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Behind-the-scenes, easter eggs, writers' notes, and fan questions along with answers from Friedman and the writers (no spoilers).

Check the blog daily for updates from the writers of TSCC.

This is your direct link to those involved with TSCC, specifically the writers, and they will want to hear from you. Don’t be shy — leave comments, open conversations, send them links, tell your friends and robots.

With Season 2 now at a full 22-episode run, the writers will share TSCC inside information with you (always spoiler-free, of course). This will include the first ever official Sarah Connor podcast.

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Writers

Dan Thomsen
Ian Goldberg
Ashley Miller
Zack Stentz
Toni Graphia
Natalie Chaidez
John Wirth
Denise Thé
Josh Friedman

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