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Information on Pacificor, Lionsgate and Sony to be posted here as I get it.

Sony links
Sony Bids on ‘Terminator’ Rights, World Yawns

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Coming To Netflix

He'll be back—Sony joins bidding for Terminator rights

‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ Rises to the Top of “The DirecTV Top 10″

Lionsgate information to be added as I get it.

Pacificor information to be added as I get it.

Do you have information on these corporate owners of the Sarah Connor Chronicles? Contact me with anything you have to share.

Sarah Connor Chronicles Information

Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season Three

Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season Three
Season Three

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Seeking Sarah Connor Chronicles fan convention news forSarah Connor Chronicles Fan Conventions Sarah Connor Chronicles Fan Conventions

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Squidoo Link is officially retired as the name of this site. New Name is now "Toni Roman's Corner" not because I am an ego freak but because no one suggested a better name. I am still willing to change the name of this corner to whatever the majority of visitors here want.
All suggestions will be seriously considered.
All submissions of material and images greatly appreciated. Videos of home-made episodes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles will be featured at
Sarah Connor Chronicles Fan-made Episodes
Sarah Connor Chronicles Fan-made Episodes


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