Updated Possible Love!

Scene: John’s room

John is laying on his bed listening to his iPod with his head phones in. He’s sort of rocking out and rocking his head back and forth and singing out loud. He gets out of bed, still jamming, to turn on his lap top. He turns around and is surprised to see Cameron standing behind him. He pulls off his head phones.

John: How many times have you told you not to do that?
Cameron: What was that you were doing?
John: What?
Cameron: You were rocking your head and saying words in a strange way.
John: Oh, I was singing
Cameron: What is singing?
John: Singing is what people do sometimes while listening to music. Singing is like the universal sign of happiness.
Cameron: Oh, thank you for explaining

**End scene**

Scene: Prom Night at the Hilton Hotel

John, Cheri, Cameron, and Morris all walk into the doors to the room. Cameron scans the room and stutters with confusion to John.

Cameron: What is everyone doing?
John: It’s called dancing. Don’t be a freak.
Cameron: Thank you for explaining.

The group finds a table and makes their way to it. Morris pulls out Cameron’s seat for her. She stares at him.
Morris: Take your seat.
She smiles and giggles
Cameron: Oh, thank you.

Cameron spies on a couple dancing in the corner and kissing. She stares at them blankly until John says to her
John: It’s calling kissing.
Cameron: It seems to work effectively on showing emotion and trust.

John rolls his eyes and turns to Cheri to make conversation. Morris then asks Cameron for a dance. She accepts. On the dance floor, Cameron makes a slight floor out of herself because she is not quite sure of what to do. She tries to mimic what the others are doing but looks so mechanical while doing it. Morris laughs and starts dancing like her. John, still sitting at the table with Cheri, looks and laughs a little bit.

Cheri: I need to go home soon.
John: But we just got here!
Cheri: Yeah, I know. Don’t worry though. My dad is picking me up.
John: I don’t understand.
Cheri: John, please.

John sighs and offers her a dance but she declines. John looks back in the direction of where Cameron and Morris were but notices they are gone. He looks towards the door to the balcony and sees them making their way through it. Cameron and Morris stop by the rail and look out at the scene.

Morris: I was really happy you said yes
Cameron smiles
Morris: Why did you say yes?
Cameron: Because John told me to.
Morris: Oh? But you’re having a fun time with me right?
Cameron: Yes, I am having a fun time.
Morris: You’re eyes are so beautiful.
Cameron: They are?
Morris leans in for a kiss waiting for Cameron to meet him half way. He opens his eyes while waiting and her eyes flash insanely bright robotic blue. He freaks out and backs away. Morris goes back inside to the table and finds John sitting there alone.

Morris: Your sister’s creepy man.
John: What did she do now?
Morris: I don’t know. She’s just creepy man.
John: In more ways than you’ll ever know.
Morris: What happened to Cheri?
John: Her dad came and got her.
Morris: I told you man. Lock down.

**End scene**

Scene: Baum house, Cameron’s room

Cameron is standing in front of her mirror brushing her hair. John stands in the door way for not even a second before Cameron turns around to acknowledge him.

John: What did you do to Morris?
Cameron: He said I had beautiful eyes.
John: Okay?
Cameron: I think he was trying to kiss me.
John: Well you should have kissed him instead of freaking him out. Remember, I said DON’T be a freak.
Cameron: But I didn’t want to. It did not feel like the right thing to do.

John stares at Cameron in amazement at what she has said.

John: What?
Cameron: It did not feel like the thing to do.
John: And how do you know what the right thing to do is?
Cameron: I don’t know.
John: You sure did look like a fool trying to dance out there.
Cameron: Could you show me how?
John: To dance?
Cameron: Yes
John: I guess…

John turns on the radio.

John: I can’t do anything crazy like some of the people you saw dancing at prom. But I do know how to do a nice little slow dance.

John finds a station playing a nice little slow song called “Underneath Your Clothes” by Shakira. The song had just started so John figured it would be an alright song to dance to. John takes Cameron’s arms and puts them over his shoulders. He then puts both of his arms on her waist. They dance for awhile. John gazes into Cameron’s eyes.

John: You do have beautiful eyes.

Cameron smiles and looks down. The two continue to dance for awhile longer.

Cameron: I like this song…
John: It’s alright.
Cameron: This feels like the right thing to do.

The two lean in for a kiss. Sadly, the kiss isn't long. Cameron pulls away and looks towards to door way to see Derek standing there in shock. John quickly backs away from Cameron.

Derek: What the hell are you doing?
Cameron: It felt like the thing to do.

Cameron leaves her room. Derek continues to stand there with rage in his eyes for catching what his nephew and the machine were doing.

Derek: She’s a MACHINE man!
John: She’s more than that. And you’ll just never understand.
John: Not her.
Derek: That’s it. I’m taking her out, NOW!
John: You will not touch her. And that’s and order.
Derek: Connor, you’re insane. You have no idea…

**End scene**

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