The Unbroken Circle Chapter 9

"Three years." The tone of incredulity still lingered in Sarah's voice. "Three years."

She sat on the edge of the bed in the motel room where she had regained consciousness. John, yes it really was John, sat in the chair he had pulled up to the bedside and held her hand. Cameron stood behind John smiling at Sarah who continued to marvel at the animation in the beautiful cyborg's face.

"I feel like I've lost some of your life."

"No mom, you haven't lost anything. You were always part of my life. I drew strength from you."

Sarah felt her eyes fill with tears. She reached up to touch his cheek and winced as her fingers traced the scar.

John could read his mother's reaction. "It's nothing mom. When you serve in the resistance forces you pick up a few scratches now and then."

Cameron spoke softly. "Don't let him be that modest, Sarah. He has done so much more than just serve. He was the youngest company commander in the resistance, three times cited for extraordinary valor."

"Cam, that's not important." John actually seemed to blush slightly.

"Yes it is John. Your mother needs to know what you've done, what you are."

As Sarah watched, Cameron let her hand rest gently on John's shoulder when she spoke. Without a hint of self-consciousness, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, he reached up and took her hand. Tenderly, he brought her fingers to his lips and kissed her hand.

Sarah jumped to her feet. Looking directly at Cameron she almost spit out the words "I would like to talk to my son now...alone." Once again Sarah found Cameron's reaction disconcerting. She actually looked crestfallen as she stepped away from John and started toward the door.

"No." John's voice was flat, expressionless, and without a hint of compromise.

"I don't mind John. I'll just step outside."

"Yes you do mind and no you won't. Come here, Cam" John held out his hand. Cameron instantly stepped back to his side and put her hand in his.

John turned back to face Sarah wearing an expression that the troopers of Company J would have recognized immediately. The Captain has made up his mind. Don't cross him now.

"Mom, you have to understand this. We can't have any confusion, any misunderstanding. There is nothing that anyone can want to say to me that can't be said in front of Cameron." John paused for a split second. "If you are talking to one of us, you are talking to both of us."

Sarah tried to catch her breath. There it was. The thing that she had feared from the moment Cameron had walked into their lives. It could not be denied. It could be escaped. Whatever Cameron was, John loved her. And to Sarah's amazement she watched as Cameron looked at John with a face that absolutely glowed with adoration. Surely even the most sophisticated metal couldn't fake that expression.

Sarah found herself looking through the steel visage of unrelenting determination on John's face. Perhaps only a mother could see past that and see the pleading in his eyes. He was begging her, Please don't make me choose. Don't make me choose between the two of you.

Sarah understood at that moment that today she had experienced the agony of losing her son. She would not...she could not face that again. She could not let him walk away a second time. Only one response would suffice now.

"Cameron, I am sorry. I did not mean to hurt your feelings. I apologize."

Cameron and John both understood the extraordinary effort Sarah had just made.

"It's alright Sarah," Cameron responded. "It will be all right." Each word was spoken with all the clarity Cameron could achieve.

Sarah and Cameron looked at each other and for the briefest of seconds their eyes joined. Sarah nodded ever so slightly. Cameron responded with a similar gesture. In that fleeting moment the two women John Connor loved reached their mutual accommodation.

"All right then," John broke the tension. "Mom, if you are feeling okay, we need to go. I want to get you and Cameron out of Los Angeles. When the dust settles from that jail escape the cops are going to be looking hard for both of you."

"Where are we going John?" Sarah asked.

"San Francisco. Catherine and John Henry timed their jump to arrive a week before us. They are up there now setting up a new safe house."

Cameron spoke reassuringly to Sarah. "They are very good at establishing secure locations."

John chuckled. "They are the best. But we have one thing to do before we head north."

"What is that, John?"

"We have to beat James Ellison to a gymnastics class. I promised Catherine I wouldn't leave Savannah here alone."

Sarah looked uncertain. "Do you think we should risk...."

"I promised." John closed the discussion. "All right ladies let's go eat some lightning."

Sarah looked quizzically at Cameron. "It's a man thing," Cameron whispered.

The circle had not broken. John Connor and his family had rejoined the fight. The Resistance had begun.

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