The Unbroken Circle Chapter 2

The basement room in the Zeira Corporation headquarters still crackled with the residual sparks of electricity. The blue time displacement bubble had faded taking with it both her son and the creature who had called herself Catherine Weaver. Sarah stared in horror at the place where Jonn had stood seconds before but he was gone. She had let him go. For the first time in nearly seventeen years Sarah Connor was truly alone.

James Ellison was equally stunned.The shocking revelation of Catherine Weaver's true nature had momentarily overcome his ability to think. Except for Cameron's battered and lifeless body still slumped in the chair, he and Sarah were alone in the room. John Henry was gone. Weaver was gone. John Connor was gone. Where they had gone, he had no idea.

Above his head Ellison heard a growling rumbling sound. Then a series of explosions and a shattered chunk of the ceiling landed at his feet. He looked at Sarah who seemed oblivious to the building's death throes. She was still staring catatonically at the place where John had been, her lips moving in speech that did not carry to Ellison's ears.

"Get out." Ellison's security training kicked into place. They had to get out of the building. They had to get out now.

"Sarah! Sarah!" Ellison's voice was insistent. Grabbing her by the shoulders he shook her...hard. "Sarah,we have to leave. The building is on fire. We have to get out now!"

For a moment Sarah remained oblivious to his entreaties. Then her eyes focused, an awareness crept into her expression. "On fire?"

"Yes. Come on, there is going to be police and firemen all over this place. You have to go."

Sarah responded in a dull, lifeless monotone. "Go where? Go where?"

Ellison didn't try to answer. Taking her arm he pulled an unresisting Sarah Connor toward the exit.

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