Transcript of LIVE Chat with Garret Dillahunt, Josh Friedman, and Dan Thomsen

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The Sarah Connor Chronicles Wiki is pleased to present the transcript from the unprecedented, LIVE chat featuring:

Josh Friedman, Producer
Garret Dillahunt, Cromartie,
Dan Thomsen, Writer

* * *
Dan (Writer) Howdy, all. I'm just messing around with this meebo client while we wait for the guest of honor.
19:03 ilikepie ah
19:03 guest43875 Heya.
19:03 videoman413 this was a confusing, but great episode
19:03 06SRT10 josh is here
19:03 KEITH hey dan! nice work there buddy
19:03 ZimeeNZ Josh the creator is on to
19:03 stx Hi Dan :)
19:03 Kester[rp] Will be be able to answer questions we submit in here?
19:03 guest43875 Seriously, Cameron has emotions
19:03 Scarlancer Nice!
19:03 outlaw393 I see that >>
19:03 Kester[rp] Erm.
19:03 Kester[rp] Wow.
19:03 outlaw393 So did Cromartie.
19:03 noodloid ms. corporate T-1001 will be harder to kill, methinks
19:03 Kester[rp] Maybe I should've waited a little.
19:03 ZimeeNZ everyones here no
19:03 videoman413 Good work Josh!
19:03 guest322904 Cromartie was such a great character! I'll miss him
19:03 GAU-8/A :\
19:03 ZimeeNZ wnow*
19:03 stx Hi There Garret
19:03 KEITH great episode once again
19:03 liamriggz thank you dan for making a show worth watching
19:03 GAU-8/A a writer
19:03 xone93 Hi Dan
19:03 outlaw393 Just uber limited emotions
19:03 Silent Narcotic I think you were supposed to ask before
19:03 jayjay hi dan!
19:03 Maria17b Cameron, when she said "im a machine i cant feel happy" or something she said it with a sad tone
19:03 06SRT10 Hi Josh
19:03 ilikepie So, Dan, how quickly will the T-1000 recoup the body and hook it up to the AI?
19:03 SarahWannabe Great work
19:04 videoman413 Hi Dan, good work
19:04 guest43875 yeah. Cromartie when he spared Ellision. god i was gonna cry
19:04 Kester[rp] Guys, shaddup.
19:04 Kester[rp] He's in here.
19:04 Shadoware Whos Josh here??????????
19:04 Kester[rp] Like.
19:04 Kester[rp] Right now.
19:04 Gabriel Storm wlcome Garret
19:04 GoldenBuffy Neat
19:04 Dan (Writer) Oh crap, the boss is here. I'm technically supposed to be working right now.
19:04 DeusEx The destroy the chip scene was fantastic!
19:04 ZimeeNZ can't wait for this to air here in 2 weeks! Majarvis Hi Garret!
19:04 outlaw393 Whoo! Hey Garret! /bow
19:04 Garret (Cromartie) Hi everyone, it's the recently destroyed, emotionally and physically Garret Dillahunt/Cromartie
19:04 Silent Narcotic I thought Ellison was getting it
19:04 jsisson welcome Garrett
19:04 Dreadfeather Hey Garret!! :)
19:04 guest43875 CROMARTIE!!!!
19:04 outlaw393 Awesome acting as usual!
19:04 Justis Hi
19:04 videoman413 Hi Garrett
19:04 ZimeeNZ h
19:04 xone93 Great show Josh
19:04 Scarlancer Woot greetings!!!
19:04 Maria17b Hello
19:04 stx wooooo cromartie :D
19:04 KEITH hi josh - nice work on this episode
19:04 Silent Narcotic Garret great job bud
19:04 guest43875 you were amazing!
19:04 TX-451 Hi Garret.
19:04 GoldenBuffy Hi Garret
19:04 ZimeeNZ hi*
19:04 06SRT10 hi
19:04 liamriggz hi garret. loved you in dead woode
19:04 ilikepie I like pie!
19:04 ZimeeNZ kia o
19:04 null Great Episode. Whoever came up with the Chevelle SS gets a plus 1
19:04 Bender Hey Garret
19:04 Kester[rp] Yes, you were amazing.
19:04 guest43875 seriously, you're my hero, dude.
19:04 Majarvis You're awesome Garret!
19:04 DeusEx Wow hello!
19:04 jayjay hey gerret!
19:04 Kester[rp] Nice way to go out.
19:04 Silent Narcotic they'll be lots of love here
19:04 Dreadfeather Ya, you were the perfect "Scary Robot"
19:04 Duvaris hi Garret :)
19:04 TX-451 So Garrent are you coming back?
19:04 outlaw393 I liked you in X Files too, Garret. :)
19:04 Maria17b New favorite character
19:04 stx lifetime hero mate :)
19:04 Gabriel Storm is cromartie really dead
19:04 guest927182 hi
19:04 Wild-Kat1 Hey guys, slow up a bit for Dan, Josh and Garret to read, please...
19:04 Josh (Creator/EP) Hello chat folk.
19:04 DA hey there! Greeting from germany!
19:04 Silent Narcotic Hey Josh
19:04 Darren4cameron hi
19:04 ZimeeNZ kia ora
19:04 joecanada83 did you see the look on cameron's face with consern when she knew that John was in trouble
19:04 kyrie Hi Garrett!!
19:04 DeusEx That was the best episode this season!
19:04 Silent Narcotic great job this season
19:04 guest43875 stop people
19:05 Silent Narcotic much better
19:05 guest43875 let him talk
19:05 KEITH garret - heck of a way to end it welcome to the room
19:05 ZimeeNZ greetings from New Zealand!
19:05 06SRT10 One at a time
19:05 Garret (Cromartie) So who has questions??
19:05 outlaw393 I was watching X files and I was like...WHOA there's Cromartie!!
19:05 Justis Mr. Dillahunt - you said in an interview that Cromartie will have a "personality change" - he'll be back, right?!
19:05 GoldenBuffy Hi Josh
19:05 TX-451 Me!
19:05 TX-451 I do.
19:05 Bender Is Cromartie really dead?
19:05 Wild-Kat1 Let's let our guests say hello...
19:05 guest43875 guys stop! Let the great Cromartie speak his piece first!
19:05 Gabriel Storm as do i
19:05 Kester[rp] I do!
19:05 Shadoware Hi Garret! Could you get Summer Glau's phone number to me?????? ;)
19:05 outlaw393 Yeah...shh...let the Man Himself speak.
19:05 Majarvis Garret: Are you sad your character is terminated?
19:05 Dan (Writer) Bender: Cromartie's chip is certainly destroyed.
19:05 Kester[rp] ...
19:05 Darren4cameron lol
19:05 Scarlancer lol
19:05 Kester[rp] Something logical.
19:05 Dreadfeather lol, he's keepin' that FOR HIMSELF :)
19:05 Garret (Cromartie) Bender, YES! Was he ever really alive?
19:05 DA in which episode do we see garret (of the x files) ?
19:05 guest43875 shut up, let Garrett speak
19:05 Garret (Cromartie) Thank you all for watching.
19:05 rlcangri hey everyone whats up
19:05 Sensue Welcome.
19:05 GAU-8/A I was wondering if you disliked that pathetic excuse of a death you character recieved?
19:05 KEITH Garret (Cromartie) - Any future TV shows / movies in your future soon?
19:05 stx I do Garret, How was it working with the cast of TSCC? :)
19:05 Bender Thanks dan, that's a shame though, loved the character
19:06 outlaw393 I'm still mad... :(
19:06 TX-451 So Garret is what happens next...
19:06 null What was the most memorable experiance working on T:TSCC
19:06 guest43875 you're welcome, Cromarite. :D
19:06 jayjay THANks 4 da gr8 pisode
19:06 Maria17b Awesome show, really hope for a 3rd season
19:06 outlaw393 He was my favorite character.
19:06 Kester[rp] Mine too.
19:06 Scarlancer Same here :(
19:06 Kester[rp] But an honorable way to go out.
19:06 guest43875 yeah he was my favorite terminator ever
19:06 rlcangri cromartie i was mad it was you that died i had my money on ellison
19:06 outlaw393 He went out fighting. :)
19:06 Oriel Garret are there any scenes or characters you really wish you could have filmed with/done?
19:06 Garret (Cromartie) sbc, I love this cast, I think they bring it every week and I will miss them.
19:06 Kester[rp] Brilliant!
19:06 Darren4cameron i still got 4 week till i see he episode its the uk for you but the show is just as god as the films if nor better
19:06 jayjay I Love You Garret!
19:06 06SRT10 How much time did it take for makeup
19:06 DeusEx How did you feel when you read the script and found out you were going to buy the farm?
19:06 rlcangri i loved that episode it was the best one so far
19:06 Maria17b Cromartie's smile is most memorable
19:06 TX-451 Cromartie will Jody be back in?
19:06 null Thanks for doing this chat!
19:07 Garret (Cromartie) Oriel, I was really hoping to have a real slugfest with Summer. But I'll have to settle for a gunfight.
19:07 stx Did you had to train your forced smile, or did you came up with it randomly? cuz it is so creepy ^^
19:07 Majarvis Garret: So the preview we saw of Cromartie next week, is that just a flashback?
19:07 DA A question for Josh: This site has already a Season 3 section. Can we actually expect in seeing a third season in 2009? After all there is going to be the new movie, would suck if not. ?
19:07 jbwzrd213 So I think the question on everyone's mind is: What happens next for our favorite actor?
19:07 jsisson Garret, you are spectacular as a terminator
19:07 guest43875 Yes, thank you.
19:07 guest927182 u were an awsome terminator Garret
19:07 ZimeeNZ i've got 2 more weeks of cromartie before this so i'm good
19:07 Shadoware smash a teminator chip is ok, but that thing! John just cleaning Camerons chip was a bit no smart
19:07 Dreadfeather ya, cromartie was really cool, we're gonna miss, you. BUT will you be back for maybe flashback scenes, or time warp return by any chance?
19:07 outlaw393 Yeah Garret, loved your terminator character. :)
19:07 Kester[rp] @ Garret - Do you think you could compare yourself to the classic Arnold now that you have finished your role?
19:07 noodloid d'oh - the first guy got the slugfest... (hmm)
19:07 outlaw393 lol
19:07 DeusEx I thought you did a really cool emotionless job of wiping out the police station
19:08 jayjay Garret You Couldnt It Done It Better, BRAVO!
19:08 Silent Narcotic I loved the throw back to T1
19:08 outlaw393 I want to be a terminator now >>
19:08 Silent Narcotic in the mexican police station
19:08 jayjay Kudos!
19:08 rlcangri cromartie you were the best terminator bad guy you were up there with robert patrick
19:08 kyrie not a question, just wanted to comment that you are definately one of the best terminators ever! Your attemps at a smile still have me giggling, lol, you'll be missed on the show, that's for sure!
19:08 guest927182 lets take a poll Garret vs Arnold
19:08 null Garret, you can play one spooky Mofo. Great job!
19:08 outlaw393 and Arnold!
19:08 TX-451 I like how the Terminator 1 police shoot out...was brought back it really refreshs the...mermorys of Termintors..
19:08 Silent Narcotic the little things such as the way the shot of the gun being reloaded facing upward, get job Josh and Garret
19:08 moderatorfox ****Hi Everyone-Please welcome Garret Dillahunt, Dan Thomsen, and Josh Friedman. Usernames: Garret (Cromartie), Dan (Writer), and Josh (Creator). **** PLEASE ONLY ASK QUESTIONS RIGHT NOW. THANK YOU!
19:08 outlaw393 Garret ftw, for sure
19:08 Bender Garret, great job, great way to go out, just wish we could see more of you, terrific character
19:08 KEITH JOSH (CREATOR / EP) - I thought you wrote the episdoe very well. I liked the way the episode was made
19:08 Dreadfeather ARnold turned good in the movies, he dont' count anymore
19:08 Dan (Writer) DeusEx: Me too. One of my favorite parts of the episode was when he kneels down next to the guard that John cuffed to the jail bars. Great, almost serene delivery, yeah?
19:08 Shadoware Garret! Would you like to make more sci-fi movies???????????
19:08 rlcangri who wrote the episode
19:08 Josh (Creator/EP) I don't know what is on the preview for next week. But Cromartie is dead.
19:08 06SRT10 how long did it take for makeup
19:09 DeusEx Garrett how did you find out you were going to die and how did you feel about it
19:09 Bender question - did you know you were going to die? Or is there every any ambiguity before going into an episode?
19:09 Silent Narcotic :(
19:09 TX-451 Josh what happens next?
19:09 Oriel Garret were you a fan of the movies before signing up for the series? if so what difference do you think work for the better or worse?
19:09 katastrophe Garret did the writers put in the smiles and such or whs that your development of the character?
19:09 Majarvis Garret, I thought you did an excellent job of making Cromartie awkwardly creepy. When he smiled at Jody last week, it was very creeperish, haha.
19:09 outlaw393 Garret are you going to be back in the show later on?
19:09 rlcangri i saw cromarite on the preview for next week
19:09 jayjay dan: will you still be making a 3rd episode?
19:09 BVrasp Coincidence that this happened on DAY OF THE DEAD
19:09 Gabriel Storm @ Josh Cromartiee is in the previews fornext weeek
19:09 Darren4cameron do you really think if cromartie had another chance and it was 1 on 1 with cameron who would win?
19:09 jayjay i mean season?
19:09 TX-451 Sarah was just having nightmares I belive..
19:09 Shadoware How do I contact Summer Glau??????
19:09 jbwzrd213 @ Josh: You being the writer, how do you like the producers shooting the show? Would you change anything?
19:09 guest927182 will there be a season 3?
19:10 Dreadfeather Leave Summer alone, she's a good girl
19:10 DA can someone give a statemeant about how many episodes of season 2 are finished filmed? how much work do you have in front of you for season 2 ?
19:10 KEITH Garrett - What's next for you?
19:10 Garret (Cromartie) Thank you jbwzrd213. I have a couple of films coming out. One of them called "The Road" based on Cormac McCarthy's newest novel. John Hillcoat directed it, who I am a big fan of, and I got to work with Viggo Mortensen.
19:10 Garret (Cromartie) My other film is a remake of Wes Craven''s first film called "Last House on the Left." I play a rage-a-holic in that, so kind of the opposite of a Terminator.
19:10 rlcangri josh you are the MAN!!!!!
19:10 valkyra_mo Shadoware there is a link to an address for Summer on the Homepage of this wiki
19:11 valkyra_mo Garret...we will miss you! You really brought out the Best in Cromartie!
19:11 stx Garret, did yo uneed to force your creepy smiles or was it randomly at the specific time? ^^
19:11 guest927182 Josh is there going to be a season 3?
19:11 DA what can fans expect for the rest of the season?
19:11 Yo for Josh: so is this when a terminator travels to the wrong time , alternating the future and that when we see cromartie in the trailer for next week?
19:11 Garret (Cromartie) Darren4Cameron, I do think I'd have a chance because she's just too weak and too small. And she'd be distracted by my good looks.
19:11 rlcangri garret you will be missed 4 REAL!!!!!!!
19:11 Finalthom Lmao.
19:11 Dreadfeather I'm putting those on my list, Garret, :)
19:11 Silent Narcotic Just for fun, guys whats your opinion on this.... who wins in a fight The Beastmaster vs. Conan The Barbarian
19:11 Bender hahaha
19:11 rlcangri whats next for you
19:11 Majarvis Hahaha
19:11 Scarlancer lol!
19:11 null lol @Farret
19:11 Garret (Cromartie) stx, I worked ******* it because my smile is usually so charming!
19:11 Maria17b haha
19:11 Josh (Creator/EP) Beastmaster
19:11 guest927182 Garret you will be missed
19:11 DeusEx And you wouldnt be distracted by hers??
19:11 jsisson @ dan & Josh....Is the show turning towards the time line to coniside with T4??
19:11 Silent Narcotic solid!
19:11 TX-451 lol
19:11 jayjay Garret- Will you continue doing other shows?
19:11 outlaw393 Heh, I love the smile, Garret. :)
19:11 Soldier905 Anyone else getting meebo errors?
19:11 Majarvis When will we see more Beast Wizard?!?!?
19:11 KEITH JOSH AN DAN - Keep up the good work with the wrting. I love the writing and suprises from this show.. Much better than reality TV!!!!!!
19:12 DeusEx The beastmaster thing was hilarious and creative
19:12 Krazykaleb hey how are you garret
19:12 DA will lwe see someone from the series in the new termoinator movie?
19:12 Josh (Creator/EP) jsisson: no. We're doing are own timeline. I've never read the T4 script and have no idea what goes on there.
19:12 TX-451 Garret how did the T:SCC make you feel?
19:12 Darren4cameron garret (cromartie) when did you first realise you wanted to become an actor?
19:12 jbwzrd213 @ Garret: That sounds very exciting. How was trasitioning from the serious role of a terminator to being a "rage-a-holic"? Or have you started filming yet?
19:12 Garret (Cromartie) shadoware, I wish I could help you. I've been banned from the lot! :)
19:12 guest927182 Who like Terminator smiles?
19:12 rlcangri i do
19:12 outlaw393 I liked Cromartie's smile ;)
19:12 06SRT10 who thought of " thank you for your time" then the smile
19:12 Garret (Cromartie) Darren4Cameron, my last year in college I took an acting class as an elective. That was that.
19:12 2ngr2d Garret, I thought Cromartie was going to take advantage of Cameron's broken chip to beat her! Why do you think he didn't do that when he finally got the chnge to face her?
19:12 null This is the first show I've followed since DS9, keep up the good work!
19:13 shaw this is stupid
19:13 Garret (Cromartie) It's ok, the smile was supposed to be creepy!
19:13 Finalthom Garret (Cromartie) - How challenging was it for you "become" a Terminator? Did you feel like you had to live up to a certain set of standards set by us fans?
19:13 rlcangri its funny watchin a terminator acting human
19:13 Krazykaleb Have many of the cast members looked at this site?
19:13 Maria17b The smile was excellent
19:13 jbwzrd213 lol
19:13 shaw oh wait here we go
19:13 shaw lol
19:13 Dan (Writer) null: I love DS9
19:13 null :)
19:13 TX-451 Thank you moderatorfox!
19:13 Silent Narcotic DS9 was really good post season 3
19:13 Maria17b What do you think about the show moving to fridays?
19:13 Silent Narcotic sorry
19:13 TX-451 For having them on.
19:13 guest327472 Don't know if I missed this, but what kind of rounds are able to do that to a T? (The shotgun Cameron was using)
19:13 06SRT10 where did the chevelle come from
19:13 guest927182 Garret, Dan, Josh do u think that Cameron will turn on John
19:13 2ngr2d Garret, what was your favorite episode?
19:13 charcareterminator GARRET!!! I CANT BELIEVE THEY kille u off!!
19:13 DeusEx How did you find out you were going to die and how did you feel about it
19:13 Yo Garret: so you've never get to fight with cameron like u wanted to? How's your expirence with Summer Glau?
19:13 stx Garret, extremely creepy, my lifetime fav villian ^^
19:13 DA The Soundtrack is coming in 8 days! When will the info of the tracklist be releassed?
19:14 outlaw393 I'm still sad for poor little Cromartie :(
19:14 guest833829 Josh (Creator) Will the season end on a cliffhanger or in a manner in which fans will be satisifed should the show not get a third season?
19:14 DA are there any special guests planned in this season?
19:14 rlcangri garret will you be doing flashbacks in upcoming episodes
19:14 silentbob what other projects do you have coming up? ive enjoyed your work on tscc immensly
19:14 jayjay Dan, what are some plans for season 3/
19:14 Garret (Cromartie) DeusEx, I was only sorry that we didn't get to do the cross dressing idea that Josh had for Cromartie. I think it's a missed opportunity. 19:14 jsisson @ dan will we see John's personna move towards the person he is destined to become?
19:14 shaw garret! great job!! i'll miss booing your character!
19:14 katastrophe Dan does the writing include specific directions or do you give room for the actors to come up with facial and body movements?
19:14 KEITH Garret - can you type one time "thank you for your cooperation" lol
19:14 Bender Dan, I'm ahuge fan of the show, quick question - now that Cromartie is gone, will there be more terminators to come?
19:14 Darren4cameron Dan (writer) are you planning on thay being a tscc season 3?
19:14 Josh (Creator/EP) How bout that show moving to Fridays? Who knows...I'm happy to be with joss whedon and now we'll see how fervent our fans are...Which is to say...will you stay home?
19:14 Dan (Writer) re: the rounds in the shotgun, our resident experts on that stuff are Ash Miller and Zack Stentz. They researched it and it's a special round with a depleted uranium core. They actually exist.
19:14 Krazykaleb have much of the cast or crew been to this site and read the fan fictions
19:14 Silent Narcotic Josh out of curiousity, last week when Cromartie nailed Jody out of the car, was it ever on the table that he was to say "get out!" before hand? or did you think it would have been cheesy, I was waiting for it
19:14 Garret (Cromartie) "Thank you for your time."
19:14 DeusEx I will lock myself inside on Friday!
19:14 Maria17b definatly stay home and watch,!
19:14 Finalthom Woo!
19:14 BVrasp lol
19:14 shaw hahaha
19:14 GoldenBuffy I'll be home on fridays lol
19:15 KEITH lol
19:15 jayjay goodbye garret!
19:15 Oriel Dan can we expect a showdown or at least a clash between Weaver and the Connor bunch?
19:15 jayjay LUV U!
19:15 jsisson byegarret
19:15 theTVaddict Josh, I'll stay home :)
19:15 Dreadfeather bye Garret, god bless
19:15 guest927182 Garret would u love to do another terminator?
19:15 rlcangri i think the econmy will hurt more because terminator will move to friday because i will never go out again on a friday
19:15 KEITH I think he was saying it for me he isnt leaving yet guys lol
19:15 Gabriel Storm bye Garret
19:15 outlaw393 Thanks Garret, I hope you see you again...
19:15 null Fridays will make for one heck of a Sci-fi blick. I think it's a geat idea
19:15 DA yeh that would be intereseting: will Weaver be hunting the connors ?
19:15 Maria17b How did you prepare to be robot like ?
19:15 schumnader Hello all
19:15 Finalthom Lol.
19:15 GoldenBuffy Bye Garret
19:15 joecanada83 Good bye Cromartie
19:15 Majarvis Garret: How hard was it sometimes to keep a straight face and not crack a smile in certain scenes?
19:15 Dan (Writer) kat: We leave those acting choices up to the actors. Garrett really made that character his own.
19:15 JackTheKnife that was quick :\
19:15 schumnader hey all
19:15 null Bye, thanks for the chills
19:15 schumnader omg What a freakin episode
19:15 Dreadfeather Any day you don't have to compete with NFL would be fine, gang
19:15 valkyra_mo Garrett did you have to learn weapons handling to be Cromartie,or were you arlready relatively familiar with them?
19:15 shaw by the way, what's the name of the song that played during Cromartie's showdown? or is it original score?
19:15 Dan (Writer) Oriel: that's a josh question
19:16 Bender Garret, do you play on xbox live?
19:16 guest327472 BTW garret, great work in No Country. Small part, but played well.
19:16 ZimeeNZ any of you: how do you feel about the worlwide popularity of the show? eg. on average 54% of adults 18-39 watch the show here
19:16 katastrophe Dan. Thanks. Do you find that makes it easier or harder to write?
19:16 jayjay dan_ wut r sum ideas for seaseon 3?
19:16 Garret (Cromartie) Majarvis, it was difficult to keep a straight face sometime. It's a surprisingly funny cast.
19:16 katastrophe Particularly to get the character you want across the screen?
19:16 TX-451 Dan as a writer for you how have this made you feel.
19:16 Josh (Creator/EP) la larona is the name of the song
19:16 Darren4cameron i think joss whedon is cool as loved buffy and angel etc but tssc beats them
19:16 shaw thanks
19:16 Justis so... he's gone?
19:16 Maria17b it will be a fun friday night
19:16 Krazykaleb Dan (Writer) Do you read much of the fan fiction on this site or does Josh do that?
19:16 outlaw393 Nah, still here. :)
19:16 Garret (Cromartie) Bender, I have a PSP!
19:16 DA @darren: that is quite offtopic...
19:16 guest927182 who would like to see Garret as another terminator sometime?
19:16 2ngr2d to Dan and Josh --Do you think John will start becoming more of a leader in season 3?
19:16 Majarvis Thank you for explaining, Garret. Haha.
19:16 Dan (Writer) kat: Easier, because it's inspiring to be surprised by the great choices
19:16 JackTheKnife Garret: is it possible to get a photo from the church scene with your autho?
19:16 GoldenBuffy I hope that the new friday line up will be good for both SCC and Dollhouse
19:17 Josh (Creator/EP) I never read the fan fiction. I'm afraid it'll b better than my writing.
19:17 Oriel oops ok, Josh can we expect to see Weaver hunt down, clash or confrontation with the connors?
19:17 Dan (Writer) TX-451: Right now I feel thirsty
19:17 Garret (Cromartie) One last question, then I gotta take off...
19:17 Finalthom Josh - Have you ever personally worked with Shirley Manson behind the scenes?
19:17 TX-451 lol
19:17 guest424 Josh: When will Catherine come face to face with the Connors?
19:17 schumnader I am hoping Weaver and Connors showdown. They should because Weaver as the Turk
19:17 jayjay i luv garret, would u marry me?
19:17 06SRT10 where did you get the chevelle
19:17 Dan (Writer) I've read some smallville fan fiction. It wasn't bad.
19:17 outlaw393 Garret - will you be back in the show?
19:17 Maria17b Much love to Cromartie and Garret too
19:17 guest927182 Garret do u like being a terminator?
19:17 Bender nice! That's awesome man, you should get on live though, it'd be fun times
19:17 valkyra_mo Thank you for keeping us on our toes Garrett! RIP CROMARTIE!
19:17 DeusEx Does season 2 end on a cliffhanger? argh! What if it doesnt get a season 3!
19:17 TX-451 I love this show and may god bless you all.
19:17 Josh (Creator/EP) I know Shirley well and work with her quite a bit on the show.
19:17 katastrophe Dan, thanks. Does the writing team have a specific vision in mind as a whole where the characters are going or individual ideas?
19:17 guest285545 What's the deal on Weaver?
19:17 Krazykaleb I wrote one about a guys who invented the time machine.
19:18 DA do you guys (dan, garret and josh) have a myspace site?
19:18 rlcangri i was really hoping that cromartie and catherine were going to meet
19:18 KEITH Cromartie - Can I have your autograph?
19:18 null Garret, what will you rembember most about working on the show?
19:18 Bender Josh, is the show moving to fridays? Was Wednessday ever an option? Or is it staying on mondays?
19:18 pescadero Fantastic job with Cromartie, Garrett! I really love how you added depth to the character by playing all his little quirks in such a memorable way!
19:18 guest927182 Garret do u like being a Terminator?
19:18 Silent Narcotic Garret do you like the fact that from now on people may call you Cromartie if they run into you now as aposed to your other work?
19:18 Justis Mr. Dillahunt, will you be back [sorry if this has been asked, I got disconnected]?
19:18 jayjay josh, wut do u like best about erminator?
19:18 kyrie thanks for joining us Garrett, as I said, you will be missed, you did a fabulous job and I appreciate all that you brought to the show! Good luck on everything you do!
19:19 person Garret, is this any way like how you expected to go?
19:19 DeusEx same here
19:19 Krazykaleb Just a suggestion Josh but maybe you should create a character that is the original designer of the time machine Skynet uses.
19:19 schumnader stop bombarding the guy with questions one a t a time
19:19 Dan (Writer) The overall vision comes from Josh. As a team we sit in the writers room and try to riff on his ideas and come up with interesting moves to keep everyone busy
19:19 BVrasp GARRET, were you actually throwing Lena around and picking her up in those scenes tonight?? how does that work??
19:19 rlcangri goodbye garret you were the best terminator bad guy od the series so far
19:19 Dan (Writer) BV: lots of padding, for one thing
19:19 guest327472 Lena is pretty small, Im sure he could throw her around rofl
19:19 ZimeeNZ Garret - Do you find it easier to act as a terminator who shows no emotion or too act in really emotional scenes?
19:19 BVrasp hehe
19:19 guest424 Josh: How would you improve HEROES :)
19:19 guest285545 Garret, what is the deal with Weaver?
19:19 Skynet Garret nice work playing Cromartie
19:19 KEITH Lena's tough! LOL
19:19 Yo Garret: so what was your overall expirence of making the show?
19:19 TX-451 The connors sure forget to set there alarms lol
19:19 valkyra_mo Josh & Dan....will we be seeing more future scenes thoughout the rest of the season? That's my favorite stuff
19:19 Bender Thanks for chatting Garret, good talking to you, great work on the show, you'll be missed
19:19 DA love your show!
19:19 null Also, I think Cromatie could kick Arnold's butt
19:19 DarthVargas GARRET was your face blown in a half with a deer slug
19:19 Josh (Creator/EP) How would I improve Heroes? Bring back Bryan Fuller.
19:20 Finalthom Dan - Was the "Rosie" Terminator a different model than Cameron? Can we expect to see more advanced models be sent to stop the Connors?
19:20 06SRT10 Thanks
19:20 katastrophe Dan & Josh: Did you feel any pressure when creating and writing the show to keep the characters with the movies? Do you like or dislike that these characters were already created?
19:20 silentbob josh can your explain your thought process in regard to keeping within the already established terminator universe?
19:20 Garret (Cromartie) Sorry that I haven't been able to get to everyone's questions. Thank you so much for watching, I had no idea that you cared so much about Cromartie.
19:20 guest327472 Lets not get too carried away lol , Arnold (T800) will always be THE terminator
19:20 rlcangri yeah grret thanx for chatting with us the FANS WE LOVE YOU!!!!!
19:20 Garret (Cromartie) I loved my time as Cromartie. It was great to win a fight for a change and I'll miss shooting all those guns.
19:20 Maria17b everyone loves cromartie!
19:20 katastrophe Also, do you think it makes it hard for the actors to go into a character that has already been done?
19:20 Josh (Creator/EP) I don't worry about the future. i try to stay in line with T1 and T2.
19:20 outlaw393 I love Cromartie too and will miss him :)
19:20 Finalthom Woo for Cromartie!
19:20 Silent Narcotic No thank you Garret
19:20 Oriel no replies to Connors vs Weaver! its a conspiracy!!!! ;) lol
19:20 shaw <3 cromartie
19:20 Justis :O he&apos;s really gone?! :(
19:20 sandra ur a great actor mr. garret
19:20 Dan (Writer) There will be more future stuff!
19:20 outlaw393 Resurrect him! I demand it. :P
19:20 KEITH Josh and Dan - I enjoyed the first season so much. Especially when John and Derek were in the park on his birthday! More of those please! Great writing!
19:20 Skynet keep the good work Garret
19:20 null Thanks again, Garret
19:20 06SRT10 good i didnt lik t3
19:20 Finalthom We look forward to more great acting, Garret!
19:20 silentbob yourthe best term since original arnold
19:21 YMO hmm
19:21 joecanada83 Was there any thoughts on giving John Connor " THE" scar on the left side of his face?
19:21 Majarvis Garret, does this show have the most fervent fans of any of your work to date?
19:21 ZimeeNZ is there any chance in the future that other cast members will ever chat on something like this?
19:21 06SRT10 garret left
19:21 Finalthom That was quite fun.
19:21 Bender Dan, are you going to bring back Sarah&apos;s monologues?
19:21 guest927182 lets give cromartie a round of applause
19:21 BVrasp How come they killed Cromardie off anyways???
19:21 JackTheKnife theycan fix him with Turk indside
19:21 valkyra_mo awesome thanks Dan....I know it&apos;s coming but I (and all of us) are DYING to know what happened to Derek in the basement :)
19:21 Maria17b I really liked seeing things from Cromartie&apos;s POV this episode, thanks for that
19:21 Krazykaleb Josh (Creator/E- Do you plan to do a origin story of the creation of the time machines that is used throughout the series?
19:21 Josh (Creator/EP) I&apos;m sure we can try to convince some of the others to do it. Dekker loves stuff like this.
19:21 outlaw393 Well, Josh and Dan are still here
19:21 Inst. Ent. * suppresses the urge to smack head on desk *
19:21 sandra Garret will we get another season?
19:21 06SRT10 he got old
19:21 outlaw393 Garret left
19:21 jsisson are we gonna see john become theleader he needs to be????
19:21 Majarvis Yes, get Thomas to do this next week!
19:21 DeusEx I liked the pulp terminator feel!
19:21 Finalthom Dan - Any chance another Terminator will be sent to replace Cromartie?
19:21 jayjay will brain austin green come in?
19:21 Dan (Writer) Bender: That depends, did you like them?
19:22 Oriel Josh do you have any idea of how far into the future you would like to take the s eries? i.e. how old to make john before you end?
19:22 rlcangri yeah derek is my favorite character!!!!!
19:22 jayjay he is my fav!
19:22 Bender loved them, it adds a great dimension to the show&apos;s opening, or closing
19:22 06SRT10 yes the monologes
19:22 outlaw393 Now that Cromartie is gone, I don&apos;t have a fav...right now. :(
19:22 guest327472 Will future episodes have the same pulp fiction style to them?
19:22 Majarvis Yes, we LOVED Sarah&apos;s monologues and miss them!
19:22 KEITH What did happen to Derek in the basement?????????
19:22 YMO thanks for your time guys...though the website was confusing on finding the right chatroom
19:22 Darren4cameron or summer glau but most ppl will need to be nicealso shes 1 month older then me
19:22 noodloid definitely - the monologues are a great addition
19:22 guest424 Josh: when will we discover more about Stephanie Jacobsen&apos;s character&apos;s motives?
19:22 null I also want to say that this was the first episode that I saw Dekker as a man instead of a kik. (If that makes sense)
19:22 06SRT10 derek in the basement
19:22 BVrasp Why did you guys kill off Cromardie instead of say... i dunno... Riley??? :)
19:22 GoldenBuffy Will we get more light on Derek&apos;s back story with Cameron?
19:22 JackTheKnife dan: is it true that SkyNet try to save people like we do with animals on extintion?
19:22 null kid^
19:22 outlaw393 Yea at the skynet base in Season 1
19:22 MattMtvguide JOSH, will Cromartie be "replaced" per se?
19:22 Maria17b Riley would have had quite an impact
19:22 Maria17b her death
19:22 Josh (Creator/EP) guest424: Stephanie&apos;ll be around for a while. She&apos;s got some work to do. We love her.
19:22 person The monologues really made the show feel more unified
19:23 sandra hey riley &apos;s good too lol
19:23 DarthVargas Can i get a life size poster of cameron please its for urrr, a friend;P
19:23 DeusEx Is skynet having a change of heart and trying to prevent itself from being made?
19:23 jayjay derek reese was and sill is fantaastic
19:23 Finalthom Dan & Josh - Does the cast ever drop by unannounced?
19:23 Maria17b Derek Reese is fantastic
19:23 Silent Narcotic Josh or Dan - How often do you check out the Wiki boards here, and if so how important is hearing the fans out and giving them what they want without compromising the writing
19:23 outlaw393 Dan or Josh - can you tell me what happened to Derrik in season one when he was taken downstairs of the skynet work camp (in the future)?
19:23 KEITH I think the writers of Terminator TSCC have more talent than 95% of television out there!!!!!!
19:23 null Riley reminds me of a young Kattee Sackoff
19:23 silentbob creepy darth
19:23 Majarvis Dan/Josh: Will we see the origins of the "basement" in a future episode?
19:23 Oriel Dan how far into the future do you see yourselves taking the Connors? also will Sarahs cancer concerns re-emerge at any point?
19:23 Josh (Creator/EP) I love the monologues but we curtailed them mainly because they were affecting the way we edited the opening and closing of the eps. Slowed down the opening. funny, when we did the VOs everyone complained about them.
19:23 Darren4cameron tru
19:23 guest327472 Agree about them having talent, now if we can just terminate "reality tv"
19:24 GoldenBuffy Will we get more light on the back story with Derek and Cameron?
19:24 sandra hey how long was Garret supposed to stay?
19:24 outlaw393 heh "reality TV"
19:24 Krazykaleb Josh (Creator/E: Just as a funny question. Do you think the show would be interesting if TSCC incorporated a character like Jack Bauer into the mix? Sort of like a cross over series?
19:24 guest927182 who thinks that Cameron will turn on the Connors?
19:24 Silent Narcotic Josh or Dan - such as bringing back the monolgues because people liked them, and getting rid of the lame opener to the show at the beginning of season 2
19:24 JackTheKnife DAN/JOSH: is it true that SkyNet try to save people like we do with animals on extintion
19:24 jayjay josh, ur doin eveything rite, how busy is ur job?
19:24 Josh (Creator/EP) in another chatroom someone asked about destroying the chip. I hope everyone saw that Cameron gave the chip to Sarah and she smashed it on the rock with the rifle.
19:24 xone93 I love the monologues
19:24 Silent Narcotic that was added on to my question
19:24 Airofina Ive just gotta say this show is amazing
19:24 katastrophe Josh, i liked the voiceovers
19:24 jayjay yeah, we did
19:24 katastrophe but it works without
19:25 outlaw393 They pulled Derrik downstairs to some room where the piano is playing /shrug
19:25 DeusEx I loved that smashing the chip scene and the way lena got so into it
19:25 jayjay it was a very kool scene
19:25 joecanada83 that was epic
19:25 SarahWannabe Josh, oh, yes it was quite emotionsl how Sarah destroyed the chip
19:25 YMO do you feel about the timeslot change? and what do you think about fans petitioning to having the show air on wednesdays?
19:25 Josh (Creator/EP) jayjay: I work about seventy hours a week. It&apos;s 630pm and I have twenty-five pages to rewrite tonight before i go home.
19:25 Maria17b This episode was excellent, cannot wait for next week
19:25 person how many chatrooms do you guys have going?
19:25 guest424 Josh & Dan: What was with the bedroom scene between John and Cameron. Was it intentionally supposed to foreshadow something sexual and kinda creep me out. That should not be happening between John and Cameron!
19:25 jayjay nice work josh, again1
19:25 Darren4cameron jhosh keep up all the good work
19:25 KEITH I definitely liked the ending with sarah smashing it. It was emotional. Thanks!
19:25 Yo Josh: yes i saw sarah destroy the chip ... but why did she snapped???
19:25 jayjay wow!
19:25 MattMtvguide JOSH, will Weaver be the primary Terminator to be reckoned with now? With the weekly menace gone?
19:25 jayjay thnx josh!
19:25 06SRT10 keep up the good work but don;t kill off cameron
19:25 DA what can you give out about the rest of season 2?
19:25 Maria17b What is the deal between Cameron and John? Are the close in the future?
19:25 rlcangri no robot lovng act!!!!!!!!!!!!
19:25 DeusEx the bedroom scene was a sarah connor setup
19:25 outlaw393 lol
19:25 katastrophe Thanks for giving us your time. Keep up the good work!
19:25 Dan (Writer) 424: But it&apos;s SUMMER GLAU
19:25 rlcangri please josh no robot loving!!!!!
19:26 sandra Hey josh u guys are doing a great job, itd would be awesome though if the episodes were mopre related to one anotther, more continuous
19:26 Airofina Josh thank you so much for creating this show! I&apos;d be lost with out it xDD
19:26 outlaw393 I would love a John/Cameron relationship.
19:26 null I want to give a shout out to Brian Austin Green. I really was worried when he was anounced, but he turned out to be a real bad ass
19:26 rlcangri no
19:26 GoldenBuffy JOSH will you give us more light on Derek and Cameron?
19:26 outlaw393 :D
19:26 YMO hahah DAN is right, he is the writer of course!
19:26 valkyra_mo Yo....I think Sarah just couldn&apos;t handle it all....she got beat up and kidnapped by Cromartie and could have easily lost john. I think with all Sarah has been through in the past 17 years, she deserved a good cry
19:26 Inst. Ent. ricangri, I second that
19:26 Finalthom I think we can all agree that Dan and Josh have brightened our lives with this show.
19:26 rlcangri no john cameron relation ship
19:26 guest327472 this is such a great show! If it wasnt for this and Lost i wouldnt have HD cable rofl
19:26 Silent Narcotic ya Brian does really kick ass on the show
19:26 YMO DAN just gave hope to all the shippers!
19:26 rlcangri do you guys get she is a robot
19:26 Silent Narcotic No Cam and John
19:26 GoldenBuffy BAG rocks
19:26 DA any special guests in season 2 that we dont know of?
19:26 Airofina Yeah im hoping for John/Cameron its so different (in a cool way)
19:26 Maria17b Yes Cam and John
19:26 outlaw393 Who cares? :P
19:26 Silent Narcotic I like the sexual tension
19:26 DeusEx Thanks guys this is the only show I watch now and its very well done.
19:26 JackTheKnife DAN/JOSH: is this show will be conected somehow to the new T-Movie?
19:26 Silent Narcotic but no lol
19:26 KEITH JOSH - 25 pages to rewrite before you go home? OUCH lol KEEP IT UP THOUGH YOUR FANS LOVE WHAT YOU&apos;RE DOING
19:27 joecanada83 If Cameron kisses John thats fine i can live with that
19:27 jsisson @Josh and Dan: I am still wondering whether things will start coming together for John?????
19:27 outlaw393 Human/Machine relationships aren&apos;t impossible...
19:27 06SRT10 Will Cameron and Derek talk about there past
19:27 Darren4cameron ye cam and john 4ever
19:27 Maria17b no they are not
19:27 rlcangri maria no robot loving
19:27 guest424 Josh: With Terminator and Dollhouse on the same night... any thought to a crossover... or would such a nerdtastic crossover blow up the internets?
19:27 guest327472 hey, if uncle bob can grow that much in a few days, im sure cameron could become sentient etc
19:27 Finalthom Cameron already proved that she&apos;s not exactly a "machine."
19:27 guest927182 who thinks that Cameron will try to kill John?
19:27 rlcangri no joe
19:27 DA are the dvd sales doing well?
19:27 outlaw393 She already has...
19:27 guest602683 I think Cameron will try to kill John
19:27 Bender Dan, is the show moving to fridays for sure?
19:27 Darren4cameron lol has all ready
19:27 Silent Narcotic good question DA - jOSH HOW ARE THE DVD&apos;S DOING?
19:27 outlaw393 She&apos;s already tried to kill him once
19:27 Krazykaleb There is a lot of talking but no answers from Josh or Dan this may be because we may not be asking the right questions.
19:27 jayjay JOSH I LUV U!
19:27 DeusEx Any chance on releasing season 2.0 on DVD beforee the back 9 start up?
19:27 Maria17b But then he polished her chip all shiny and new
19:28 Josh (Creator/EP) I think the crossover I&apos;d like with Dollhouse is for Joss to come over and write my show for a week so i can go to hawaii.
19:28 DA silentn: thanks ;)
19:28 person When is John going to put aside this riley stuff and get back to killing robots full time again?
19:28 guest327472 lol
19:28 outlaw393 Well, I&apos;m out. Thanks Josh/Dan and keep up the good work!
19:28 sandra hehehehe
19:28 rlcangri even cromartie noticed that camerons chp was damaged
19:28 Maria17b ha, and episode by Joss, excellent
19:28 DeusEx lol....Kuaui is the place!
19:28 jayjay i luv dollhouse
19:28 GoldenBuffy Joss writing SCC...hmmmm
19:28 Bender Or, better question, what night are dollhouse and tscc airing, this question is for anyone who knows
19:28 jayjay i especially like eliza dushku
19:28 06SRT10 Josh will Cameron and Derek talk about ther past what had happend betwween them?
19:28 Wild-Kat1 Questions for Josh and Dan guys, time is limited.
19:28 Maria17b just one episode would be interesting to see
19:28 GoldenBuffy That would be pretty good
19:28 GoldenBuffy lol
19:28 BVrasp DAN, are you guys gonna try and wrap up the time travel thing? so they cant do it anymore for some reason? its kind of annoying
19:28 guest927182 who thinks that another terminator will come back and be another protector for John?
19:28 MattMtvguide dollhouse and tscc = fridays, starting in mid-Jan
19:28 Krazykaleb To: Josh Creator : What about a Cross over between 24 and Terminator SCC
19:28 jayjay i luvd her in tru calling!
19:28 kyrie Josh, what is involved in the training of the actors that play terminators to prepare them to be robotic?
19:28 DeusEx Josh and Dan, will we see more reveal of the Allison Young story before end of season 2?
19:28 Finalthom Oh jeez.
19:29 Finalthom Here we go again with 24.
19:29 valkyra_mo I&apos;m out as well....Thank you Josh & Dan....Keep up the good work.....I&apos;ll be watchin....even when we move to Fridays :) Take Care
19:29 Bender Thanks MattMtvguide, i appreciate it
19:29 Maria17b Will there be more on Allison /
19:29 Majarvis Josh or Dan: Will we see the origins of "the basement" and who was in there interrogating Derek?
19:29 Bender sounds like an AWESOME night of tv
19:29 TTRRTT When can I download the EP from Itunes? I missed it!
19:29 person Joss, do you worry about too many terminators coming back at once?
19:29 joecanada83 CAMERON: "I can&apos;t let anything happen to him"...The right there sounds like she has feelings for him!
19:29 guest424 Josh or Dan: Place your bet in a girlfight: Summer Glau or Eliza Dushku?
19:29 jayjay thnx josh & dan. luv u all. take care
19:29 Josh (Creator/EP) the main thing about helping the actors playing terminators is getting them NOT to play terminators. it&apos;s really about minimizing body language as opposed to adding things in.
19:29 DA are the ratings expected to go up with the show airing next to josh&apos;s new show? or is there another reason the peeps at fox changed the airdate-time.
19:29 Dan (Writer) BV: The only time machine we currently know about in the present got destroyed in the bank vault
19:29 Krazykaleb Are we going to find out how Cameron was Captured by John Connor?
19:30 Wendy Actually i hear the show is coming back on feb. 13. so fun!
19:30 rlcangri josh thanks for the great writing
19:30 GoldenBuffy Are we going to find out what happened to Derek int eh basement?
19:30 rlcangri writers*
19:30 null I was mad about the DVD sales. I tried to buy season one at Walmat last weekend and they didn&apos;t have any. I went to Best Buy and they only had one. The show deserves more shelf space than that!
19:30 MattMtvguide JOSH/DAN - was killing off Cromartie simply a necessity? that&apos;d it be illogical for them to keep avodiing him?
19:30 Airofina Are we going to see more Alison? I really want to find out more about her...
19:30 guest927182 are John and Sarah ever going to go back to 1999?
19:30 JackTheKnife DAN:how they sent timemashine to the bank vault?
19:30 guest424 Josh: Does the final episode of 2008 end on a big cliffhanger? Anything you can tease?
19:30 Nightwing are you guys going to have any more references to arnolds character in future episodes?
19:30 06SRT10 Will cameron and Derek talk about there past what happend between them
19:30 KEITH please dont kill summer again lol
19:30 BVrasp jack, they sent people back to build it
19:30 Yo Josh: what does it mean when a terminator is sent to the wrong time???
19:30 Kiara_lyn Josh what&apos;s the funniest thing you remember on the show?
19:30 Josh (Creator/EP) Yo: stay tuned for the episode and find out...
19:30 KEITH please let summer kick some @ss soon lol i want to see her as a mean machine! LOL
19:31 Dan (Writer) Matt - Cromartie kinda forced their hand. He was a good terminator and got to his prey.
19:31 Pat I would like to see more of Sarah and John together. Will that be happening?
19:31 JackTheKnife BV: ohh,I missed that :\
19:31 Oriel Dan, so far Sarah hasnt been entirely ruthless (letting the guy in the toilets go) Will we see a different side or is the idea to show a comparison between mechanic ruthlessness and efficiency and human compassion?
19:31 rlcangri josh do you ever listen to terminator pocasts
19:31 DeusEx It means he wanders around saying "Heli Hitler...and have you seen John Connor?"
19:31 pescadero Random question for Josh and Dan - do you have a favorite movie amongst the original trilogy of films?
19:31 GoldenBuffy Derek, basement, will we every find out what happened?
19:31 DA does it also take a week for you guys to make an episode or does it take longer?
19:31 Airofina Josh: Will we see Alison again? I really want to know more about her.. I adore the show btw xDD
19:31 guest927182 Josh Dan you guys are great keep up the good work im out bye
19:31 PurePet The original Cromartie was a cutie also
19:31 BVrasp HERES ONE! will we ever see Arnold make a cameo appearance anytime in the series??????
19:31 rlcangri t2 is the best
19:31 Josh (Creator/EP) It takes us eight days to shoot a show. Longer to write it, edit it, etc.
19:32 06SRT10 Josh Will Cameron and Derek talk about there past what had happend between them
19:32 jayjay wild-kat1? wut do u do in the show?
19:32 Finalthom Josh/Dan - What is the average amount of money spent on each episode?
19:32 DeusEx Yes will we see more Allison before end of season 2....if no season 3 then it will bug me for like forever!
19:32 guest327472 yes T-2 was the best but T-1 started it all
19:32 Krazykaleb Josh and Dan: Great Work and Thanks for having the First season of TSCC on Blu-ray for us Hi-Def fans. With Respect, Krazykaleb -out-
19:32 rlcangri no cameos
19:32 Bender Dan and Josh, ive got to run, but thanks a lot for the time and the answers, keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to the next ep!
19:32 DA here are two fans from germany who stayed up all night to let you guys know how much we love the show (we have to be happy with the blu-raays)
19:32 jsisson Well I am out, Dan and Josh....Thank-you for such an awesome show...I am hopelessly addicted..:-)
19:32 Josh (Creator/EP) Cameron and Derek aren&apos;t exactly the type to share their feelings. But we talk a lot about the basement in the writers room.
19:32 KEITH will there be an enlightening on the basement scene this season?
19:32 rlcangri yeah t1 rocks also
19:32 JackTheKnife DAN/JOSH: is this show connected to the new Terminator The Movie?
19:32 DeusEx the writers room has a basement!
19:32 rlcangri i didnt like t3 though
19:32 GoldenBuffy Can you just give us a hint on what happened in the basement?????
19:32 Pat Josh, Will there be more episodes that have Sarah and John together?
19:32 06SRT10 irony
19:32 YMO no it is not jacktheknife
19:32 jayjay kool!
19:32 Gabriel Storm l8tr all GS is out
19:32 stx Where did Garret go? i missed something suddenly?
19:33 summerfan is this room 1
19:33 Finalthom He left.
19:33 guest859483 Will we ever see how fully functional Cameron is? ;)
19:33 Silent Narcotic he was only here for 15 mins, he&apos;s busy
19:33 Josh (Creator/EP) Garret had to leave. He&apos;s got an audtion.
19:33 DeusEx He should have said "I&apos;ll be back!"
19:33 06SRT10 did you borrow the chevelle or is it a castmembers
19:33 MattMtvguide JOSH/DAN - does this open the door for occasional "guest star" terminators? (just no britney)
19:33 summerfan darn
19:33 Finalthom Wow that guy&apos;s busy.
19:33 Maria17b Will Cameron develope into more than what she is now ?
19:33 Josh (Creator/EP) Chevelle is a loaner.
19:33 guest327472 "Thank you for your time"
19:33 jayjay wut audition is he in?
19:33 Kiara_lyn But will he be back?
19:33 06SRT10 nice
19:33 summerfan so did u find out if hes gone for good
19:33 PurePet Cameron seemed very "human" in the first episode, is that ever going to be again?
19:33 BVrasp Nice of you guys to come by and talk to us though.. thanks
19:33 MattMtvguide i&apos;m flexible on britney, actually
19:33 YMO best of luck on his audition!
19:33 guest385627 umm
19:33 GoldenBuffy Josh can u give us a hint as to what happened to Derek in the basement
19:33 guest385627 what room is this?
19:33 guest385627 main room?
19:33 Majarvis Garret is unemployed now, lol.
19:33 KEITH "I&apos;ve call 9mm" GREAT LINE WHO WROTE THAT UP?
19:33 DA dan and josh: are the dvd sales going okay? I find that very interesting.
19:34 Kiara_lyn oh I mean are there any plans to bring cromartie back or it&apos;s imposible?
19:34 Logan Josh - Do you believe that John is being unethical to be involved with Riley when he knows he places her life in danger?
19:34 stx are all of you guys in the same room now?
19:34 Finalthom Okay, apparently they&apos;re not going to tell a bit about what happened.
19:34 guest385627 is this the main room?
19:34 Airofina Josh: Will we see Alison again?
19:34 guest385627 who is here...sorry to interrupt
19:34 Maria17b Why is Riley necessary ?
19:34 rlcangri to all the writers thanx for chillin with the fans
19:34 06SRT10 how much did it cost to borrow the swat team in season 1 bank scene
19:34 DarthVargas josh whats your favorite fruit
19:34 Josh (Creator/EP) I think John&apos;s an idiot to be involved with Riley but I think he&apos;s got his reasons.
19:34 jayjay yeah, u writer s r da best!
19:34 Finalthom Dan - Is there any chance that more Terminators will be sent back this time for the Connors?
19:34 Maria17b agreed
19:34 guest327472 I think its a cool touch having Cromartie drive not one but two classic muscle cars btw
19:34 YMO haha
19:34 jayjay AGRRED 2!
19:34 Maria17b Highfive Josh!
19:35 GoldenBuffy I think he&apos;s going to get Riley hurt
19:35 Kiara_lyn Josh, but I like Riley, shes sweet :)
19:35 summerfan im just takeing a guess but i belive most of u hate riley cause u love summer but i just think the tension is great
19:35 KEITH Josh - I thought John was going to lose his virginity tonight (either to cameron or to riley) LOL
19:35 Dan (Writer) Final: How and when Skynet gets its information for sending assets into our time is very interesting to me. We&apos;ll see what the next move is.
19:35 person Hormones are a lame reason to be so careless!!
19:35 DeusEx I agree with summerfan...the tension is cool
19:35 YMO so Josh and Dan are both giving hope to the shippers!
19:35 Wild-Kat1 Questions for Josh and Dan please.
19:35 null Riley works. John might be the savior of mankind, but he&apos;s still a ***** teenager. lol
19:35 Pat Josh, Will there be more episodes that have Sarah and John together or are you going to continue to keep them apart?
19:35 Finalthom Woot.
19:35 Finalthom Final answer was to me.
19:35 Finalthom I feel so important.
19:35 Airofina John/Cameron woot! ;DD
19:35 rlcangri he is resistance leader so he dosent follows orders only his own
19:35 MattMtvguide thanks, JOSH/DAN - TTYL!
19:35 guest327472 It is almost like T&apos;s like to aquire the baddest cars/bikes possible
19:35 Oriel Dan/Josh, with sarahs mistaking leading to the family being in trouble this week, do you think we will see a Harsher, more ruthless side to her?
19:35 Maria17b Thanks for coming guys, love you and the sow, keep it up :D
19:35 Finalthom Anywho. Hm.
19:36 Pct1theory i like it when those two are together, a man and his terminator
19:36 Maria17b show*
19:36 guest327472 just like when arnold chose the mini gun its stlye
19:36 summerfan who are josh and dan
19:36 Kiara_lyn Josh and Dan, what&apos;s the most memorable experience you can come up with now from the show, it can be anything from writing it to interacting with cast to shooting it.
19:36 Airofina Thank you guys for comming! And thank you for the amazing show!
19:36 Finalthom Oh! Josh, does Ms. Weaver have any active connections to the future Skynet?
19:36 jayjay i luv how u put a machine girl robot 2 help john
19:36 Josh (Creator/EP) I think Sarah&apos;s always struggling between being ruthless and trying to provide a sense of humanity for John.
19:36 Pct1theory ok mods
19:36 null Thanks for the chat!
19:36 jae_jin Josh ... let me first say great work on the series so far ... my question is are there any things in particular we should be looking out for in the next coming episodes?
19:36 DeusEx Are you going to treat the back 9 as a wrap up or a teaser for a possible season 3?
19:36 Dan (Writer) Kiara: Lena performing the extended version of her monologue in last season&apos;s episode Demon Hand was my highlight
19:36 GoldenBuffy Will John get Riely killed?
19:36 Majarvis Dan/Josh: Is Cameron "attached" to her purple leather jacket? lol.
19:36 Kiara_lyn Josh yes, but i think she&apos;s forgeting to be a mom also, doesn&apos;t it look like that lately?
19:37 guest327472 Josh/Dan- Will there be more muscle cars in future epis? I am a huge muscle car buff...
19:37 Josh (Creator/EP) DeusEx: I always look at it both ways.
19:37 guest526555 This show is awesome - blessings on all writers/creaters/cast
19:37 Airofina Josh: Any chance we see Alison again?
19:37 xone93 I loved John longer hair also just throughing that out there
19:37 guest385627 Josh/Dan: How did you feel that TSCC would do when you first thought of the idea? Did you feel that it would be a big hit form the get go?
19:37 rlcangri yeah do you know about a possible season three
19:37 pescadero One of the things I love about the show is that it&apos;s grounded in psychological realism. Like John suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, for example. Speaking of psychology - any chance of more Silberman in future episodes?
19:37 Maria17b Why does Cameron like her jacket so much ?
19:37 06SRT10 Josh in automatic for the people when cameron is mopping and is thinking what to do is it because of the radiation just like the meter the crapped up sarah having issues have a mind of ther own
19:37 Darren4cameron josh how sarah is ment to die from cancer does the time jump change the way she will now die?
19:37 Dan (Writer) Maria: It&apos;s a tight jacket
19:37 guest424 Josh: Will the Connors be re-visiting therapy again?
19:37 NicK Josh, that ending tonight was VERY effective...almost made me tear up!! My question is will there be anymore moments like this for Sarah?
19:37 DeusEx Will we ever find out what was the mission of Bonnie the contortionist?
19:37 jayjay i luv da dress ups 4 all characters!
19:37 DeusEx lol @ Dan!
19:37 Pct1theory Dan/Josh - WE NEED TO SEE SUMMER NAKED OR SOMETHING!!!! - lol
19:37 jayjay nice job!
19:38 GoldenBuffy Will John get Riley killed?
19:38 06SRT10 its atv14 show
19:38 boolaboy Ever notice how terminators never sit on the commode? Don&apos;t they ever "download"?
19:38 06SRT10 Josh in automatic for the people when cameron is mopping and is thinking what to do is it because of the radiation just like the meter the crapped up sarah having issues have a mind of ther own
19:38 GoldenBuffy no , cameron needs to stay clothed lol
19:38 Thor its sad
19:38 summerfan Dan/Josh is cameron gaining an emotional attachment to john
19:38 rlcangri half clothed
19:38 Thor when i was watching
19:38 Wild-Kat1 STAY ON TOPIC FANS
19:39 GoldenBuffy well if she is to get half clothes then can we have derek walk around topless?
19:39 Kiara_lyn Josh and Dan, will there ever be a scene where we see an adult John Connor and if yes, who do you think is most suitable for the role?
19:39 jayjay thnx wild-kat1
19:39 Maria17b Is Cameron developing attachment to John?
19:39 GoldenBuffy Will John gt Riely killed?
19:39 KEITH Dan and Josh - This season is a lot sexier than last season ( I THINK ) Any motivation for writing it that way?
19:39 Justis finally back in main!
19:39 GoldenBuffy Or will Riley demand some explaining from him on what happened in Mexico?
19:39 DeusEx Will we get an explanation of what the contortionist terminator was doing before she got all bent out of shape?
19:39 Airofina JOSH/DAN: Will we see Alison again?
19:39 ZuluSeven Dan/Josh.. thanks for a kickass show!
19:39 guest327472 you guys should ask questions that you know they can/will answer...
19:39 rlcangri yeah cuz cameron seemed concerned when she couldnt find john
19:39 Josh (Creator/EP) Is the season sexier? That&apos;s cuz everyone bugged the crap out of me last year to let people have sex and I finally gave in.
19:40 rlcangri sayin i cant let him die
19:40 Finalthom Suuure.
19:40 Silent Narcotic lol
19:40 Justis Cromartie will be back, right? he can&apos;t die
19:40 Finalthom But toaster love isn&apos;t the way to go.
19:40 GoldenBuffy yes!
19:40 Justis he just can&apos;t
19:40 jae_jin Josh/Dan ... will there be any more episodes featuring Cameron&apos;s origin or Allison Young?
19:40 Silent Narcotic nice responce Josh
19:40 PurePet Very sexy
19:40 jayjay lol
19:40 Yo is there a chance that we might see future john connor or some interaction with him?
19:40 summerfan wait there was sex
19:40 Sean 86 doing a good job
19:40 rlcangri no SEX
19:40 Maria17b Toaster love is the way to go when all around you are toasters
19:40 MartyB good call Josh
19:40 DeusEx Yeah I want to see more origin before end of season 2!
19:40 ZuluSeven yeah, definitely sexier :)
19:40 jayjay yes very SEXY!
19:40 KEITH Josh - LoL Just a little bit but no complaints!
19:40 rlcangri no robot lovin josh dont do it
19:40 PurePet Brian Austin is sexy
19:40 Finalthom Oh I got a good one!
19:40 Silent Narcotic attn people: why ask questions about what hasn&apos;t happened yet? the information isn&apos;t going to be given out
19:40 jayjay sorry wild-kat1
19:40 Finalthom Josh, Dan. What does the title for this episode mean?
19:40 kyrie If dogs can tell a terminator, why don&apos;t the Connors keep one with them?
19:40 Sean 86 what is the goal with the character cameron in terms of development
19:40 Finalthom Who is Mr. Ferguson?
19:40 Justis the teacher
19:40 Justis from the first ep
19:41 MartyB Brain Austin and Megan Fox are engaged....good luck
19:41 Dan (Writer) Silent Narcotic: Right on
19:41 Josh (Creator/EP) the title refers back to the first time we see cromartie in the pilot last year
19:41 MartyB *Brian
19:41 supersteve524 JOSH/DAN, I miss the awkward moments between john and cameron that were everywhere in season 1
19:41 rlcangri the teache rfrom the pilot
19:41 DarthVargas final that was the teacher in the first episode
19:41 Finalthom Oh.
19:41 Finalthom Wow.
19:41 GoldenBuffy Yes he is. But will Riley demand answers to the mexico
19:41 Finalthom She was right about the teacher.
19:41 Maria17b Oh yes I remember that,
19:41 Finalthom Was this paying homage to Cromartie&apos;s legacy?
19:41 Sean 86 wwhat si with the development of cameron in terms of humanity?
19:41 person What happens to Cameron if she fails to protect John?
19:41 Finalthom However short it was..
19:41 PurePet I was wondering if nothing mechanical can&apos;t make "the jump", how do terminators get through??
19:41 rlcangri the self terminates
19:41 null *Obi-wan* Listen to your fans, you know it to be true.
19:41 GoldenBuffy I mean, if I were Riley I would want answers. Will John give themt o her or will he lie???
19:42 rlcangri she*
19:42 guest327472 I like the biblical themes in the show. Who came up with that idea originally? (Also, the music "When the Man comes around was perfect)
19:42 Kiara_lyn Dan and Josh what was the most fun to shoot you remember on the set?
19:42 Dan (Writer) Final: Totally. He was a badass who put himself back together, grew skin, and searched LA about 50 different ways before finally tracking JC to another country.
19:42 Maria17b Cromartie was a badass and will be missed by all
19:42 summerfan yea
19:42 Maria17b more badass than Riley fo sho
19:42 guest424 Josh & Dan: Give us a hint as to what happens next
19:42 summerfan give it up for cromartie
19:42 stx Could Cromartie ver be back? even reproduced, yet the same actor? :p
19:42 Silent Narcotic Dan and Josh - if you have an answer. In your opinion on paper is the "victora" terminator from a few weeks ago, was she roughly a T-888 model, or a varation of sorts, as Cameron seemed to have a much easier time with her
19:42 ZimeeNZ how do you feel about the worlwide popularity of the show? e.g. here 54% of the tv2 viewers (18-39) watch it
19:42 Maria17b let us all cheer Cromartie as we run down the street :D
19:42 ZuluSeven im gonna miss cromartie
19:42 Oriel Dan/Josh, What will be different/exciting about the coming episodes. what can we expect to see from Sarah and Weaver?
19:42 NicK Will there be another emotional scene like there was at the end of this episode? I almost cried at was very effective
19:42 joecanada83 show some respect for Summer...Pct1theory
19:42 MartyB Josh/Dan: How will TSCC influence the new Terminator films? Will we see any subtle references and/or any loops closed?
19:42 Finalthom Awesome. Cromartie is too cool.
19:42 Dan (Writer) Kiara: I still say Lena&apos;s monologue from "Demon Hand" was the best, but I also had a lot of fun watching the shootout in the church from tonight&apos;s ep
19:42 katastrophe Just wanted to say keep up the good work, love the show, characters, everything.
19:42 Majarvis Dan/Josh: What was Garret&apos;s reaction when he found out his character was being killed off?
19:42 null Great show. Thank you again cast and crew
19:43 rlcangri cromartie was the best bad termi nator he will be missed
19:43 Josh (Creator/EP) The most fun thing we ever shot for me was when cromartie came out of the skin bath last year. Our stunt guy was sewn into the mask and it was freaky. But it was something i&apos;d had in my head for a year and it was great to see it finally happen.
19:43 Trublu2008 Josh, there has been a lot of conversation in my circles about the amount emotion that we&apos;re seeing in the episodes. Can we look for more emotion/less gun toting in the upcoming episodes? (Character development I&apos;m talking about).
19:43 GoldenBuffy Will John coem clean to Riley or what?
19:43 KEITH Dan - Lena does do good monologue.. I like hearing her talk
19:43 Dan (Writer) Oh man I forgot about the skin bath
19:43 Dan (Writer) that was pretty gross
19:43 ZimeeNZ Lena is brilliant
19:43 Dan (Writer) I expected it to smell worse, though
19:43 jayjay skin bath was wierd
19:43 Finalthom Josh - Do the Terminators get harder to eliminate from here on out? Does Skynet keep check on their operatives?
19:43 Maria17b Skin bath was crazy
19:43 summerfan yea it was but completely AWESOME
19:43 null The skin bath feaked me out!
19:43 Josh (Creator/EP) Garret took it well when I told him he was a goner. He said: whatever&apos;s good for the story.
19:43 DeusEx I like the dram sequence with all the terminaotr/scientists
19:43 Maria17b Good man
19:43 jae_jin Josh/Dan ... not sure if this has been asked yet but how far along are you in terms of episodes already shot?
19:44 rlcangri when is john going to bounce back to reality nd stop living in a safe fantisy
19:44 ZimeeNZ ah yea that was goof
19:44 ZimeeNZ good*
19:44 jayjay i like ur work on garret, u guys did a good job
19:44 ZimeeNZ i also Lena does a really good accent
19:44 Maria17b That&apos;s really cool of you guys to come and talk to us, thanks.
19:44 stx Josh, did he also say "Thank you for your time" ? :p
19:44 KEITH Lena is a good actress
19:44 jayjay Lena is my bff now
19:44 Majarvis Indeed, what a great actor he is for taking it so well!
19:44 Pat Josh or Dan, Will there be more episodes that have Sarah and John relationship (mother& son) or are you going to continue to keep them apart?
19:44 ZimeeNZ lol
19:44 boolaboy I saw a spody on one of them in one ep.
19:44 06SRT10 Say thanks to everyone for me
19:44 GoldenBuffy Ok new question. Will JOhna nd Riley break up over this?
19:44 null Lena is wonderful
19:44 KEITH wouldnt be the same without her even and not to mention Summer
19:44 MartyB I think they will Golden
19:44 DeusEx Yeha thanks alot guys and I hope we get to see a season 3!
19:45 joecanada83 wait not even a little kiss on the cheek
19:45 Yo I like how Summer jumped down from the truck in Heavy Metal that was really creative and mechanical....
19:45 Kiara_lyn Dan and Josh when you first announced that one of the characters was going to die, the whole cast seemed surprised, was it a real emotion or they knew who it was going to be?
19:45 Majarvis Dan/Josh: Is that the first time in the show so far that we have seen John and Sarah actually hug?
19:45 ZimeeNZ I&apos;m so used to Lena&apos;s natural accent, because I&apos;ve liked her work for awhile, but I&apos;ve gotten used to her American one she does now, its really well done
19:45 summerfan yea if lena or summer got cut off no one would watch
19:45 Dan (Writer) Golden: It&apos;s definitely a complication
19:45 GoldenBuffy Riley has grown on me I&apos;d hate to see ehr go. :(
19:45 Oriel Dan/Josh will we see any major changes in the connors after tonights episode?
19:45 Finalthom Dan/Josh - Is there a smelting plant nearby for Ms. Weaver?
19:45 NicK Thanks a bunch guys!!
19:45 Logan Josh - There is a big debate on the wiki as to whether Cameron is just a toaster or if she is capable of being more. In other words, is she capable of "feeling" emotions? Is TSCC going to explore that in detail?
19:45 MartyB that&apos;s right Kiara....I remember the comic con interview
19:45 rlcangri josh dont forget about kate connor not rielly connor
19:45 MartyB Summer knew....
19:45 Josh (Creator/EP) the cast didn&apos;t know who was going to die. I had told garret previously but neglected to mention it to anybody else.
19:45 Kiara_lyn exactly my point
19:45 ZimeeNZ how can Cameron cry
19:45 NicK keep writing for this amzing;s actually the only thing I look forward to on tv
19:45 DeusEx there is no T3!
19:45 GoldenBuffy Ys, complicated indeed.
19:45 guest383739 this show better not end anytime soon ;)
19:45 ZimeeNZ better not!
19:45 Kiara_lyn Josh why? wanted to give them a scare? :)
19:45 DeusEx I will be camoping out on Fridays!
19:45 KEITH Josh - Are you going to write some ballerina dancing into the show? LoL
19:46 Maria17b we will write angry letters if it does :D
19:46 Josh (Creator/EP) Kiarlyn. No Just forgot.
19:46 rlcangri there is in t4 dues
19:46 rlcangri deus*
19:46 DeusEx seperate timeline!!
19:46 jayjay will u guys cntinue more episode next yr?
19:46 guest424 Josh: Is Cromartie really dead (is Garrett off the show) Or will he be back in another form
19:46 Oriel Josh, what have you wanted to do te series but been unable to do that you really wish you could have???
19:46 Trublu2008 Are there going to be more episodes soon exploring Sarah/Cameron&apos;s relationship?
19:46 Airofina JOSH/DAN: Will we see Alison again? I really want to know more about her.
19:46 MartyB and will those episodes correspond with the new Terminator films?
19:46 jayjay at last after da movie comes out
19:46 Maria17b Josh, why is there a pirate face with your name ?
19:46 ZimeeNZ Josh how do you fell about the worlwide popularity of the show? I know a fair few people who love it here
19:46 rlcangri still it could fall back in line with t4
19:46 ZimeeNZ feel*
19:46 Kiara_lyn Josh that was great, becasue you could really see Lena go like ";s me..I figured it out now"
19:46 06SRT10 i heard summer wants to be in t4 is that rue
19:46 guest383739 i watch the same show 3 times a week on the computer lol
19:46 boolaboy Oriel: Josh, what have you wanted to do te series but been unable to do that you really wish you could have???
19:47 rlcangri maybe summer can be in t5
19:47 DeusEx yeah I watch as many differnet webcasts as possible to boost ratings!
19:47 Majarvis JOSH: Does viewership or DVD sales from Canada factor into Fox&apos;s decision regarding ratings?
19:47 Josh (Creator/EP) I&apos;ve always wanted to do a very extensive underwater terminator sequence. I tried in Mousetrap but we had to scale it back. But i want to see Terminators walking on the ocean floor.
19:47 summerfan josh /dan is cromartie gone for good as in the terminator not garret
19:47 Oriel you coulda fixed my typos for me lol ;p
19:47 Finalthom Maybe if another Terminator comes along, Josh could do that.
19:47 Finalthom I have faith!
19:47 DeusEx thats how you get rid of weaver for a few weeks...dump her in the middle of atlantic so she has to walk back!
19:47 KEITH Josh - Thats a cool idea...
19:48 guest383739 cromrataries body will not be there when they get back to destroy the frame
19:48 Silent Narcotic Are you guys planning on any more future based eps this season? I think thats a general question
19:48 Kiara_lyn Dan and Josh - Is the name "cameron" in any way a tribute to Mr. James Cameron or you just came up with it?
19:48 null Summer in one of the Terminator movies would be awesome
19:48 rlcangri those future episodes are the best
19:48 Josh (Creator/EP) there will be more future stuff. yes. definitely. it&apos;s gonna be good. at least i like it.
19:48 ZimeeNZ Josh do you have any idea why the different region DVD&apos;s have different extras on them? I.e. the one here in NZ only has deleted scenes
19:48 stx Kiara, ofcourse it is a tribute :p
19:48 Silent Narcotic thanks Josh
19:48 Kiara_lyn :)
19:48 Airofina awesome xD
19:49 Josh (Creator/EP) different dvds were sent out at different times and there wasn&apos;t time to finish the ones that came out earlier. i wish they all had the max extras. seems silly to me.
19:49 guest424 Josh: Any more big name guest stars upcoming?
19:49 ZimeeNZ oh ok thanks
19:49 Josh (Creator/EP) richard schiff is going to be on next week. he&apos;s awesome.
19:49 KEITH Josh/Dan - I wish you could experience not knowing anything about the episode and then getting to enjoy the well - written stuff you produce for a full hour! Thanks so much!
19:49 ZuluSeven Josh, of all the scenes so far in s2, which was the most difficult to shoot?
19:49 Maria17b Josh and Dan are awesome
19:49 Airofina Will we see Alison again..?
19:49 person What made you decide to off Cromartie in the first place? Did he just run his course?
19:49 GoldenBuffy When will Cameron meet up with Weaver?
19:49 guest424 Josh: LOVE R.S. and The West Wing. Well Done :)
19:49 06SRT10 what ep number will be the last befor the break?
19:49 Kiara_lyn Dan how long does it usually take you to write an episode, what inspires you?
19:50 Oriel Josh/Dad - what do you think have been your most successful and least successful moments on the series so far?
19:50 Thor who cant wait for T4, if so say "GoT1"
19:50 guest383739 dans not the only writer lol
19:50 rlcangri hey josh you should do a fan contest to appear in a terminator episode as an exra or something
19:50 Dan (Writer) Schiff is totally awesome. And Toby was my favorite West Wing character, so it was really neat to see him on the show.
19:50 Josh (Creator/EP) most difficult scene? cameron stuck between the two trucks. difficult because of how long it was, how uncomfortable it was for her, and how difficult the entire scene is.. in terms of the emotionality, etc.
19:50 Finalthom Dan/Josh - The next time a character gets killed, can either of you promise that the corresponding actor will show up here to take questions from us?
19:50 GoldenBuffy When will the smack down with Weaver happen?
19:50 ZuluSeven wow. thanks josh
19:50 KEITH interesting
19:50 Pat Josh or Dan, Just a request: Please make more episodes that have the connors all together.
19:50 summerfan seeing cam cry like that got me kinda sick
19:50 cameron 91 josh is here awsome
19:50 Majarvis Josh/Dan" Who would win in a fight? Cameron or Weaver?
19:50 Silent Narcotic I really REALLY like that scene, one side of it in the context of the show, it made me say WHOA! (the truck shot), also its rather funny when used online out of context
19:50 ZimeeNZ is there the possibility of future chats like this with the rst of the cast? without them having to die first though lol
19:50 guest424 Dan: President Bartlett would make an awesome robot sent from the future :)
19:51 ZuluSeven dude, seeing cam cry like that messed me up for a week. morricone /m is watching the scene again
19:51 guest383739 weaver would win but i hope not for the show lol
19:51 person Do you guys have a very detailed long term plan?
19:51 GoldenBuffy lol
19:51 Josh (Creator/EP) i love when cam cries--one i love it for the show, and two i love people getting to see what a versatile actor summer is. that&apos;s one of the benefits of allison.
19:51 summerfan tyhank u
19:51 Finalthom Can we have more time?
19:51 Finalthom xD
19:51 Maria17b Favorite thing on working on the show ?
19:51 katastrophe thank you!
19:51 null Will we learn what that painting on the wall was about in season one? The one that caused the girl to jump. Or am I daft
19:51 GAU-8/A hmmmm
19:51 summerfan love the show keep it up
19:51 ZimeeNZ i can&apos;t wait to see this episode when it airs here
19:51 Silent Narcotic the truck scene gaves me goosebumps, and im a 25 yr old guy, great acting, get visuals, great music
19:51 supersteve524 you should have arnold do a cameo. (He IS the gov. of Cali)
19:51 guest424 Josh & Dan: Thanks for your time.
19:51 Airofina Bye guys thank you for an amazing show!
19:51 06SRT10 HOw many mor ep befor the jan hiatus
19:51 GoldenBuffy Thank you guys!
19:51 Kiara_lyn Josh and Dan - When you were just starting the show have you had a slightest idea it would be this bid?
19:52 NicK thanks you!
19:52 kyrie Thank you both so much, you have done a great job, this is by far my favorite show evah!
19:52 Majarvis Will there be more of Allison Young?
19:52 rlcangri thanx josh embrace the paradox
19:52 supersteve524 Thank you for your time
19:52 guest383739 cant wait for the MOVIES LOL
19:52 Finalthom Thank you for your cooperation.
19:52 Maria17b Thank you
19:52 rlcangri T4
19:52 Silent Narcotic Thank you for your time
19:52 DeusEx Thanks again for some great dramatic fiction!
19:52 Silent Narcotic :D
19:52 KEITH Thank you... Any details on that basement scene for this season maybe?? lol
19:52 Kiara_lyn Thank you for being here
19:52 Finalthom I look foward to great writing on both parts.
19:52 rlcangri thanx
19:52 Josh (Creator/EP) my favorite thing about working on the show is the people--both the ones i work with and you guys. no bs. I love the immediacty of making things and having people react to them. much better than slaving away in movies.
19:52 summerfan thank you for your time call me anytime i never sleep
19:52 Kiara_lyn taking your tiem
19:52 ZuluSeven Josh and Dan: THANK YOU for such a kickass show. please tell the rest of the cast and crew they have fans from all over the world :)
19:52 JackTheKnife thank youfot yourtime :)
19:52 Trublu2008 Thanks so much Josh & Dan!
19:52 Maria17b aww thanks
19:52 jae_jin Thank you Josh and Dan!
19:52 DeusEx Thank you for explaining!
19:53 Yo thank you to the both of you I really appreciate all the things you did.B)
19:53 Dan (Writer) haa
19:53 Josh (Creator/EP) gotta go guys! gotta write! thanks and good night!
19:53 Maria17b <3 to all
19:53 Majarvis Thank you Josh and Dan! You guys NEED to do more of these!
19:53 Kiara_lyn Thank you Dan and Josh
19:53 Airofina thank you!!
19:53 guest383739 have good nite
19:53 Maria17b THanks guys!!
19:53 KEITH thank you for your cooperation
19:53 GAU-8/A I&apos;m here rather often
19:53 YMO thanks so much Josh, Dan, and Garret for coming in today.
19:53 Maria17b BYe
19:53 MartyB good nite guys
19:53 rlcangri good night
19:53 Yo Bye Guys
19:53 DeusEx good night!
19:53 Kiara_lyn Bye
19:53 Finalthom Bye guys!
19:53 cameron 91 i liked the scene in tonights episode when cameron said i cant let anything happen to john that really makes me think that she loves him josh watta you think
19:53 person Thanks!
19:53 GoldenBuffy Thanks again for hanging with us
19:53 ZuluSeven Bye!
19:53 rlcangri bye and thanx
19:53 Yo see ya&apos;ll soon
19:53 null Thanks!
19:53 anzergosx0 see ya Josh
19:53 katastrophe thanks
19:53 GoldenBuffy later guys
19:53 JackTheKnife i hope to have that kindofchatmore often
19:53 Yo nice talking to you guys
19:53 guest383739 freakin great show
19:53 KEITH i&apos;d love to chat with summer and lena sometime if you could hook us up lol
19:53 Finalthom Makes us feel like we are helping them to write the show.
19:53 rlcangri great show loved it
19:53 summerfan we would harras them
19:54 guest173840 when will seson 2 ep 1 play agan

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