Where To Find Widgets on Web

Where To Find Widgets

Wetpaint *hearts* widgets!

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Productivity Tools

Site Description
Gizmoz animated avatars
Voki animated avatars
Blingie animate and bedazzle images
Imeem single songs, playlists, or other audio
YouTube videos
Google Video videos
Site Description
Google Calendar share a calendar
Gabbly Chat chat rooms or chat sessions
Meebo IM instant messaging or chat rooms
Eyejot video mail

Site Description
Vizu Polls polls and voting
Box.net extra file storage
Num Sum embeddable spreadsheet application
Smartsheet task/list management tool
Blist easy to use database tool
ZeeMaps collaborative maps
ChipIn donation tool

User Favorites

Check out the sites below for codes you can embed your site using the Wetpaint Widget feature. See something missing? Post a thread and let us know below.

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Powerpoint Slideshows


You may also want to try looking for your own embed widget by searching Google/Yahoo (or another search engine) for what type of widget you want, eg. "Clock widget" and then "Embed". This will bring up a list of the widgets you want and you know they will be compatible with Wetpaint!

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