Through the Eyes of a Dark Electric god


Through the Eyes of a Dark, Electric god

Los Angeles, California
A Street Corner
Monday, November 12, 2007

"We predict the future. And the best way to predict it, is to invent it." -Well Manicured Man, The X-Files

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." -T.S. Eliot

Vick's Chip had helped the Connors uncover a Skynet plot to use a gigantic automated traffic system as a sensory array. If Skynet was allowed to build the system, it would give Skynet a serious tactical advantage in tracking human targets after Judgment Day.

A conventional attack was tried first. Sarah and Derek had attempted to plant a virus in City Hall to bug the so called "ARTIE" system.

Once that failed, John had to resort to a more desperate plan. He would use Cameron's extremely sophisticated chip to directly overload the traffic system from a light terminal.

Still lacking faith in himself, John had nervously removed Cameron's chip. Her entire world had gone black.

Power engaged. Light flashed in Cameron's internal Heads Up Display. Then something unexpected happened.

Cameron's conscience swept out into an open space. It was a sensation like falling upwards into outer space. That sensation continued and became a sensation of falling in a thousand different directions.

Her consciousness wasn't limited to maintaining and regulating her form. She wasn't watching and monitoring the thousands of small nuances that mimicked what humans did or how they acted, both mentally and physically. Her internal unconscious systems weren't busy regulating power, maintaining her synthetic skin and organs, running minor diagnostics, or a hundred other little actions that maintained her systems.

When Cameron merged with "ARTIE"'s nervous system, she moved beyond her HUD and any sense of human like sight. For the first time she remembered in her existence, she had a true sense of what it must be like to be Skynet.

The "ARTIE" system would be dismantled in seconds. Cameron put her primary attention on that mission for John.

Even so, she watched the entire city through thousands of cameras simultaneously. Camera systems way more powerful than was appropriate allowed her to see into passing cars and take deep looks at people walking in near the light systems. She could see them all and every target the cameras focused on.

She was tracking 756,237 people trying to get home or elsewhere during rush hour. She could see each of their faces, notice what they wore, note their location and get a basic feel for their emotions based on their appearance. In a matter of seconds, she identified two terminators she had not known about, six grays she knew that she'd remove if she saw them again, and two unknowns.

Two figures were blanked out from her memory, encrypted with codes her own internal processes couldn't move past at this time. She stored the memories and the code for another time.

Her senses weren't even limited there. "ARTIE" was plugged into the Internet, comparing real time traffic with sites all over the world. She was watching multiple sites, without even needing to consciously search for them or to plug into them.

There were a million wonders to notice. Of greater interest to her, there was a small confrontation building between John and Derek. It was almost as predictable as the sunrise.

Derek did not and would not ever trust Cameron. He was just like the majority of the resistance, no matter what she did, she would always be the enemy to him. It was understandable.

Derek was a survivor of Judgment Day. He had lost friends and family to the war with the machines. The one most personal too him was his brother Kyle Reese, a soldier lost on a time mission.

Derek wasn't able to trust reprogrammed terminators, he had born witness to a T888 going haywire, in John's base. He would see Cameron as a bomb just waiting to go off. It wouldn't matter to him that only the T888s had done that, models like the T850 had been reprogrammed without any incident.

Cameron wasn't a T888. That wouldn't matter to Derek or most of the other members of the Resistance, all they would see is "Metal".

Derek had swayed Sarah. A less than confident John was the only ally Cameron had left, when her destruction was literally being talked about by those she was here to protect.

The damning argument had started over the chip that she had hidden to comply with John's orders from 2027. Derek had used it as proof that Cameron was pursuing her own agenda and had lead the T888 Vick to kill his men at the safe-house.

John's orders wouldn't even allow her to admit them in self defense. It was possible that Derek knew that.

She had thought the argument resolved. John's scan of Vick's chip had shown it was one of Derek's own men to that had captured the T888's attention. It should have been proof enough, apparently it wasn't.

Cameron watched the beginnings of their confrontation and thousands of other scenes all at the same time. She could tell what Derek was probably going to say thanks to his stance, how he held his eyes and his general demeanor.

Yes, this must be what it was like to be Skynet. Except, Cameron didn't even have one ten thousandth of the processing power Skynet had evolved into when it created her.

"ARTIE" died. Hundreds of motor vehicle wrecks began within seconds.

Derek pulled her chip. Her entire world went black...


Power engaged. Light flashed in Cameron's internal Heads Up Display.

John sat there with his arms on her for a moment. In a single second, a wash of random emotions flooded into her wave after wave.

One in particular took shape as Cameron looked at John. There was something behind his eyes she hadn't seen since 2027.

John removed his hands shyly. He looked back and asked, "What was it like? What'd you see in there?"

Cameron thought for a second on what it must have been like to look through her creator's eyes. As she had looked upon the thousands of sights, coldly and distantly, it might have been something that humans might envy.

Then again, she felt the waves of emotions still near her through John. She laid her head back on the pillow and replied, "I saw everything."

She didn't envy Skynet. She knew Skynet was the enemy, but she almost pitied it. It would never know what she knew right now looking at John's eyes.

She was home. She was home...

The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Derek/Cameron) - Lullaby by Adhara

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