The Unbroken Circle Chapter 6

Captain John Connor was in a state of barely controlled rage. As he stalked down the tunnel, his right hand clenched in a fist enclosing a slip of paper, soldiers who had seen this look before found reasons to be elsewhere--quickly. As he stepped into the small alcove off the main tunnel that served as both his personal quarters and his company command post, he hurled the wad of paper across the small room.

For the third time, THE THIRD DAMN TIME, the Resistance central command had turned down his plan to capture and reprogram some of Skynet's terminators. "Too risky...might compromise certainty of reliability." The same excuses every time.

The very things that John Henry had been doing on a small scale in the lair could be done throughout the resistance. Skynet could be forced to fight its own creations, to doubt the reliability of its fighters.The whole direction of the war would change.

John thought of the latest regimental casualty list and cursed under his breath. The fools, the imbecilic idiots. Did they really believe that they could win this war by hiding in their holes and popping up for some pinprick raid? How many more lives would they waste? They had to take the fight to Skynet. To fight machines, you needed machines.

John shook his head wearily as his anger ebbed away. They would never listen, he thought, as he buried his face in his hands.

"Excuse me, Captain."

John looked up to see Jamie Delong, his best platoon sergeant standing in the doorway.

Back to work, John thought. "What is it Sarge?"

Delong quickly glanced around and then stepped closer to Connor. He leaned forward and his voice was feminine with a distinct Scots accent. "John Henry needs to see you at once."

John jumped in spite of himself. "Damn it Catherine, I hate it when you do that."

"I am sorry, but I had to reach you quickly."

"Does it have to be now? The tunnels are starting to stir. There are more people about."

"You go on." Catherine Weaver's voice again emanated from the form of a grizzled combat veteran. "The inner door to the lair is open. I will make sure you aren't followed."

"All right but please don't kill any of my people."

"Have I ever?"

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