Under These Rocks and Stones

This fan fiction takes place right after 'Earthings Welcome Here.' It's my first fan fiction. I would appreciate any comments, suggestions and constructive criticism.

Under These Rocks and Stones

Chapter 1: Sarah's Story

Sarah was awoken by pain. Her entire body was in pain. Her muscles were aching and sore. Her throat was so dry that swallowing was painful. Even breathing hurt. Her stomach was burning. Her head was pounding. A sharp burning pain fired in her left thigh. It took Sarah a minute to realize that she was lying face down on hot sand. Hot sand in a desert. She tried to open her eyes and squinted at the brightness. She rolled over onto her back and immediately regretted it. The movement sent waves of pain through her body and the direct sunlight was so bright that it felt like she had blinded herself. She covered her eyes with her hands. Sara took a deep breath and braced herself for the pain that she was going to feel. “1, 2, 3…” she counted in her head. Slowly she rolled onto her right side and then pushed herself up onto her hands and knees. A series of expletives screamed out at her in her mind. What was supposed to be a simple movement caused her so much pain she had to take quick multiple breaths to keep herself from passing out. Her arms and legs trembled from holding up her own weight.

Sarah closed her eyes, and tried to assess her injuries and remember how she got them. The pounding of the headache made it hard for her to think. Then she remembered jumping out of a van and rolling down a rocky cliff. She took another breath and knew from the pain she had broken some ribs on the right side. Probably from rolling down the hard pointy boulders of the cliff. Both her arms were scraped and bruised. The blood had already dried and scabbed over. She looked at her left thigh and remembered she was shot. Shot by someone named Winston who is dead now. Dead because she shot him. She had never killed anyone before. It was self defense she reminded herself. She saw that there was a ripped rag tied around her leg above the gunshot wound acting as a tourniquet and silver duct tape wrapped around her leg over the bullet hole.

Sarah closed her eyes again and tried not to think about Ed Winston. Instead she tried to remember who bandaged her up. An Asian looking woman with an Australian accent entered her memory. Jesse. Her name was Jesse. Sarah then remembers punching her in the face before jumping out of the van. She looks around and sees the cliff she had rolled down from about 70 feet away from her. On the sandy ground she sees her shadow right below her. That means the sun is right above her. Not good. It’s the hottest time of the day and there’s not even a breeze.

Sarah wonders how long she’s been passed out and looks at the date on her watch. Two days! Two frickin’ days! It’s been two days since she jumped out the truck. Two days since she was shot. She was surprised that she hasn’t bled to death yet. The bullet must have missed her femoral artery. Otherwise she would have bled to death by now. Two days since she killed Ed Winston. Was he telling the truth about his family? Does he have a son waiting for him to go home to play baseball and coach his little league team? I have a son too, she thought. John. He’s probably wondering what happened to me.

It took Sarah great effort to stand up. She surveyed the cliff. It was about 500 feet high. She was lucky she didn’t die from the fall. There was no way she would be able to climb back up with her injuries. Sarah pulls out her cell phone from her pocket and sighs. The screen was all busted and wouldn’t turn on. Limping slowly and trying not to put too much pressure on her wounded leg, Sarah makes her way to the edge of the cliff.

Sarah’s stomach rumbled. The sound startled her. It’s been two days since she’s eaten or drank anything. That explains the burning feeling in her stomach. She was starving. Hydrochloric acid is probably burning a hole in her stomach. More than starving, Sarah was thirsty. She was parched. Sarah licked her dry cracked lips and tasted blood. The last time she had something to drink was a cup of coffee at a diner with Alan Park aka Abraham who. He too is also dead.

“If it wasn’t for me, he would still be alive,” thought Sarah. “I put him on the radar. Dr. Morris would be alive too. And she had nothing to do with all this. It’s my fault they’re dead. I got them killed.” Sarah stumbles and realizes that she almost tripped over a large rock. She looks at the rock and sees two other rocks about the same size. The three rocks form a triangular shape resembling the three dots. Even in the desert the three dots are haunting her.

The three dots! The metal! Suddenly Sarah remembers the strange aircraft she saw with three very bright lights just before she passed out outside of the warehouse. She doesn’t exactly know what it was she saw. Was it a UFO? She can’t even be sure it was an aircraft. But Sarah knows someone who might know what it was she saw. That person found her at the warehouse. That person is Jesse. “And she is going to tell me everything she knows, even if I have to punch her again,” thought Sarah as she reached the cliff.

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