Weapons To Fight ATerminator

What weapons would be able to get and use to defend your self

against a Terminator? Please be realistic, ( no RPG's, Nukes ).

I am a survivalist so I have many guns in my gun safe. I also was a Marine for 6 years, with 4 1/2 in Iraq in heavy combat.

I have allot of experience with weapons and explosives.

DaveBall: Rifles: first choice- AR-15 with 100rd. double C-mag.
second choice- FAL s.a. .308, 20rd. mag.
third choice- AK-47 s.a. 75 rd. drum

Pistol: first choice- Glock 21 .45, with 25 rd. mag.
second choice- Colt 1911 .45, with 10 rd. mag.
third choice- Walther P99 .40, with 15 rd. mag.

Melee: What ever I can get my hands on.

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