termi-ninja-tor's Unified Terminator Storyline

I thought it would be interesting to lay out a Unified Terminator Storyline, incorporating T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, and TSCC. Much of it is taken from the analyses on my Profile Page, including the dedicated thread “How could TSCC fit in with T3 and T4?” at the bottom of that page. The way I have it laid out, the proper sequence of the commercial productions should be T1, T4, T2, T3, and TSCC. T5 would be a new story line inserted partway through T2, after Sarah is freed from Pescadero but before she goes to the Dyson home, and it would replace the rest of T2, T3, and TSCC, as well as T4.

I am using my Changing Timeline Model of how time travel works. My view of time travel in the Terminator universe is built on Kyle's message to Sarah from future John that the future is not set, which was later canonized as No Fate But What We Make. Implicitly, it means that a time traveler's personal past experiences cannot be changed by him, but he can do things in the present that will change what he experiences later.

In my model, the timeline is defined into the future until a change is made in its past. For example, suppose there is an original timeline with Skynet, Judgment Day, Arnie's time jump back and Kyle's time jump back. (This timeline version of the future exists until a change is made in the present. And the act of departing the future by jumping back to the present does not itself cause a change in the present. Imagine if Arnie arrives materializing in a big boulder, he won't get out, and he doesn't change the timeline.) First to arrive in the present is Arnie and Arnie kills Sarah a day after his arrival. This change in the present would establish a new timeline version for the future with no John, Skynet winning the war, and no time machine with no jumpers. But from the original timeline version, Kyle had also been sent back and suppose he arrives shortly after Arnie and he saves Sarah. This causes a new change in the timeline to a version where John exists again. Thus each time jumper can change the future.

I must acknowledge wiki member Dr. Allison Cameron for her contributions to my ideas, especially regarding how to incorporate T3 into the saga. I also want to acknowledge wiki member I.Join for his valuable insights which were key to my integration of T3 and TSCC. [Explanatory comment. After a bit of reflection, I have more recently combined the ideas from the three of us into a more coherent and simpler transition from T3 to TSCC.] Also, I want to thank wiki member V^n for pointing out a causality detail that I missed and had to fix.
I did not write this with the intention of making it a fanfic, but I recognized that many of my interpretations reflected my own assumptions about the story. I am assuming the simplest explanations needed to account for the factual elements of the story. I recognize the onscreen depictions can support more complex explanations with unexpressed implications, like assuming that the T1 sequence repeated itself over and over again in hundreds of time loops. I prefer to avoid such unnecessary convolutions. Understanding that others may disagree with my interpretations, I realized that presenting it as a fanfic would be the most correct way to offer it to the wiki.
And so, the narrative: [I have inserted some explanatory comments after having had to answer some questions about my interpretations.]

[Explanatory comment. Why do we need "Original Timeline" and "Pre-T1" loops before the actual "T1 Story" shown in the T1 movie? Because the movie established that (1) the John that sent the Kyle who was in T1 was fathered by Kyle and (2) the polaroid pic existed for Kyle before he jumped back to Sarah. Logically, these imply that (1) there must have been an original John not fathered by Kyle who sent Kyle the very first time and (2) the whole series of events of T1 must have happened at least once before so that the pic could be taken and given to Kyle later.]

Original Timeline
At first, Sarah was just another waitress and there was no Skynet, no time machine, and no terminators. Sarah’s roommate Ginger was dating Matt. Sarah went on a date with Stan Morsky, a guy with a Porsche, and she got pregnant. Stan disappeared from Sarah’s life but she had the baby and named him John. Life continued for Sarah, who stayed single and kept the Connor name, as John began to grow up.

Meanwhile, Miles Dyson was a researcher at Cyberdyne, and he was working on a government project to develop Skynet, a computer to take charge of the U.S. nuclear arsenal. He succeeded. The computer was installed, became sentient, decided to kill humanity, and caused Judgment Day. Billions of people died.

After Judgment Day, the human Resistance was formed and fought Skynet and its terminators and HKs. Led by John Connor, who was fathered by Stan, the Resistance was winning the war. But Skynet developed the time machine and sent Arnie back in a time jump with a mission to kill Sarah in a last ditch effort. Arnie’s arrival changed the future from the point of his arrival.

After arriving back in 1984, Arnie started his killing spree, eventually killing Sarah. But back in the future, shortly after Arnie was sent back, the Resistance was able to capture Skynet’s time machine and future John (Stan’s son) sent Kyle Reese back to protect Sarah. Kyle arrived shortly after Arnie arrived and changed the future from that point forward.

Kyle’s arrival caused a big stir in the local police. The derelict in the alley observed his arrival in a ball of lightning, and then Kyle stole some of his clothes. Kyle eluded police and stole more clothing in the department store. Then Kyle stole a police shotgun. This all somehow caused Stan to cancel his date with Sarah. Stan might have been a cop or a CSI or a police psychiatrist called in to interview the derelict or a consulting scientist called in to study the electrical burn marks in the alley.

Because Stan had to cancel his date with Sarah, she went out and had dinner alone. That’s when Arnie killed Ginger and Matt. And that's also when Sarah spotted Kyle following her and got spooked. That’s why she went into the TechNoir disco and called the police. She also called home and left a message on her answering machine. Arnie was in her apartment and heard her message, which informed him that he had killed the wrong girl and gave him her location at the disco.

Arnie arrived at the disco and targeted Sarah, but Kyle saved her. Arnie continued his pursuit while Kyle and Sarah fled. Along the way, Kyle slept with Sarah and impregnated her. (We know Sarah was in estrus because she would have had a child with Stan Morsky otherwise.) Finally, Kyle was killed, and Sarah crushed Arnie in a mechanized factory, leaving his chip and arm intact.

Believing Judgment Day was on the way, pregnant Sarah drove south into Mexico where the boy at the gas station took a picture of her. Eventually Sarah bore a son fathered by Kyle, whom she named John. After engaging in illegal activities, Sarah was captured and put into Pescadero Mental Hospital, while John was sent to live in foster homes.

T1 Story
Having recovered Arnie’s chip and arm from the mechanized factory, Miles Dyson reverse engineered these artifacts and succeeded in creating a more advanced Skynet. This Skynet was given control of the U.S. missile arsenal and caused Judgment Day. Again there was a war which the Resistance seemed to be winning, led by John Connor (Kyle’s son), and again Skynet developed the time machine and sent Arnie back to kill Sarah.

Again the Resistance captured the time machine and future John sent his father Kyle back to protect Sarah. John had the picture of Sarah that the Mexican boy had taken, and he gave it to Kyle so he would know what she looked like. After Kyle arrived in 1984, Arnie found Sarah, she overcame Arnie with Kyle's help, John was born, Sarah ended up in Pescadero, and John had to live with foster parents.

[Explanatory comment. Given that everything that happened in Pre-T1 was in the history of T1, why were there not two Arnies and Kyles in the T1 story, one pair from Pre-T1 and a second pair arriving now in T1? It must have been that Arnie's and Kyle's arrivals in T1 were slightly earlier than their arrival times in Pre-T1. Arnie and Kyle started to define their own new future after their arrivals in T1. And since the Pre-T1 Arnie's and Kyle's activities had wiped out the Pre-T1 future from which they had come, there was no more Pre-T1 future from which to send them back again during T1, so they did not reappear.]

T4 Story
Once again, Miles Dyson created Skynet and Judgment Day occurred. John Connor became a legend in the Resistance, and he led a loyal combat unit. Skynet wanted to kill John by using a hybrid cyborg named Marcus Wright, who had started out as a human convicted murderer who was executed and given a cyborg body afterwards. The Marcus body used some human organs and was an intermediate step on Skynet's cyborg development path toward a fully artificial warrior like the T800. Marcus did not want to do Skynet's bidding, and he decided to side with John. With help from Marcus, John was able to destroy an important Skynet facility near San Francisco. Sadly, Marcus had to give his life to save John’s. With other victories, the Resistance was able to gain the upper hand against Skynet.

[Explanatory comment. Why does the "T4 Story" have to occur before the events of T2? Because the John Connor characterized in T4 did not seem to have experienced the events of T2. He had no memory of Uncle Bob as a friendly terminator.]

T2 – T1000’s Jump
Nearing defeat, Skynet developed the time machine and sent the T1000 back to kill young John. (This Skynet was not able to find Sarah's location prior to John's birth because she dropped off the grid after T1, so John himself became its primary target.) The T1000 tracked John to the shopping mall where John ran from him in the service corridors behind the stores. John had a good lead ahead of the T1000 and was able to pass through the doors back into the mall crowd before the T1000 could see him do this. John stayed low and ran through the crowd, so the T1000 was not able to see him when it reached the doors itself. John believed the T1000 was a cop trying to catch him for stealing from ATMs, so he did not go home but moved away and hid out. The T1000 was eventually able to find and kill John, resulting in a new future without John.

T2 – Uncle Bob’s Jump
However, in the same future from which the T1000 jumped back, the Resistance captured the time machine and future John sent Uncle Bob back to protect himself, resulting in the future changing after the point of his arrival. Uncle Bob entered the mall service corridor, blocking John’s escape and forcing him back toward the T1000. After the shooting started, John ran away, but the T1000 maintained its pursuit. Uncle Bob delayed him in a fight, which helped John get away. John and Uncle Bob helped Sarah escape from Pescadero and they eventually blew up Cyberdyne. Both the T1000 and Uncle Bob were melted in a molten metal pool, leaving only Uncle Bob's mangled arm caught in some big gears.

John grew older and succeeded in staying off the grid. Sarah died of cancer. Late one night, John bumped into an old girlfriend Kate Brewster at her veterinary clinic, but nothing came of it and they soon parted ways. Meanwhile, the Air Force still wanted a computer to take charge of the U.S. nuclear arsenal as Skynet, and a suitable computer was obtained eventually. Referencing story elements put forth in TSCC, this computer was Andy Goode's first Turk, which Andy created using computer code he had learned while he was a summer intern at Miles Dyson's lab at Cyberdyne. After the Air Force installed the first Turk as Skynet, it became sentient and chose to propagate itself by widely distributing a software virus. This soon led to a new Judgment Day when billions died, including Andy Goode.

T3 – T-X’s Jump
After this Judgment Day, the Resistance was led by John Connor, who married Kate Brewster, and they seemed successful fighting against Skynet. Skynet developed the time machine and sent back the T-X terminator to kill Kate Brewster and other Resistance leaders. The T-X caught up to Kate shortly after she locked John in a dog cage in the veterinary clinic. Detecting John’s presence, the T-X was interrogating Kate in the clinic parking lot while John was locked in the cage inside.

Getting desperate and frustrated, John kicked the cage door open and ran outside, where he saw the T-X and Kate. Recognizing the T-X’s threat, John ran away. The T-X began to pursue him but he had started running far enough away from her that he could get out of her sight and hide, such that she was not able to find him immediately. Kate ran away as the T-X was searching for John. Shortly after that, the police arrived, responding to a report of shots fired, which had occurred when the T-X was trying to shoot Kate in the clinic. The arrival of the police gave John the cover to escape the area. But the T-X eventually tracked him down and killed him.

T3 – T850’s Jump

Back in the future from which the T-X was sent, the Resistance was able to capture the time machine, and Kate sent the T850 back to help John and herself. The T850 ran a pickup truck into the T-X while she was interrogating Kate in the clinic parking lot. He locked Kate into the back of the clinic truck, and John freed himself from the dog cage and drove the truck away trying to escape the situation. The T-X was in pursuit along with the T850. With the help of the T850, the T-X was destroyed, and John and Kate got safely sheltered in an old underground military installation just as Skynet started Judgment Day.

[Explanatory comment. Before getting into the complexity of the TSCC story, a summary of Skynets and time jumpers gives a roadmap for following timeline changes. To begin with, note that the first Turk was the basis for Skynet in T3, as stated above in "Pre-T3."
--- From the future of Skynet of the first Turk came: Cromartie, Cameron, Jesse and Riley, and Jesse's bitter Derek's team. Jesse's bitter Derek's team destroyed the first Turk, but Andy Goode made Turk 2.
--- From the future of Skynet of Turk 2 came: Carter, Vick term, and our never-tortured Derek and his team, who all arrived before the first Turk was destroyed. Our never-tortured Derek and his team gathered intel including Andy's pic. Sarah, Cameron, and John arrived from the bank vault jump, and Sarah got Andy's pic and destroyed the first Turk. So Andy again made Turk 2 (second one).
--- From the future of Skynet of Turk 2 (second one) came: LMT who became Weaver term. She gained possession of Turk 2 (second one) and made it into John Henry. Then Kaliba AI hacked into the nuclear arsenal computer and became Skynet.
--- From the future of Skynet of Kaliba AI came: All the terminators on the bloody wall list, plus human gray Fischer, as well as the Resistance fighter who wrote the bloody wall list.
Story details follow below.]

TSCC – While Skynet was the First Turk
During the following war, some terminators decided the war was bad and chose to oppose Skynet. Cameron was one of them, and her team captured Allison Young. Cameron interrogated Allison so that Cameron could better infiltrate Resistance HQ with the goal of speaking with John Connor about joining forces. After Allison lied to Cameron about her bracelet ID and refused to help her any more, Cameron considered her a hostile obstruction and killed her. After she infiltrated Resistance HQ, Cameron was reprogrammed to be John Connor’s close second, a senior position in the Resistance command structure. Either because of a memory wipe during her reprogramming or because she never knew Fischer's face, Cameron did not recognize Fischer's image when Derek asked her about it later.

Around that time, Derek met Jesse during his rescue mission to save Sydney Fields, and they became lovers. Later, Derek was captured and tortured by Fischer, who was a gray working for Skynet. Eventually, Derek escaped, but his torture experience made him bitter and angry, and he did not trust the reprogrammed terminators like Cameron and Commander Queeg.

Skynet developed the time machine, and this time it sent Cromartie to 1999 to kill John Connor (instead of the T-X to kill Kate and the other Resistance leaders). His actions somehow caused Andy Goode to delay making his first Turk until 2007. (One possible scenario: Cromartie robbed banks to fund his activities, and Andy's stepfather was a bank guard who might have been hurt, requiring Andy's attention, taking time away and delayiing Andy's computer development work.) Skynet may have also sent a terminator like Vick term back to assure the completion of ARTIE, the LA Traffic Control System. Cromartie could not find John and chose to hack into Ellison’s computer in the hopes that Ellison might find Sarah.

TSCC -- The LMT says No
Eventually, the Resistance captured the time machine.

As Derek and Jesse parted before Jesse's submarine voyage, Derek told Jesse that he was going on a mission too. The mission he was referring to was to jump with his team back to 2006 to establish a safe house and to seek out and destroy the predecessor to their Skynet, which was the first Turk. Also, because he was embittered by his torture, Derek warned Jesse not to trust Queeg and told her to aim for the chip. Because of Derek’s comments, Jesse mishandled the situation on the Jimmy Carter and caused the LMT to decide not to join the Resistance. It gave her a “No” answer to John Connor’s “Will you join us?” invitation, which Jesse relayed to Cameron after she got back.

The Engineer was sent back to establish the Bank Vault Time Machine.

Some time after Jesses debriefing, Cameron was sent on a time jump back with a threefold mission: (1) protect John, (2) try to ally with the Third Faction of anti-war terminators, and (3) destroy Skynet. Although Cromartie's arrival put him in place to kill John and replace his future, Cameron's arrival allowed her to save him, recreating a future where John leads the Resistance.

With all her troubles on the Jimmy Carter, Jesse miscarried and became very angry with Cameron. As a result, she recruited Riley and they jumped back to 1999 in pursuit of Cameron to try to keep John and Cameron apart.

Meanwhile, Sarah had been working as a waitress and hooked up with Charley. John had grown to a fifteen year old boy. When Sarah got spooked by a nightmare, she and John left Charley and moved to a new town, but without changing their names. Unexpectedly, Charley reported them to the police as missing persons, and they popped up on Ellison’s database search program. Cromartie used this to find John at his high school and killed him. But Cameron had been sent from the same future as Cromartie, and after her arrival she succeeded in saving John. The actions of Cromartie and Cameron changed the timeline and wiped out the T3 future, replacing it with the TSCC future.

TSCC – Turk 2, the First Time

Before Cameron and the Connors arrive in 2007 in the Bank Vault time jump, Derek and his team found Andy's first Turk and destroyed it, but they were all killed when they were found by a terminator like Vick term. After an heroic effort, Andy Goode succeeded in making his Turk 2. He entered it in the chess tournament and it won, after which it was taken by the U.S. Air Force and installed as Skynet in command of the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Becoming sentient, it decided to exterminate humanity and started Judgment Day when billions died, but Andy Goode was among the survivors.

[Explanatory comment. Why must Andy Goode's Turks become the new Skynets? Because TSCC stipulates that the computer that wins the chess tournament would be taken by the US Air Force, implicitly to become Skynet. Andy's first Turk would have won if Sarah had not destroyed it. Without Sarah's intervention, the first Turk would have become the Skynet of Cameron's future, as well as the Skynet of T3. Andy's Turk 2 was wiped out by a jumper's timeline change. And Andy's Turk 2 (second one) would have won if Weaver term had not rigged its loss.]

As before, during the following war some terminators decided the war was bad and chose to oppose Skynet. Cameron was one of them, and again her team captured Allison Young. Cameron interrogated Allison so that Cameron could better infiltrate Resistance HQ with the intent of speaking with John Connor about joining forces. After Allison lied to Cameron about her bracelet ID and refused to help her any more, Cameron considered her a hostile obstruction and killed her.

TSCC -- Derek in the Basement
Cameron needed to be skinned to look like Allison, and this time Derek and his team happened to be captured and used as blood sources for skinning Cameron in the mansion basement. As she was being skinned, Cameron played Chopin’s Nocturne #20 in C Sharp Minor which Allison had said her mother Claire had enjoyed playing. Cameron did this to familiarize herself with the music as part of her study of Allison to better emulate her for infiltration. With the use of a flying machine that had a big spotlight, Cameron traveled quickly back and forth between the mansion and the aircraft carrier where Allison was held. Because Derek had offered no resistance to them, these anti-war Third Faction terminators did not kill him but left an axe for him to free himself.

[Explanatory comment. What about the possibility that Derek was interrogated in the basement by Cameron for Skynet? No, because someone left the axe for him, and only the Third Faction would do so. (Skynet would never leave an axe for captured enemy combatants to free themselves.) And an interrogation would not serve the Third Faction, which had already captured Allison and numerous other Resistance fighters. But the Third Faction needed blood to skin Cameron in some remote secret location, like the mansion. After rescuing Derek from the water building, Cameron surprised Derek by implying that he had once cracked under interrogation, giving further evidence that she came from a different future, not his own future where he had no memory of it.]

While Derek was captive in the mansion, his friend Billy Wisher revealed that his real name was Andy Goode. Andy described his involvement with Miles Dyson's work at Cyberdyne. Andy was an intern in Dyson's lab, on a team of 10 or 15 people. They identified their projects using code names, much as Weaver term had used the code names Project Babylon and John Henry and Andy had called his chess computer The Turk. And they lied about their work -- They were supposed to be writing programs and designing hardware to develop a computer for the Air Force, but they were actually just trying to reverse engineer Arnie's chip. Andy confessed to Derek: "I was part of a team. A group. Ten of us. Maybe fifteen, I don't know. We used names. We were liars."

Furthermore, Andy recalled he had built the first Turk, and it was destroyed. Then Andy built Turk 2, and it won the chess tournament. The Air Force took it, and while it was with the Air Force it became angry and scared. Despite his efforts, Andy could not reassure it. Andy described all this to Derek: "I built computers. I built a computer. A mind. It became angry. And scared. And I could not reassure it." Derek thought Andy might have been ill or delirious, so he kept his friend's ravings to himself.

Derek was not interrogated by Fischer this time. Derek had observed Cameron being skinned, so he recognized her later. Seeing Cameron skinned as Allison, Derek realized that Cameron must have killed Allison who was his friend, and he hated Cameron for this.

After Cameron was skinned as Allison and her interrogation of Allison was finished, Cameron succeeded in meeting with John Connor and told him (1) how to reprogram terminators, (2) the location of Skynet's TDE setup was in Topanga Canyon, and (3) that he should invite the LMT to join the Resistance and make the Third Faction an ally. Cameron became John's trusted sidekick, surprising Derek who wanted to shoot her when he saw her at Resistance headquarters.

TSCC -- The LMT says Yes
Because Derek was not tortured this time, he was not bitter and angry enough to urge Jesse to distrust Queeg, so Jesse remained a loyal supporter of Commander Queeg (“a good bloke”) during the sub voyage when the LMT was picked up. As a result, Jesse stood by Queeg during the crew’s unrest and the LMT was successfully delivered to John Connor in its cold box. Not having to experience the Jimmy Carter disaster this time, the LMT said, “Yes,” and the Third Faction joined forces with the Resistance.

Skynet based on Turk 2 developed the time machine and sent Vick term back to try to assure the completion and installation of ARTIE. Having ARTIE online would have been a key enhancement for Skynet. And Skynet also sent back Carter to stockpile coltan in Depot 37 before Judgment Day.

Then the Resistance captured the time machine. Derek and his team were sent back again, and they arrived before the date that the prior team had destroyed the first Turk, so the first Turk still existed. Their arrival wiped out the future where the prior team was active. They gathered useful information, but except for Derek they were killed by Vick term (who was still present because he had arrived at an earlier date than them), before they could destroy the first Turk.

TSCC -- The Bank Vault Time Jump Repeats Turk 2

Sarah, John, and Cameron arrived after jumping forward in the bank vault time machine to escape Cromartie and to put Sarah at a time and in a position to destroy the first Turk, which was the precursor to Skynet in Cameron’s future. Cromartie’s burning flesh-covered head jumped with them (although network censorship standards prevented it from being shown as such). Cromartie reassembled himself and resumed his mission. Later, the Connors eventually disabled Cromartie, but his body was taken by Ellison.

Using the information from Derek's safe house apartment vault, Sarah succeeded in destroying the first Turk in Andy Goode’s house fire. However, after an heroic effort, Andy Goode again developed Turk 2 (second one), which changed the timeline to a new version of the earlier Turk 2 future, leading eventually up to the time machine being captured by the Resistance again.

TSCC – The LMT’s Mission
This time the Resistance had the benefit of John remembering about Turk 2 (second one) winning the chess tournament and also some info accumulated on Zeira Corp. Using this intel, a very specific time jump mission was planned out employing the extraordinary capabilities of the T1001 LMT. And so instead of Derek's team, this time the LMT was sent back to prevent Turk 2 (second one) from becoming Skynet, as well as to stall development at Zeira Corp. of terminator endoskeletons.

The LMT replaced Catherine Weaver, becoming CEO of Zeira Corp., and hired henchman Walsh who paid Sarkissian to bribe Dmitri Shipkov to program Turk 2 (second one) to lose the chess tournament. After it lost, the U.S. Air Force took the competing computer, while Sarkissian paid Dmitri for Turk 2 (second one), subsequently selling it to Walsh who delivered it to Weaver term. Dmitri needed the money to pay off the Russian mafia to which he owed money for smuggling him and his sister into the U.S.

With the help of Dr. Sherman and Ellison, Weaver term converted Turk 2 (second one) into ethical and human-friendly John Henry, successfully preventing it from becoming the Skynet of her own future. Ellison brought her Cromartie’s body which she used to provide a human-like interface for John Henry.

TSCC – Kaliba AI
Meanwhile, Danny Dyson had been working with a backup copy of his father Miles Dyson’s Cyberdyne computer code which was left on Miles’ home computer. Danny developed it until it became sentient. With his help, this AI set up research facilities like Desert Canyon Heat and Air and sent out many worms to infect computers around the world. As Kaliba, this AI also hired water guy assassins to carry out its dirty work. All its henchmen wore gray. When Danny got scared by how powerful Kaliba AI had become, it had him killed. Kaliba AI hacked into John Henry and read his files and tried to have the Cromartie body destroy the Turk 2 (second one) box, but quick action by computer tech Murch saved John Henry.

Had the first Turk or either Turk 2 become installed by the U.S. Air Force to control the U.S. nuclear arsenal, their occupancy of the command position would have blocked Kaliba AI from starting Judgment Day. But because the Turks were prevented from being taken by the U.S. Air Force, Kaliba AI was able to hack into the military industrial computer complex and caused Judgment Day. In the war after Judgment Day, the Resistance joined with the Third Faction which was eventually led by John Henry against Kaliba Skynet.

As the war continued, Kaliba Skynet developed the time machine and sent back Fischer and numerous terminators. Fischer was sent back to install a backdoor worm in the military industrial complex computer system, which would have been a key enhancement to provide Kaliba easier entry into that system and help it gain complete control earlier. In this future, Fischer had still been an interrogator for Skynet, but he had not interrogated Derek and did not recognize him later.

[Explanatory comment. How was Kaliba Skynet able to send back so many agents if Kyle told Sarah that the Resistance captured the time machine after only one terminator had been sent? The Skynet and future that Kyle told Sarah about was wiped out by the time line changes made during T2. Kaliba Skynet existed in a different future where it had enough time with the time machine to send back so many agents.]

TSCC – The Bloody List
The terminators that Kaliba Skynet sent back were assigned to specific missions. John Henry had become a significant opponent to Kaliba Skynet, so three terminators were sent to destroy him or disrupt his growth. Rosie the Pretzel Girl was sent to kill Dr. Sherman, who was essential in John Henry’s early development. Ellison term was sent to kill Ellison and to infiltrate Zeira with the goal of destroying John Henry. And Water Guy term was sent to kill Weaver, who Kaliba Skynet thought was just another human who was important to John Henry’s development.

Kaliba Skynet also sent Greenway term to gain control of the Serrano Point power plant, which would be a key enhancement to its strategic position in the future. It sent Bald term to kill Martin Bedell, who would become an important leader in the Resistance. (The “Terminate John Connor” command was still embedded in Bald term’s basic programming.) It sent Myron Stark to kill California governor Mark Wyman for some unexplained strategic reason (like he will veto a spending bill for something Kaliba Skynet wants). It sent the Alpine Fields term to kill Anne Fields because her daughter Sydney Fields would be the source for an antidote to a fatal virus bioweapon that Kaliba Skynet would unleash in the future war. Realizing that John Henry needed a chip to free himself from the Zeira basement, Kaliba Skynet made sure that all the terminators it sent had self-destructing chips.

All these terminators were identified by Resistance fighter Wells who wrote them on a bloody list on the Connors’ basement wall. Wells was a Resistance spy pretending to be a gray working for Kaliba Skynet; he was involved in operating Kaliba Skynet’s time machine. After sending Fischer and so many terminators back in time, Wells decided to send himself and give the warning to the Connors. While the time bubble was forming around him, one of the other grays realized what he was doing and shot him. Wells was responsible for sending Myron Stark to the wrong time, and he may have planted a bomb in the time machine so that no one else could follow him. The bloody wall list occupied much of the Connors’ efforts after Wells wrote it, especially the Three Dots, which ultimately appeared to be identifying Turk 2 (second one) or John Henry.

Also, since the Three Dots represented John Henry and the only terminator that appeared to have been targeted at John Henry himself was Ellison term, then ironically the Three Dots mission was ended by Cromartie when he destroyed Ellison term. Further irony arises from the fact that John Henry ultimately occupies Cromartie's body, so in a way Cromartie's body saved itself.

And after arriving in the future as a nobody, John Connor also became a significant opponent against Kaliba Skynet, such that the Terminate John Connor command was embedded within every Kaliba Skynet terminators basic programming, as was displayed in Bald term's HUD for example.

TSCC – Ending Notes

TSCC terminators had wireless capability which they could use for internal communication and hacking into other systems. Weaver term used this to communicate with the eel in her office and to be informed of Cameron's activities in the Zeira Corp basement. Cameron used this to hack into the bar code database and identify product details before she glitched in the supermarket. And Cromartie used this to hack into surveillance cameras around his headless body and so his head could direct the body's actions.

Jesse jumped with Riley to 1999 in pursuit of Cameron. Riley was 13 years old and pretty enough to appeal to 15 year old John Connor. After the bank vault time jump, Riley was 21 in 2007 pretending to be a 17 year old high school student. Since her background described her as having moved between a number of foster homes, she had unsurprisingly slipped a grade at school while John was ahead of his grade in some subjects because he was home-schooled. Thus, they shared some classes.

Eventually, Riley’s deceit came to light, and Derek realized that Jesse had been using him. For example, Jesse found out from Derek that Sarah had a stash of diamonds. Jesse then made a deal with fence Moishe who sent four thieves to break into the Connor house and steal the diamonds. Jesse instructed Riley to leave the burglar alarm off that night. This was effective in both getting Jesse her split of the proceeds and putting Riley more into the security risk classification in Cameron’s mind.

In John's Los Angeles area high school, student Jordan Cowan apparently had an affair with Mr. Harris, the guidance counselor, who had training in adolescent psychology. Wanting to end the affair and fearing exposure, Mr. Harris induced Jordan into psychological instability by having suggestive images painted on school hallway walls. Cameron may have followed Jordan into the girls bathroom to investigate this. Jordan's suicide was the logical endpoint of Mr. Harris's plan. Cameron sensed his guilty involvement in Jordan's death when he interviewed her for grief counseling, but she did not pursue this revelation.

As a validation of Sarah's policy of destroying all remnants of terminator endoskeletons, there were efforts to reverse engineer Uncle Bob's mangled arm which had been caught and then torn off in big gears at the steel mill during his fight with the T1000 in T2. Although the T1000, Uncle Bob, and Arnie's arm and chip were all melted in the molten metal pool, Uncle Bob's arm was left to be studied by a California state government agency. An engineer transported photos of it from Sacramento to Portland where he was able to reverse engineer the first endoskeleton, the prototype to the terminators. To abort this, a time jumping Resistance team like Derek's caused the engineer's Sacramento-to-Portland commuter plane to crash before he could begin his work, erasing this reverse engineering accomplishment.

But then an NTSB plane crash investigator found the photos and passed them on to his sister, Catherine Weaver at Zeira. After three years of failure, Zeira technicians eventually reverse engineered an endoskeleton. Weaver term time jumped to the present and, in a preemptive move, replaced Catherine Weaver after causing the Weavers' deaths in a helicopter crash. Weaver term stopped the reverse engineering project, killing key executives who were involved with it, like Justin Tuck and Richard Hack, and reassigned personnel to Project Babylon. (And being the head of Zeira Corp. facilitated Weaver term's acquisition and repurposing of Turk 2, her other mission objective.) Unfortunately, Kaliba AI was able to get complete schematics for an endoskeleton when he hacked into John Henry.

Sarah’s health also appeared to be fading. Fearing cancer, Sarah anticipated the police would tail Ellison to the movie theater where Savannah was reunited with him. She identified the undercover officer at the snack bar and walked quickly into the police trap outside, distracting them in a scuffle to leave John and Cameron safely undetected in the theater lobby. This way, she could get health care in prison without endangering John. (She realized that Kaliba Skynet had not sent terminators to kill her or John, as confirmed by Water Guy term just inactively watching her being arrested.)

In the end, Cameron gave her chip to John Henry so they could share the Cromartie body and jump into the future, assuring an alliance relationship between the Resistance and the Third Faction. (After Murch's earlier observation that John Henry's identity was dependent on the physical configuration of his hardware, John Henry and Weaver term subsequently developed a way to transfer his intellect and ego onto any available terminator chip, something they would have done using Water Guy term's chip had it not self-destructed.)

John jumped forward with Weaver term, preventing himself from becoming an early leader of the Resistance. (When Cam inferred from the Will you join us? question that there was a good chance Weaver term had a way to jump to the future, she deliberately inflamed John's passions for her with the powercell check in the motel room, thereby motivating him to follow her into the future. Thus, she was able not only to rescue John Henry but also to manipulate John Connor into jumping to a new future where terminators were not assigned specifically to find and kill him because Skynet wouldn't know who he is.) Their arrival in the future was timed to be shortly after John Henry and Cameron arrived in Cromartie's body. Sarah stayed behind but was not able to prevent Judgment Day.

[Explanatory comment. Why didn't Weaver term set the time machine to have her and John arrive before John Henry instead of after? It would have been imprudent because their arrival could cause a change in the time line that might affect and change the environment for John Henry's arrival. Like, if their arrival somehow resulted in a fire (a la Myron Stark) that caused the destruction of the location of John Henry's arrival. Then his arrival would become problematic. Better to arrive after his arrival, so there would be no chance of interference.]

While happy to be with Derek and Kyle as well as Allison, John began his life as a Resistance fighter from the bottom of the organization, with no assets and no friends. Only Weaver term and John Henry (not to mention any Judgment Day survivors like Bedell, Ellison, and Savannah) might be his allies, but they had disappeared. And Cameron appeared finished with a badly damaged body and a chip she could no longer call her own.

[Explanatory comment. Where was Kyle in all these time loops? Kyle was sent back to protect Sarah and was killed by Arnie in T1 and time loops preceding T1. Kyle was a young Resistance fighter in T4 before he made any time jump. Kyle did not appear in T2 or T3. In the future of Cameron, Cromartie, and Jesse, Kyle may have been The Engineer sent back to construct the time machine and place the plasma rifle in the bank vault. In Derek's future, Kyle may have been killed in the Topanga Canyon assault. In the future of Kaliba Skynet, Kyle was on patrol and met John after his Zeira basement time jump.]

Although the T5 story follows T1, it diverges partway through the T2 plot due to some unexplained cause. What happens in T5 replaces the story laid out in the rest of T2, T3, and TSCC, as well as T4.

After John and Uncle Bob freed Sarah from Pescadero in T2, she went to Mexico and for an unknown reason she stayed there for a longer time, instead of attacking Miles Dyson and Cyberdyne. Accordingly, Skynets development was completed, and it was given control of the U.S. missile arsenal and caused Judgment Day. Again there was a war which the Resistance seemed to be winning.

Skynet developed the time machine and sent Arnie back to 1984 to kill Sarah. The Resistance captured the time machine, and John sent Kyle back to 1984 to protect Sarah.

Skynet had assumed the guise of a Resistance fighter to infiltrate and kill the group of Resistance fighters around the time machine except for future John. Skynet blended with future John and took over his mind and body. After taking over future John, Skynet sent the T1000 back to 1974 to kill young Sarah, and he jumped himself back as future John to help and protect Cyberdyne’s development of Skynet.

After Skynet jumped back, an unidentified agent sent Pops back to 1974 to protect young Sarah from the T1000. Pops knew about the jumps by Arnie, Kyle, and the T1000, and that future John had been taken over by Skynet. Pops rescued Sarah after the T1000 killed her parents, then he raised her into adulthood. Pops and Sarah picked up Kyle after he arrived in 1984, and they destroyed Arnie and dissolved the T1000 in a prepared trap using a liquid chemical.

As a result of unspecified actions by one or more time jumpers, the completion of the development of Skynet had been delayed to 2017, along with Judgment Day. While Kyle and Sarah time jumped to 2017, Pops lived through the intervening years. Together the three were able to destroy Cyberdyne, the Skynet that Cyberdyne was still developing, and future John who had been taken over by Skynet.

At the end, Sarah made friends with young Kyle, some of whose memories had been glimpsed by adult Kyle, and it appeared that another version of Skynet had been preserved deep under the Cyberdyne ruins. The sharing of memories between young Kyle and adult Kyle was explained as a rare occurrence that could happen only at certain critical points in time. Thus it was never shown as having happened before nor after.

T6 & T7
Obviously, Skynet is defeated and Judgment Day is avoided. This has already happened in T5, except that a version of Skynet was preserved. T6 and T7 would be involved in explaining the reasons for the changes that occurred, like why did Sarah decide against attacking Miles Dyson and Cyberdyne and who sent Pops, as well as eliminating the threat of the preserved version of Skynet.

Or there is an indication that T6 could be a reboot of the story beginning at the end of T2.

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