Tobinator model 980



Model/series information: model T980 is a 900 series tobinator

AKA(s): Itachi

Featured in: The Tobinator; The Tobinator2; Tsunade's chronicles

Created by: Akanet

Special effects: self-repairing; increased intelect; three main chips; can resist laser guns

Played by: Itachi (Naruto)

Design specifications:

Prototypes: T950; T900; is a successor of the T800 series

Succeeded by: TX

Physical appearance: Male, anime character, about 1.75

Endoskeleton characteristics: Very strong alloy that can outstand a laser gun shot;

Aritificial Intelligence factors: Akanet's most advanced artificial intelligence, can "learn" and adapt easily to the human world which makes it very hard to spot. Three chips are required to store information such as creating another tobinator.

Fixes, changes and capabilities:
- self-repairing
- is more intelligent and tactical
- can not be reprogrammed
- made of stronger alloy than previous models
- has three main chips
- if two of the chips are damaged, he'll stil be operational
- has the knowedge to create anothet tobinator
- has the fighting abilities of a T900
- two main powersorces + back up powersorce
- can restore lost information to his stil active chips

Development history: Started from the T900, T980 is much more supirior to it. Infact there is only one model which Akanet sends back in time with the mission to help with the creation of Akanet and eliminate any possible threats.

Combat role/modes: Unknown

How this Terminator infiltrates: He is very silent and always does what he's told. Firstly he gains the trust of people, then extracts all information he can get and lastly he can either turn his masters (who are the humans who trust him) into slaves (example: use them to create a tobinator) or deliver the gathered information to Akanet.

Trademark attack style: Tactical mode. This tobinator won't attack unless provoked and always keeps his true identity and mission safe.

Casualty count: Unknown

Best lines: "If you think you can beat me, you're wrong!"

Best scenes: Fighting the T715; Creating the S1000

Demise: Is stil active!


Tobinator model 980 - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
"Well, well, what do we have here?"

Tobinator model 980 - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
"Aw, and you think you're so smart?"

Tobinator980 endo skull
Tobinator model 980 - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
The T980 can even make sexy poses <3

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