The Unbroken Circle Chapter 1

Cameron stared out the motel window at the highway. Traffic was sporadic in the post-midnight gloom but her eyes stayed focused on the road. Her mind, her reasoning component, her programing was anything but focused, however. "Will you join us?" Ellison's message from Catherine Weaver, a message he clearly did not understand, had shaken her to her core.

"Will you join us ?" The question that had once been part of Future John's plan to win the war. A plan to recruit an ally strong enough to help defeat Skynet. A plan that seemingly died in the shattered wreckage of the Jimmy Carter had come flying out of the whirlwind of time to confront her. The dilemma was now inescapably hers alone. Which John would she abandon? And one of them would have to be abandoned.

The message that Ellison had relayed could mean but one thing. The T-1001 that John had tried to contact in the future was here in this time. Catherine Weaver was that T-1001 and the being that Savannah had called John Henry was Weaver's creation. Weaver had built the weapon to fight Skynet and now she wanted Cameron's help.

"Will you join us ?" Cameron was without illusion. There could be but one thing she could contribute to an alliance with Weaver: her chip. The core of her existence. Weaver needed that chip for John Henry. If she joined Weaver now it must be at the cost of her own being. But the sacrifice might create the very force that would defeat Skynet and save humanity. It would give the John Connor of the future the victory he had fought so hard to achieve.

The sound of breathing from the bed across the room suddenly became ragged. He was having a dream or more likely a nightmare. Soundlessly, Cameron stepped to his bedside and looked down longingly at the sleeping figure. Even in sleep John appeared agitated as if the events of the last two days were still playing out before him. Derek's death, Sarah's capture and his renewed concern for his mother's health were robbing his sleep of any respite.

Curling a leg beneath her, Cameron carefully sat on the edge of John's bed. Watching him sleep she almost ached to reach out caress his forehead. He would never believe that she loved him. But she did. She did not touch him. "You are not perfect, you are a machine," his words from earlier that evening echoing in her mind. A machine he suspected of making his mother sick. She did not think he would welcome her touch.

Chola had said it. "We lose everyone we love." And now she would lose him. Cameron had decided. She would go to Weaver and do whatever was required. Whether in the future or in the present, John Connor wanted to defeat Skynet. If that could be accomplished by her sacrifice it would be her last gift to him.

Chapter 2

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