Jason Corvain
Prologue (2027)

‘One HK. No, make that two. Now that’s three. Gotta run faster. Gotta keep moving.’

Jason darted from left to right, trying desperately to out-manoeuvre the HKs. But they were, by definition, hard to escape from. They rained death down upon him, plasma projectiles that would make short work of his organic structure. And with only one arm still attached, Jason was hard-pressed to maintain blood control as well as pumping himself continuously with adrenaline. He was beginning to tire.

Finally, he found refuge amongst a couple of burnt-out cars. As he crouched beneath one of them, Jason focused on lowering his heart rate and body temperature. HKs relied on body heat to track their targets, and Jason was not one to advertise his presence. The HKs circled the area, searching in vain for their prey, but Jason was too well hidden, so they gave up and returned to their duties.

Jason waited a couple of minutes before slowly crawling out into the open. He scanned the area carefully, but detected no further threats, and so began hobbling back to base. As he passed a rusted-out truck however, a damaged FK Mini Tank emerged from amongst the wreckage and trained its weapons on Jason, who froze on the spot. He willed himself not to be seen; he even closed his eyes, though this may have been because he expected to be riddled with plasma any second.

Ten seconds passed. Then fifthteen. Twenty seconds passed and Jason finally decided to open his eyes. The FK had stood down, its weapons retracted. Yet it still continued to watch him. Jason cautiously waved his hand but received no response.

Scanning… FK has powered down… No fault detected… Attention: Anonymity System is active… Do you wish to disengage said system?

The words appeared in Jason’s vision as an overlay; he read them carefully before thinking ‘No’.

‘Explain Anonymity…’

Anonymity: self-preservation system installed to ensure safety during infiltration missions. Once activated, all nearby HK and FK units will regard you as friendly and will not attack. Note: this does not apply to Terminator models.

‘So it’s a kind of signal scrambler?’

Yes, effectively.


Chapter 01: Genesis (2020 - 2027)
Jason Corvain, Skynet's favourite I-950, suffers a moral crisis when ordered to destroy a very special Terminator.
Chapter 02: Causality (2027)
Jason and T0K-715 are captured by the Resistance while Karen is assigned the task of terminating them.
Chapter 03: Counter-strike (2027)
Karen brings an army of triple-8s down upon the Resistance, forcing a confrontation between her and Jason.
Chapter 04: Brothers & Sisters (2027)
Jason receives a new arm and John prepares Cameron for her trip to the past.
Chapter 05: Exile (2027 - 2028)
Jason explores a vast oasis and discovers a massive Skynet factory.
Chapter 06: Endurance (2028)
Jason's attempts to escape the factory leads him to a confrontation with a T-1000.
Chapter 07: What You Leave Behind (2007/2032)
Jason travels to 2007 but is followed by an old flame (last chapter).

  • Jason Corvain – an I-950 who defects from Skynet and eventually joins the Resistance.
  • Skynet – a self-aware AI who is determined to wipe out Humanity.
  • Cameron – an experimental Terminator who possesses free will.
  • John Connor – the leader of the Human Resistance.
  • Karen – an I-950 and secret lover of Jason until being assigned to kill him by Skynet.

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