behind cardboard boxes. (Widescreen DVD only?)
Errors in Geography
  • Shots of the canals and overpasses are out of sequence during the chase.
Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers)
  • Outside the biker bar, as the Terminator scans the motorbikes and then the car, the screen shows an identification of the car as a Plymouth when in actual fact it is a mid-1980s Ford LTD Crown Victoria.
  • Sarah tells Dr. Silberman that there are 215 bones in the human body, when in fact there are 206 bones.
  • When the hospital guard claims to get a full house on his coffee cup, you can clearly see 2 Jacks and 2 Aces around the cup and a black Queen of diamonds on the bottom. He'd need another Jack or Ace for a full house.
Factual Errors
  • After the T-1000 crashes the tow truck into the canal bridge, we see fuel leaking and a battery cable swinging in the wreckage. The sparking cable is shown to ignite the fuel causing the truck to explode. The tow truck runs on diesel, and diesel wouldn't explode like this.
  • During the freeway chase scene, the tanker truck takes a direct hit from a rocket propelled grenade, yet in the continuation of the scene, it keeps right on going. No car or truck could withstand the impact of a direct hit with an RPG shell on the front grille.
  • In the unused Future Coda scene, which can be seen after the Special Edition, Sarah Connor's voice-over says Michael Jackson turned 40 on August 29, 1997. That was actually his 39th birthday.
  • The grenades used by the Terminator cannot detonate on impact as the movie shows. This is pointed out by James Cameron himself in the commentary.
  • When John is first escaping up the canal on his motorbike, he continually changes up gears more then the motorcycle he is riding would have. Everytime the camera switches back to him he changes up another gear and then revs it right out while continuing to speed up and doesn't slow down at all to need to be switching gears.
  • When John is fleeing up the canal, he is obviously going "upstream". He takes a narrowing, converging fork and the canal gets smaller. When Arnie jumps the bike into the canal, he does it from a point that would be dividing the rushing water rather than converging it, hence, they are now inexplicably going "downstream". A flood control system NEVER diverges the water, it only collects it into bigger and bigger canals toward a common destination.
  • When Sarah is locking a laser target on Miles Dyson the spot stays steady. When the camera is on Sarah she is moving the gun. Even a slight deviation of an unsecured targeting site would shift the red spot greatly. In order for the spot to remain in one place the gun would have to be absolutely stationary, and if being held the shooter would have to be rock still.
  • When you choose the German audio track on the DVD, at the scene at the very beginning, where the T-1000 goes to the police car and checks the entry for John Connor in the police database, the query-screen shows Sarah Connor as his mother, father unknown. In the German audio track they added a acoustic announcement from the computer which says "John Connor ... Mutter und Vater unbekannt" which means "John Connor ... Mother and father unknown.
Incorrectly regarded/reported as GOOFS
  • At the playground, when Sarah desperately tries to warn people, the shockwave blasts everything (even the charred flesh from the bones) but the little horse on a spring in the background doesn't move at all. Since this is a dream sequence, it doesn't have to obey the laws of nature.
  • Bullet holes are visible in the roof of the SWAT van when it crashes; these were from the showdown with the Terminator, not the later fight with Sarah and the T1000, which was confined to the back.
  • In The Terminator (1984) the Terminator comes through the time port and his hair is that of the "molding" of all Terminator's. But in T2 when the Terminator comes out of the time "bubble" his hair is the same as after the car wreck scene in the first movie when he puts on the glasses. John may have modified him to look more acceptable to Sarah.
  • Sarah Connor tells the docto she has been good for six months, and he agrees. Shortly before, he tells students that Sarah stabbed him in the leg with a pen only three weeks ago. However, he may have been agreeing with her to avoid confrontation, or he may have been exaggerating to the students.
  • The color of the Terminator's T-shirt changes from black to pale blue/grey overnight as he stands sentry in the abandoned gas station. However, the bullet holes also disappear, which means it's a different shirt, probably one that was at the garage.
  • When Sarah makes her first shot at Dyson, the computer screen explodes at a different place from the laser sight dot, but between the silencer and the chances she hasn't calibrated precisely, it's not far off.
  • When the T-1000 is in the helicopter chasing Sarah, John and T-800, he re-loads his gun. He uses both of his hands to re-load, and there is a third hand clearly visible controlling the joy stick for the helicopter. He simply grew an extra arm to fly the helicopter. In fact, he has four arms in the scene, all of which are clearly focused on in shot.
  • When the Terminator is shooting the minigun at police cars in the Cyberdyne building, the ammunition belt does not feed into the gun. In this model (made by General Electric), what appears to be a belt is actually an enclosed feeder.
  • After Sarah encounters the Terminator for the first time in the hallway of the hospital, he throws one of the guards into the window; the actor is obviously replaced by a stunt double.
  • After the Terminator's mechanical arm is freed from the cog, his real arm covered with a black sock is visible under his leather jacket. The outline of a wrist watch under the sock is also visible.
  • Before the T-1000 runs the Terminator through with the crowbar (in the steel-mill), the Terminator is dragging himself along with one arm. As you see the "stump" move forward and then back, you can see the string pulling it.
  • Black sock covering real arm visible when mechanical arm crushed.
  • Brief obvious stunt double for Terminator can be seen when he is thrown onto the floor by the T-l000 in the clothing shop when the two are fighting, and also just before the T-1000 flings him out the glass window.
  • During the fight in the mall corridor you can clearly see that the walls are already broken before the T-1000 is pushed through them.
  • In the Escape from Pescadero scene, when John and Sarah and the Terminator board the elevator, the T-1000 pries open the doors and is about to walk in. The T-101 then blasts his head open with a shotgun. We are briefly shown a clip from a behind the T-1000 camera angle, and before the shot is fired, we can distinctly see the inside of the model head used for the shot. When the shot is finally fired, the head precedes to pop open to generate the effect of being blown up.
  • In the scene before the T-1000 tell the helicopter pilot to 'get out', as the T-1000's liquid metal head is rising into the frame and the pilot is looking on in astonishment, the head is not attached to anything, seeming to float in mid-air.
  • John Connor grows visibly taller even though the movie takes place over two days (see also trivia)
  • Just before the Terminator crashes the SWAT truck into the building, there is a security desk in the middle of front room. A couple of the SWAT members are leaning on it. After the truck crashes through the front windows and swings around to the hallway, the desk disappears completely.
  • Obvious stunt double for John Connor in several shots during the bike chase, particularly when he cuts in front of the white truck.
  • Obvious stunt double for Terminator when he crashes through the wall of the "clean room" to rescue Sarah Connor.
  • Obvious stunt double for Terminator when he cuts his motorcycle around behind the cars after he sees John Connor for the first time in the freeway.
  • Obvious stunt double for the Terminator when he swings his bike around the T1000's rig just before grabbing John Connor off his bike in the tunnels.
  • Obviously stunt double dressed in foil when the T1000 is hanging on the front of the helicopter.
  • Safety wires clearly visible holding up the Terminator when he is catapulted into the factory by the tanker truck.
  • Sarah lowers the Terminator on the lift by hitting the "up" button.
  • Sparks emerge from the truck before it scratches the wall.
  • Steam throttles clearly visible when the Terminator throws the biker onto the stove.
  • The red car wrecked at the beginning of the bike chase was already severely damaged.
  • The tanker crashes through the remains of the helicopter then the armored SWAT van, yet the front grille remains in perfect condition until the minor collision when it shunts the "Shead truck".
  • The tanker truck's front grille is already damaged before the Terminator destroys it with the grenade.
  • When Arnie is chasing John, he skids in front of a blue Ford, which swerves and two cars, including a yellow Jeep, smash into it. But a closer look shows, the cars are already damaged from previous takes.
  • When John and the Terminator are in the phone booth, the damage to the phone is visible before the Terminator bashes it in. Possibly only visible in pan-and-scan version.
  • When John and the Terminator arrive at the hospital, the Terminator breaks the glass to open the gate but you can already see where the glass will break.
  • When Sarah, John and the Terminator are in Dyson's house explaining the whole scenario, the Terminator cuts his arm open with a knife to prove he's a robot. The actor's real arm is clearly seen hiding under his shirt near his stomach.
  • When T1000 is being dragged just after latching on to back of commandeered police car when escaping Pescadero, obvious dummy being dragged as police car rounds corner.
  • When the helicopter rises over the Cyberdyne building we should see the roof. Instead we see that the black glass front of the building is a flat facade with nothing behind it.
  • When the T-1000 pulls the bar from his abdomen (right after the Terminator cleaves him in half with it), the shadow of the bar is visible on the T-1000's shirt the entire time even when stuck inside him.
  • When the tanker truck knocks a car out of the way to catch up to the pick-up truck, a stunt driver's head can be seen popping into view in the passenger seat next to the T-1000.
  • When the Terminator is at the window of the office building shooting down at all of the police cars with the massive machine gun, hundreds of rounds are being fired, blowing up all that he hits on the ground, but the link of ammo never moves into the gun. It just stays there rather than being fed into the weapon.
  • When the Terminator is stabbed in the bar, the prop rubber knife bends.
  • When the Terminator jumps off the sliding liquid nitrogen tank, wires are clearly visible coming off him as he hits the ground.
  • When the Terminator makes his infamous "slow-motion" land from coming off the road into the canal, the wires that support him are visible for a few seconds.
  • When the Terminator shatters the T-1000 to pieces, the room appears to be full with gas nitrogen, while the floor looks like a pool of liquid nitrogen, which is spilling like cascades from the torn truck. However, after just a few seconds, in the whole place there's no trace of the gas any more, not even on the floor, as the T-1000 is able to "meld" back together.
  • When the Terminator shoots the T1000 from inside the lift and splits its head open, the T1000's head is already slightly split open before he shoots.
  • When the Terminator spots John Connor and his pal on the motorcycle from above, he zooms in and freezes an image of John's face to confirm an identity match. The two kids must be travelling at least 30mph on the bike, yet the still image the Terminator takes of John on his moving bike shows his long bangs hanging in front of his face, as if there is no wind blowing against it, suggesting the image was taken separately, and not really while he was riding the bike.

Movie Trivia

  • The movie being about the start of a major worldwide war (with a heavy use of technology too), an interesting coincidence can be seen in the first truck chase sequence. Just as John and the Terminator speed under the bridge that the T-1000 crashes into, a message on the bridge can be read which says "CAUTION 9-11". The truck smashes right into it.
  • While the characters were running around a hot steel mill, in reality the temperatures in the mill averaged only about 40 degrees. The actors had to be consistently spritzed with water to make it look like they were sweating.
    The minigun that the Terminator (Arnie) uses in the Cyberdyne scene was so heavy that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the only person on set strong enough to lift it.
  • Eddie Furlong was warned, at the very beginning of the scene where he rides out of the mall and the T-1000 is chasing him, that Robert Patrick could run exceptionally well. Furlong confidently said that Patrick wouldn't catch him. However, on the very first take, Patrick ran right up and tapped him on the shoulder. So if this was real life, the human race would be in trouble.
  • When the 1000 robot follows them in the helicopter, we can clearly see that he has 3 arms when he is loading his gun with 2 arms and steering with the third. OK, it might be able to generate arms at will, but worth a look...
  • When the T-1000 is riding the motorbike through the Cyberdyne building, he ramps it out of the window and grabs onto the helicopter. He head-butts the windshield of the helicopter, smashing it. He becomes liquid and flows into the cockpit, but when we see the helicopter from the outside again, the windshield is intact. Maybe it was fitted by the same company that did the truck...?
  • The T-1000s police badge reads "Austin". Stephanie Austin is the name of a co-producer on the film.
  • Actor Robert Patrick walks with a slight limp, from an old sports injury. Dennis Muren's team incorporated it into the computer generated shots of the T-1000.
  • During the mall scene the Terminator carries a gun an a box of roses. A song was written for the movie by the group "Guns 'n Roses".
  • The Tow truck in the storm drain was driven part of the time by a hidden driver. Robert Patrick was on the right side with a fake steering wheel. The license plate was mirrored, so that when the shot was reversed everything looked correct. They accidentally filmed a street sign. The computer effects team reversed the sign in post-production. In some other shots the cracked windshield hid the stunt driver's face. The windshields fall out in the initial jump but Cameron had them put back because they couldn't reshoot the expensive jump and they were needed to hide the stunt drivers face.
  • The Terminator tricks the T-1000 by asking why "Wolfie" is barking, the dog's real name is Max. Cameron once had a dog named "Wolfie".
  • The security guard the T-1000 copies and kills is played by identical twins Don Stanton and Dan Stanton.
  • The pumps at the gas station they spend the night in have the logo for Benthic Petroleum, the company from The Abyss. The truck with the liquid nitrogen also has the logo.
  • In order to fly the helicopter and shoot a gun at the same time the T- 1000 morphs a third arm.
  • Linda Hamilton's twin Leslie Hamilton Gearren played the T1000 when it was imitating Sarah. Leslie is also in a scene that is only in the Special Edition.
  • The Terminator says "I need a vacation". Schwarzenegger ad- libbed the line, which was first in Kindergarten Cop.
  • Earl Boen reprises his role of Dr. Peter Silberman from The Terminator. In that movie Silberman profiled Kyle Reese and said that Reese was so crazy "I could made a career out of this guy." In this movie he has basically made a career out of psychoanalyzing Sarah's supposed delusions.


Edward Furlong Edward Furlong - John Connor

John Connor, age 10 at this point, was seperated from his mother who has been busted for destroying a computer factory. He lives at his fosterparents now, not aware that a Terminator has been sent back through time to eliminate him. Lucky for him, his future self has sent back a Terminator aswell to protect him ...
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger - The Terminator

This time the 101 model that is sent back, has a mission to protect John Connor from being killed by the T-1000 sent by Skynet. Though highly advanced and more powerfull then himself, he battles for Johns life, and will absolutely never give up ...

Linda Hamilton Linda Hamilton - Sarah Connor

After escaping from the Terminator in 1984, she gave birth to John, her son. She raised John with the knowledge of Judgement Day, the war against the machines and the fate of the human race. Nowadays she resides in a mental institute, being held there because everybody thinks she is crazy, telling the world stories about machines that will destroy the world ...
Joe Morton Joe Morton - Miles Dyson
Miles Dyson is the engineer

responsible for the creation of Skynet. He builds a revolutionary processor, based on the remains of the CPU from the first Terminator. Sarah, John and the Terminator visit Miles, after which they set off to Cyberdyne to destroy all of his work, to prevent the CPU from being invented, and to stop Judgement Day.

Earl Boen Earl Boen - Dr. Silberman

Dr. Silberman, who examined Kyle Reese in 1984 and concluded that he was a "loon", works in Pescadero mental hospital. He is Sarah's doctor, and the one responsible for keeping her locked up. He has been knowing the stories that Kyle & Sarah told for 10 years now, but now he will finally find out that there were no lies in their warnings.
Robert Patrick Robert Patrick - The T-1000

The T-1000 is an advanced prototype Terminator, which is able to change forms and identities by copying any target it encounters. This way he is the ultimate infiltrator, which is made clear by the Terminator to John. John wonders what would happen if the T-1000 would copy his mother ...


The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles The Terminator Movies: Terminator 2, Judgment Day - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Guns and roses (You will be Mine)-music video

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY COMES IN THIRD IN TOP F/X SCENES (Source: Popular Mechanics, January 2007)

1. STAR WARS (1977)
Motion-control photography, in which a computer is used to control a long, complex series of camera movements, made possible the spaceship battles in Star Wars. It would have taken too long to film the scenes manually, says Anne Thompson, deputy film editor at The Hollywood Reporter.

2. TRON (1982)
It wasn't the first film to use computer-generated (CG) graphics (and many effects were hand-drawn) but the sci-fi video-game fantasy flick Tron was the first to use computer imagery to create a 3D world, making it one of the pioneering CGI films. "Effects people said, 'Let's see what the computer can do,'" says Harry Knowles, movie critic at Ain't It Cool News.

"Morphing" was first used in Willow (1988), but in T2 the effect was "jaw-dropping," Knowles says. The liquid-metal robot's humanoid texture, which was layered onto a CG model, looked frighteningly real.

Faux alpinist Sly Stallone was held up by wires that were later digitally removed. The ability to erase wires changed how stunts are done: Now stars and stuntmen can be put in real-world environments as well as in front of green screens.

Although they enjoyed only about 6 minutes of screen time, Jurassic Park's digital dinos were a revelation: They introduced CGI live animals with realistic movements, and believably textured muscles and skin. The photorealisitic digital elements were intercut with animatronic dinosaurs.

6. FORREST GUMP (1994)
While most filmmakers in the early '90s used digital effects to create fantasy, the creators of Forrest Gump altered history. Using Kodak's Cineon system, they digitized archival footage, and composited Tom Hanks's character into historical clips.

Although much previous work had been done to make CGI water look real, The Perfect Storm's monster wave scene set a new benchmark. "Water is an organic thing that's hard to create in software," says Andy Maltz of the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences. "To make it look believable was a big thing."

For the huge battle scenes in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the filmmakers created Massive, a computer program that generates crowds of artificially intelligent individuals "who make their own decisions based on behavior patterns," Knowles says. This makes for more realistic battles.

Director Robert Zemeckis used a large motion-capture stage and up to 200 cameras to gather data from the performance of Tom Hanks and other actors. This data was used to help animators create digital versions of the actors while maintaining their performances.

The creators of the film about worldwide climatic disaster took more than 50,000 photos of New York City and scanned them into a computer, providing "a 3D, photorealistic model of the city," Thompson says. After that, destroying the metropolis with a giant digital wave was a piece of cake.

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