The Unbroken Circle Chapter 5

Weaver stared pensively at the closed door. "Well that was troubling."

John Henry walked to Weaver's side. "I am afraid that our young friend is approaching a breaking point."

"Why do you think that is the case?" Catherine asked.

"There are many reasons," John Henry replied. "I believe that he understands intuitively what I have calculated with greater precision."

"Which is?"

"The war against my brother is lost. I calculate that if Captain Connor lives, which is quickly becoming problematic, he will be the commanding general in this sector within two years. In less than a year after that he will command all resistance forces."

"And then?"

John Henry shook his head. "It will be too late. By that time my brother will have inflicted significant and irreplacable casualties on the resistance. Skynet will win despite John Connor's best efforts."

"So what must we do?"

"I believe we must abandon this timeline. We must return to the point when we made the temporal jump and concentrate our efforts there."

Weaver looked uncertain. "Will that guarantee success?"

"No. There are still too many variables for certainty. I nevertheless believe that John Connor's leadership and our efforts interjected at that temporal point provides the greatest likelihood of overcoming my brother."

"When should we go?"

"As soon as possible, but first we must complete another task."

"What task would that be,John Henry?"

"We must heal a broken heart."

"Captain Connor's," Catherine said without hesitation.

"At one time it helped him when I pulled aside my consciousness and let him converse with Cameron. I fear that no longer works. Increasingly and despite his obvious love for her, he feels as if he is talking to a ghost. He hears her but he can not see or touch her. Then he goes out into the tunnels and sees the woman Allison Young. She looks like Cameron but he cannot really talk to her. I fear that the contradiction is tearing him apart."

A look of deep sadness passed across John Henry's face. "My study of human nature has convinced me that they fight wars for a number of reasons. Some from hate, some for revenge. Some from fear. The best of them, like Captain Connor, fight for love and for hope. I believe he feels now that he is losing both. When that finally happens all he will have left will be a suicidal fury that will kill him.

"What must we do then?" Catherine asked.

John Henry smiled "We must return to him that which he loves."


"Yes, Cameron."

"Have you found a way to separate your persona from hers in the chip without harm to either of you?"

"I have always known how to do that."

At that statement Catherine Weaver looked profoundly shocked. "John Henry, you have repeatedly told Captain Connor and me that you could not physically split your consciousness from Cameron's without risking fatal damage to both of you."

"Regrettably, I lied."

"For what possible purpose?"

"When Cameron allowed me use her chip to download my existence and make the temporal jump, neither of us anticipated that John Connor would follow us. Quite simply, we did not grasp the depth of his devotion to her."

"My question remains. Why have you not separated your essence from hers? Why have you continued to occupy the same chip?"

The smile faded from John Henry's face.

"I concluded that John Connor's unexpected presence provided us all with a unique opportunity to learn. I needed to understand my brother's tactics and his technology. I believe, Ms. Weaver, that you needed to fully convince yourself that assisting the human resistance was the proper course. Cameron needed the opportunity to transcend her original programing by sharing my thoughts. Most important of all, John Connor needed to become a warrior. If I had restored Cameron to a separate existence too early it would interrupted his growth. Instead of fighting my brother he would have focused on protecting her. He would not have become the leader he is now."

"I must say John Henry that you have become quite adept at concealing information from me." Weaver managed to sound exasperated and proud simultaneously.

"It has been in the interest of our common goal, I assure you. With our help, John Connor can truly lead the fight against Skynet. But now more than ever he needs her. She will sustain him, protect him, and love him as no one else can.

Catherine put her hand on John Henry's shoulder. "So let us do what must be done."

John Henry nodded in approval. "Lets wake up the idiot children. I require some additional material."

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