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We'll be starting the chat with ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ star Thomas Dekker (John Connor) and executive producer Josh Friedman in about 10 minutes.

[CameronsWifey] - you are in the right place

11:53 We are waiting for Thomas and Josh to log on - they'll be here in a minute
11:54 How this works - I select questions for Tom and Josh and they'll respond to them.
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11:59 They are not here yet - just walking into the room now.

12:00 [turncoat] - yeah my day's been a good one - really looking forward o these guys as this is one of my favorites on TV

12:04 Just got word that Tom and Josh are running a little late - hopefully we'll get them to stay a little longer

12:05 Hey all - What was your favorite episode so far this season?
12:06 [nick85] "The Tower is Tall but the Fall is Short" - hands down!
12:06 [Carlos Deleon] Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today
12:06 [Commanderchang] Samson and Delilah!
12:06 [FatedtoPretend] The Tower Is Tall But The Fall Is Short :) hey!
12:06 [misterman138] "Samson & Delilah"
12:06 [NiceGirlsTV] Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today
12:06 [xone93] Samson and Delilah
12:07 [HawkDsl] The one where cam talks about the turtels
12:07 [Helen] Mr ferguson is ill today
12:07 [adi_pl] Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today

12:07 moderator: Tom and Josh are here - let's get started
12:07 moderator: FOX’s hit series “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” returns on a brand new day, this Friday February 13th at 8pm ET. Joining us right here on Fancast is the series’ dynamic and engaging star Thomas Dekker (John Connor) and executive producer Josh Friedman. They will take your questions on what’s coming up, the season so far, and all things 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.'

12:08 [Resistance1] Hey Josh and Tom. Just wondered what both your thoughts are on including futher members of the Reese family in future episodes? Oh and a quick bravo to Tom if I may for his acting in the end scene for "Goodbye to All That", really incredible acting.
12:09 Thomas Dekker: Resistance 1, there will be more reese boys action coming up. For sure. Def more Kyle. And thanks for the compliment, it was the last scene we shot for the episode and I was quite exhausted. I think that might have helped.

12:09 Thomas Dekker: josh is on his way, hes just talking to summer, damn robot

12:09 [Killem] Thomas, As a new and up and coming actor, who has been most inspirational to you to work with on the cast?
12:10 Thomas Dekker: Killem, Lena Headey. Creatively, it seems, with most everything, we are on the exact same page. It's been an inspiration in my work and in my life.

12:10 [ronnie k] Summer Glau indicated in an interview this week that she had just read the script for the season finale, and that she was shocked and sad. What was your reaction to the finale script?
12:12 Thomas Dekker: Oh my Ronnie K, I would say the same reaction that Summer had. It's again written by Josh, himself, and I think his scripts are the strongest. It leaves the season in both an exciting and devastating limbo. I hope we can continue on from there, just so I can see what Josh will do next.

12:12 [Tony] What are your thoughts about Summer Glau possibly being cast as Lara Croft? Do you guys think she'd make a good one?
12:13 Thomas Dekker: I think Summer Glau could do pretty much anything she put her mind to. So yes, yes, yes, yes

Josh Friedman: hello everybody. sorry I was late. best excluse int he world: summer glau!

12:14 [GermanTSCCFans] In a recent interview you (Josh Friedman) talked about the future of The Sarah Connor Chronicles and that the show might (or not )get cancelled. If it gets cancelled will there be a possibility to move the show to a different network (like in the Buffy Series) ? We really would love a third season.
12:14 Josh Friedman: I haven't the faintest idea. the show does very well internatinally so WB certainly has incentives to keep it going--but moving to another network is very rare.

12:15 [Helen] Thomas: how do u find working with Lena has she given you any good acting advice?
12:16 Thomas Dekker: Helen, we had an instant bond when we met, and she has definitely taught me the power of relaxing with a character. Knowing it inside and out and then just doing it. I used to let nerves get in the way a lot, but she's helped me to stop that. It's a good elsson in life I've learned as well since I started this show.

12:16 [mnDude] Josh, are there going to be any references or "easter eggs" in TSCC regarding the upcoming T4 movie?
12:16 Josh Friedman: What's T4?
12:17 Josh Friedman: I haven't read the T4 script nor seen any footage. So no, no easter eggs.

12:16 [Robin] Hey Thomas, I heard that you broke your nose at the photo shoot. Is that true? Tells us what happened?
12:17 Thomas Dekker: Robin, rest assured, it is not broken. It is injured. The photo shoot was for a very talented artist who's working on an interesting book. The shoot was definitely intense and maybe a little too real.

12:17 [Shawn15] What do you think about the quality of the 1st and 2nd season? Which are you proud of more?
12:18 Thomas Dekker: Shawn15, I like them both equaly for different reasons. I liked the unity and passion that the"family" shared in the first season. But I like the complications and more science fiction of the second season.
12:18 Josh Friedman: I like both but I feel like S1 was really sort of the first act for season two. I like where we end up in s2.

12:18 moderator: Thomas, How did you become involved with Tyler Shields‘ new book, “The Dirty Side of Glamour.”
12:19 Thomas Dekker: A friend of mine, Shiloh Fernandez, an actor I did a film called From Within with, introduced me to him
12:19 Thomas Dekker: him meaning Tyler Shields, not Christian Bale, sorry, im a slow typer
12:20 moderator: That's no problem - I pulled the trigger early on that last question

12:19 [Sherman] Thomas, how do you feel about Christian Bale taking on the role of John Connor in the upcoming movie Terminator Salvation. Do you think he'd make a good John Connor?
12:20 Thomas Dekker: Sherman, Christian Bale is a talented actor, so I would assume he'd be good in any role he took on

12:19 [Lena Fan] Josh, will you be revisiting the comment made by Cameron in the openning of Episode 2, where she tells John, "People won't like the decisions you are making, not those people". Was she referring to Jessie? Had she seen her watching them?
12:20 Josh Friedman: I guess the best way to answer that is to say that I believe much of S2 stems from that comment.
12:20 Josh Friedman: But no she had not seen Jesse. At least not in this timeline.

12:21 [Logan] Josh – Can you speak to the “Dekker Tape” spoilers? Betray/Leave/Die. Who will do what?
12:23 Josh Friedman: First, I love the term "Dekker tape". It makes it seem like watergate. Much of what Thomas said was accurate. Some was not. I'll leave it to everyone to parse out through the season which is which.

12:21 [Arnie] Thomas in the G4 interview you have stated that you had problems with Summer Glau at the beginning of the show because of some misunderstanding. How did that affect the show and how did it work out ?
12:23 Thomas Dekker: Arnie, it was all in good fun. I was attempting to give her a compliment and I guess it was misunderstood, but after meeting one more time, we were very close friends pretty quick. She's the best

12:23 [Rocky Bell] Looking for more together action from John and Cameron,is it in the future?.
12:24 Josh Friedman: Which future?
12:24 Thomas Dekker: Rocky Bell, I HOPE so
12:24 [Pharazon] Josh - I think he means the in the near future (the back 9).
12:26 Josh Friedman: There's a lot more John/Cameron togetherness.
12:26 Josh Friedman: But not that kind.

12:23 [Shadoware] Thomas, what was the most challenging scene you had to do?
12:25 Thomas Dekker: And Shadoware, the hardest scene for me, is a scene with Riley that is in episode 18. It shall air soon.
12:26 moderator: Thomas, Anything else you can say about Episode 18
12:27 Thomas Dekker: it was the most intense episode i've done, for me as an actor at least. Josh was kind enough to give me a lot of heavy stuff to do, and it felt great. its kind of what we actors love, to be put through the ringer. weird...

12:25 [Laura] Hi, Thomas-- What has been your most welcome challenge this season? --Laura (dekker_daily)
12:26 Thomas Dekker: Good old Laura, chum, I'd say the loooooooooooooooong hours and having my tv mom taken away from me a little

12:26 [Al] Have you ever had any feedback/comments from James Cameron?
12:27 Josh Friedman: Well., he's never said he hates it. So I take that as a good sign.
12:27 Josh Friedman: Of course he's never said anything else, either.

12:27 [Sherman S.] Josh, do you think, in the near future, that you'd let Thomas out again with another portable flip cam to raid the set again?
12:28 Josh Friedman: Well, I think if we compare the two "Dekker tapes" I think I much prefer the one where TD has the camera. So yes, he's welcome to raid the set anytime.

12:29 [nick85] Hey Josh, in a comic con QA you said one of the shows characters would die. Cromartie was "destroyed" but as Cameron pointed out in S1, technically terminators were never alive. So which is it?
12:29 Josh Friedman: Well, we were using the term a little loose, I guess. But we were referring to Cromartie when we said that.

12:29 [ClaudeFTW] Thomas, the way you impersonate JC really is impressive, I mean seriously, in the last episode you could cut the tension between JC and Cameron with a chainsaw, is this how the are going to happen between the two for the rest of the season?
12:31 Thomas Dekker: Claudeftw, when your fake sister is a hot terminator, tensions are bound to arise. But I feel on our show, because it's well written, no relationship ever stays in a constant mood. These characters lives are ever changing, and so are their relationships

12:30 [] Hey Josh - so far Catherine's motives have been shrouded in mystery - we don't know what her mission is or what she's doing with The Turk - can we expect to finally get some real answers on her motives and can you give us any hints on what they might be?
12:31 Josh Friedman: We will find out everything we need to know about Weaver's motives by ep 22. Her goals, plans, likes, dislikes, favorite shows. etc.
12:31 Josh Friedman: I think Weaver watches a lot of reality.

12:31 [James] Thomas: Would you like to do a musical episode. Hows your singing? ;)
12:32 Thomas Dekker: james, i've done one musical episode of a different tv show in my life. And it was an absolute nightmare. so im gonna safely say noooooo

12:31 [Shadoware] Josh, what's the best thing about shooting a terminator story?
12:33 Josh Friedman: The Terminator universe is incredibly deep and complicated and at the same time the basic conflicts are quite simple and raw. Mother wants to protect son. Son is important. After that it's all variations on the theme. We do different types of episodes a lot but the Terminator universe provides a continuity to the entire series.
12:33 Josh Friedman: And there's robots.

12:33 [Laura (dekker_daily)] Thomas-- how would you define John's relationship with Derek by the end of the season?
12:33 Thomas Dekker: the end of s1 or s2 laura?
12:34 [Laura (dekker_daily)] Season 2, please!
12:35 Thomas Dekker: John's relationship with Derek, I believe, is the trickiest one in the series. He both looks to him as a father figure and is annoyed by his presence. I cant say how, but they come to a very new destination in their "friendship"

12:34 [ND] Josh, how much of the show's mythology is driven by you and the rest of the creative staff and how much by the actors' performance of any given scene/episode? Have there been certain scenes or episodes that you thought were strong on paper but then the actors gave them an entirely different spin or depth from what you originally intended?
12:36 Josh Friedman: Great question, ND. Obviously the script is the template for everything but there's both a conscious and unconscious dialogue with the actors (whether they know it or not). You see an actor do something exciting in an episode and maybe it sparks you to an idea for a whole episode. But usually by the time I see dailies on one episode I'm a month down the road in storyland. TD is actually the actor who I talk most to about character/story. He's a filmmaker and he's got a lot of good ideas.

12:35 [Ashley] Thomas, I absolutely love your portrayal of John Connor and definitely hope we get to see all of you much longer! What episode from Season 2 was your favorite to shoot so far?
12:36 Thomas Dekker: Ashley, Samson and Delilah, a joy and a pleasure

12:36 [Airofina] Josh, Ive been wondering this for quite some time.. In "Gnothi Seauton" when John and Cameron are registering for the new school the camera scans over his birth certificate.. his birth date is July 22. Is it just a coincidence that, that happens to be the exact same day Allison tells Cameron her birthday is on?
12:37 Josh Friedman: Is that true, Airofina? Wow. I didn't know that. Hmmmm.

12:37 [jeck (dekker_daily)] Thomas: I love the slow build of John growing into his role of future savior. Are you happy with the way John has evolved from Season one up to this season?
12:38 Thomas Dekker: Jeck, I had been excited from the start of the show, knowing his evolution was on the way. But I've been most pleased seeing how Josh has constructed it. That there have been actual moments and narrative action that has propelled him forward. It's far more believable that way and much easier to play

12:38 [James] Josh: If Fox uncharacteristically cancelled The Sarah Connor Chronicles before its time (I'm a devil I know) and you only had a couple of eps left you could produce, what arcs would you like to tie up?
12:39 Josh Friedman: James--Hard to say, the end of S2 ties up a whole bunch of stuff and opens up a whole bunch of new stuff. If we're cancelled after S2 I'll be pissed but I think the fans will have gotten a lot of answers.

12:38 [Killem] Thomas, in ep. 11, you threw down some serious moves on that guy who was missing his lighter. What type of instruction have you been taking (off set) to look so fluent in kicking ass?!
12:39 Thomas Dekker: Killem, it wasnt so smooth in reality, i got both lips split open!

12:39 [Logan] Josh - Besides watching the show and telling friends about it, what else should fans do to support the show?
12:40 Josh Friedman: Logan--Internet, internet, internet. On all sorts of sites, for all kinds of shows. talk talk talk.

12:41 [Jim23] Thomas I have always wondered. Do you or Summer ever read the fanfiction stories on
12:41 Thomas Dekker: Jim23, I can't speak for Summer, but I have not. Cause I didn't know they existed. But u know what I'll be looking at now when i leave here...
12:43 Josh Friedman: There, are however, no josh/Cameron fan fiction stories.
12:43 Josh Friedman: Thomas thinks that's funny.

12:41 [] Josh - thank you so much for finally giving us some Sarah/Kyle interaction! Is this going to be the last time that we see Kyle this season or might we see him again before the finale?
12:42 Josh Friedman: Hi Erika--thanks as usual for SCS...I know you love the Kyle. I can't answer that question on the grounds that it may get you too excited.

12:42 moderator: Hey everyone, while we have the guys for a few more minutes - a quick reminder: “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” returns this Friday, February 13th at 8pm ET on FOX. You can watch the most recent episode on Fancast here.

12:43 [nick85] Josh, some of us hate them, most of us love them, but where do you come up with the neat bits of quotes and facts for Lena's voiceovers?
12:44 Josh Friedman: nick85...Most of those VOs are written late at night by me after four diet cokes and a whole bunch of googling.

12:43 [Shawn15 (Slovakia)] Thomas, which are your favourite shows except TSCC?
12:44 Thomas Dekker: Shawn15, I love twin peaks, dead like me, south park, tales from the crypt. A lot of quilty pleasures!!

12:45 [BobfromFrance] Josh — Girl jumping from the roof in season 1, Cameron's questions to Eric, and now Riley's wrists slitting, suicide seems to be a recurrent theme in T:TSCC. Could you tell us why is it important to you?
12:46 Josh Friedman: BobfromFrance...great question...thomas told me he thinks he knows why. Thomas?
12:47 Thomas Dekker: Well, it's only my opinion Josh, but i took it to be that uve got four characters desperately trying to save everyone's lives, so the notion of people deciding to end their own negates their mission. It's that paradox of life and death and the unknown, which to me, is all that the show is really about.

12:45 [Andi] Hey Thomas! You're doing a fantastic job as John Connor! How are you enjoying the constant twists and turns for John? Are you looking forward to more fast action or do you wish Josh would slow it down a bit?
12:46 Thomas Dekker: Andi, I enjoy the action very much, more than I ever thought I would. I wouldn't say I'd want him to slow it down, but i love getting to do real scenes with the other characters, u know, talky scenes

12:47 [James] Tom: If you could choose any actor/actress you've worked with previously to join the cast of the show, who would it be and what role would you like the to play?
12:48 Thomas Dekker: James, my dear friend, and past costar, Lauren Storm is one of my favorite people and I think she would make a kick ass resistance fighter. And also Cameron Diaz, she's a sweetheart, why not!

12:47 [Callie] Greetings from Canada! Josh - Cameron mentioned feeling "like a bomb" in ep 11 and talked about suicide and dying. Is she going to do something to her chip??
12:47 Josh Friedman: Callie. Yes.

12:48 [Russell T] Hi Josh how hard was it to write the finale for the season?
12:49 Josh Friedman: Russell--probably harder than the average episode because I felt like the season was a big double back twisting vault where I was trying to stick the landing...But I rarely get a chance to write my own scripts from scratch anymore--I'm rewriting other episodes or editing or whatever, so to take the time (five days) where I did little else but awesome. It's the most fun part for me.

12:48 [aznman1290128] Thomas, does it ever make you nervous to use a gun (even though it's real) in the show?
12:49 Thomas Dekker: It's strange aznman, I still get scared, every time, for about two minutes leading up to shooting a gun. And then immediately after, I love it and want to do another take. It's a weird old thing that.

12:50 [Shadoware] Josh what was your favorite episode till now?
12:51 Josh Friedman: I love Alison from Palmdale, Samson and Delilah... but they're all god's children.

12:50 [Rouge Ware Entertainment] hi Thomas, how much training did you have to do, to take on the role of young John Connor???
12:51 Thomas Dekker: ware entertainment, id watched the films probably a million times before i ever auditioned, so i guess that was my subconscious training

12:52 [MArk] Josh, Do you feel that sci fi can live up to its true potential on a major network, as opposed to a cable outlet? In other words, does the mandate that network executives live by – to appeal to the broadest audience possible – can that water down the otherwise limitless boundaries of the sci fi genre?
12:55 Josh Friedman: MArk--I'd like to think that it can. Lost is a sci fi show and even if it's the exception that's proved the rule, it has succeeded. It's hard, though. I'm well aware that the stories we're telling on this show are never going to get us 10 million viewers. On the other hand, you need network budgets to make this show. So it's a catch-22. Fox has given me a great deal of creative freedom and if the show hasn't gained an audience that's not Fox's fault.

12:55 moderator: ...Final two questions

12:56 [Rouge Ware Entertainment] Thomas, if you don't mind me saying, I think that you play the part really well and you make is seem like, John is really alive and make him a character that we care about.

12:55 [Logan] Josh - Samson and Delilah, and Allison From Palmdale are also my favorite episodes. I'm sometimes frustrated by standalone episodes which don't move the plot forward. How much do you take into account the feedback that fans provide?
12:58 Josh Friedman: I read a lot of feedback and the standalone/serialized question is always discussed. To me, the show is rarely standalone, certainly in the way that say, CSI is, or the mentalist or something like that. Even Self-Made man, or Alison, which may feel more contained, deepen the mythology. Some of the mission stories we've done certainly have a more standalone A story, but there's always going to be character aspects that we develop over time. The Wire is one of my favorite show. Probably the Crime and Punishment of Television. But you could not just jump into that show. Doesn't bother me. Bothers others. Couldn't do it on network. No one wants standalone eps (not sci fans, it seems) but no one wants their shows canceled, either. Sometimes you gotta be flexible.
12:58 Thomas Dekker: I think, we have all tried, I say we meaning the writers and the cast, to not let any one of these characters be one dimensional. The Sarah and John in the films were just that, characters ina fleeting two hour action movie, but in this, they need layers and longevity. We've all tried to bring the surface brute strength of these people, but also infuse them with a strong sense of feeling and humanity.

12:59 moderator: Unfortunately it' time for Thomas and Josh have to get back to fighting killer robots and saving humanity now, but we want to thank them for participating in our Fancast Forum today – and to talk to you, the fans.

Just a reminder, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” airs this Friday at 8pm ET on FOX. Everybody tune in. We'll be watching, too.

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Thanks again gentlemen!

12:59 Thomas Dekker: thanks so much everybody!!!! SHOW YOUR METAL
12:59 moderator: Thanks a ton, guys!
12:59 Josh Friedman: thanks for your questions everybody. I love doing this. Hopefully I'll get to do more!

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