Updated Possible Love Ch. 2

Scene: Baum house

Cameron is roaming around the house singing the song her and John danced to the night before. Sarah looks strangly at Cameron.

Sarah: What are you doing?
Cameron: Singing is the universal sign of happiness.
Sarah: But you don't feel happiness?
Cameron: Who are you to say what I can or can't do?

Sarah continues to look at Cameron as if she has lost her mind. Sarah shrugs it off. John comes out of his room yawning as if he was just woken up.

John: Did I hear singing?
Sarah: Yes, you're metal friend thinks she can feel happiness.
John: That's not all she can do...

Sarah questions John what he means by that statement but he assures her that it is nothing. Derek walks into the room.

Derek: Our metal friend here is capable of a lot...

John glares at Derek. Everyone sits at the table as Sarah makes pancakes.

John (to Derek): I thought you were going to keep your mouth shut?
Derek: I am. I just think we should be aware of what your metal friend is capable of.
Cameron: I am capable of a lot of things.
Derek (contridicting himself): I don't even want to know...

**End Scene**

Scene: On the way to school

Cameron and John walk to school. Cameron begins singing the song again.

John: What are you doing?
Cameron: Singing. It is the universal sign of happiness.
John: Are you singing because of our kiss?

Cameron slightly smiles.

John: Look, I don't know what all of that was about. You are a machine. Why would you want to kiss me?
Cameron: Because it felt like the thing to do.
John: Not again with that... You know you can't let my mom know about that.
Cameron: What about Derek? Do you think he will tell?
John: Nah, he doesn't want to be the one to see her first explode.
Cameron: I understand.

John, being the teenage boy that he is, decides to ask Cameron about the kiss.

John: Well...I know you're a terminator...but did you like it?
Cameron: Like what?
John: Our kiss.

Cameron doesn't answer. The two continue to walk to school.

**End scene**

Scene: On the way home from school

After a normal day at school John asks Cameron if he can take her some place. She agrees. The two end up at a beautiful lake where the sun is setting upon it. Cameron walks towards the lake and turns to John.

Cameron: It's beautiful.
John: I didn't think terminators apperciated stuff like beauty.
Cameron: It doesn't look like this in the future.
John: You've been here before?
Cameron: Yes, you brought me here. Except you were sad. You spoke of how it used to be so beautiful here and you and your mom would go fishing all day until the sun set and ate lunch under the tree. You told me the sun looked so beautiful and wished you could show me. Thank you for finally showing me. I've always wanted to see this place and witness what beauty is.

John smiles.

Cameron: We must go now though. Your mother will freak if we're out much longer.

John sighs and agrees to walk home. The two walk rather close.

John: So are we like best friends in the future?
Cameron: You could call it that.
John: You're kind of like my best friend now...kinda sad huh?

Cameron smiles and takes John by the hand. John ruins the moment.

John: This is too weird.
Cameron: Humans can not control their emotions.
John: But you're not human? Why are you doing this?
Cameron: I'm starting to understand why you do the things you do.
John: But you're a...
Cameron: I'm different.
John: You're telling me.

The two end up on their porch. They stand there for a moment or two. The sun is still setting. The way it is shining on Cameron's face enhances every beautiful feature that she has. John continues to stare at her in amazinment and curiousity while she watches the sun set.

John: For my protector you sure do drive me to do crazy things.
Cameron: Crazy things?

John comes closer to Cameron and places his hand on her face. He leans in and the two kiss. Their beautiful love scene is ruined as Sarah walks up.

Sarah: JOHN!!

They stop. They are both startled and surprised to see her.

Sarah: So these are your "capabilities" huh? Tricking my son into falling for you so you can get close to him and possibly kill him?
Cameron: No, that is not apart of my mission.
Sarah: Then what is your mission?
Cameron: To ensure the lives of John and Sarah Connor.
Sarah: Then why are you kissing my son?
John: Because it felt like the thing to do!

John storms off into the house leaving his mother and Cameron on the porch.

Sarah: Just because you don't have a heart doesn't mean my son doesn't. I will not sit here and watch him ponder over some heartless robotic-bitch.
Cameron: The tin man had a heart all along. He just didn't know it...

Sarah storms into the house leaving Cameron on the porch. Cameron continues to watch the sun set.

Derek (to Sarah): So I guess you know about John and the tin miss."

**End scene**

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